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what do you mean by "detach yourself"?

the spiritual practice of detachment requires being fully present and open to our experience of emotion. This allows us to simply observe our emotions as energy moving through our body

1. Witness the sensations of the emotion in your body without judgement. Emotions aren’t good or bad, they are simply messengers, and we interpret their message through our bodies. Anger lets us know when we’ve held back our voice, or allowed our boundaries to be trampled on. Sadness lets us know when we are perceiving separation or loss. And fear lets us know when we are perceiving a threat, whether it’s real or imagined. Tuning into these emotions, even though they may feel uncomfortable, is how we learn about ourselves and grow. 2. Let go of the temptation to go into your head and justify or rationalize the emotion. We go into our heads to avoid feeling. Our thinking cuts off sensation of our body, and the stories we tell ourselves only add more fuel to the fire. When we don’t fully experience an emotion as it arises, it gets stuck in our body, and this leads to exaggerated (and embarrassing) reactions later on. 3. Allow yourself to fully feel the physiological sensations of the emotion in your body. Drop into your body and experience what is arising. Give your emotions the space to move through you. Fully experiencing the emotion in your body will help you gain clarity as to how to handle your present situation. Witnessing our emotions with a sense of curiosity, and letting go of the need to think or act, opens our hearts to the experience of what is present. Being present is both empowering and healing. It is how I practice emotional, and spiritual, detachment. Basically it means connect with yourself. Listen to all those thoughts and ideas that come into your mind. Analyze them, let them flow, see how they make patterns and how they try to tell you something.