Horoscope - Dec 11 2016

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

The world appears foggy as you look through your subjective lens today, and it’s hard to separate what is real and what is not. You may find yourself completely lost in thought, encountering hopes and fears that arise from your blind spot. Do what you can to keep your feet on the ground as the ambiguous Pisces Moon provokes unrealistic concerns, possibly leading you to self-sabotage. Fortunately, your ruling planet Mars connects with ingenious Uranus at the end of the day, providing a flash of insight to zap you back to reality.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

Your heart tells you to aim for the stars since anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Faith sustains you on your way to reaching your goals while the shimmering Moon dances with fanciful Neptune in your 11th House of Dreams. However, no vehicle can run on hope alone. Fortunately, an energetic Mars-Uranus connection provides the electricity you need to wake up from your daydream and plug into the source of your passion. Stop wishing and start doing.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Your illustrious reputation precedes you everywhere you go in your imagination today. Fantasies of fame and fortune swirl through your mind as the reflective Moon conspires with Neptune the Dreamer in your 10th House of Status. Try not to get too lost in an illusion, as your feelings could hijack your logic when it’s time to make decisions. Stay alert; a fresh and original insight may come out of nowhere, slicing through the haziness that colors the day.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

There is a spiritual vibe lingering in the air today. The mystical mood resonates with your sensitive disposition, allowing you to move through the day feeling connected to your intuitive power. You may experience a renewed sense of faith in the universe at large while the Moon joins magical Neptune in your 9th House of Higher Truth. However, you could just as easily drift toward fear and paranoia instead of divine inspiration, so maintain conscious awareness in all your interactions. Rumi wrote, “You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.”

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Your generous heart is in the driver’s seat today as you see those you love through rose-colored glasses. It’s difficult for the rational mind to steer when ceaseless visions of transcendent intimacy occupy your head space. There’s nothing wrong with being enchanted by your fantasies now and again, but make sure you don’t confuse them with reality. Try not to expect others to live up to your visionary ideals. Nevertheless, thanks to a lively Mars-Uranus contact, you might you may find yourself amazed by a realization of what was in front of you all along.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You may be preoccupied with wondering what others think of you today; in fact, you might be concerned that they don’t even know you exist. It’s hard to relax your mind at the best of times, and when the spacey Pisces Moon bumps into illusory Neptune, you could waste precious energy running in circles with worry. Neptune is known to confuse and even deceive, so try not to take these daydreams or nightmares too seriously. Thankfully, an unexpected epiphany could suddenly jostle you out of your reverie and set you back on earth.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Shaking off the blahs is tricky today if you are feeling a little under the weather. You could even feel sorry for yourself while delusional Neptune mingles with the emotional Moon, especially if you’re working too hard and not being appreciated for your contribution. Try not to fall into an unwarranted victim mindset where everything seems unfair; instead, take balance into your own hands, and remain grounded in your thoughts. What you think about, you bring about.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You could drift on autopilot today, paying so little attention to your surroundings that hours fly by before you realize it. The haze seeps down from your head to your heart, and you might daydream about a perfect romance. On the outside, you may seem absent-minded, but inside your heart flutters with visions of being swept off your feet (or being the one to do the sweeping). Unfortunately, impractical decisions could land you in a sticky situation, but a flash of inspiration arrives like lightning from revolutionary Uranus, snapping you out of your trance.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

It’s prudent to get in touch with your emotions now, because they’re going to flood your psychological basement anyway. You start the day with a plan, but it’s soon washed away by Neptune’s mystical waves. The introspective Moon beckons you to dive deep today and uncover a spiritual truth rather than let irrational fears psych you out. A brilliant Mars-Uranus sextile lightens the mood, making it healthier to address emotional issues rather than leaving them there to simmer. Joseph Campbell wrote, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.”

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

It’s best to just go with the flow rather than trying to control every little thing today. A nebulous Moon-Neptune conjunction fuzzes your neural pathways and trips up your tongue. Don’t beat yourself up for any unintentional little blunders; it happens to everyone, and the cerebral mist will lift soon enough. There’s nothing quite as powerful as the moment of clarity when you suddenly see the truth. Compassion starts with yourself.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Beautiful fantasies dominate your mind today, and all you seem to be able to think about is your dreams of Utopia. Wishing and hoping will only get you so far before you must take concrete steps to make something consequential happen. Radical Uranus shakes things up with the help of energetic Mars, and before you know it your vision could manifest in ways you never imagined.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Your heart and imagination are united today, activating your visionary potential and strengthening your connection with something greater than yourself. However inspirational it feels to have the Moon join forces with Neptune the Mystic in your sign, be aware that this amorphous energy could be deceiving. Your grandiose notions sparkle with originality, but may lack a solid foundation to stand the test of reality. The good news is practical inspirations strike when you least expect it if you continue to push the creative edge.

Source : Rick Levine

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Jumin Han(Mystic Messenger): ISTP(Ti-Se-Ni-Fe)


Jumin seems, from an outside and face perspective, to be someone that takes things as they are, relying on fact, like a Te user. However, upon actually engaging with him in his route, this is clearly not the case when you find out how he views the world.
Jumin sees the world through his own lens of logical frameworks. He determines that since his own logical processes have told him so, his viewpoint must be true. Indeed, despite blatant fact being shown to him regarding important matters(eg. Cat Project Revenue, Zen’s Allergy(when in Zen’s route), the Main Character’s clear discomfort at being kept almost against their will), he often brushes them aside in preference for his own rational line of thought.


Despite his busy lifestyle, Jumin is certainly not a stranger to a healthy engagement in his environment. Often giving into his impulses–to a healthy degree, however, as we see when he immediately stops doing so when circumstances forbid it–Jumin engages primarily in the present. While he does regularly plan for the future, his attitude of ‘What matters is now, and what I can do here,’ highly resembles that of a high Se user.

He regularly finds himself going out of his way to engage his senses in healthy ways(regularly leaving to enjoy scenery/spend time with his cat, drinking(in moderation), etc.). He is always in tune with his environment, noticing even when something slight is off(for example, a missing pen). 


Whether it be in running his company department, determining outcomes to sticky situations, and making his way through deals, Jumin always seems to be capable of determining the best course of action through his intuition. He regularly manipulates outcomes with his clients by deducing first with his Ti-Se what kind of person they are, then using his Ni to follow patterns and draw up a mental schematic of that outcome. 

He will then determine the best course of action to take–what kind of talking would sway them to his side, then takes action using his Fe. He often ends up at a certain place in his thoughts that would usually be very difficult to follow, often leaving others puzzled as to what the hell that was. 


As you find in his route, Jumin is not one for expressing emotion well. While he is very capable of using his inferior Fe(as seen when he manipulates the emotional environment around him to his advantage), he is also blunt to an extreme fault–having no desire for emotional harmony with or among people when it does not directly benefit him. 

He has little to no regard as to whether or not his actions affect others emotionally(Jaehee), thinking it a necessary action that he will compensate for through material possession. Despite his clear need to express his seemingly nonexistent emotions, he regularly suppresses this need, thinking it inconsequential. And, indeed, when he DOES express these emotions, he only does so after an intense shock, and in doing so, finds himself harming others(namely, the main character, by trying to keep her against her will).


icapturedkindness  asked:

I personally don't like Killian needing to ask David for "permission" or whatever. BUT I don't think its anti-feminist for someone wanting to do so. Also, these people who are yelling that this practice is sexist are only looking at this through a Westernized and Eurocentric lens. In many cultures, such as mine (Indian), it is expected and honestly required to ask BOTH parents for permission on both sides. It's a tradition. People by calling this "sexist" are then once again brushing over -1

erasing any other identities. And yeah, feminism is all about the woman’s choice and her preference. I know I would want any potential s/o to ask my parents for their permission not only because I’m Indian and its expected, but also because I think it’s sweet. My parents have raised my all my life, I think they deserve to have some say in one of the biggest decisions of my life. (im sorry i ranted a bit there loool)             

Thanks for sharing that! It is sweet, in that context. And context is important. I mean, I’m German and it would never have occurred to me to view marriage as transferring ownership of a woman from her father to her husband. I’m honestly pretty “eh” about this whole thing but I can see both sides. But I don’t think the people who like it are sexist or anti-feminist.

where should i apply for grad school if, academically speaking, my current goal is to be published in the Žižek Studies Journal and then to get into a fistfight with Žižek before publishing a roughly 500 page book on reading Žižek against himself through a Deleuzean lens – influenced by Žižek’s earlier works – and having that be the only published work I write before my early death with a good friend deciding to collect an edited series of tumblr posts as a phenomenally successful pop-philosophy book titled Fuck Wayne Gretzky?


Through the Lens: Mr. T-Michael

Undoubtedly one of the most stylish and influential personalities in the current menswear scene, T-Michael makes an impression wherever he goes.

During a recent visit to Portugal, I got a chance to team up with Filipa Alves for a relaxed photo shoot among friends, featuring the bespoke tailor and Norwegian Rain designer. The unexpected rendezvous resulted in yet another record of his flawless aesthetic.

Keep an eye out for his full collections at Pitti Uomo, Liberty Fairs, Tranoi Homme and Norwegian Rain’s showroom at Rue Charlot, Paris.

Ph: Filipa Alves and Beyond Fabric

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NY Through The Lens - The Book!

I am super excited to announce this news!

My New York City coffee table book is currently available for sale worldwide!

All of the photos in this post are in the book. For all press coverage and book reviews, check out my media page for up to date coverage.

Here are some Questions and Answers about the book:

I live in the United States or Canada. What is the link to use to order the book online?

Use this link if you have a United States shipping address:

(The book’s first edition sold out!!!! Thank you! Second edition is printing and it will be back in stock April 2016 but you can still order it and it will ship once it’s back!!) NY Through the Lens - Amazon

(Will be back in stock at Barnes and Noble in April of 2016!) NY Through The Lens - Barnes and Noble

I live in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand. What are the links to use to order the book online?

Thank you to the UK for making my book a huge best-seller!!

New York Through the Lens - UK Edition

Use this link if you have an Australia or New Zealand shipping address:

New York Through the Lens - Australian Edition

I live in other parts of the world. How can I purchase the book?

The book is available in the English language on Amazon throughout most of Europe (and parts of Asia).

If you go to your country’s Amazon and search for: NY Through The Lens, my book will show up. This is your own country’s option for purchasing the book. Just remember that the shipping will be local and the currency will be friendly to where you live but the book will be in English.

If you live in other parts of Europe, you may also be able to order the book from which offers free or reduced shipping to parts of Europe outside of the United Kingdom.

What are the release dates for the book?

United States and Canada release date in stores (it’s available now!): November 24, 2014.

UK, Australia and New Zealand release date: October 7, 2014 (it’s available now!).

Can I find your book in stores?


The book released in stores worldwide on November 24th, 2014.

You can find the book at major retailers in the United States like Barnes and Noble and Walmart. It’s also available at many indie booksellers like these locations in NYC: Strand Bookstore, St. Mark’s Bookshop, Drama Bookshop, Kinokunya, Tenement Museum giftshop, just to name a few.

You can find the book at major retailers in the U.K. like Waterstones, Foyles, The Guardian Bookshop, WHSmith, Blackwell’s, just to name a few.

Here is a page with an ongoing listing of physical retail and online locations to purchase the book:

NY Through The Lens - Book - Retail Locations

I really would love it if I could buy your book from my local bookshop. Is that possible?

Of course!

If your local bookshop doesn’t currently stock my book, just ask them about ordering and stocking the book. Most bookstores should be able to order copies for sale.

I really want a signed copy of the book. Is this possible?

Right now the only way to get a signed copy is via book appearances and events most of which have taken place here in NYC.

My publisher is still working on making a signed copy available. If that happens, I will definitely announce it and update this answer.

Any book events or signings coming up?

I had a few book signings in NYC. Thanks to all who came to them!

Is there an e-book edition of the book available?


I am press and would love to review the book. How do I get in touch with you?

Feel free to use my contact form.

Do you have any photos of what the book looks like?

Here is what the cover looks like:

The cover and physical book together:

Some sample pages:

View images of more sample pages and the cover over at this album:

NY Through The Lens Book Images

How many pages are in the book? What are the formats?

The United States and Canada version of the book is paperback and consists of 192 pages of photography and writing by yours truly.

The UK, Australia, and New Zealand version of the book is hardcover and consists of 192 pages of photography and writing.

***Edited this section. The page counts actually match but Amazon has the wrong info listed. For anyone who was previously wondering…

General questions:

What part of NYC did you grow up in? Where do you live now?

I was born and raised in a borough of New York City called Queens. More specifically, I grew up in Flushing, Queens. I have lived in Manhattan for the past 12 years. I currently reside on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

When and how did you start photography? What inspires you? And how would you describe your style of photography?

The beginnings…

In 2008, I was extremely broke and had very little money. I was also stressed out as I had quit my job to go back to school to finally finish the degree which I had abandoned nearly a decade earlier because I needed to work many jobs to support myself.

Living on my own since the age of 17 years old with no family support or safety net put me in the precarious position of working many jobs to keep myself afloat while living in New York City. I worked 7 days a week for quite a while and decided I needed to make a change in my life before my life passed me by and I barely explored my passions.

It took a huge leap of faith to put myself back in school. But I did. I decided to go back to school pursuing a pre-med path.

Without much in the way of material things or financial prosperity, walking became my number one way to deal with stress. It also became a way for me to experience the city like I hadn’t before. I would choose a direction and walk as far as my feet would take me; I still do this.

My walks opened my eyes to a New York City that I hadn’t experienced before. I knew that I wanted to capture the moments and experiences on my walks that made my heart swell. However, I was so broke that I couldn’t even afford a smartphone or a smartphone plan. I went on Amazon and purchased the cheapest point and shoot I could find. At $79, it was a huge investment at the time. That humble little camera had one button and a few settings (one of which was broken!). I didn’t care though. I finally had a tool to explore my view and vision of New York City.

In 2009, I decided to finally post the photos I had accumulated along the way online. I knew nothing about posting photography online and had heard that blogs were a great place to post photography. I literally googled the word “blog” one evening and Tumblr came up as the first search result. I decided to create my blog, NY Through The Lens on Tumblr purely for myself as a way to view my collected images in a beautiful way online.

Since I had no formal training in photography or in-depth knowledge of the rules and concepts defining the field, it didn’t occur to me that I’d have an audience for my work. I honestly didn’t think that anyone would be interested in what I was posting online to my Tumblr blog. However, within a few months of posting my photos to Tumblr, I amassed close to 70,000 followers and I was both humbled and touched by the messages I would receive on a weekly basis.

Inspiration and style…

Starting out in photography with limited tools enticed me to learn more about light, which in turn, has set me on a lifelong journey attempting to capture something as fleeting and vast as the transient quality of New York City and other places around the world.

That initial leap of posting my photography online to my Tumblr and eventually across social media started an epic adventure and led to photography and writing becoming my career. I am thankful everyday that I get to share my passion with an online audience of over 2.5 million. The ability to connect with people on a regular basis is something I never take for granted.

Currently, I am focused on distilling the essence of New York City and other places around the world into distinctive visual remnants that resonate in a variety of ways.

The fantastical elements of how I perceive New York City are something that I intend to keep on imbuing into my photography. The exploration of what is reality and what is perceived reality filtered through a variety of influences is a key focus of my work.

I have always harbored a dreamy, fantastical view of New York City which harkens back to my childhood growing up as a first generation New Yorker with a tragic, yet inspirational family backstory that has inspired me in a variety of ways.

Most of my photography is heavily influenced by cinema, music, and other art forms as I have a background in fine art (painting and art history).

I am also endlessly haunted by a sense of saudade and sehnsucht: a deep longing for a place that is unidentifiable but somehow familiar and indicative of what could be identified as home. I am on a never-ending quest to attempt to imbue my photography of cities and landscapes with this complex notion of nostalgic longing.

I am fascinated and interested in exploring how certain tones can produce feelings of different forms of nostalgia and how color or lack of color influences memory and desire.

Additionally, I am inspired by all of the things that different places symbolize for people and I try to examine and delve into these enduring symbols with my photography.

Where can I find out more about you?

My About Page

Published Work, Press Coverage, Media, Events, Appearances

Social Media Reach and Information about Brands

My Travel Blog

New York City Photography Collection

Travel Photography Collection

Where else can I find you online?




Google Plus


All about cameras:

The most common question I get every day is what camera I shoot with. The photos in the book and the majority of the photos on my blog have been taken with Sony cameras.

I started using Sony cameras when I first began pursuing photography professionally back in 2010 based on the suggestion of a very close friend and a lot of research. I spoke on a blog panel during a photography conference in the summer of 2012. It was because of that amazing speaking opportunity that I became acquainted with Sony since someone from Sony was in the audience during my panel. I partnered with Sony in 2013 and became one of 10 contracted Sony Artisans of Imagery worldwide in April of 2014. The choice to partner with Sony was a natural one for me since I had already been enthusiastically using Sony cameras for my professional photography.

Because this photography book is inclusive of my photographic journey from the start up until now, it also includes photos that I took with my initial no-frills point-and-shoot camera as well as some mobile photos since I am very passionate about mobile photography.

Every photo in the book has a caption that indicates what camera was used as well as the settings used.

I hope you will enjoy my book. It’s been an enormous labor of love.

I want to thank everyone involved in the process: my UK publisher: Ilex Press, my US publisher: F+W Media, and…


None of this would have been possible without you.

Much love to all of you for inspiring me every day to follow my passion.

View: My New York City photography portfolio, My Travel Blog, On G+,email me, or ask for help.

Episode 9′s Final Scene, An Analysis of the Images

A lot of people have posted on the words said in the last one minute and fifteen seconds of episode 9, and for good reason. But I want to take a look through the lens of the emotions displayed by the characters in the images we’re shown. Partly because the animation in this entire show is top notch, and the way the animators convey what their characters feel is just so damn human that I want to take a second to applaud it. But it’s mostly because what struck me most in this scene is the facial expressions of the characters and how raw this scene feels. It doesn’t need any words at all, because the images do such a good job conveying what is going on, and what the characters are feeling, and their relationship to each other. The whole show is like this, but this scene struck me in particular. Because we’ve been seeing Viktor displaying a lot more real, deep emotions recently (the carpark scene, the run and kiss, his dilemma over leaving Yuri). But this scene takes the whole fucking cake.

Both of them in this scene are so full of emotion and it’s reflected so well in their actions and their expressions.

Firstly, Viktor comes alone to the airport to pick Yuri up. Fukuoka Airport is about an hour fifteen by car, and an hour forty by train from the town of Karatsu that Hasetsu is based on so we know it isn’t exactly a short trip. And when Yuri came home in March for the first time in 5 years no one came to Fukuoka to pick him up, Minako meets him at the train station in Hasetsu but he makes it that far by himself. Viktor and Yuri haven’t seen each other for maybe 48 hours by this point. But Viktor still makes the extra trip, alone, to see Yuri a few hours faster than he would waiting for Yuri at the train station in Hasetsu. And that alone says a lot.

 But that’s not all, because Viktor looks like shit.

His hair is disheveled, and his eyes have bags, he looks kind of listless sitting there waiting for Yuri to show up. Nothing like the glowing, radiant star we’ve seen thus far. He has clearly not been doing well at all, the last 48 hours have been rough ones. And a lot of that is probably the stress of coming so close to losing his life-long companion, Makkachin. But Makkachin is fine, as we see, and is well enough to join Viktor on his trip to pick Yuri up so he has probably been out of the woods for a while. And yet Viktor still looks rough. But I’ll get back to this later.

Viktor’s immediate reaction to seeing Yuri is to jump up and run. He doesn’t wait to see if Yuri is running to him first, he just takes off for the door to get to Yuri as fast as he can. There are parallels to Episode 7, here. But the tone of the gesture this episode is much different. In Episode 7, Viktor could barely contain himself he was so proud, and excited, and all he wanted to do was surprise Yuri more than he surprised Viktor. That is definitely not the case here. Viktor is upset, not excited.

Yuri’s reaction to seeing Viktor, though, is shock.

Yuri probably figured he would be on his own until he got to Hasetsu like usual. He wasn’t expecting anyone to be there waiting for him, much less Viktor and Makkachin. Yuri wasn’t looking around expectantly for Viktor as he walked out of the terminal, he wasn’t looking for anyone. He was walking looking down thinking about what he was going to say to Viktor until Makkachin’s barking got his attention. That’s when he notices Viktor is sitting there waiting for him and he, too, takes off running for the door. There is no hesitation in his response, either. And the look of desperation on his face is so intense.

And the same look of desperation is mirrored on Viktor’s face as they run.

This is the single most intense moment of the series so far, for me, as far as the emotions shared between these two go. The Episode 7 kiss ain’t got nothing on this sequence of Yuri and Viktor running for each other, desperate to reach each other even five seconds faster. Because we know how much Yuri missed Viktor, he told us himself basically the entire episode just how much Viktor being gone affected him. But we didn’t have any idea about how much Viktor missed Yuri, or how it affected him, until right fucking here. And he looks just as desperate to reach Yuri as Yuri looks to reach him.

They’re looking at each other the entire way, too. Neither breaks eye-contact until they’re in each other’s arms.

Yuri’s face as he runs to Viktor’s arms just says “are you really here right now?” because he wasn’t expecting this, but damn if he isn’t going to throw himself at Viktor as fast as he can because the only thing he’s needed since he narrowly skated into the GPF was a hug from his coach, and friend, and the man who taught him what love is.

And then we get the most emotional expression we have seen from Viktor yet. I’ve made a lot of points in prior posts about how Viktor has spent years emotionally distancing himself from everyone around him, and how in earlier episodes we don’t get a lot of genuine emotion from him, but as the series has progressed we’ve gotten more and more. And all that character growth culminates in this incredibly emotional moment where they are so desperate to get to one another and Viktor looks so upset, and sorry, and like he needs this hug just as much as Yuri does. 

This is so reminiscent of Episode 5 where Viktor holds his arms out for a bleeding Yuri, but the tone is so, so different here. In Episode 5, it was because he was proud of Yuri. Yuri had done well, it was in celebration. Here, it is the opposite. They were separated, and Yuri did okay, but he barely skated through. He didn’t even make the podium. He is disappointed, and hurting, and he fucking missed Viktor like hell. But this hug is for comfort as much as it is an apology for Viktor leaving Yuri to fight alone when Yuri needed him most.

Viktor’s eyes are closed as he embraces Yuri, and this is the last clear shot we have of Viktor’s expression for a few moments. But the amount of emotion on display here is second only to maybe the carpark scene. He is sorry for leaving, and angry with himself for letting this happen, and concerned about Yuri’s mental state, and relieved to have him back in his arms all at the same damn time, and it’s probably the most complex emotion we’ve gotten from him in the series so far.

This hug is so emotionally charged I get choked up every time I watch it. He is so relieved to have Yuri back in his arms, and he looks like he never wants to let him go again. Because they’re both at really low points, here. Yuri did not perform as well as they both know he can, and Yuri almost missed the GPF - the goal they’ve been working towards together, that Viktor promised he’d help Yuri win - all because Viktor wasn’t there with him. And Viktor knows that, he’s probably been thinking about it for most of the past twenty-four hours. 

On the other hand, Yuri looks nervous on top of being upset. 

Because he has built it up in his head that he’ll have to let Viktor go eventually (a lot of people have posted other posts expressing exactly what I’m thinking on this, so I won’t rehash here) but Yuri has decided that after the end of this season he’ll be retiring and he’s about to ask Viktor a very important question, so he’s nervous, but also a little sad. Because he’s about to ask Viktor to stay with him for now, all the while thinking he’ll have to give Viktor up in the end. His eyes are angled away, he’s upset. Unlike Viktor, who just looks relieved to finally be back with Yuri, even if he is upset with himself for leaving in the first place.

And then Yuri pushes Viktor away to ask him to stay, and we don’t really get to see Viktor’s face for the majority of this sequence, it’s blocked by Yuri’s arms and the camera angle throughout. But we do get a glimpse of Viktor in the reflection of Yuri’s glasses as Yuri pushes his away:

And it’s dark, and blurry, but damn if he doesn’t look hurt, and confused. His eyebrows are raised, his eyes wide, his lips turned down in a frown. Like, “why are you pushing me away right now? I just got you back in my arms, don’t push me away right now.” 

Maybe he thought Yuri was going to tell him he wanted a new coach, because we know Viktor isn’t all that confident in his abilities as coach and Yuri did just flub a really important skate because Viktor left him alone (no matter if Yuri himself demanded that Viktor go back). He has probably been doubting his abilities as coach for the past 48 hours, which explains why he looks so haggard. And why his first words to Yuri are about how he has been thinking about what he can do as Yuri’s coach going forward. He’s been thinking about what he lacks as a coach, and what is best for Yuri, and his failures. But instead of blaming Viktor (which he would never do), Yuri asks him to stay with him until he retires. 

Which Viktor obviously wasn’t expecting. Because though we don’t get his full reaction, we do see the bottom half of his face:

And that looks like surprise, to me. His mouth is hanging open, he looks caught off guard. But he quickly recovers, and kisses Yuri’s hand. And he looks damn relieved. Like, he thought he was going to have to give Yuri up to a real coach before Yuri asks him to stay.

And then THIS face. The “of course, you idiot. Like I could consider going anywhere” face!

Which Yuri also wasn’t expecting. Because he doesn’t believe he can hold onto Viktor forever.

But the response makes him happy. And this fucking endearing smile. Just, the amount of love reflected in this one screen cap:

And Yuri steps forward back into Viktor’s arms. His expression is different this time, and he just looks content. He looks relieved. Viktor is going to stay with him, for now. They’ll go to the Grand Prix Final together, and he can hang onto Viktor a little longer.

Except Viktor then tells Yuri that he never wants to leave him, in so many words. Because that is what Viktor is implying. On first watch, I got scared. Because of the word choice used it kind of sounds like Viktor might be acknowledging that he’ll have to leave eventually, which is why he wishes that Yuri never has to retire. But on rewatch three of this scene, I ignored the subs and just focused to Viktor’s tone of voice. And he doesn’t sound sad, or morose. It doesn’t sound like a “we don’t have nearly enough time” it sounds like a fucking promise. Like “I have no where else I’d rather be than with you.”

And Yuri realizes that Viktor doesn’t want to leave him, just as much as he doesn’t want Viktor to leave. Maybe more. And he cries. And it’s different from episode one, where he’s crying alone in the bathroom because he lost, and episode seven where he is having a meltdown in the carpark because Viktor just tried to shatter his glass heart in an horrendously unadvised move.

These are tears of relief. Because maybe he won’t have to give up Viktor, after all.

So, apparently 18 year old Louis Tomlinson was 5'8 (1,72 m).

Do we think he grew? an inch (2 and a half centimetres) since then? Or have we solved the mystery of his height? x