throught the window

today a young man sat next to me on the bus and like ok but he started to make a gun sign with his hand and pretended he was shooting people throught the bus window and saying “everybody has to die” i didnt change my seat and tried my best to stay calm and friendly with him cuz you never know what people are thinking but jesus christ

3 pm

the universe is   far
   from my home
my home is a word
and I write to give

there is just no fruit
on the table,
to write something from,
to write out of.

light throught the window
 from the planes of all life
intersecting at the farthest

       so far without me
       forming all
       that which is

my tears the nearest to me,
      hollow turning
hollow, to more star-like sections
of myself weeping

and your only comfort  would
be to be here    
how I would close my eyes
        in the ever-
lapping of your dark skirt

we would dissolve by sadness,
      through and through, we
would learn the taste of honey
  in the possible spring

an imagination
spreading out, caring,
as some of
the little light left


Demitri climbed into his apartment throught the window again. “Fuck!.” He shouts as he falls onto the floor. “This makes the thrid time this week I’ve forgotten my goddamn keys.” He snapped at himself. He stopped suddenly as he heard talking from his roommates room. Which is funny because Casius and Liam are out of town for the weekend and Leontus is at work.

* Every time I start talking so much I feel like I almost owe you a new comic for putting up with me lmao. It’s so much fun talking to people for once tho.

* I will now go play an mmorpg in order to stop myself from spamming you and go spam other people instead.

* New short comic will most likely be up tomorrow though!

* That is, unless the weird noises my computer is making are supposed to be some sort of a threat. But I think it’s just surprised that I’m playing a game with actual heavy graphics after like months of nothing & Undertale lmao.

* Anyway, have a good one, everybody!

* Nyehfully yours,

* -Jim

What are you looking at, Wanda??

I know it’s speculation too much, but her expression here…

reminds me of a very special scene …

In the second one, she is looking at the Vision throught a window, you can see the curiosity and fascination in her eyes.

her look in the first one is more of fascination (not surprise or curiosity) and… mischievous? as if she were thinking  “this is interesting, I’ll play with that” (no, not in that way, you pervs)

I do not know why I found her expression sexy in the first gif, maybe is because the fire in the back? because she is off guard, totally enthralled with what she is seeing? maybe because she is smiling??? (why you will be smiling in a battle field??),  or maybe because she is calculating her next movement, and I can almost see the gears moving inside her head.

Maybe she is seeing something completely mundane, Iron Man and War Machine flying in the sky, the others fight, giant-man, whatever…

Or maybe she is look at the Vision.

I’m dead if she is seeing him with that look… It is so “oh honey, you’re so attractive, wait until I kick your ass”

I’m sure that if he was not in love with her before, surely this is the moment when she throws the arrow in his heart with that look and frame of flames behind her, even if she is ready to sweep the floor with his dead body.

I am a complete trash of these two, I will be mortified if is not what I am thinking sorry not sorry. Don’t look at me

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okay but harry trying to wake up louis for an early breakfast because they’ve got errands to run and things to do except louis wont get up because “it’s too fucking early, h” and harry takes a second to admire how beautiful louis looks with the light softly seeping throught the windows and the pillow creases on his cheek and after three failed attempts harry finally manages to get him up except now louis refuses to walk down the stairs so harry picks him up and wraps louis’ legs around his waist and carries him down the stairs and louis closes his eyes and buries his nose into harry’s neck a-


Prurient - Through the Window


Dreaming of judgements and dunking

*[sans opens his eyes. he’s in the judgement hall, the light is shining throught the windows, birds are singing outside. A familiar tune is heard as an explosion is heard: it’s a Gasterblaster. He looks towards the end of the hall and he sees… himself, fighting against Chara.]

*[sans is taken abback… and a bit of fear sips into his bones. He aproaches the scene]