Perfect Pizza Toppings

While having lunch with the gorgon Embers J. Lapilli at her pizzeria, Pyroclastic, we got to talking about the wide variety of clientele that come in through the door — or through the floor, depending on the time of day. Pyroclastic has a subterranean entrance to better serve light-sensitive undead customers.

Vampires: “No garlic, lots of sauce. Extra cheese, as many kinds as we have. Top with unwashed mushrooms! Many apparently enjoy the earthy taste. Occasionally they request coffee grounds, too.”

Mermaids: “Sausage and bell peppers. We make a special dough with sea water for ‘em and they say it makes ‘em feel right at home.”

Earth elementals: “We call it ‘mud pie!’ Bits of gravel sprinkled into a thin mud sauce served on a crust of sod. Dandelions or milkweed are common requests, though some ‘em prefer thistles.”

Dragons: “Oh yeah! Surprising I know, but we get a lot of ‘em. Some shape shift down in size and eat at a table, but the young ‘uns, who haven’t mastered that spell? Well, we have a knoll out in the back behind the shop. They lay ‘round up there. Whatever their size, we ask ‘em for some notice as they tend to eat about a dozen pizzas at a time — each!”

Water Nymphs: “Dragonflies and sea slime. Lotssah sea slime.”

Robots Who Have Become Sentient and Wish to be Social: “They always try to flirt with our pizza oven and I have to shoo them away. We fix ‘em up with some circuit boards and cheese-covered bolts. No one goes hungry at Pyroclastic.”

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i can't wait for part 2 of the recent jumin cheating fic pls rip my heart out with angst okay adios i love u

Author’s note: it’s 4am || Is this enough heartbreak?? Yes?? No?? Idk??  part one here !!

Part 2 (of 2)

It’d been a week since that day.

You snapped your head in the direction of the moan. What the hell was that?

Your body felt heavy as you forced yourself to investigate the noise. You found yourself staring at the closed door of the master bedroom. Stop it, you told your trembling hand, there’s no reason to be afraid.But, if that was true, what was stopping you from bursting through the door?

Your fingers tightened around the cold knob. Jumin loves me. In one short moment of insane courage, you twist the handle; He loves me, you reassured yourself again before entering the room.

“MC? Are you awake?”

Jaehee’s voice pulled you back into reality. Instead of responding, you rolled over, facing your back toward her.

“I understand you don’t want to talk, but it’s 3 in the afternoon and you haven’t had anything to eat.”

You remained silent. Jaehee had been kind enough to let you stay with her, yet here you were, repaying her with a cold shoulder.

“…I’ll go get something for the both of us. I’ll be back soon, MC”

As soon as Jaehee shut the door, you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in. You closed eyes, and let your mind wander again.

He loves me.

Numbness spread across your body like a wildfire. It was like a bad car accident, it hurt to look at, but you just couldn’t turn away. Except, instead of cars, it was your fiancé fucking another women on top of the bed you once shared. The air smelled like a mixture of cheap perfume, sweat, and Jumin’s cologne. There were clothes scattered everywhere, and two empty wine glasses on the floor, decorating the room like a cherry on top of a Sundae. 

Not that you noticed any of this. You were still telling yourself it was all just a horrible nightmare. After hearing another pleasured filled moan from Ms. Jhang, you didn’t even know her first name and here she was ruining your life, you felt a rush of emotions hit you.

You tasted blood, and that’s when you realized how hard you were biting your lip, attempting to keep the bile from rising up past your throat. You tried to back out of the room, but your feet were cemented to the ground. How have they not seen me? How much time has passed? It felt like eons to you, but in reality, it had only been a couple seconds.

“Shit, MC?”

Ah yes, your ex-lover had finally noticed you. You wanted to open your mouth and say something, say anything, but I guess your voice was another thing Jumin had taken that night. He had moved closer to you, almost an arm’s length away. You looked up and saw his mouth moving. Has he been talking this whole time? Closing your eyes, you tried to focus on his voice, hearing nothing but a low buzz.

When you opened them back up, you focused on the floor instead of his eyes. You saw his feet continue to move forward, as if he was trying to suffocate you with his closeness. Something caught your eye and you tilted your head. The navy blue tie. My favorite.

Your body was on autopilot when you bent down and picked up the fabric. Running the silk between your fingers, you looked back up at Jumin.

“Did she take this off of you?”

You were taken aback by the strength in your voice, and by the look on Jumin’s face, so was he.

“MC, I’m back with food! Also, Zen’s with me, he wanted to visit you again.”

If your eyes weren’t so puffy, you would’ve rolled them. When you heard your stomach growl at you, you wrapped a blanket around your body and slipped out of bed. You peaked out the door, but squinted when the light hit your eyes.

“Why is it so damn bright in here, Jaehee?”

She turned around with a giant smile on her face. “You’re up! Did you come to eat?”

“Is there any beer?”

“…Zen brought some.”

You held out an open hand, expectantly waiting for a cool drink. Instead, Zen handed you a hot plate of fried rice. The smell was tempting, but it wasn’t what you wanted.


Zen took sunglasses out of his back pocket and slipped them over your eyes. “These are for the brightness, and I’m not giving you any beer until you finish your food.”

The plate was starting to burn your hand so you looked for a place to set it down. Walking into the kitchen, you took a seat at the dining table. You got another wave of delicious aromas from the rice, and your stomach begged you for a taste.

“Okay, okay, calm down. I’ll eat it.”

Pushing the rice around a bit, you finally decide on what portion you wanted to nibble on first. When the first spoonful entered your mouth, you happily sighed.

“Has she told you exactly what happened?”

Zen was trying his best to whisper, but his stage voice betrayed him. You could basically hear Jaehee shaking her head no. The only people who knew what went down in that room were you, Jumin, and Ms. Jhang.

“C-come again?”

You held up the navy silk. “Did Ms. Jhang remove this tie from your neck?”

If you hadn’t been so determined on getting an answer, you would have noticed that a certain long-haired woman had gathered her clothes and tiptoed across the cold hardwood floor, right out the door. Of course, you were too blinded by your emotions to know the, still no first name, Ms. Jhang had left.

His messy hair bounced around as he nodded up and down. “She did.”

You felt laughter bubble up in your stomach, and you tried to refrain from smiling. I put that tie on him, and she took off. If that isn’t some damning symbolism, I don’t know what is. Your emotions were swirling around inside of you, so when you finally opened your mouth to respond to him, you had no idea what to expect.


Well, you weren’t expecting that.


And neither was he.

Jumin stepped right in front of you grabbed your wrist, pulling you into his chest.

“Stop it, Jumin.”

He slowly placed a hand on your chin.

“Please, I-I can’t breathe.”

He tilted your head up and looked you in the eyes.


When he started to lean in, you felt a steady burning in your chest. Was that from all the anger? The sadness? The pity?

Whatever it was, it gave you the power to shove Jumin away from you. “Did you not hear me? I said STOP. As in, ‘Don’t ever touch me again,’ you ASSHOLE!”

The shock on Jumin’s face was priceless. Heck, it would’ve even been funny, given the right circumstances. The man you fell in love with was now a teary eyed little boy, quivering in front of you. In another life, you might have even been sorry for him.

It took all of your strength to turn around. You tried to take a step, but something stopped you.

Not something. A voice.

“Please don’t leave me.”

You barely heard him over the sound of your own sadness screaming out in your head. There was a new feeling in your chest, not a burning one, but a hollow pain. A pain that spread to your fingertips, to the back of your neck, and to the bottom of your feet. A pain that consumed you. A pain that whispered, ‘take him back.’

You focused your eyes on the door. Like a toddler just learning how to walk, you mentally told yourself, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. Your hand caught on the door frame, as if your body was trying to fight your decision. Swallowing every single feeling you had, you turned to look at him. He was not going to have the last word.

“Leave you? No. You’ll always have a piece of me, Jumin. And on those nights when you think that tiny piece of me is enough for you, I want you to remember, you could’ve had it all. You’re a fool for doing this, but you’d be an even bigger fool to not realize what you’ve lost. Goodbye, Mr. Han.”

Your sweaty feet stuck to the wood floor, but you couldn’t hear them over the sound of his cries. Not that you cared anymore. You didn’t even realize you were outside until you saw your ragged breath turn into fog. Shaky hands held your phone up to your ear.


“Jaehee, pick me up outside of Jumin’s place as soon as you can.”



She must have heard the strain in your voice because she hung up without saying another word.

“Quit playing with your rice.”

You shook your head, zoning back into the real world. “I’m full.”


Zen held out a hand to stop Jaehee. He cracked open the fridge and pulled out a beer. “As promised. Drink responsibly, MC.”

You grabbed the cool glass out of his hand and popped the lip off on the table. “Thanks, mom.”

The familiar burning of alcohol flowed down your throat and you smiled. You looked at your two friends and sighed. “Come on you two,” you stood up and gestured them to follow you.

Jaehee furrowed her eyebrows. “Where are we going?”

You turned to them, your eyes glazed over from lack of sleep.

“I’m going to tell you what happened after I caught Jumin cheating.”

You had never seen the two of them move faster than they did at that moment. Zen nearly tripped over himself trying to get past Jaehee. The three of you settled in the living room and you leaned back on the couch. Taking one long, last sip of beer, you set the bottle down.

“Jumin’s father once gave him advice on where different business clients’ meetings should be held-”

“Mr. Chairman’s number one rule,” Jaehee interrupted.

You nodded. “-But from the way he treated me a week ago, I’d say Jumin learned a lot more than business from his father.”

We Don’t Make Good Friends [Part 1]

Oh man here we go again

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Unsurprisingly, smut (not in this part though). A lil bit of angst?and some fluff later on.

Summary: You and Jungkook broke up but you were trying to work on a friendship. Until Jungkook decided that friendship just wasn’t working anymore.

Word Count: 2k

The next part will have the smut in it… 

The last four months have been the hardest of my entire life. Four months ago, Jungkook and I had a fight and our relationship ended. Just like that. One single fight was enough to put an end to a relationship that I thought would last forever.

No matter how hard I try to fight it, I can’t stop my brain from bringing up the memories of that night that I wish so badly I could forget.

He came over to my house after a long day of practice. He had slumped down on the couch as soon as he walked through the door. His phone was in his hand as he scrolled through various social media sites, paying no attention to me.

It started out as a simple “I want to spend more time together” conversation but it quickly escalated into something significantly more serious.

“I don’t know what you were expecting from a relationship with me,” he spoke without looking up from his phone after I said I wanted him to be around more.

I turned my body towards him on the couch, giving him my full attention even though he was not giving me the same courtesy, “I just feel like you choose to spend your small amount of free time with other people,” I kept my voice smooth and emotionless.

“My entire life can’t revolve around you, Y/N,” he said without sparing a glance.

I could feel the pressure building up in my chest and my hands beginning to clench as I suppressed the anger that was boiling up inside of me, “That’s not what I was saying,” the expressionless tone in my voice was fading.

“You know, you don’t try very hard to make time for me either,” he bit back at an attack I wasn’t aware I was putting out.

The aggressiveness in his voice caused my eyes to narrow into slits and the tension in my chest rose,  “I have to go to school Jungkook. I need to get an education,” I spoke belligerently.

He then decided to put down his phone and look at me with raised eyebrows and an agape mouth, “And I need to perform, Y/N. And practice and practice, then perform again.”

Feeling like our conversation was getting off of the topic at hand I sighed, calming myself slightly, then said, “I feel like our relationship isn’t moving forward.”

“And that’s my fault?” he growled.

I rolled my eyes, “I did not say it was your fault,” I snapped.

“You didn’t need to say it, it was implied,” he hissed with a glare in his eyes and his arms crossed tightly over his chest, “I feel like you’re putting a lot of pressure on me to fix our relationship,”

“Because you’re not showing me that you want to fix it!” any collectiveness in my voice left as I raised my voice and my hands began to wave wildly through the air as if I thought that would get my point across more clearly.

Jungkook’s eyes widened when I blew up. He turned his body in my direction then proceeded to scoot farther away from me on the couch, “I feel like you’re attacking me. You’re backing me into a corner right now, I don’t know what it is you want to hear me say,” his words should have made it seem like he was backing down but his tone told me that he was baiting me.

If he wanted me to spoon feed him a solution, then spoon feed him I would, “I want you to say that you care about me and that you’re willing to work with me to fix our problems.”

“I can’t spend every second of my free time with you, Y/N,” he disregarded what I said.

“Well right now, you’re not spending any time with me,” I desperately tried to get my point across to him, though I could see him closing me off more and more as we dove deeper into this conversation.

“I have a life outside of you,” he said cooly.
The aloofness of his voice cause the rage to surge in me as I bolted up from the couch and walked around to the back of it, creating a small barrier between us,” What does that mean? I’m not even involved in your life!” My voice became shrill and frantic.

I waited for him to respond but he said nothing.

“Say something, Jungkook,” I crossed my arms and put my weight on one leg.

He got up from the couch and stood a long distance across from me, “I don’t know what you want me to say!” now he was shouting.

“I already told you what I want you to say!” I screamed in anguish.


I felt a knot in my throat beginning to grow and tears threatened to spill from my eyes, “Jungkook, it you’re not willing to work with me on this, then why are we even in a relationship?” I asked the question defeatedly.

“I don’t know!” He barked, flinging his hands into the air then letting them fall to his sides with a thump.

His words hung in the air, thickening the silence between us, creating an unbearable weight on my chest.

He sighed and looked to the ground, tugging his hand through his hair, “I don’t know…” he said despairingly, his voice breaking as he spoke the last word.

The silence that followed was so loud, I wanted to cover my ears to drown it out. My heart tugged so hard, I feared it would break through the bones of my chest. He stood in front of me for several seconds too long then cleared his throat and shifted his weight on his feet.

And then he walked out, slamming the door behind him. That was the last time I saw him for three months.

After that night, I stopped hanging out with not only him, but every member of Bangtan, whom I had grown very close to since him and I started dating. I couldn’t bare the idea of running into him. Plus it felt weird, knowing how close his members were to him. So, I created distance between us, I blocked all of them out.

Two months ago I opened myself up to a friendship with the boys again and the ache in my heart began to subside.

It was Taehyung who first clawed his way through the way I had put up. Before Jungkook and my break up, I considered Taehyung to be one of my best friends and he felt the same way about me. He insisted that spending time with him and the other five members would make me feel better and, in all honesty, he was right, I did feel better. Things were awkward at first, unsubtly avoided talking about Jungkook or if they happened to say his name, they would all apologize profusely. But as the months went on, we fell back into our old routine of smoothie dates in the afternoon and barbecue dates in the evening and laughing together until tears streamed down our faces and our sides hurt.

One night a couple weeks ago, I was invited to come to dinner with the boys after they finished practice and was greeted by six smiling faces and one that was attempting to hide behind his hand. That was the first time I had seen Jungkook since our breakup. I smiled and greeted him, just as I would any other person, for the sake of being polite, then I sat down and attempted to enjoy an evening with six of my best friends.

After dinner, I stepped outside of the restaurant to get some air and found that Jungkook had the same idea. He stood leaning against the wall wearing his typical white shirt, black beanie, and loose light wash jeans, an outfit I had seen him wear numerous times before.  

I ignored the pounding of my heart when our eyes met and walked over to him. I stood close to him so that I could make out his features which were illuminated by only a single street lamp several feet away. One corner of his mouth turned upwards slightly and I was amazed at how much the sad emptiness behind his eyes had changed the way his whole face looked.

The silence from the night we broke up returned in this moment and, in order to stop it, I blurted out the only thing I was feeling, “I hate this,” I told him while gesturing to nothing in particular, “I hate this silence and I hate this distance between us.”

He said nothing but watched me intently with eyes that seemed to be gleaming a little brighter than they had a second ago.

“Jungkook, I don’t want to block you out. I still want you in my life,” I confessed, “I know things didn’t work out with us and our relationship but do you think we could give friendship a try?” I asked hopefully.

His eyes scanned every feature on my face as his mouth gradually pulled up at the sides. He nodded once, “Yeah…yeah, I’d really like that.”

From there on out, Jungkook and I started hanging out again. We tried to do the same things I did with the other guys; the smoothie dates and barbecue and while, on the surface, I was smiling and laughing along with him, I still felt an intense yearning for something more. Despite that, I knew one thing was sure: having him in my life as a friend was so much better than not having him in my life at all.

Four days ago, the boys were told to take the weekend to relax since their schedule had been packed the last few weeks. Namjoon suggested that the boys should go on a weekend trip to their favorite town in Japan where they could really let off steam. They invited me as well as my roommate, who also happened to be Taehyung’s girlfriend, to go with them. The idea of taking a few days off of work and school to pamper myself sounded more than appealing so, off we went for a short trip to Japan.

I tried writing this as one part but it was sooo long so I’m splitting it into three parts. The second part will have the smut in it  and it’ll be up really soon. Like… later tonight or tomorrow.

I know the story isn’t over yet but I’d still love feedback. Also requests are open so feel free to send those in too. 

Thanks for Reading! xx

Finn Balor x Y/N

(Y/N) took a final swig from her bottle before collapsing down on Sami’s couch, adjusting to look over the arm to peer through the patio doors at the group of laughing friends. Sami was in the middle of telling a story with Finn that had everyone laughing. She watched how Finn’s face lit up when he laughed. Finn and her had stayed close to each other most of the day, they even allied together when everyone started played drunken laser tag; taking waves of guests out. She enjoyed his friendship and their playful flirting back and forth but reminded herself to not get her hopes up for anything more. He was kind and friendly with almost everyone and everyone either wanted to be him or be with him. Being his friend was amazing in itself, she didn’t want to ruin it.

Grabbing her phone (Y/N) skimmed her messages noticing the new alerts from the dating app she installed a few days earlier. While combing through the ridiculous pickup lines and comments in her inbox she barely missed hearing the door sliding open and closed again.

“Ya left de party.” she heard. Lifting her eyes she saw sweet Finn, lightly smiling and carrying two beers in his hand.  “Wasn’t sure if ya needed a refill.”

“Always.” (Y/N) smiled and lifted her hand to take it from him, “and yeah, I planned on coming back in I just needed to rest for a minute. I’ve been up and going since 4 AM.” Taking a swig she scooted over, opening up the cushion next to her. “I’m sorry, did you want to sit?”

“Ok, yea.” Finn obliged, placing his beer on the coffee table and sitting beside her. (Y/N) began exiting out of the app when Finn caught a glimps of the screen.

“What is…” he pointed.

“Oh, I –“ she laughed nervously, “it’s a dating app. But I’m not having the best luck. The guys on here are either super perverted or super uninteresting. There hasn’t been a happy medium.” Finn shifted uncomfortably in his seat, turning more towards (Y/N). Desperate to change the conversation, she locked the phone and placed it on the table, turning to face him.

“So did you –“ she started but was cut off as Finn cupped her face with his hands and pulled her into a soft kiss, slowly pulling away after a few moments to view her face and see her reaction. He was met with wild and hungry eyes staring back at him, this answered his questions of doubt and caused him to claim her lips with his once more. He pushed her down on the couch to deepen the kiss and she circled her arms around him to pull him closer. He used his knee to spread her legs so he could ground himself into her as a response, provoking a gasp. He slid his tongue across her lips begging for access, which was granted immediately. His tongue brushed hers and she let a soft moan escape into his mouth.

Finn slowly moved one of his hands from her face to weave it into her hair while the other hand began sliding down her side. He only became aware of his hand pushing her shirt up when he felt her warm and smooth skin on his palm. (Y/N) arched her back into him feeling the evidence of his arousal near her clothed core. Finn cupped the underside of her breast and lightly squeezed before trailing his hand down to meet her side again. Slowing the kiss to a stop, he lifted his head, barely brushing his nose against (Y/N)s as he gazed down at her with his piercing blue eyes. When he caught sight of her swollen lips he couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her one more time.

“Ya should uninstall de app.” He breathed against her lips. She smiled up at him and nodded.

Tagging @baleesi because our conversation is what inspired this quick write up.



Imagine Lucifer hugging you 

Requested by Anon~

You barely made it through the door of your home before a giant mass of body was pulling you into a hug. The familiar chill made you feel a bit at home, but you were being awkwardly crushed against their chest in a one-sided hug.

“Lucifer,” you mumbled out, dropping your bag, “can you let me go?”

“No.” He responded, though he did loosen the hug just slightly so you weren’t in fear of breaking a rib. You sighed against his shoulder, but returned the hug. You’d be lying if you said you haven’t been thinking about coming home to Lucifer after weeks of being away. And it was clear that he missed you, as well.

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Fitzsimmons + 1. “i jokingly told you that the only way i’d marry you was if you did this weird outlandish thing, and you actually did it, and i’m kind of charmed.” please?

“You’ll never believe what Sally Weber told me today,” Jemma calls out, stumbling through the doors with an armful of groceries. Fitz appears around the corner and takes a few bag from her, rifling through to see if she got anything good.

“Sally? What, from the Academy?”

“Yes! You can imagine my surprise when I saw her in the frozen foods aisle.”

“What, because you’d somehow managed to bump into each other after all these years, or the fact that she was buying frozen food?” he asks, pressing a kiss to her nose when she gives him an exasperated look. “Sorry. What unbelievable thing did our long-lost friend from the Academy tell you, then?” 

“Her partner proposed by filling their entire living room with roses! Can you believe that?”

“Knowing Sally, yes,” says Fitz, putting the cold foods away in the fridge and missing Jemma’s expression. “Awful waste of roses, though.”

“It’s terribly romantic, though, don’t you think?” Jemma says, smiling down at a box of cereal. “Bit of a dream.”

Fitz takes the box from her with a fond shake of his head. He’d kiss her, but he likes seeing her smile. 

“So what, you’re saying you’re saying you wouldn’t accept a proposal unless it came with a room full of roses?”

Jemma laughs then, and seems to snap out of her stupor. “Why, I wouldn’t accept a proposal unless it came with a whole house of roses, Leopold. And here I thought you were the romantic one.”

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Tendou's mom adopts a cat that is also named Satori. Cat!Satori hates Human!Satori and they wage a secret war.

I accidentally named him Catori, I hope that’s enough like Satori to work, I’m so sorry. And there might be the tiniest hints of Ushiten at the end because I’m a monster who can’t be stopped. Enjoy! -Admin Mom

Tendou’s mom, Yuki, had always been an eccentric woman. People liked to call her crazy. Her four a.m. baking sessions and spur-of-the-moment weekend trips always rose some eyebrows. But to Tendou, she was always just his weird mom. Today though, he did have to wonder if his weird mom maybe was starting to go off the deep end when she walked through the front door with a bag of groceries in one hand and a cat in the other.

“Ummmm…” Tendou hummed, closing his manga. “Hey?”

“Hey!” Yuki said with exuberance. She plopped both the groceries and the cat down on the kitchen counter, then turned to Tendou. “How was your day?”

“It was… Fine?” he replied tentatively.

“Did Wakatoshi-kun come over yet? I bought that roll cake he liked last time,” Yuki said, digging into the bag of groceries.

Tendou could only gape, mouth opening and closing uselessly as he stared at the cat. It was horrendously ugly, a skinny orange tabby with patches of fur missing around its neck. The hair on its back was mussed in some places, standing on end like it had been electrocuted. Yellow eyes were staring at Tendou like he’d offended the creature somehow. And the cat didn’t look away as it lifted its leg and began cleaning itself.

“What is happening?” Tendou asked.

Yuki looked up from the bag she was emptying, staring curiously at Tendou. Like she just couldn’t figure out why he was so confused. “What do you mean?”

“I mean why is there a mangy feral cat on the kitchen counter?”

“Satori, don’t be mean,” Yuki chided. Because naturally the cat could understand him. “And he’s not feral, he’s sweet!”

“He looks like he has fleas,” Tendou countered.

Yuki grabbed the cat and pulled it to her chest. He looked content to be there, and Tendou could hear him purring from across the room. “He just needs a little love and attention,” Yuki urged. “Some tender love and care.”

Tendou just grimaced. “TLC doesn’t get rid of the worms he most definitely has.”

“Catori just came from the vet, and he’s—“

“Um,” Tendou cut his mom off. “What did you just call him?”

“Catori!” she repeated, snuggling the cat closer to her chest. “He reminds me a lot of you, Satori! A little rough around the edges, but a sweetheart who just needs someone to love him.”

“Wow, thanks,” Tendou deadpanned.

“And we’re going to love him,” Yuki pressed on, ignoring her son’s quip. “He’s going to get fluffy and fat and he’ll never have to live on the streets again. Look! He’s such a love bug.”

Still grimacing, Tendou rose to his feet and approached his mother. The cat was immediately aware of his movement, and its yellow eyes turned on him as he began to approach. The room fell silent as the cat’s purring stopped. Probably a sign Tendou should have backed off, but hey, he was feeling brave. Slowly, he raised a hand toward the cat, fingers outstretched.

And then, all hell broke loose. The cat let out a scream that sounded terrifyingly human as it lunged out of Yuki’s arms and straight for Tendou’s face. Tendou threw an arm up in time to catch the cat’s claws as they dug in. His arm flailed wildly as he yelled, but the cats claws were sunk so deep into his skin, it managed to hang on. It wasn’t until Yuki grabbed for the cat that it finally let go, leaving Tendou with a final hiss before burrowing into Yuki’s chest.

“Poor thing,” Yuki cooed, scratching Catori behind his ears.

Tendou was speechless once more, cradling his wounded arm in the healthy one. It was seeping blood, dripping onto the clean kitchen floor. “I think I might have cat scratch fever,” he mumbled, more to himself than anything.

“Let me get him settled in and I’ll clean you up,” Yuki said.

“No, no, I got it,” Tendou snapped.

He stepped up to the sink, turned on the water, and held his arm beneath the stream. It stung, and fresh blood poured from the scratches as the water washed it down the drain. Tendou looked up and saw the cat staring at him. And when Tendou glared, he swore he heard the cat growl.

Thus began the War of Satori vs. Catori.

Round one was just a standard turf war. Catori walked the entire house a few rooms at a time, making sure to rub his face on every surface, rolling on the furniture, even taking a break to loaf in the easy chair for an hour. And Tendou was watching his every movement from around the corner. It seemed as though Catori could tell he was there but was pretending not to. That only incensed Tendou more.

Once Catori was done in a room, Tendou made his move. He tracked the cat’s steps, leaning over to slide his hands over every surface Catori had previously touched. He paid careful attention to the chair, going as far as to sit on it and wiggle around for maximum efficiency. This inane process continued for about three days—Tendou was on summer break, so other than a few practices, it wasn’t like he had a lot going on. No one ever really won, so round one seemed to end in a draw.

Round two consisted of Catori peeing throughout Tendou’s room, finding every scrap of clothing, every open manga, even in his volleyball bag to leave a wet, nasty gift. No matter what Tendou did, Catori would find his way inside—Tendou assumed through a wormhole—and pee on one new thing. It wasn’t even marking his territory, more like waging psychological warfare on Tendou.

The worst part of this phase was the general lack of retaliation at Tendou’s disposal. It’s not like he could pee on everything the cat owned—and strange though Tendou was, he knew peeing in the litter box was just a little too weird. His best weapon was his size. The few times he managed to catch Catori vulnerable, Tendou would snatch him up, hold him at an arm’s length while he scratched and hissed, and throw him out the front door.

Unfortunately, this invoked the wrath of Yuki, who it seemed had fallen in love with the mangy orange nightmare. Each time Tendou tossed him out, Catori would reappear on his mother’s lap, practically gloating while Yuki shouted at Tendou. Round two, it seemed, had gone to Catori.

And then, there was round three. Better known as The Battle of Mount Wakatoshi.

It began when Ushijima came by after practice one evening. Tendou pretended it was just to give him a manga that he’d finished and wanted Ushijima to read—his favorite excuse to get Ushijima to come over. Once Ushijima was there, Tendou always coaxed him in to staying for dinner, and then there was always some show they could watch together. Ushijima never argued, letting Tendou drag him around by the arm and keep him until it was too late for him to go home.

Tonight, however, the plan stalled just after dinner. Tendou was dragging Ushijima into his bedroom when Catori made his first appearance. The orange nightmare was mid squat over one of Tendou’s shirts as Tendou pulled Ushijima into the bedroom.

“Satori,” Ushijima said. “There is an animal in here.”

As if on cue, Catori’s hackles rose on his back, taking in the newcomer with hostility. Tendou just rolled his eyes. “Pretend he’s not here. Or better yet, crush him with your mighty fists. I won’t have to deal with him anymore.”

“That would be animal abuse,” Ushijima replied.

“That thing’s not an animal, it’s a walking nightmare,” Tendou countered as he flopped down on his bed.

Ushijima joined Tendou, the mattress drooping under their combined weight. “It is staring quite hard at us,” he noted.

Catori’s yellow-eyed stare had never left Ushijima for even a moment. And now, he was taking a few tentative steps forward. Putting one paw in front of the other, Catori drew closer to the two on the bed. And then suddenly, he leapt up next to Ushijima, mattress sagging even more.

“Maybe he’s gonna kill you,” Tendou suggested. “He seems to only have murder in his heart.”

“Why have you allowed a murderer in your midst?” Ushijima asked as Catori began to sniff him.

“Well, murder in his heart for everyone except my mom,” Tendou corrected with a dramatic eye roll. “I told her we should rename him Oedipus and she yelled at me. Because apparently he’s the good son.”

Catori had stilled, mid-sniff around Ushijima’s elbow. Tendou braced himself for the attack he knew was coming.

But instead, Catori climbed on to Ushijima’s lap, curled into a loaf, and began to purr.

“No freaking way,” Tendou murmured, recoiling in disgust.

“Not-Oedipus seems to like me,” Ushijima said. “This is rather unprecedented.”

“Oh my god, what if it’s just me?” Tendou groaned, tossing his head back in distress. “What if he likes everyone else in the world, but I’m his Laius. I’m gonna end up dead after one of our turf wars and he’s gonna marry my mom.”

Ushijima scowled. “You’re talking rather strangely. Cats cannot marry humans.”

“This’ll be the first.”

“He is rather friendly,” Ushijima murmured as he ran a hand down Catori’s back. “He may not be a dog, but he is still a majestic creature.”

Tendou followed the movement of Ushijima’s hand as it smoothed down Catori’s back. It never made him jealous when his mom paid attention to Catori, that was just part of the Oracle’s prophesy—she yelled at him when he made that joke too. But now… Now he was extremely jealous.

So, he acted on impulse when he abruptly shoved Catori off of Ushijima’s lap. And he definitely wasn’t thinking when he climbed on himself.

Ushijima looked confused, but not entirely upset by Tendou’s strange behavior. “What are you doing?” he asked as he peered up at Tendou.

“Oedipus doesn’t get to have Jocasta and Polynices,” Tendou argued as he wrapped an arm around Ushijima’s neck.

“Your knowledge of the Theban plays is surprisingly extensive,” Ushijima said. “And… Doesn’t Polynices die?”

“Shhhhhh,” Tendou shook his head, pressing a finger to Ushijima’s mouth. “I’m winning.”

Ushijima might not have known what Tendou meant, but he also didn’t make Tendou move, instead reaching for the closest book and opening it up to the first interesting page. Tendou peered behind him at Catori, who looked like there really was murder in his heart now as he stalked out of the room.

Round three, The Battle of Mount Wakatoshi, went to Tendou.

And there were plenty more battles to come.

Day 5: “I put your picture away and sat down and cried today.”

Lucas: I examine her closely and my heart stops. She’s hot! No she’s more than hot, she’s breathtaking.

Preview: See what life would be like if Maya was the Huckleberry who moved to New York for University.

Side note: I’ve had so much fun making these! I hope you enjoy!

Blast from the past

When I drove Maya and Zay to the airport we all had a good cry. We were going our septet ways and there wasn’t much we could do about it. I received a baseball scholarship to Texas Christian University and they were accepted into New York University. I hugged each of them as tight as I could before letting them go. As I watched Maya walk through those sliding doors my heart sank. I’d never told her how much I truly loved her and I was sure I’d never get the chance again. We all did our best to keep in touch over the years, but it wasn’t the same. Eventually, we became text friends. Where we’d text each other on holidays and birthdays. 

When I graduated TCU I moved to Pennsylvania for grad school. I’d decided to become a vet and University of Pennsylvania had the best program for it. I guess it was meant to be because right as my winter break began I received a call from Zay. He’d told me how he was thinking about me and just wanted to see how I was doing. I told him about my move and he got super excited.

“Dude! I’m getting married next weekend! In upstate New York! You should come!”

“I don’t know.”

‘Come on, man! You said you just started your winter break and Pennsylvania isn’t that far from here! I’ll pay for your gas man! Come on! I know my family and Maya would be super happy to see you!” 


“Freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional! I’ll take it! It’s going to be awesome man! Aw I can’t wait!”

Bonfire confessions

Like always I’m the last to arrive. Zay gives me a big hug as I enter. He introduces me to his fiancee and I congratulate them. Then more introducing! It’s all a big blur until I hear her. 

“Huckleberry?!” My spine tingles. I haven’t heard her or that nickname in years. I turn around and there standing before me is a very pregnant and very smiley Maya. 

“Short stacks!” I say as I gently hug her. She pulls away, still beaming.

“I didn’t know you were going to be here?!” 

“Yeah! Zay invited me last minute.”

“Follow me! I’ve got to introduce you to my husband!” She grabs my hand and leads me to the kitchen. “Josh!” She calls.

 A tall, lanky, guy turns around as we approach him.

“This is Lucas Friar!” She sings.

“The western hero!” He says as he pulls me in for a hug. “It’s so great to finally meet you!” He let’s me go and I give Maya a look. She laughs as I do.

“Some things never change!”

She starts to gushes about her new amazing life and I smile because I can’t think of a more deserving person. Back in Texas she lived a pretty rough life, even so, it still stung to know she was so happy without me.

“Hey, I forgot my bag in the car-”

“Oh of course! Yes! Get settled! We’ll catch up more later!” She says as she kisses me on the cheek. I give her a half smile and walk out the back door.

I step on to the back porch and make my way to the railing. I watch the sun take its final bow over the snow cap mountains and do my best to take in the spectacle. As I look up to the growing night sky my eye catches on a flicker of light. I look over and see that someone’s taken it upon them self to start the fire in the pit. It’s a cute brunette. For some reason it makes me smile as I watch her feed the flames when suddenly she lunges towards them. I race down the stairs and catch her just in time. We tumble to the ground. I quickly pull away and examine her body for any burns.

“GET OFF ME!” She shouts, shoving me off of her. “I’M FINE!” 

She roughly wipes her cheek, leaving a dirt mark in its place. It’s very obvious that she’s been crying and from the looks of her puffy eyes and red nose, she’s been at it for a while now. 

“I’m sorry.” I say as I carefully scoot away from her.

“Don’t be.” She replies. “I was the idiot who jumped into the fire. You were just being a good person. If anything I should be sorry for yelling at you like that.”

“No, you’re good.” I say as I take a seat on the log behind her. 

“You don’t have to stay out here with me. I’m fine. Really I am.” She says as she gives me a fake smile.

“Okay.” She watches as I kick out my legs and cross my arms. She lets out a soft chuckle as she turns back to the fire. That weird feeling comes over me again and I find myself laughing with her. 

We sit in silence, watching the crackling wood when she finally breaks it.

“You’re probably wondering what that was all about.” She whispers.

“I’d be lying if I said no, but you don’t have to tell me.”

“No, it’s okay.” She says reassuringly.” I threw something in the fire that I shouldn’t have and now it’s gone.” She trails off.

“What was it one eyed Willie’s treasure map?!” I say jokingly, trying to lighten the mood. 

A smile dances on the corner of her lips as she replies, “I found that treasure years ago and sold the map to a museum.” 

“Dang!” I laugh. 

“No, it was a picture of me and Farkle.” 

“Farkle?” I reply as my face twist with confusion. She laughs as she shakes her head.

“Sorry, he’s my ex-boyfriend.”

I pause as I think of the weird name. I don’t think I’ve ever meet a Farkle?

“Farkle.” I say again, “Very unique.”

“No. It’s weird, I know.“ She laughs.

“No it’s-”

 With furrowed brows she gives me a knowing look.

“Fine! It’s kinda weird!” I admit as I shrug my shoulders. We laugh as I throw more wood into the fire. 

“So this Farkle.” I say with extra emphases.“Were you with him  a long time?”

“Kind of.”

“Kind of?” I repeat with a raised eyebrow. She cracks a smile.

“Okay we were childhood friends turned high school /college sweethearts.”

“Yikes! That’s a long time!” I reply as I look back to the growing flames.

“Tell me about it!” She huffs.

“Where is he now?”

“Inside with his new wife.”

“Oooooh!” I hiss through my teeth. “Double yikes.”

“No, it’s a good thing. He and Isadora were made for each other, Besides it’s been a year since they’ve been married, so it’s not as harsh of a sting.” She says with a sigh.

“Isadora, another very Unique name.” I say politely. She scoffs at my remark and shifts from the ground to the log. 

“Sorry, I don’t think I caught your ‘very unique’ name.” She teases as offers her hand.

We shake hands and with a smile, reply, “Lucas.”

“You wouldn’t happen to be Lucas Friar would you?” She says as she leans into me.

“How did you-”

Her eyes light up. “I knew you looked familiar!” She says as she points at me. I give her another confused look.

“Sorry!” She shakes her head. “I went to NYU with Zay in Maya! In fact I was roommates with Maya Freshman year, so I’ve heard all about you Ranger Rick!” She teases.

“Oh gosh!” I hated that nickname! “I can’t believe they told you that!”

“Oh you’d be surprised how well I know you!” She laughs.

“Oh no!” I groan as I hide my face in my hands.

“Don’t be embarrassed!” She states as she pats my back. “You were a legend at NYU! We totally thought they were lying because some of the things they’d tell us just seemed so out there, but judging from your reaction I have a feeling they were telling the truth.” 

She gives me a warm smile as I sit back up.

“Thanks.” I say as I let out a deep breath.

“Is it hard?” She asks.

“Being famous at a University I’ve never attended, no it’s kinda cool.” I say with a playful smile. She nudges me.

“No.” She chuckles. “Seeing Maya with my Uncle?”

“Josh is your Uncle?”


“So Maya’s your aunt?” 

“Technically, but we see each other more as sisters since we’re the same age.” I’m about to say something when she puts up her hands. 

“And before you ask, he’s only 3 years older then us. So back to my question. Is it hard for you to see them together?”

If it were anyone else I’d probably yell at them to mind their own business, but something about her makes me feel calm and open.

“Yeah. It is.” 

She gives me a sympathetic smile and then looks to the sky.

“Who knew there were so many stars.” She says in awe.

“People from Texas.” I tease. She gives me a look which causes us to break out into laughter.

We start talking about trivial things and before we know it we’re talking about our childhoods, ex’s, future plans, hopes fears. At one point we even get on the topic of Cuddle Bunnies and I admit that I was a huge fan. She is too! I haven’t had such an awesome conversation in… EVER!

We gaze back up into the night sky for a moment and I feel light. I’ve only known this girl for a short time, but she’s amazing.

“Hey Lucas?” Her voice cracks.

“Yeah?” I say with a smile.

“Do you think I’m pretty?“

The way she asks it makes me uncomfortable because she sounds so genuine. Like she’s never thought of it herself before. “A-.”

“Sorry! That was a really weird question!” She says as her cheeks begin to flush.

“No it’s not weird at all!”

“I just get in these weird ruts of insecurity and it’s stupid! I’m sorry! Just forget I asked!” She says as she quickly looks back up to the sky, but I don’t.

I examine her closely and my heart stops. She’s hot! No she’s more than that, she’s breathtaking.


We jump as we hear the Maya call out from the porch. 

“That’s Maya!” She states as she pops up. “I better go see what she needs!” 

“Wait.” I say as I reach for her arm. She freezes and turns back to me. My heart stops again.

“What is it?” She asks.

“You’re names Riles?”

“Riley.” She giggles.

‘Well, Riley. I don’t think your pretty.” I say as I let go of her arm. “I think you’re stunning.”

“Really?” She asks in shock.

“Really.” I say with a smile. She looks away trying to hide her smile, but I can still see it.

“Well I better go see-”

“Yeah! Of course.” 

I smile as I watch Riley make her way up the stairs. I look back to the glowing embers. I start poking at it.

“Hey Friar.”

My quickly look up and find her standing at the top of the stairs.

“Yes, Matthews?”

“I’m glad it was you who saved me from the fire.”

“Me too.” I say with a wink. 

She shakes her head and continues on inside. Within moments she’s gone and I’m left with way too many thoughts. This weekend is going to be interesting.

this one is for @aretalogue. you have already read this story, i think. but it’s a good story. i will tell it again

you know how people are always BOOK SMELL? you know how? my god i hate that. so this group of twenty-somethings walks through the door and one of them stops and oh-so-performatively inhales and sighs. “i LOVE,” she says, “the SMELL of BOOKS. it’s so good.” first of all the only real smell the store has is dust and stale carpet. secondly, my coworker had just microwaved leftover brussels sprouts so everything smelled exactly like a fart.

Shadows (3/3)

Characters: Sirius Black x reader

Notes: Just in case you don’t already know, Luna Lovegood’s Mother’s name was Pandora :-)

Sirius looked up and glanced around the room for you. He spotted you just as you made your way through the door at the end of the room. ‘What was she doing?’, he thought before his attention was directed back to the strange girl standing next to him and to one fuming Marlene McKinnon who was pushing her way through the crowd to him.

‘What the hell are you doing Sirius!’ she shouted over the music.

‘Trying to enjoy this party, not very well as it happens, why, what about you Marly?’ Sirius replied calmly still craning his neck to see where you’d gone.

‘For fuck sake Sirius what are you doing kissing some random girl in front of Y/N?’ Marlene continued to shout ‘ I thought you two were going to make up?’

‘Kiss?’ replied Sirius he was now staring directly at Marlene, in shock. ‘What are you talking about? All I did was bail when some creep came and started talking about Y/N making out with him, its her you should be shouting at.’

‘Yeah? well then who is that standing next to you? Don’t even bother denying it Sirius I saw you! for Godric’s sake!’ 

‘This? Oh this is ugh… what did you say your name was again?’ Sirius said as he turned around to the silvery blond haired girl who was staring off dreamily into space next to him.

‘Pandora.’ replied the girl airily. ‘I was telling your boyfriend about Nargles. They fly into you brain through your ears you see, like this’ and the girl leaned froward and pressed her face up to Marlene’s whilst using her finger to mimic a small object twirling along and into her ear.

‘What the.. um okay cool.’ said Marlene backing away quickly.

‘Yeah Pandora’s a treat to listen to Marlene.’ Sirius said.

‘Right well, Pandora, I am definitely not Sirius’ girlfriend for a start. But if he even wants to have a chance at getting on I think he needs to leave now and go find Y/N to explain, because from where we were standing in those shadows it looked a lot like you and Sirius were…’ Marlene gave Sirius a pointed look.

‘Fuck, yeah alright I’ll see you later Marly.’ Sirius sighed. ‘But for the record, Y/N didn’t kiss that guy right?’

‘Sirius stop being a twat for once in your life and go.’

You stopped and turned as soon as you left the room. Your eyes were filling with tears but you blinked them quickly away. This was not the time for crying, right now you needed to sit down and breather, so you made you way downstairs to go into the courtyard.

Sirius was evil. A horrible, evil, selfish prick. And you hated him. No you didn’t. No matter what he did you were still inconceivably drawn to the tall handsome boy and you hated yourself for it. Not this time though, it was time to cut those transfixing eyes out of your life for good. At least you should. 

It would have been easier to handle all of this information if you could just talk to someone, but the only person you wanted to talk to right now was the whole reason you were in this mess. He was also coming through the courtyard arches towards you. How he found you already?

‘Go away Sirius.’

‘You told me once that you loved this place,’ he said as he walked over, hands in his pockets, staring up at the glittering stars.

’I’m serious, fuck off.’ you growled.

‘Are you really? I thought that was me.’ He grinned back.

‘Not funny.’

‘Bit funny,’

He was now just 4 meters away and the moonlight reflected perfectly across his face, highlighting and contouring with shadows just perfectly.

‘Have you ever properly looked at the stars?’ Sirius pondered. ‘I do sometimes, mainly at Sirius because, ya know, but all of them are pretty incredible, I could name all the constellations to you if you wanted, or I co-’

‘I’m warning you Sirius go away now before I hit you.’

Sirius sighed, and then looked straight at you, his icy grey eyes seemed to shine more brightly under the stars and a sudden chill passed through you and your body seemed to relax.

‘Okay. Serious talk now.’ He took a step forward. ‘I like you. I really, really like you. Not in some stupid oh shes pretty fit way, but in the way where i want to spend hours just sitting next to just talking about stupid stuff. In the way where its not just the way your hair falls perfectly to you shoulders, or how you eyes sparkle when i look at them, or how you laugh fills me with warmth and joy when i hear it and I feel like a drug addict when I’m not around because i desperately need my next fix of you.’ He took another small step towards you. ‘In the way that you thinking that i would ever kiss another girl, not just in front of you, but at all, makes me want to crumple, how I know the pain I can cause and how I know I will never feel worthy enough to be with you, but I want you anyway because you are perfection. You are my perfection, and all that scares me because I don’t want to hurt you. And so i pushed you away three days ago and i have been doing since, but i don’t want to push you away any more.’ Another step forward. ‘I want you here standing in front of me.’

He was now only millimetres away from you his head bowed the tip of his nose brushed the bridge of yours and his lips almost touching yours.

He whispered. ‘I’m sorry for everything. So sorry. And maybe you can’t forgive me right now but that’s okay because I’ll wait. I’ll be right here, waiting for you to forgive me, because when you do I’m going to hold you and kiss you and never let you go again. If that’s okay with you of course’

Sirius smiled softly, ‘I mean even if it isn’t don’t think I’m just going to go awa-’

You closed the tiny gap there was between you and your lips met for what felt like an age. Sirius’ arms slowly wrapped around you and he held you closer and you kissed for what felt like forever. He was soft and tender and warm despite the cold around you too. He felt like coming home after a long day, or sipping that first bit of hot chocolate. He felt like comfort.

After all this time you had been wrong. That first kiss at the lake was not the right kiss, this was.

I was at an IHOP trying to enjoy a quiet breakfast when WACKY EXTROVERT GENTARO KISAGARI burst through the door sat at my booth, even though multiple were open, and proceeded to yell about space and friendship then payed for my meal and gave me a handshake before running off into the night and i’ve never been more confused and scared in my life
You Touch Me and I Burn - Chapter Seventeen [Archive of Our Own]
Symmetra never expected to have an explosives obsessed lunatic plunge her life into disorder, but he's here and he has and strangely... she almost doesn't mind.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter seventeen is here!

I’ve been staring at this for like three days now, and I don’t think it’s gonna get any better, so enjoy!!! Junkrat realises some things (with Roadhog’s help) and then sees Symmetra in The Dress™ and is now Suffering

Junkrat looked up as Hana bounced excitedly, ushering Mercy and Symmetra through the door.

Mercy came through first, dressed a tight red gown covered in elaborate lace ruffles, with more of the stuff hanging from her shoulders, and she had her blonde hair curled and loose around her shoulders. It was a big difference from the medical coat or Valkyrie armour she usually wore; she looked very pretty, he had to admit, and she stepped to the side as McCree, Genji and Reinhardt made a fuss over how lovely she looked.

Then Symmetra came out, and Junkrat nearly swallowed his tongue.

So c'mon baby I’ll be the house if you be the fire and we can show the whole neighborhood what real love looks like
we’re fists through bathroom doors and windows and no one can make us stop no one can tell us no
we’re eyes open in a hurricane I swear they named after you and the first time you saw me naked you cried because I wasn’t her and I think about that but only sometimes because
the rest of the time I’m too busy with your hands around my throat you should have told me you were made of steel I would have been made of something stronger because then we never would’ve crumbled.

so c'mon baby
i’ll be the house if you be the fire and we can see how long it takes to burn down.

—  it was always a fist fight and I’m out of places to bruise– lily rain

anonymous asked:

10, clexa. Thankyou!

10. “Why are your hands shaking?”

Clarke had been waiting for Lexa all evening. She was suppose to arrive tonight. She had gone to TonDC to visit the newborn nightblood that would come to Polis to train when they came of age. The sky had grown dark hours ago and Clarke was beginning to get worried something had gone wrong. 

She was going to walk out to check with the guards once again when she heard voices coming down the hallway. Clarke grew excited as she waited for Lexa to walk through the doors. 

“We will discuss this more tomorrow Titus.” Lexa’s voice was very clear as she stood just outside of the bedroom door. Finally the guards opened the doors and Lexa walked in still in full armor. Clarke resisted the urge to run across the room and jump into Lexa’s arms. 

The doors closed, Lexa and Clarke were alone together for the first time in days. Clarke walked over quickly, but stopped short when she noticed Lexa’s body language. “What’s wrong? Why are your hands shaking?” Clarke asked, her mind already thinking of all the things that could have happened. 

Lexa removed her shoulder armor before she spoke. She looked tired and stressed when she placed the piece on the ground. “Clarke. I’ve missed you.” Lexa held out her hands toward Clarke, wordlessly asking her to take them. 

Clarke reached out and took Lexa’s cold hands, still very worried about whatever was on Lexa’s mind. “I’ve missed you too. But what’s going on? I expected you hours ago.” 

“I know. I had to make a stop in the city and it took much longer than I thought it would.” Lexa answered and let one of her hands fall to her side. “I envisioned this going differently. But I don’t think I can wait another minute.” Clarke’s jaw dropped as Lexa did. 

This was a familiar but completely unexpected position. Lexa was kneeling before Clarke and gazing up at her as if she was the only person in the world. 

“Clarke, you have shown me the strength of love. A strength in myself that I have only ever had with you. I want you by my side as we strengthen each other. Will you marry me?” Lexa pulled out a wooden box from her jacket. When she opened it Clarke’s jaw dropped even more. There was a silver ring sitting inside a soft, red velvet lining. Lexa pulled it out and Clarke saw an infinity symbol with an emerald and sapphire embedded in the two loops. 

“Yes.” Clarke could feel her throat tightening with emotion as she looked from the ring to Lexa. “Forever.” She sighed as Lexa slid the ring on her finger. 

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Can I request Rossi and 16 for the Drabble game? Hope you're having a wonderful night.

16. “I ship us.” 

You had a hard time walking in a straight line; if not for Rossi, you would have crashed into the wall and fell to the ground in a giggling mess.

You were still giggling, but he was keeping you upright as the both of you made your way to the bedroom. Despite your pleas of not being tired, Rossi insisted that you at least lie down.

“I ship us.” You spouted out as he led you through the bedroom door.

Rossi gave you a look, shaking his head and raising his eyebrows. “I have no idea what that means.” Was his reply as the agent laid you down on the bed.

Your back collided with the mattress and you chuckled at his answer as Rossi took your shoes off. “Ask Penelope.”

He smirked, glancing up to you. Now that you were on a bed, Rossi could tell you were getting tired. He wasn’t going to even try to tuck you in. Instead, he threw a blanket over you and stuffed a pillow beneath your head. You kept mumbling under your breath about shipping the two of you together.

Rossi left your bedroom with a roll of his eyes. He made a mental note to ask Garcia what you meant.

Breakable Final Part

Hey guys! Here’s the last part. Thank you so much for following along with this one. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

No warnings :)

Part 5

Originally posted by allthisherostuff

For the next week you waited for Bucky to walk through the door like nothing happened. You waited for his smile, his eyes, his voice to tell you everything was alright.

But he never came.

Customers asked where he was. “Hey, where’s that long haired friend of yours?” “Where’s that nice boy?” “Where’s Bucky, (Y/N)?” You didn’t know what to tell them so you always said “You just missed him” while you held back tears.

You told yourself to move on, that you’d get over him. You rearranged the store a bit, hiding the Dinah Shore and Glenn Miller albums in the back room and hanging a curtain over the record nook.

But the days didn’t get any easier. They were long and lonely. So finally, you decided to call the number he gave you.


That wasn’t him.

“Hi, is Bucky there?”

“No, this is Steve. Is this (Y/N)?”

Why did Steve have his phone? And how did he know it was you? You had never called this number before.

“Yes. Can I talk to Bucky?”

“He’s not here right now…”

You were getting impatient. “Where is he?” You tried to stay calm and remember you were talking to a very important person.

“Uh, he’s on a trip. For work. He won’t be back for-”

“Okay.” You interrupted him. Frustration was rising in your chest and you couldn’t take these lies and secrets anymore. “I know you’re Captain America and I know he’s Bucky Barnes slash Winter Soldier whatever. I really don’t care right now, please just tell me where he is.”

“How do you know that?”

“Metal arm. Loves the 40′s. Best friend is Steve. I figured it out the first week I met him. But I wanted him to tell me on his own terms and I pushed him and ruined everything pleasejusttellmewhereheis.”

“He’s on a mission. He’ll be back tonight…. Do you know where Stark Tower is?”


“Come over and wait for him here. I’ll let you in.”

You hung up and practically ran 15 blocks to the huge building. Steve was waiting for you outside. You gawked at him. He was huge too. Did you have to be huge to be a super hero? He looked smaller on TV.

You shook your thoughts out of your head as you walked up to him. He brought you up to Bucky’s room.

“He just radioed in, he’ll be back soon. You can wait for him here.”

“Why are you helping me?” You were sure Bucky told him how you hurt him.

“You brought him back.” He smiled genuinely at you and closed the door behind him as he walked out.

You looked around at Bucky’s room. His scent surrounded you, making your heart ache because you missed him so terribly. You saw his stack of records in the corner next to a full book shelf. Every record he bought from the shop was there, reminding you of every moment the two of you have shared. The Dinah Shore record was on the player, bringing you back to how everything went wrong.

Before you could think too much about that night, or about what you were going to say to him when he got back, his bedroom door opened, revealing a Bucky you had never seen.

A tight black suit clung to every muscle in his body, straps holding different weapons in place. His metal arm was on full display, the star on his shoulder bright red, contrasting the dirty silver of the bionic limb. His hair was in his eyes, dirty and wet with sweat. He looked at you with wide eyes that were darker than the brilliant blues you had grown so used to.

But the only thing that mattered to you was the dark bruise covering his face from his eye to his cheek and the dried blood on his lower lip and temple. He looked so exhausted.

“Oh, Bucky.” It was almost a whisper.

He froze in the doorway. He didn’t expect you to be here. He didn’t want you to ever see him like this, dripping in weapons and blood, his arm shining in the light from the lamp by the door. His feet were glued to the floor, his heart pounding in his chest, he wanted to sink into a hole in the floor until his eyes finally met yours.

Your eyes held no fear, no disgust, only concern. He had missed you so much, and seeing you here overwhelmed him with love he didn’t know he could feel. He wanted to wrap his arms around you, bury his face in your hair and run his hands down every inch of your body while he tasted your lips.

But he couldn’t. He was in a war with himself. He can’t have you, you deserve better, you deserve someone who will keep you safe, not put you in danger. He was wrong for even stepping foot in that shop two months ago when he first saw you in the window-

His thoughts stopped short when you ran up to hug him, your arms winding around his shoulders, your face tucking into his neck breathing him in. His strong hands pulled you close to him, almost pulling you off the ground.

But too quickly, he set you down, grabbing your shoulders and moving you away from him. “(Y/N), I….”

What, Buck?” You were exasperated.

“I can’t have you!”

“I’m already yours!” You yelled over him. You laughed as tears slid down your face. “Can’t you see?”

He tried to compose himself but you admitting that to him just about sent him through the roof. “(Y/N), you deserve someone normal, okay? Someone who won’t put you in danger, someone who knows how to do this! I can’t-you’re just… so… breakable.” He had been screaming at you, but the last word was almost a whisper.

And you realized why he never touches you. Why that was the first hug you had ever given him. Why you were so surprised when he asked you to dance. He was afraid of hurting you.

“Bucky, you’re not gonna break me” you said with disbelief. You started to run your hands over his body, ignoring his flinching until it stopped as you spoke. “I’m not afraid of you. Please don’t leave just because you’re scared.”

The two of you stood there for what seemed like an eternity, his hands at his sides, yours on his chest until you felt it rise and fall with a deep breath. Your hands fell to his waist giving him room for his fingers to lightly brush down your arms until they reached your hands. He tangled his fingers in yours while one hand floated to run through your hair and cup your cheek. His thumb ran over your face from nose to ear as he took you in.

You closed your eyes and leaned into his hand. But seconds later, you opened your eyes and he was gone.

You spun around when you heard the music crackle and swell as the record started to spin. Just like before, he reached out his hand for you to take and spun you into him. This time he rested his forehead on yours and began to sing along.

“And when I told them how wonderful you are, they didn’t believe me.”

He pulled away and met your eyes. Soon, his gaze drifted to your lips, and though it felt like you were going to explode, you let him take his time as he leaned in to place his lips on yours.

He was soft and gentle and you felt him smile against your mouth. You pulled away, not wanting to push him any further than he was ready to go.

He looked at you with his eyebrows furrowed together. “Hey, I wasn’t done” he chuckled.

Before you could answer, he kissed you again, making you laugh against him. You lifted your arms around his neck and his hands found your waist, pulling you into him until your back was arched and you were standing on your toes.

Your kiss deepened as he tilted his head against yours. You hummed into his mouth as his tongue played with yours. Old man got skills, you thought.

You pulled away again, this time having to catch your breath. He continued swaying you in his strong arms as he kissed your forehead.

“See? Not that breakable” you said.


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Can you do either 8, 9, or 31? Sorry these are a little angsty, you don't need to do them if you want. Either Sprace or Javid is fine, you do such a great job of writing both pairings!

Lots of people wanted sad Sprace, so here you go! Hope you enjoy ^.^

Part of my WLSADE series, set just after this fic.

The moment they walked through the door, Race collapsed. He’d held it together for the entire journey home, but when he was surrounded once again by the comforts of home, with only Spot to bear witness, he broke down. Tears were falling from his cheeks as he slumped onto the sofa and hid his face in his hands. Everything was too overwhelming; his feelings were too huge to suppress into a catatonic state. Sofia had been hurt and his dad was still horrible but his mother was alright with everything? Maybe? Eventually, anyway. It was all too much.

As soon as Spot realised what was happening he rushed over and nudged Race to look upwards, his heart breaking when he saw how devastated his fiancé looked.

“Come here,” he mumbled, sitting down on the couch and maneuvering Race into his arms. They didn’t do this often, the emotions thing. But when they did they went all out. Race cuddled gratefully into Spot’s chest, relaxing slightly as he felt the comfort that he was trying to share.

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(wearemessenger) A wad of letters were pushed through Raide's door. One of which was from the messenger. "I need advice in things I believe you're familiar with. I'm at home right now; please come over whenever you're free. - Marten"

Raide without a second thought goes to Martens house. Something of his experience can only mean so much. He knocked on the door of the messengers home “Marten, I got your letter, you need to speak to me?”