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Emmett, You know I love your work. I got a question: Only this year did I read a fan theory (a bit tin foil probably) that Loras was not injured, or in the least not fatally, in the assault on Dragonstone. The premise is that the Tyrell clan is playing Cersei to free up the Redwyne Fleet to combat the Iron Fleet in the Reach and Dragonstone stands. Does this hold any water? If not,do you believe any Dragonglass was able to make it off in time and is headed north for the War for the Dawn II.

Hey man! I could buy them covering up Loras’ exact situation, but faking holding Dragonstone? I doubt that. One of the reasons I don’t like the cluster of Tyrell-chessmaster theories regarding the events of AFFC is that it reduces the emotional stakes involved and numbs characterization. Indeed, one throughline in AFFC I don’t see discussed much is how the Tyrells frequently drop their composure around Cersei, as she clearly not only irritates but baffles them. If you want to see Team Highgarden being conspiratorial, look at Olenna’s introductory scene in Sansa I ASOS. In AFFC, by contrast, the Tyrells are more reactive and committed to just carrying on, while Cersei is the constantly disruptive force. Which helps emotionally ground them and generate sympathy; the Tyrells were a delightful force to be reckoned with in ASOS, but I didn’t really connect with them personally until AFFC pitted them against Cersei. 

As for Dragonstone’s place (and that of its dragonglass) in the wider plot from here on in, I’m honestly not sure. I agree with @goodqueenaly that Dany’s inevitably headed there first in Westeros. Maybe she’ll take over the dragonglass? Or maybe it’s a red herring and Jon’s sarcastic quip about asking the lords of Westeros for their Valyrian steel swords is actually going to be a thing?


“While trawling through their back catalogue, it’s easy to see a certain sound that captures what Rock Bottom is. Modern vaporwave trap permeates throughout their tracks. Even with few songs that feature all of them it’s easy to hear the throughline. Clearly influenced in sound and flow by the ‘90s Atlanta hip-hop scene (or Keith Ape and the Underwater Squad), trap beats hold together the songs as the crew let their vocals loose. It’s the addition of floaty synths and retro samples that really draw the attention though. Giving them a slightly softer edge than your average try hard Korean rapper.” – Joe Palmer of Kult Scene (Creative Korean Content)

Who is

Rock Bottom is an eclectic Korean hip hop crew with the following members, with credit to sstsmind:

  1. i11evn (soundcloud, twitter, instagram)
  2. Supreme Boi (twitter, soundcloud, instagram)
  3. Iron (twitter, instagram)
  4. Kidoh (instagram, soundcloud
  5. Hongsamman (producer, he produced this song for Iron, instagram, soundcloud)
  6. Kim Sung Hyun (visual creative designer for BTS/designer at JIHA, twitterinstagram)
  7. DJ Snatch (instagram
  8. Type-C (DJ, instagram, soundcloud)
  9. Hashmate (DJ, instagram, soundcloud)
  10. Rwam92 (DJ/producer, soundcloud, instagram)
  11. Han Seung Jae (tattoo artist/model, instagram

Rock Bottom is hosting a showcase – Run This Town, this Saturday in Hongdae. 

Meditation Monday 🙏🏻 Whoa you guys, l highly recommend @srimati’s beautiful podcast “Divine Throughline.” Julie is so lovely, wise, authentic, & insightful. Just completed the meditation for the heart from episode #56. Super intense 🙏🏻💗🌟✌🏻️💗🌱 #meditate #manifest #divinethroughline