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Hi! Are you taking prompts? If you are, then can you do a near future bughead, Betty goes out of town for some time (for anything of your choice), jughead is there to pick her up from the airport, lots of fluff ensues :3

Hey @zeldawrecks sorry this has taken me so long to get to. I have had a hard time writing fluff at the moment so I hope this was worth the wait.

Coming Home

He was waiting at the gate for her, anxiously glancing at each person who came through the doors, eagerly awaiting her bright face to appear.

She had messaged him earlier in the night to let him know that her flight had been delayed urging him not too wait, that she would catch a cab or uber into town instead.  But Jughead had made a promise that he would pick her up, and no-one who valued their life or safety broke their word when it came to Alice.

So instead he had made his way to the airport cafe ordered himself some coffee and opened his laptop to the latest article he was working on for The Register, in reality he found himself much more concentrated on the arrivals board looking for any updates on her flight.

He had been the one who told her to go ahead with the internship. He wasn’t going to be the guy who kept a girl from achieving her dreams especially one as bright as Betty Cooper, there was no dulling her brightness.

To say that he missed her was an understatement. He had tried to keep himself as busy as possible, volunteering to help Alice at the register following Hal’s unexpected departure, as well as visiting his dad on a regular basis and assisting his lawyer with whatever was needed.

His new role at the Serpents, he had intentionally downplayed to Betty, she would only worry more than she already did and he didn’t want her to be distracted from her work. Safe to say the jacket would remain tucked away in his closet for tonight.

He noticed her instantly as she came through the gate. He felt relief wash over him tat her return, Riverdale never quite felt like home without her. He reached up to his head pulling the Beanie from his head, gripping it tightly in his hands.

He watched as she scanned the crowd for him and he waved over to her, her eyes finally settling on him and she rushed over to meet him. As she reached him she dropped her bag at her feet and let him enclose her in his arms as he lifted her up in a dramatic, movie worthy twirl that before her he would have imagined himself capable of. She let out a laugh and it was like music to his ears being able to hear it purified instead of through his laptop speakers a thousand miles away. He let her back down and she pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. He held himself back from deepening it.

He pulled back from their kiss. to take her face in her hands, memorising every feature of her face, as he moved his thumb gently across her cheek, revelling in the warmth of her skin.

She pulled him in for another hug, her arms wrapping so tightly against him as she breathed in his scent, her memory and the worn flannel shirt that she had fallen asleep in on numerous occasions had not done him justice, not at all.

“God I missed you.” He said into her hair, before tilting her face up, fingers on her chin to capture her lips again with his own. He deepened the kiss immediately this time, pouring all his longing and lonely nights into that kiss. She gripped his shirt tightly with her small hands, clinging to him, never wanting to let go again.

“I missed you too.” She said as they broke their kiss for air, his heart was pounding with anticipation. She threaded her hands with his, brushing her fingers along his knuckles. “So much.”

He bent down to pick up her bag, slinging it over his shoulder, a little knocked back at the unexpected weight. He offered his other arm to her as a gentleman would and she linked her arm in his as they headed towards the airport car park to F.P’s truck another one of his inherited gifts from the Serpents.

“So Miss Cooper now that you are back in Riverdale what is our first stop? ” He exclaimed dramatically and she tightened her grip on his arm.

“ Well Mr Jones as much as I have missed you and would love to spend the next few hours, tangled in your arms.” She mused a tell tale blush spreading across her cheeks. “I have been craving a Pop’s Vanilla Malt milkshake like crazy for the past 2 months.” She admitted to him. At the mention of food his stomach growled in response.

“A girl after my own heart. ”


Everyone stood in wait as Kim Seokjin walked into the room. There were rumors flying that the CEO of the company had fallen ill and was now going to retire or even worse that he had died. You had been working with CEO Bang for the past couple of years and saw him as a fatherly figure in your life. Heading the financial department, your day was spent talking to him about various ventures the company could undergo and he had alluded to the idea of you getting a slight promotion in the future. Now as the rumors circulated the room, you saw that dream promotion slip through your fingers and shook your head sadly, hoping that CEO Bang would come walking through the doors with his happy go licky attitude. As you watched Seokjin make his way in front of the hoards of people, he seemed to scan the crowd with a determined eye.

Kim Seokjin was the assistant to CEO Bang and one of the hardest workers you had ever met. The two of you had only interacted on a few occasions, but Jin was nothing but nice to you as you would stumble into CEO Bang’s office, your files flooding throughout your hands. Kim Seokjin was a smart guy, but was known for being a little conceded. He was handsome, and he sure as hell knew it. Nevertheless, he did his job well and seemed to keep the company in order.

He looked over the heads of the crowd and made eye contact with you before giving you a slight nod. You looked around your spot and then pointed at your chest. He nodded quickly and gestured for you to move up to the front of the room. You scrunched your eyebrows as you weaved your way through the crowded room to the front with Jin.

Hello, Y/N. He said in a kind tone to which you gave him a little nod. Uhm, I’m sorry I will be doing this in front of everyone. He murmured and you shot him a look of confusion before he clapped his hands. You stood there, rigidly, next to him as he smiled politely at everyone. I’ve heard the rumors about CEO Bang and his health. He started and you felt your heart begin to pound. And I’m sorry to admit that all of these rumors are true. You see, CEO Bang fell ill a few years back and has been working diligently to cover it up. His treatments had recently gotten so hard on his body that he is now seceding power of the company. The roar of whispers burst into the room as Jin made this announcement, he nodded and held up a hand to try and quiet everyone.

Who is going to take over?! Is it you? Someone shouted out and Jin shook his head with a small smile.

Well if you would let me speak, I would answer all your concerns. He murmured, the girl who had shouted now stood with her face as red as an apple, and then Jin gave you a small glance. You felt your hands sweat and worried that you knew what was about to be said. The successor that CEO Bang has named is Y/N, she is currently the Director of Finances, but Bang has slowly been working with her to become the CEO. He wasn’t expecting to leave for another year or so, so this is all news to her, but no worries, myself and the other department leaders will be working alongside her to help with this transition. You listened to the words, but your head was spinning. You wondered if everyone could tell that you had no idea this was coming. It felt like every eye in the company had shifted to look at you as you tried to stand still and not fidget uncomfortably.

You felt like everyone was silently judging you, looking you up and down as you stood there in your pencil skirt and heels. Jin concluded the meeting and led you out of the room and up to the executive’s floor. You had been here many times to help CEO Bang with his budgets and work alongside him through many projects, but you had never felt so strange going up until now. Without CEO Bang, this entire floor just seemed empty and uninviting, it had lost its joyful atmosphere and you could still feel the eyes and whispers as you walked by. Various assistants and interns congregated at desks and watched you walk past.

I heard that’s his replacement. They murmured to one another and you felt the hairs on your next stand up straight. Jin opened the office door to the CEO and ushered you inside. You let out a breath as you walked into the room, everything looked the same, the pictures on the wall, the large windows, the way the desk was slightly tilted. You looked at everything, then let yourself collapse onto one of the chairs. Jin laughed quietly as he looked at you.

I’m sorry I had to do that on such short notice, you were gone yesterday when CEO Bang wanted to have a meeting with you and he had to go into emergency treatment today. You listened and nodded.

Yea, it was a little … sudden. You murmured and wiped your hands nervously on the front of your skirt. Jin sat across from you and smiled sadly.

I know it’s a lot to take in, but don’t worry, you have me and the guys to lean on. He replied and you nodded, then tilted your head.

What guys? You asked. You had only worked with CEO Bang and Jin before, so this mention of guys seemed a bit strange.

Oh the department heads, there are six of them and they will all be working with you every step of the way. Jin said as you nodded. Then a small knock came from the other side of the office door. That must be them! He exclaimed and clapped his hands together, standing up. As Jin opened the door, a wave of chaos seemed to ensue, a group of men walked in, all suit clad and clamoring on about various business expenditures. They bowed slightly to Jin and then you stood up, all of them stopped and the silence that followed was awkward. You gave a small smile.

Hello, I’m … You started and a guy walked in front of the guys.

Y/N. We know. He said. His eyes were enticing, his face was like a sculpture, and you could feel your cheeks blush as he looked you up and down. Then with a smile of his own, he bowed a little and stood back up to look you in the eye. The name’s Park Jimin, at your service.

Author’s Note: This is dedicated to @yoongihowareyousohandsome and @dancedanieladance-blog because I like to fuck with their bias lists. 

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Ok so please PLEASE can you write something for foster mom jyn and lil rey with "is he your boyfriend now?" Cassian

For This AU:

The first time Cassian actually comes over to their condo instead of Rey going over to his house is when the smoke is pouring out the windows and doors.

Choking on smoke, Jyn and Rey come running out the front door.

“Did you call 911?” he asks Jyn, concerned.

When her eyes clear of the tears from the smoke, Jyn notices the fire extinguisher in his hands.

“What’s that for?” she rasps.

“The fire!”

“It’s just smoke.”

“Jyn burned a chicken pot pie.”

“How do you burn a chicken pot pie?” he asks, peering through the door and not seeing any flames.

“Apparently very easily if you’re Jyn,” Rey says.

Jyn pulls off her singed oven mitts and then her dusty apron and throws them on the ground in disgust. “That’s it, we’re getting take out for the rest of our lives.”

“You can’t eat in there, can you?” Cassian asks. “It reeks of smoke.” He puts the fire extinguisher on the grass and pauses for a second, taking in Jyn’s disheveled state. “Look, I just finished some chiles rellenos. Why don’t you two come over to dinner tonight? I have plenty.”

“Do you have guac?” Rey asks, and her stomach growls as though on cue.

“Thanks, Cassian, but you’ve done more than enough for us where food is concerned,” Jyn tells him, stuttering slightly when she thinks he looks…disappointed. “You’ve fed this little hoover more than enough times after school. You don’t have to start feeding me, too.”

“It would be my pleasure, though, Jyn,” he says, and the way his eyes crinkle around the edges makes Jyn’s stomach suddenly twist.

“Please, Jyn?” Rey pleads. “I’m so hungry.”

“You’re always hungry!”

“I’m an orphan!”

“That is not an appropriate response for every conversation we have anymore, Rey!”

“Cassian is such an amazing cook, though.”

Jyn looks at Cassian and he just shrugs, picking up the extinguisher. “The offer still stands,” he says. “What do you say?”

Jyn stares at her smoke-soaked home and sighs. “Alright, let me lock up and grab some drinks, and we’ll be right over.”

“That sounds great,” he says, and Jyn’s stomach flips again. She tells herself that it’s just hunger–but she doesn’t bother to specify to herself exactly what it is that she hungers for most.

Guardian Angel (bonus #6)

olicity || ao3 || teen || fluff || 8653 || more fics

summary: Oliver finds a half asleep Felicity in an elevator with a newborn // Dani gets into a fight with someone at school because they told her Oliver isn’t her real dad. (anonymous prompt)
word count: 1259
a/n: this prompt hit me deep…. i’m wounded…

[Part One] [bonus #1] [bonus #2] [bonus #3] [bonus #4] [bonus #5]

Oliver got called home from work early because of something that happened at Dani’s school. He was a little freaked out that Danica had gotten into trouble, she never caused any kind of problems and he really hoped this wasn’t the beginning of something terrible.

“Is everything okay?” he asked Felicity as soon as he walked through the door. She and Danica were both sitting on the couch. “Where’s Livi?”

“Livi is with her grandmother and… I don’t know if everything is okay,” she sighed.

He frowned heavily. Felicity motioned him to follow her and he did. They stood at the edge of the living room while Danica stayed on the couch with her arms crossed in front of her chest. She looked very much like her mother doing that.

“What happened?” he asked.

“One of the other kids picked a fight with Dani and she took the bait. He now has a nice bump on his head from being tackled.”

For a moment he felt a little proud of her, but it was so unlike Dani to be violent.

“What was the fight about?”

Felicity looked down for a moment and sighed, “The kid was making fun of her because of her father.”

Oliver slowly lifted his hand and pointed at himself.

She shook her head.

“Oh,” he glanced towards Dani.

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So I saw Dover Beach come up on a fic rec list, which was very welcome as it’s a favourite story of mine.  More to the point I have been trying to get the next chapter written in an attempt to kick-start my writing brain into gear.  It’s been slow-going, but I’m getting there!  

Here is a small preview of that chapter for anyone who’s vaguely interested (and can actually remember the story)!

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can you do a hc of how you think jikook would celebrate each other's birthdays if you have time? thank yoU!

Hmm, Jimin would take Jungkook shopping (I mean, literally, he takes Kookie shopping for his birthday). The day would be would be all about Kookie of course. Buying whatever Kookie wanted, eating whatever Kookie wanted, you know. But Jimin really enjoys it, spoiling Kookie. He loves seeing the smile on Kookie’s face and knowing he’s the one who put it there. He sees Kookie eyeing a watch but the price tag is way high, and Jungkook doesn’t even bother pointing it out, but when he’s off looking at something else, Jimin buys it and has it gift wrapped. Later that night, when Kookie is pulling his stuff out of his bags to hang up/set up/etc., he finds the box in one of the bags. Jimin is already in bed but Kookie bursts through the door, eyes shining. Hyung you really shouldn’t have. Jimin just smiles and kisses Kookie’s cheek softly. I wanted to.

Jimin’s birthday would be a quieter affair. A few days prior, Kookie spends most of his time holed up in his room and everyone thinks there’s something wrong but he keeps assuring them he’s fine. Maybe it’s just a lazy day in the dorm, or Kookie takes Jimin to a park and they just sit (Jimin’s head laying on Kookie’s thigh) and read or nap for a few hours. The get home and the boys have a party and Kookie shyly presents to Jimin a picture frame. It’s why he’s been so quiet and distant lately. A drawing of a group photo they all took, in beautiful detail. Jimin wraps Kookie tightly in a hug. It’s beautiful Jungkook. Later, he goes to hang the picture next to his bed, and finds a sketchbook on his pillow. It’s filled with sketches if him, all done by Kookie.


Pairing: Wonho | Shin Hoseok X Reader

Genre: Fluff (with some smutty undertones because come on, it’s Won-hoe)

Word Count: 1.7K

Note: I’ve been dying because of this boi and his dumb face and his dumb lisp (like it’s so prominent in Beautiful that I can’t even ignore it anymore T_T)

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

It’s dark outside by the time your boyfriend slips through the door, and you jump to your feet, catching him by surprise when you fling yourself at him.

He’s warm and solid under your fingers, and you whisper, “I missed you.”

The door shuts behind him with a soft click, and it doesn’t take long for his strong arms to wrap around your waist, a comforting weight resting against your skin.

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Not a headcanons request, but I was thinking about how so many people write Dark as a very prim and sophisticated man, so I can't stop laughing when I think of him walking in on his S/O listening to Anaconda and they're just like.... "what do u want"

Oh nooo, if you portray him in that way, he’d halt going through the door into the room his SO was in and just stare as they dance and sing to the song.
He wouldn’t know how to feel about it, because you’re enjoying the song so he’d be all happy about it, but the song is just…..nooo

Accusative Prepositions

Lesson 1

Es ist ein Garten ohne Blumen (It is a garden without flowers)

Er ist immer gegen mich (He is always against me)

Er bezahlt für das Hotel (He pays for the hotel)

Ich gehe durch die Tür (I walk through the door)

Ich gehe die Straße entlang (I am walking along the street)

Du bist alles für mich (You are everything to me)

Der Mann fährt die Straße entlang (The man is driving along the street)

Sie schwimmen ohne mich (They are swimming without me)

Mein Vater geht durch die Tür (My father walks through the door)

Ich schreibe für die Zeitung (I write for the newspaper)

Ich bin gegen ihn (I am against him)

Sie laufen ohne Schuhe (They are walking without shoes)

Diese Blume ist für dich (This flower is for you)

Fight For Me. (Part 3) ::Sami Zayn Mini-Series::

(Repost) Because I accidentally deleted it.

Pairing: Reader x Sami Zayn

Word Count: 5,128

Warnings: Swearing. And smut/

{Part 1}   {Part 2}

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

There wasn’t much left to be said about the rest of that night. Finn the sweetheart that he was, had accompanied me all the way back to the hotel and hadn’t departed, until he had seen me safely through my door. We spoke little. I was too busy thinking over what just happened, a gnawing sense of anticipation settling in my stomach. And while Finn was our friend and concerned about us, he undoubtedly did not want to risk being dragged into the middle between us. Poor man deserved a gift basket. Just returned from his injury and he was already having to deal with mine and Sami’s shit.

I could barely remember getting changed, just pulling off clothes left and right, letting the garments fall to the floor. For the first time since the break up, I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out the over-sized black t-shirt, that I had accidently packed when I had left. The material still smelt like him, slightly worn and shiny in places where he had worn it so much. I couldn’t help but think, that Sami must know that I had it. With a sigh, I pulled the top on over my head. The fabric was a poor comfort compared to his arms, but this was the result of a decision I had made. With that depressing thought, I crawled into the bed, falling asleep a hell of a lot quicker than I thought I would. I guess I had the alcohol to thank for that.

The sunlight woke me up the next morning and my head screamed in protest, until I scrambled out from under the covers and closed the curtains. Last night was still completely clear in my head and I was unable to rid my mind of the image of Sami just stood there with that look upon his face, as he watched me and Finn leave. If you just added in a rainstorm to the whole entire thing, it was like some damn scene from a romantic tragedy.

It was with shaky hands that I checked my phone. Only to my great disappointment there were no texts from Sami. No missed calls. No nothing. I mentally steadied myself. He had promised that we would talk and I had to believe that we would. He had asked for time and space to think, I needed to give him that. Of course, I had no idea if I was going to like what he had to say, when the time did come.

As the day dragged on though, my sense of belief in him was tested, there still continuing to be no sign of him. I had tried to use my time wisely, taking a shower to clean myself up after the excesses of last night. Rehydrating my body with as many glasses of water I could, before my bladder complained. Fending off concerned texts from Lana and TJ (and wasn’t that another mess that I needed to clean up properly). I have even had one, solitary text from Finn.

My fingers itched to text him, call him, but if Sami said he needed time and space, then I had to respect that. Even if, all I wanted to do was fight for him, like I should have done in the first place. I was beginning to drive myself up the wall though, with my constant pacing and self doubt, my inability to stop overthinking everything.

It was why, when the sun went to bed, so did I. I couldn’t take the waiting anymore and I was sure that Sami wasn’t coming. In my head, the sooner I went to sleep, the sooner this day could be over. I changed back into his shirt once more, the smell of him invading my senses again. I couldn’t even tell, if it was making me feel better or worse to be wearing his clothing.

So of course I was completely unready, when the knock did come at my door, mere hours later. The sound awoke me from my restless sleep and I checked my phone for any sign, before I approached the door trying to cautious with my hope. It might not be him. It could be Lana checking up on me, like she had wanted to do all day, despite my excuses.

I took a deep breath, steeling myself for the difficult conversation I was about to have with Sami, or for the crashing disappointment I was about to feel, if it wasn’t him behind the door. It was with great relief and trepidation that the door swung open to reveal him. He was standing awkwardly on spot, with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. I could tell that he was worked up just by looking at him. He opened his mouth, about to speak, before his eyes drifted down my body his gaze ending at my thighs.

“That’s my t-shirt” he said and I could tell by the frustration that crossed his face, that hadn’t been what he had intended to say. Meanwhile, I became acutely aware that while I was wearing his top, I wasn’t really wearing much of anything else. Already feeling unprepared, I was now positively flustered as I began to frantically search for some sweatpants. I could hear Sami follow me, the door falling shut behind. It was too late now to hide the fact I was wearing his shirt (and I wasn’t sure I even wanted too), but I was determined that I wasn’t going to have this conversation, without any pants on. I still had no idea what he come to say and I thought it best to maintain at least some dignity.

His hand reached for mine, stopping my rushed movements, before dropping my hand as he went to sit on the bed.

“It’s fine.. . You’re fine as you are. Could you just… Can you just sit by me for the moment” he asked hesitantly, his fingers scrunching the bed covers. I walked over, subtly trying to pull the hem of his shirt further down as I sat next to him. Both his hands were empty now, the flowers laying on the top of the dresser, the brightly coloured petals shining brightly. Sami followed my gaze to them, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

“They’re for you”.

I couldn’t help the small smile that came to my face at his thoughtfulness, even if I was still nervous about what was to come. “Thank you, Sami. They’re beautiful”. I paused and chewed my lower lip. “It’s the exact same combination of flowers as the ones you brought me on our first date”.

“You remember that?” he asked somewhat incredulously, the fact that I had remembered such a small detail, causing a small smile of his own to grow.

“Yes. Seems like you do too” I pointed out in return. Sami grew silent for a moment, his facial expression returning to it’s former, more serious state and my heart thudded in anticipation.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come by before now. I wanted to come earlier, it’s just that I wanted to give you enough time to recover from last night” he paused, letting out a shaky breath, as if setting himself up for what he was about to say next. “And I wanted to give you enough time to think about last night. In case… In case you regretted last night”. His voice seemed to tremble slightly at the mention of regret, but he covered it up so quickly,  I couldn’t be sure.

I knew it must have taken him a lot to come here. Even bringing me flowers, even though he didn’t know if I would want to see him. For Sami to expose himself like that, to make himself vulnerable like he had, my heart swelled in my chest. I wanted to reach out, hold him, but couldn’t quite get the confidence up and my hand ended up lingering next to his on the bed sheets instead.

“I don’t regret last night. I didn’t get the chance to say much, but everything I did say I meant”. It was my turn to take a shaky breath, attempting to compose myself before continuing. “I miss you, Sami. So, so much. I was so stupid-“.

At this my voice began to tremble and Sami made the move to reach for my hand, clasping it in his, as he gently shushed me. My voice faded out as he lifted my hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to the back of my hand, letting himself linger for a moment. He dropped our linked hands down on top of his thigh and fixed me with an intense gaze. I could barely move, seemingly transfixed by him, a lump growing at the back of my throat with every moment that passed. Every single emotion seemed to shine in his eyes. I could see the cautious optimism, the unrestrained worry, the absolutely longing. All things I knew must be reflected in my own eyes.

“If anyone is stupid here, it’s me” Sami began, nervously tracing patterns on the back of my hand as he talked.

“Sami-“ I wanted to protest, but he wouldn’t allow me to speak, shaking his head as I said his name.

“Please Y/N… Just hear me out first, okay. I had this whole speech planned and I’ve already fucking forgotten it, but there are things I want to tell you. Things I want you to hear” he paused halfway, checking to see that I was listening to him. I merely nodded, allowing him to go first, though I had my own words to say that he needed to hear.

“I was stupid, because I had this amazing, loyal woman right by side. Someone who was always there for me. Someone who may have disagreed with some of my decisions, but despite that always helped me weather the repercussions. And I neglected you. I let my pride get in the damn way, so much I couldn’t even see how I was treating you. I was the one who fucked up, because I wasn’t giving you and our relationship, the time and effort it deserved” he paused again, but I could tell that he wasn’t quite finished yet, so I stayed quiet and shifted slightly closer to him, hoping to reassure him.

“And when you confronted me about my behaviour…. I let my pride talk for me, too damn proud to admit that I was letting you down. Too proud to admit that I had lost control over my life. I took all my stress out on you and you didn’t deserve that. Fuck, you really didn’t deserve that”. At this point he began to choke up slightly and throwing caution to the wind, I chose to tuck myself up under his arm, snuggling closer into his side. I could feel his hand stroke over the top of my head, his fingers diving gently into my hair.

“And then the next day when you came back.. I made things even worse by suggesting a break of all things. I don’t even know what I was thinking. I just knew you were hurting and I didn’t want to hurt you anymore. I panicked. I was so stuck on my pride and honour, it didn’t even occur to me that all I needed to do, was change the way I was behaving. And then when you told me it was over… Only then did my dumb ass realise how much I had messed up. It hurt so much to see you walk away. Almost as much as it hurt when I realised that I had been the one to chase you away. The way you said those words with such finality, I was sure I had lost my chance at fixing things”. He took a deep breath and this time I could feel his hand shaking in mine as he gazed at me intensely once more. This time pain and worry were the most prevalent emotions in his eyes.

“Have I lost my chance?” Sami asked softly and I was already shaking my head no, that he hadn’t lost his chance, before he could even finish the words.

“Sami, I love you” I told him, saying the words that I had wanted to say repeatedly over the last of couple of weeks.

“I love you too, Y/N. More than you can know. I know I haven’t shown it much lately, but I promise that’s all going to change, just give me a chance. This is me here, fighting for you, like I should have done three weeks ago”. His words soothed me and excited me at the same time. I had realised by now, that I was too tangled up in him to ever let him go.

“I want to get back together, Sami. I’ve missed you so much. And I’m so sorry for what I did, for breaking up with you and I am sorry. More than you could ever know, because I was in the wrong too” I started. By now Sami was shaking his head at me, protesting that an apology wasn’t needed, but I wasn’t about to be dissuaded from saying what I needed to say.

“No, Sami. I need you to hear this. It’s important” I persevered.

“When you suggested a break, I was so hurt and angry that you wouldn’t fight for us”. Besides me, I could feel Sami flinch at my words and I reached out with my other hand to comfort him, to let him know that I was no longer mad, I just needed to explain. “But then I went and did exactly the same thing. I didn’t fight for us, for you. I just chose to walk away instead. I don’t even know what point I was trying to prove by breaking up with you”.

“You needed to walk away. It was the only way to show me what an idiot I was being. You were just trying to look after yourself. How can I judge you for that?” he said softly, dropping my hand in order to reach out and cup my cheeks between his hands, no longer interested in just talking. Sami was slow to lower his lips to mine and I could read the emotions flickering through his eyes. He was giving me enough time to pull away if I wanted. Pulling away though, was the last thing I wanted. I propelled myself forward, my lips landing harder against his then anticipated, causing what was no doubt suppose to be a gentle kiss, to escalate quickly to a more passionate one.

It felt so good to be touching him again. To feel his hands sliding down my body and encircling my waist to draw me even nearer to him. Sami was repeatedly mumbling my name against my lips as he continued to kiss me desperately. I could almost feel him begging me to come back via the kiss. I had no plans to go anywhere though, my hands trailing up his chest and over his shoulders, as I finally got to touch the man that I had been missing desperately for the last couple weeks. “Want you back, Sami” I told him, pulling myself into his lap, wanting to be closer still.

“You have me” he muttered against my lips, before pulling away and watching me. I bit back the whine of disappointment that wanted to leave my throat and resisted the urge to shift under his intense gaze. I leant into his touch as he swept a piece of hair away from my forehead.

“There’s something else I want to tell you. There was another reason I was late coming to see you. This afternoon I went to see Foley” Sami began to say, prompting my curiosity at the mention of Mick’s name. “I called in some favours and managed to get a couple of days off work for the both of us. I wanted to prove to you, that I’m going to make this work. A few days, just for us. No work. No Braun. No me charging in like an idiot. Just us. We can go wherever you want. It’s up you”.

“You did that for us?” I asked, unable to hide the grin forming on my face, before sobering ever so slightly. “I’m not asking you to stop going after Braun, just to tone it down a little, make room for the other things in your life. I know how passionate you are about your honour. About standing up to the bullies. It’s part of the reason I love you. I would never want to change you”.

“I know, sweetheart. I understand that now. Don’t you worry. I’m going to make sure Braun gets exactly what he deserves. But I’m not about to lose view of what’s really important to me. I’ve got a lot of making up to do, starting with those three dates I missed”.

“You don’t owe me anything” I told him, leaning down to whisper in his ear as my arms tightened around his neck. “But if you’re really insistent on making it up to me, you can start now”. I gently nipped at his neck before pulling away to look at him. His grip on me had tightened and the look in his eyes had changed. They were darker now, even more intense and the mischievous grin that had formed on his face, already had my thighs shaking in anticipation.

“Oh, I can do that” he replied, his voice seeming to deepen with every word. He used his body weight to turn me, my back pressing down against the mattress, as he hovered above me. His head lowered as if to kiss me once more, but I was ultimately left frustrated as he skipped over my lips. I craned my head up to reach him, but still missed. Instead, he slid further down the bed, hands gripping the end of his t-shirt that I was wearing and pushing it up to my breasts exposing me to his gaze.

“As much as I love seeing you in my clothes, nothing compares to this” Sami told me, his breath seeming to catch in his throat. He was amazing. One look from him and I already quivering underneath him, the heat in my stomach already starting to pool.

“Sami…” I whined, still completely clueless as to exactly what I was asking for. I just knew I wanted him. I wanted all of him. He began with kisses to my stomach, my own arousal ensuring that the gentle, teasing sensations were more erotic than ticklish. My stomach muscles fluttered with each kiss, especially when he began to suck on my skin, teeth nipping occasionally and leaving behind a set of delicate red marks in his wake. A moan escaped my mouth before I could help it, as I watched him push the t-shirt even further up, exposing my breasts to him.

“Fuck..” he moaned. “Just want to show you how much I do care, but it’s so hard to restrain myself from just taking you when you’re lain out before me like this. So damn beautiful”.

I almost whimpered under his intense gaze, finding just enough concentration to press my leg up and between his. I could felt him hot and hard against my thigh, even through the denim of his jeans, his breath hitching in his throat at the sensation, hips stuttering slightly against mine.

“Minx” he whispered in my ear, lips barely brushing over my skin as his mouth began to move down my neck. His hands were still entangled in my t-shirt, the material bunched up under my underarms and Sami was using it to keep me pinned back against the bed. Not that I wasn’t already helpless beneath him. I always was when it came to him.

My back arched as his mouth sudden came down on one nipple, sucking the bud into his mouth and teasing the point with his tongue. I moaned at the sensation, trying to push myself closer to him, my fingers tightening in his hair and pulling. Sami groaned, sometimes enjoying a little pain with his pleasure and it only encouraged me to drag my fingernails down his back, hoping to draw even more of those kind of sounds from him. I arched once more against him as I felt his teeth come into play, blunt edges gently passing over tender skin. It was almost too much, especially after desiring and not receiving his touch for weeks. I could feel my core clenching with each pass of his teeth, my underwear dampening as I became increasingly wet. There was just enough room between us for me to cross my legs, hoping desperately for some kind of relief, my breaths already coming out in short pants.

Sami didn’t seem to like that though. One hand remained tight on my bunched up shirt ensuring my movements continued to be restrained, while his other hand slipped between my legs, roughly pushing them apart. His whole hand cupped me through my panties, his palm pushing deeply against me, creating limited stimulation, just enough to tease me. His name left my lips as a whimper, my eyes pleading with him to do more. To touch me more.

“So fucking wet. I missed you so much”. His hand reached for the waistband of my underwear, frantically pulling the material down, only just far enough for his hand to touch me unobstructed. His fingers teasingly ran over my outer lips, only dipping into the wetness of my entrance once to gather up my juices and spread it up towards my clit. His forehead was resting against mine watching my reaction intently, as his fingertips stroked over me, teasing random patterns along the sensitive bundle of nerves. I was powerless to look away from him, watching the way my own reactions were causing him to react. I could see the way his eyes flashed darker every time I let out another whimper. The way his whole body tensed when I arched against him. The way he was biting down harshly on his lower lip in an attempt to control himself.

My arms wrapped tighter around the back of his neck, pulling him down into a kiss, making sure to run my tongue along his sore lower lip, before sucking it in between my lips, my teeth gently nibbling across the reddened area. The kiss became more me, moaning in his mouth as his fingers picked up pace, my release catching up to me quicker than I had expected.

“Sami!” I yelled as my core tightened and my orgasm flooded my body with pleasure. My eyes closed at the overpowering sensations and when I opened them again, Sami was grinning down at me, the merriment clearly evident in his eyes.

“Fucking amazing” he commented, lowering his lips to mine in a slow, languid kiss, his hands running up and down my sides softly. I merely nodded in reply, too busy trying to get my breathing under control. Sami pulled away from me again, his lips once more trailing down my body and I knew exactly where he was heading.

“Sami” I called out gently, my fingers caressing his cheek and stopping his descent as he looked at me curiously. “It’s your turn to receive now” I told him, pulling myself up my knees and meeting him for another lingering kiss. I shuffled my pants off as Sami laid back on the bed, his fingers stroking gently over my thigh, wanting to keep some form of contact with me. His fingers only moved when he went to pull his shirt off, at the same time I peeled my own away from my body.

“I love you, Sami” I said, wanting him to hear it again. His face absolutely lit up at my words, his hand reaching down to stroke his thumb over my lower lip.

“I love you, too. So, so much”. I smiled brightly, it was was good to hear the words, as well as being able to say them once again. I made quick work of unbuttoning his jeans, sliding the denim down along with with his underwear. I could feel his eyes on me the entire time, his hands gathering my hair back into a makeshift ponytail, so he could watch as I lowered my mouth over the head of his cock. Sami was biting his lower lip again, a low moan forming at the back of his throat, as my tongue ran along the slit collecting his pre-cum.  My hand gripped the base of him, working over what I couldn’t fit in my mouth as I wrapped my lips around him again, my cheeks hollowing as I began to suck. His grip on my hair tightened instantaneously, his fingertips brushing roughly over my scalp.

“Fuck, Y/N. Your mouth…” his voice trailed off, his words transforming into moans as I pushed him further down my throat, humming around him. It felt so good to hear him moan my name. I could feel the way the muscles of his thighs were tensing underneath me, sense the quivering of his hips as he fought the urge to just buck into my mouth. Always so considerate was Sami. Except I didn’t want him to be so considerate right now. I wanted passionate Sami. I wanted desperation. I wanted both of us fighting to be even closer to one another.

I pulled my mouth back up, paying special attention to the head of his cock, running my tongue across a particularly, sensitive spot and this time his hips did buck and I couldn’t help but smile. He looked gorgeous like this, lain out before me. His skin was flushed and damp with sweat, hands fisting the sheets, his head thrown back as he moaned. I was torn. I wanted to continue on, make him feel good with just my mouth, but I also wanted him inside of me. Needed to feel him.

“You’re making me feel so good, Y/N. Really good. But I want to cum inside you” Sami told me several moments later, tugging on my hair to pull me back up to him. Our lips crashed together, an altogether more frantic tone taking over the pace at the thought of being joined together. His hand roughly squeezed my breast as he rolled me over onto my back. There was no finesse to our movements, everything all passion and sheer desperation as we clutched at one another. And there was no teasing tonight, Sami pushing inside of me in one smooth stroke and I moaned at the sudden sense of fullness.

I could see him watching me, checking to see if it was too much after our time apart. I nodded frantically at him to reassure him, pulling him down into another breath-taking kiss, wanting to feel as much of him as I could. He felt amazing inside of me, his thrusts bordering on rough as we made love. He was whispering endearments against my lips as we kissed, most of the words indistinguishable, the sound of them being lost to moans instead.

“Not going to neglect you ever again” he said, the promise whispered against my neck, each word punctuated with a kiss to my skin. “Not going to risk losing such an amazing, beautiful woman again”. I moaned out loud in response, his words spinning my head and only causing my arousal to grow further.

“Not going to let you go again” I promised in return, my legs wrapping tightly around his waist, hoping to draw him even further into me. There was something about the way that he moved against me, almost as if he had something to prove to me. Each thrust of his hips pressed deep into me, his mouth leaving behind a myriad of kisses on my skin.

“Need you so much” he groaned and I knew that he wasn’t just talking about the sex. I clung even tighter to him, my lips landing on that spot on his shoulder I knew he liked so much, teeth nipping and causing him to thrust harder. I was practically shaking in his arms now, so close to my release and I knew that it was going to be an intense one.

“Just let it go” Sami groaned, pulling back to watch my face. His fingers were linked tightly with mine as he continued to pound me into the bed, taking complete control of the pace as my hips began to stutter erratically under his.

“Not without you. Never without you” I replied, one of my hands resting on his cheek as I said it, letting him know that there was more to my words then just the obvious connotation. He nuzzled the palm of my hand, his beard scratching over sensitive skin as he propped himself up his elbows, allowing him to apply more power behind his thrusts.

With this new position, I could feel him hitting that most sensitive spot inside of me. I couldn’t have held back any longer even if I wanted to. The pleasure was overwhelming as my orgasm hit me, my nerves practically electrified and my eyes almost watering from the intensity, screaming his name before my voice abruptly broke off.  I could hear Sami swearing to himself as he watched me lose control underneath him. Two more increasingly rough thrusts and his whole body stilled as he came in me, his cum released in short bursts. The way that he groaned my name almost made me return in same and instead I bit my lip, running my hand through his hair as he came down from his release.

Sami practically collapsed beside me and I would have giggled if I hadn’t been in such a similar state, the both of us gasping for breath. He was the first to move, his arm flung over my stomach as he snuggled his face into the crook of my neck. I could feel his breath hitting my skin and I couldn’t help but wriggle under the ticklish sensation. I felt him grin before pulling away, his fingers skipping across my ribs, this time purposely tickling me.  I wriggled even more wildly in his grip, giggling away to myself, causing his smile to grow even wider.  The attack only ended when he was forced to pin me down, protecting himself from any accidental kicks or elbows.  He was laughing too now, head dropping to press a kiss to my chest, right above where my heart was.

“It’s you and me, Y/N. Always you and me”.

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title taken from the tree ring’s brushbloom glow. anyway, here’s a story of how dmitry came to (sort of) enjoy pooka’s company.

the faces of these people grow more dear to me.

Dmitry met his arch nemesis in the late summer days of July, when Anya wandered in through the door of their apartment in the Latin Quarter with a four legged friend following in tow.

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Sleepy Bird

HAPPY BIRTH, @sapphiredragon654!!!!! ILYSM!!!

Show: Voltron

Characters: Keith, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk

Ship: Klance

AU: Miraculous AU (Peacock Miraculous Holder!Lance, Fox Miraculous Holder!Keith, Turtle Miraculous Holder!Pidge, and Bee Miraculous Holder!Hunk)

The worst kind of exhaustion, in Lance’s opinion, was the kind where your eyes stung. You can feel them sobbing, begging for you to succumb into even a short slumber. Yet you refuse, and their pleas never stop.

That was the kind of exhaustion that Lance was feeling right now as he dragged his sleep deprived ass through the doors to the school.

Sleep. He needed sleep.

No! Food. He needed food.

His eyes were half-lidded and he could barely see as he stumbled his way down the staircase to the cafeteria, nearly crashing into a group of girls who were headed upstairs. They stared at him in pity as they walked away.

The cashier in the cafeteria didn’t seem to care. Then again, she worked in a school. No doubt she saw people as sleep deprived as Lance was on a daily basis. She simply asked him for the $2 for his donut and let him being on his merry way, which in this case, was searching for a table.

Almost as soon as he sat down, a familiar voice spoke.

“Damn, you look like you got hit by a truck.”

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Personalised Imagine #1 ~ Newt Scamander

This is a personalised imagine for @jdougl-love <3 I hope you like it. Thank you so much for requesting it.

Originally posted by newtloveshisfantasticbeasts

You were reading a book, just like a few days ago. Newt not-so-subtly watched as you tucked a stray strand of purple hair behind your ear, expression focused on the pages before you. He was embarrassed to admit that he’d grown to look forward to seeing you whenever he came to the very same coffee shop he was in now every few days. He was such a frequent customer that the waitresses all knew him by name. As soon as he’d come through the doors, he’d search for that unique head of purple hair. You would always sit alone, he had noticed, always with a book and always with a cup of tea and a biscuit in front of you.

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Today has been a lovely! We went for brunch (I got a classic beans on toast ;)) then popped into school to check some stuff with teachers about when we finish study leave etc. Then we broke into our drama classroom (well we went in through the fire exit door lol) and when our teachers came back we sat in there and talked to them for awhile about exams being over and life in general and it’s SO HOT HERE IN THE UK TODAY it’s 24°C and beautiful and everyone’s in a good mood and I wish days could always be like this


The woman at the church is lovely. Her name is Wendy McCarthy, and her husband in the Pastor at the church. She is friendly and welcoming, and gushes over the cookies Ychelle brought. 

“So kind of you, truly! You’re always welcome here, our church is home to anyone living in our town. Where did you say you came from again?” she asks.

“We just moved here from Alaska.” Ychelle says. 

“Oh, that must be why you’re so pale! Poor things, lucky we get so much sun here in the summertime.” she says. “And are you going to attend Moonlight Falls High School?” 

Ychelle nudges me, as I didn’t realise Wendy was talking to me. “Oh! Yes, I will be.” 

“You must be excited. I think you’ll be in the same class as my Marissa. Oh, and here she is!” Wendy says, as a shy looking young girl comes through the back door of the church. 


Elliott strolled into the living room calling out to Kinleigh, he wanted to show her his awesome new look, he thought maybe she’d like it as much as he did..  Unfortunately as she came through the door from the kitchen to see her husband half naked, and looking very, very green she almost fell over.. 

“OMG, ELLIOTT??? What on earth happened to you?” she asked in total shock

“Do you like it? I ate some weird fruit I found when I was exploring that tree that grew from the beans you collected and well, this happened… I even grow leaves and pollen sometimes.. it’s kind of cool…”   

“Kind of cool??? Elliott, look at yourself!… You look like… an alien!” 

“An alien?.. C’mon Kins, I’m so much sexier than an alien!” replied Elliott flashing his eyebrows at her  

“W-What will the kids think? you’re going to terrify them!.. You need to cover yourself up before they see you” Kinleigh began fanning herself with her hand trying not to pass out “Omg they’re going to be so traumatised!” 

Picture this Sheith imagine

So obviously the world of Voltron LD is ridiculously technologically advanced. And with that one can safely assume that iPods and cell phones and whatnot still exist they’re just clearly more dope and futuristic.

I like to imagine that while still on Earth Keith got something equivalent to an iPod and would listen to whatever caught his eye/ear on a Spotify style database that they used cause like I said this is just future Earth.

So say he brings it with him to space on the castle and he doesn’t get to use it much because yaknow they’re constantly busy/battling the Galra but when he FINALLY gets to just chill and listen to music, he finds an older throwback playlist with Nirvana, System of a Down, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc.

He’s in his room, listening to the playlist quietly through his headphones with the door shut as he scans databases to find out info about these bands and the next thing he knows, he’s got Milk It by Nirvana blasting loud as fuck from the iPod thing and he’s like flitting around his room pretending to be at a show in the 90s way before his time, projecting a hologram of the band performing live in the middle of the floor.

Meanwhile everyone can hear it, Allura and Coran are ridiculously confused, Hunk and Lance are like ??? cause who knew Keith listened to this type of music, Pidge is amused, and Shiro decides to go check on Keith out of curiosity.
He gets to his room, the door slides open, and he sees Keith playing air guitar in a tight black shirt and skinnies that he also brought with him while yelling “doll steak test meat” alongside the projected version of Kurt Cobain and Shiro’s just like what in the fuck is happening. But he’s entertained and he leans on the doorframe as Keith turns around out of breath from yelling, visibly embarrassed but happy and it warms Shiro’s heart.
So he walks in and the door shuts and Keith turns the music down a little bit just as Best In You comes on much to his displeasure cause he loves that song as of an hour ago.

“What are you listening to?” Shiro asks and Keith sits down on his bed more bubbly than ever as he explains and his fellow paladin is like oh cool I can dig it. So they fucking rock out together like this punk ass couple from the 90s and its amazing and they’re having so much fun before realizing that they’ve drifted ridiculously close as they sing mumbled versions of the lyrics and soon it’s like nothing else is around them, just Dave Grohl’s muffled singing in the background from the tunnel their heads are currently in. Then Keith gets up on his toes when Shiro leans in and they end up kissing in the middle of the room before retreating to snuggle on the red paladin’s bed while the music continues playing and the rest of the team finds them asleep like that when they go to see what happened to Shiro.