Im so scared of feelings. Im so terrified of getting close to someone. I dont think I’ll ever be able to open myself up again. Its so fucked up. Because people like me, deserve all the love. I deserve so much love. I’ve become comfortable with being alone. Im okay with being alone. But not lonely. One day, i know i will meet someone that will be able to peel back my layers and not be afraid of what they find and run away. It scares the shit out of me. But oh god, when that happens, all this bullshit will be worth it once im finally happy.


Grandma was one of the most amazing, kick ass, beautiful people that will have ever graced this planet. Everybody in the town she lived in knew her for her hugs, laughs, and love of both ice cream and her family.

Time to bless my children with dinosaur themed dreams for the next 20 years…

Sometimes in my dreams I go to these horrendously steep mountains along a coast with this water that’s a shade of blue I’ve never seen in my entire life. Imagine the most pretentious poet describing the most vibrant sapphire blue while on multiple psychedelics, and it still couldn’t describe how blue this water is. First time these mountains and waters made a cameo in the thunderfuckery of my dreams was a few years ago, I can’t remember the exact scenario but a whole bunch of us where climbing through them to get away from something trying to kill us. Every now and then I go back to them, and every time they get prettier and more established. One time I spent what felt like half an hour walking along the bottom of the waters, at least 50 or so metres underneath, strolling along and smoking a packet of cigarettes.

Sometimes my head doesn’t stop, and it just keeps thinking stuff. And when it does it kinda makes things a little difficult. But honest to god it’s kinda worthwhile, just to see how blue this motherfucking water is. Oh and one time I saw a minecraft style whale, it was the most biggest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life and honestly it is legit in the top five of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It wasn’t in the crazy blue waters, but it was fucking neat-o as shit.

Talk French-y To Me;

Annoying, absolutely fucking annoying. How did they always manage to have this back up of work? He knew how, there were some recruits that weren’t carrying their full weight, while others were nearly killing themselves in the futile attempt to pick up their slack. Phobos tried to focus on his own work and help out where he could, usually not without insulting someones incompetance, however. No matter, if this is how things need to get done, so be it.

Ce sont des conneries..” Phobos ran his fingers through his bangs, pushing them away from his eyes as he stared at his datapad. “Qui a organisé l'information météo planétaire?”

“I need some big strong boys to help me move this thing”

okay but i’m like twice as strong as half the people you’re addressing

i could literally kick their ass
Marry a Man who Knows you are Real. | elephant journal

Good advice for any partner.

Perhaps you are magical. Perhaps you already know it. I’m not sure about that, but I do know that you are also real. Marry a man who knows you are both. A man who can navigate the wild tangle of your mind, past the castles it builds and around the mythical creatures it conceives, to pursue the truth beneath your story.  A man who can kiss you both tenderly and fiercely. Whose hands you can trust to know your each freckle and fold and to hold you as you shudder with ecstasy or with grief. A man who can magic away all hurts for your children with those same lips, and teach the ultimate art of fort-building with those same hands. A man who anchors you. Such a man can look into your eyes and know your quiet power but patiently wipe away your loud, impetuous tears of frustration at things that don’t matter. Even when he knows you know better, are better. Marry a man who adores your flesh and bones, who sees your heart, but doesn’t shy away from your ugliness, your realness. He isn’t bothered by your morning breath and (in emergencies only) lets you poop while he’s in the shower. He holds your hair back when you’ve had too many mojitos on your first night out together in years. He paints your toenails (messily) and trims your bush (delicately) when you’re so pregnant that you can no longer reach or see either. Just to help you feel sexy again. He is right there with you, holding your hand and giving you lollipops and sips of water through the birth of both your babies (even when you growl at him). A man who rides the waves of your volatile emotions like an expert seaman through oceans of confusion, pain and self-pity. And he knows just how to steer you calmly back towards the shore of reason and balance. Every time. A man who always sees your strength and beauty, even when you can’t. But he will call you on your bullshit too, even when you fool everyone else. A man who knows that you can be marvellous and mundane at the same time and without conflict, because he understands the magic of the ordinary. He is the same. A man who reads, questions, fantasizes and philosophizes but also has X-box binges, leaves his underwear on the bathroom floor and loves a good dirty joke. He is no less magical because of these things. A man who will debate (and sometimes argue) with you way past midnight. You’ll talk about colonialism and education in Africa, whether there is a God and how to raise your rowdy 4-year-old son to be a good man. Marry a man who will walk through life by your side. Through mistakes and heartbreak. Through charmed times and hard times, from holidays on the Italian coast to eggs on toast for dinner for the third time this week because things are tight. Through births and death, from deepest loss to greatest triumph and on all the ordinary days in between. Sponsored Link Surgeon: How to Lift Sagging Skin [WATCH]Lift & Firm Sculpting Cream A man who will be your son’s hero: a man who ‘knows everything about the world’, according to him. A man who will encourage him to be curious, to find out how things work and how to improve them. He will change dirty nappies without flinching, make up nonsense lullabies and stay up late rocking a fussing baby so that you can get some sleep, even though he has go to work tomorrow. A man who loves you for all that you are and despite all that you are. He is by your side not because of some vows he made or a spell you cast over him or because you are his fairy princess but because you are home. What you have will be sometimes messy, sometimes difficult, sometimes complicated, not always magical but always, always real. ~ cuteboycrusader

Ladies not every guy thinks cuts are disgusting, some guys like my self would help you through it and kiss them away. I love this picture because I’d do the same. Hopefully this picture will change your way of thinking about “ guys ” thinking cuts are “ disgusting ” some people like my self would like to hear your story’s and help you through it! ( link in bio to a song about cutting you might need to hear! ) 😘😘👌✌🏻✌🏿 by swsdylanptv

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Could you do Ini with they/them pronouns? I like dogs, reading, and watching Netflix. Thank you!

Ini blinked. They couldn’t believe it. They stared at the screen in shock, mouth wide open.

Their favourite book was getting a Netflix series. 

Excitement bubbled through them and washed away the shock to be replaced by pure glee. Oh, it looked so good! The characters looked just as they pictured they would, and they sounded accurate, too! Ini could barely contain themself. The visuals looked amazing, and they were so excited! 

They ran back to their room and grabbed the book out of their bookshelf, flipping the pages open. They had just enough time to reread it before the series premiered. Butterflies fluttered through them as they began on the first page. They could hardly believe it. A series! On their favourite site!

Ini knew it was going to be awesome!

// O F F L I N E

{ To bed I go. I really wanted to do my replies so I sucked it up and got through them sniffling away. I really am sick- and it a pain in the butt, but yeah, I’m content now. See you again soon! } 

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'I want the K'

16: Upside Down Kiss

It was completely and utterly his fault. Stepping foot on Makaijan territory was forbidden, and General Kunzite was trespassing. It fit that he was punished for staying long after he had planned, yards from the base of the aliens’ metres wide tree. Sentient vines had him ensnared about his legs, and each attempt to free himself only tightened his bounds. Eventually, enough blood had drawn to Kunzite’s head to cause him to pass out, just as a blurry figure advanced.

Kunzite’s hair was being touched when his eyes opened again. Dainty, curious fingers ran through silvery strands, pushing them away from his face. A lovely laugh, a girlish giggle cut the silence and a beautiful pink creature came into sight.

“It thinks you’re here to hurt us. But I know you’re just a harmless little human, aren’t you? I’ll help you,” it cooed, and kissed him softly.

Suddenly and without warning, the vines loosened and Kunzite fell to the sound of the alien’s laughter.

Oh, I’m starting to get into araxxor and I remember upon release, if you surged through an acidic spider it would still insta-kill you.

Is this still an issue, or can you surge through them to get away safely?

i can never tell the difference betw33n platonic and romantic and it fucks me uuuup bc im aroflux and then sometimes like??? aUgh. i just dont know what im doing or f33ling, ever!!! i want to kiss or fuck everyone, i n33d to stop that. i dont want to ruin things or make assumptions or get in the way and it KILLS me. all opportunities will pass me by because im too scared to do anything and too stupid to figure out what im f33ling. go me!!!