when i walked up to her i lost it because before i even walked through the door she said, “hi akhila or should i say smilingswiftie,” SHE FREAKING SMIRKED AFTER SHE IS SUCH AN ANGELIC HUMAN

sometime at kara's apartment probably
  • alex: hey, where's lena?
  • kara: hang on, i got this.
  • kara: oh my GOD my entire life is falling apart and i feel like i have no one to turn to-
  • kara: there she is

a/n: not requested, but I realized that I pretty much always fall asleep during horror movies, even when they’re good, and I was looking through gifs and stumbled upon this one, so thats how this imagine came about. 

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“What do you want to watch, babe?” Shawn asks from the bathroom through the open door.

“Uh, you can choose.” You respond, staring down at your laptop, trying to work on an assignment. 

Shawn enters the room, “Y/n, it’s movie night. No more work.” 

“I know, I know. Just let me finish this one thing.” You tell him, still not taking your eyes off the screen as you read over your assignment before getting ready to submit it. Shawn plops down next to you, turning on the tv and opening up Netflix. 

After a while, you finish submit your assignment, and Shawn offers a few different options for the movie. “Lets watch a horror.” You tell him, in the mood for something scary. 

“You’re going to fall asleep.” He responds immediately. He knows you too well. 

“But I really want to watch something scary.”

There is silence as Shawn starts browsing through the horror movie options. You two finally settle on one called 13 Cameras. It starts playing, and Shawn takes your laptop and puts it on the side table next to the bed before flipping off the bedroom light so the room is only illuminated by the light from the tv screen. He climbs into bed, laying down and wrapping an arm around you as you cuddle into his side.

As the movie starts, you try to stay awake, but theres something about horror movies that always make you feel like falling asleep. 

“What the hell, he’s such a fuckin creep.” Shawn mutters about ten minutes into the movie, which causes you to open your eyes, and prevents you from falling asleep.

“Yeah, he’s gross.” You respond. 

“You weren’t watching.” He says, knowingly.

“I’m trying to, I swear.” You respond, yawning. He just smiles, shaking his head at you, fulling expecting that you’ll fall asleep soon.

You both watch in silence for another forty-five minutes. You’re interested to know what happens, but you have to fight so hard to keep from falling asleep. Shawn glances down at you, then comments, “I’m surprised you’re still awake. You normally don’t make it this far into a horror movie.” 

“I want to know why this guy is doing this.” You respond, sleepily.

He rubs your back, and you know he’s smiling by the sound of his voice as he says, “It’s okay, just sleep. I’ll tell you the end tomorrow.” He gently kisses you on the forehead. 

You smile and mumble, “Thanks, goodnight.” And you close your eyes, not bothering to fight off sleep any longer. 

“Night, baby.” 

RYAN. 2.

a/n: this is so super hella short, but just something to get my flow going….. sorry to disappoint. ily billies<33333333

“Guess who asked for your number in class today,” Annie bursts through the front door of your shared two-bedroom house on campus.

You sit up in the love seat that you were sprawled out on, and give her your full attention, thinking maybe it’s Ryan—but Ryan doesn’t even go to University, so it couldn’t possibly be him. You reply a quiet “who?” trying not to sound too disappointed.

Derek.” She states excitedly, but now you’re confused. Derek is her boy, why is he asking for your number?

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  • Connor: Kevin is late. Again.
  • Cunningham: How did this happen? I called him at 8 o’clock this morning and pretended it was 11.
  • Nabulungi: I printed up that fake schedule for him saying we were starting at 9 instead of noon.
  • Poptarts: I set his clock to say PM when it’s really AM.
  • Connor: Oh, boy. We may have overdone it.
  • [Kevin bursts through the door]

not only did i meet my best friend, taylor swift, last night but i also met my closest online friend, halley( @away-from-the-crowds ). she is so sweet and that hug we had at the beginning made me realize how special our friendship really is! i’m so glad we got to experience that whole night with each other, from holding hands before we first saw taylor walk through the doors to crying about how gorgeous and kindhearted she is after we met and hugged her. i love you with all of my heart, halley. thank you @taylorswift for letting me meet this angelic human. 💗💗💗

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Does Steve remember anything from that night (for vamp!Stony)

Steve wakes up alone in an expensive hotel room with his neck hurting a little, and the feeling that he is missing something. 

Did he drink too much? No, that doesn’t sound right. He had been annoyed that Brock had wanted to go out anyway, and had had a single beer just to keep the guys from giving him hell all night. 

So why does he feel like—

–The stranger in the bar. Dark eyes, darker hair. Stumbling through the door to the hotel with their hands and mouths everywhere. Skin. Such smooth, cool skin. Sharp teeth, hot tongue, pain? No not pain, it was good, god it was so good. The feeling of being taken, but not–not sex. Maybe sex. God it had been good. Sharp teeth and cool skin. Sharp teeth and cool skin–

Steve flinches when his phone rings and he finds it in the blankets of the big bed, noticing that his pants were still on, which meant he definitely hadn’t gotten laid. 

“Yo.” he answered tiredly. 

“Steve!” Brock bellows on the other line. “What the hell happened to you? We turned around and you were gone! Find some hottie to go home with or what?”

–Dark eyes, a low voice, sharp teeth–

“Uh…yeah. Just barely woke up. Why?”

“We are gonna go play a pick up game, you in?” 

“Uh–” Steve looks around the room, seeing the rest of his clothes and his wallet safely on the table. “Can you give me an hour?”

“Hurry your ass up.” 

Steve hangs up and collapses back into the bed, and breathes in the scent of leather and smoke that lingered. 

Leather and smoke. Sharp teeth and cool skin. 

Who had he spent the night with? 


Mark: Wait how?

Amy: *borderline whispering* They think it’s a form of glamor and wanna know how to properly disguise themselves. Mark, they think I’m a fairy.

Captured Memories - Chapter 26 Sneak Peak!

The ‘closed’ sign that hung in the door of Clarke’s studio didn’t deter Lexa one bit. The spare key that the blonde had given her was slipped into the lock and she was pushing her way inside before anyone walking on the sidewalk could glance at her twice. A little chime that her mind never registered before sounded through the studio but it still didn’t stop her strut towards Clarke’s office, determination clear in her walk. A little rustling sounded from the office right before Clarke appeared through the door, eyes downcast at the folder in her hands.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know how you got in but I’m closed for the next hour.”

The click of her heels against the concrete floor should have been more than enough to give her away to her wife seeing as to how she heard it almost every other day but it didn’t seem to faze her. Lexa was a little concerned that Clarke still didn’t look up from her folder as she got closer and closer…she would definitely have to talk to her about her safety.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, but was literally only five seconds, a pair of annoyed ocean eyes peered up at her.

“I told yo—Lexa? What are you doing here?”

A smirk overtook her features as she came upon the blonde, hands quickly pulling the folder from her wife’s hands and throwing it carelessly to the ground. Clarke gasped, pink lips parting deliciously with the sound, before they were swallowed by Lexa’s…

To be continued! Very soon! ;)

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Goodbye - Derek Hale

Word Count: 1021
Summary: It’s time for your pack to leave Beacon Hills and you don’t want to leave unfinished business behind.
Warning/s: mentions of danger

Pairing: Derek Hale / Alpha!Reader

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“Derek.”, you called out, walking into his loft. 

You had played his little game of hide and seek for too long. He wanted to ignore you? He could pretend you didn’t exist for the rest of his life. But not that day. It was time for you to say goodbye and you didn’t want to leave unfinished business by not telling him you were leaving.

You could smell him the second you set a foot through the door. His fresh scent over layers of stale scents from a while ago. You could smell the various members of the McCall pack, Peter Hale and Derek himself. And the latter was there. You knew it. He was upstairs and he was aware that you were there.

“I know you’re here.”, you groaned, “just come down and let me talk to you.”

There was no answer. Of course. Sometime’s he was acting like a diva. You didn’t have time for this. The others had already packed the cars and your new house was bought and the old one would be sold the next week.

“Can you please just talk to me for two minutes? Please?”, you called out in frustration. 

You whipped around and looked up, not seeing him over the railing. This was making you angrier than it should’ve. You were used to moving. Before you even arrived you knew that you would only stay in Beacon Hills for a year at most. That’s how your pack survived. By moving and never staying in the same place for too long. Your next stop would be hours away.

“Ok, fine then. Then don’t. For whatever reason you chose to hate me, I’m done with being ignored. The only reason I’m here at all is to tell you that we’re leaving. I’ll be gone at the end of the day and you don’t have to see me ever again.”, you growled. 

So you just marched straight to the door to leave him behind, so mad you wanted to flash your red alpha eyes. Almost by the door, you turned around when a quick motion caught your eye.

There he suddenly was. And he was moving. Quick. Walking into your direction.
Until he reached you and without warning crashed his lips to yours while his arms wrapped themselves tightly around your waist.

Your body tensed in shock. The sudden closeness and contact of your bodies was overwhelming. Still, there was this little spark of trust involved, that made you relax in his touch.
Was that really happening? 

You should’ve done something. Just… something. Kiss back, remove yourself from his embrace. Anything! But you couldn’t. You were glued to your spot and your mind was whirling.
It pained you to admit it. But this was probably the first time in years that you had done something that wasn’t following the mindset pack first - yourself later. You wanted this. But you weren’t allowed to want him. 

Your younger siblings depended on you. Jory, Ned, and Alysa. Your pack needed you to keep them safe and Beacon Hills was the exact opposite of that. Derek Hale was the exact opposite of that.

Just when you finally got the energy to do something, Derek took a step back. He seemed just as surprised as you were, you could see it on his face. He didn’t plan on kissing you.

“What did you do?”, you whispered in shock.

Derek sighed. “What I should’ve done way sooner.” He seemed to be sure of that now.

“No. You shouldn’t have.”, you protested.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t want that.”

Your eyes flickered between his and the floor, not able to do what he asked.


“What I want doesn’t justify this. You’re… you’re just making it harder for me to go.”

Your throat felt dry, your tongue like sandpaper. All of a sudden, you had no idea how you could speak without choking. No words wanted to leave your mouth anymore.

You took another step back, just for safety. But Derek just took a step forward, keeping the distance between the two of you the same.

“Then don’t. Your pack is happy here. You could be happy here. Being an alpha doesn’t mean to forget what you want for yourself.”

“Being an alpha means doing whats best for the pack. The whole pack. And they’re not safe here. Beacon Hills is dangerous.”

“Not with Scott’s pack and yours protecting it together.”

He was right. But fighting against so many threats would take a price. You would lose people. And you wouldn’t risk that.

“No. I’m not putting their lifes on the line just because I want to stay.”

“Sounds like a lonely life to me.”

“They’re my pack. I’m not lonely.”

“You know what I mean.”

And you did. You really did. So it pained you more than it should’ve to take a deep breath and speak.

“In case you or Scott are in serious trouble, you have my phone number. But that’s it. We’re leaving tonight.”

You turned around and walked out of the apartment like you wanted to earlier. You were already passed the door when you realized you still didn’t say it. 

“Goodbye, Derek.”

“Goodbye, Y/n.”, he said, anger clear in his voice.

He was angry that he asked you to stay. He was angry that you said no. That was exactly the reason why he didn’t want to talk to you at all. Why make himself seem vulnerable in front of you, who he just met ten months ago if he could just as well ignore you and pretend like he didn’t fall for the alpha of a nomad pack?

Yet he wondered if the last months of ignoring you had been worth it, now that you were leaving and he realized he didn’t use his time with you the way he could have.

“Honcho, I figured out a really important binding,” Jay says as he bounds into the hotel room.

“Does it involve coming in through the door and not the window?” Charlie asks.

“Nope! I found out that love has shapes.”

I pause. “Shapes.”

“Did you know that love comes in triangles?!”

Charlie goes still on the couch. 

“Ah. Yes, yes I did.”

“That means we’re a love triangle cuz we’re all the bestest friends and! I love you both,” Jay flings out with the pure joy and truth that can only come out of a Jay who is eleven and so very jaysome with it. 

Charlie buries her face in her hands. “And you’ve told people this, haven’t you.”

“Of course,” Jay boasts, shocked Charlie would think otherwise. 

I sigh, shaky my head and leave Charlie to try and explain things to Jay. Sometimes that’s almost safe.


Spencer Reid x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 743

     Prompt: “I’d say I expected you to be taller, but no, you’re about what I pictured, actually.”


When Gideon told the team that he was bringing his niece in to the BAU to help them on a case, Spencer assumed he knew what to expect, after all, very few people knew Gideon better than him but the second you came through the door, he realized he was wrong.

You were very far from the little girl that Jason had a picture of in his wallet. He had seem a picture of you in his office before but that girl was not even close to the woman in front of him.

“There you are” Jason yells, so glad to see you after all this time, although in reality it had only been six months since you went out of state “Hey daddy” you smile, accepting the hug that he pulled you into happily.

“I’m so glad you could make it-come on, I’ll introduce you to everyone” he says turning around to lead you into the conference room but he quickly noticed that everyone had gathered around the scene. Spencer could tell that you were young but he assumed you were around his age, only because he knew some things about you from your father.

The first person to step forward was Hotch, who you had met on a few occasions before. You struck up conversation with him and shook his hand. Spencer could tell from how you bounced up at bit during that you would have much rather hugged him but you respected his boundaries too much for that. Next you moved on to the girls, who you immediately struck up a conversation with…as if you had known them all your life.

“Hey, why are you hiding back here all creepy?” Derek asks, knocking Spencer out of his haze, snapping his attention to his friend instead of your frame across the room. “I’m not” he mumbles, trying his best not to be defensive

“Just go talk to her” he urges, knocking his buddy on the back toward where you were standing. When Spencer made no effort to move, Derek walked right over to where you were hanging out and smiled at you. He introduced himself to you and then gestured right over to where Spencer was currently sitting making the man panic immediately.

As if he couldn’t have been more nervous, you walked right over to him and smiled, offering your hand to him “Hi, I’m Y/N” You introduce and he nods, he couldn’t possibly talk to you, you were beautiful. Your E/C eyes sparkled as you looked down at him and your voice made his heart pang. “Spencer Reid” he tells you and you nod, you had heard a million and one things about the boy genius Spencer Reid, so it meant a lot to you to finally meet him. “I’d say I expected you to be taller, but no, you’re about what I pictured, actually” you joke, trying to lighten the mood.

Spencer laughed, figuring something else about you as he watched, you were funny, like Gideon but in a different sort of way. You were clever he could tell, but most obviously was your big heart, he could see your kindness shining behind your eyes.

”It’s fair to say that you aren’t what I expected” he chuckles, trying his best to sound confident but it doesn’t work as well as he would have hoped “What did you expect? if you don’t mind me asking doctor?” you ask, genuinely curious as to how different you could be

“Well, you’re a woman first of all, for some reason I was expecting a little girl” he levels and you smirk at that “I’m not a little girl Spencer” you point out and he nods “Trust me, I noticed” he tells you and you smile. There was something sweet about how gentle and awkward Spencer was

“Y/N”  your dad calls and your head snaps up at the familiar sound “I have to go now Spenc, but maybe we could grab dinner some time” you suggest and he nods, watching you as you moved from his line of view. “Spenc?” he questions, muttering the name to himself as if he was confused, no one had ever given him a nickname before. You were different for sure but he liked that about you.