For the past year and a half, I’ve ran past the same modest bungalows in the looping neighborhood behind my apartment complex. A neighborhood secluded enough that I run on the road without any problems. I watch the people going about their work - mowing lawns, grilling, playing with their kids, walking their dogs. Just living their lives in a way that’s deeply reminiscent of my own upbringing in a similar neighborhood.

For all of that time, I’ve always thought about my own future as I run by those houses and those people. And for all of that time, I’ve seen that future through a shared lens and some limitation based on another’s goals and needs. Today I realized I’m beginning to see that future through a more abstract lens, with less specificity. But also through a lens where I feel I have some more variance to consider. It’s freeing in a way to think of things that didn’t seem reasonable before that now may be within reach. 

I’m by no means saying that my past relationship was restricting me in any negative way, but only that I now see a sea of options before me and have more room to imagine the possibilities. I’m still mourning and will be for a while. That’s not gone. But I need to harness this freedom to someday find a person whose path will join mine and continue to open up new doors instead of closing them without considering their consequences. 

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do you think trotsky's ideas can be useful if adapted through a maoist lens? ie; combined and uneven development being similar in premise to ideas of imperialism and the third world, or a reversed concept of permanent revolution, with uprisings in the third world leading to more surrounding uprisings, working back from there to the centers of imperialism

a reversed permanent revolution would not be permanent revolution, being the exact opposite of its theoretical foundation and purpose (and making even less sense) but theories of uneven development have always been a part of leninism – trotsky’s is just more useful for emphasizing the combination of development. he thought of this in reference to “the stages of history” (as his theory of permanent revolution clearly shows) which has plagued the marxist left for a long time, but when its freed from that useless fatalism it becomes a very powerful tool that anyone can/should use (even maoists)

White Diamond Theory

in color theory, when painting, it is understood that something is black because it absorbs all colors of visible light.  thus black is the combination of all colors.  However when it comes to light the opposite is true.  White light is the combination of all colors.  Shine white light through a prism and it splits into the color spectrum, a rainbow.  one way to get white light?  take three lights. one filtered through a blue lens, the next pink, the last yellow.  shine all three lights at the same spot and it will appear white.  we already know that on Home World there are no problems with same gem fusion.  so why couldn’t it be that White diamond is the fusion of  all three originals.  evidence to support this is that we have yet to see another white gem.  except… pearl, our pearl.  the diamonds are accompanied by gems that compliment their color.  if white is the head Diamond then it makes sense that all colors compliment her.  also, if this is true, maybe it is a secret.  which is why no one has yet to mention it.  well secret to all but pearl.  this also means that because rose shattered Pink diamond no more white diamond,  though maybe a green.  If some one has already posted this, sorry for being slowpoke.  love the show.

“It’s fun for me to read about Meghan & Harry because I never heard of her before nor watch that show of hers. She just seems like every other elite neoliberal Hollywood type. Nothing against that, but I figured Harry would go for a deeper, more unique woman. I always saw him with a military officer, a veteran like him, someone who’s seen more than just NYC/la/skiing/beach life & doesn’t view politics through a strictly personality/identity lens.” - Submitted by Anonymous

honestly i dont feel like writing out another really long reply so im just gonna say this once here: whether or not it makes sense for mon-el to justify his choices based on his past (hint: it doesnt, but whatever), you have to recognize he isnt real. there is no real daxam, no real planet to actually be the source of his prejudice and awful qualities. the narrative cannot justify his actions through the lens of being a daxamite because mon-el and daxam do not exist, so, at the end of the day, the narrative is simply justifying his actions period.

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You don't know of any school fics where Wade bullies Peter at first? I found one (Through the Lens), and now I'm hooked on that AU. :P

There are fics with Wade being the bully type but Through The Lens by  thedeadcanwrite goes further in that type than the other from what i recall.

The Teenage Biker Stereotype(series) byCrimesOfADeadpool

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veryunmotivatedJust you wait.   by  cumberbum

Detention, Lunch and a Dance by CrimesOfADeadpool

Counting the stars at our fingertips by schierlingsbecher

poor impulse control  by merycula (thanksillpass)

Immigrants Write: The Best Books to Understand Our World | Signature

As always, but perhaps now more than ever, books are key to fostering knowledge in uncertain times. Here at Signature, we turn to the best books to understand our world, nation by nation. In an ongoing series, we present a look at a nation that’s on our minds through a literary lens, recommending reads by that country’s citizens, or by others who are intimately acquainted with that nation. We’ll update this rundown of what we’ve got on offer as the series grows. Happy reading, and happy learning.

Featuring books on Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Iran, with many more to come.