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Self Portrait - 9.9.13

(Timothy Patrick Boyer, 2013)


This is me.

My name is Timothy Patrick Boyer, and I’m a music photographer/writer from Southern New England.

This site is no longer what it once was, and isn’t quite yet what it’s going to be. I started this as a social ground for sharing my photos. Now, it’s going to be growing into a site chronicling my adventures in the world of live music.

Bringing to you Concert Reviews and Photos that will allow you the, concert-goer, to put down your phones/cameras and live in the moment. Allow me to experience the show Through Digital Eyes… so you don’t have to.

Dispatch Great Woods - Comcast Center - 6.8.13

I watched Guster’s set, but don’t have any pictures and have very little to say other than they exist. I’m not a fan and wasn’t made one by this show. They weren’t terrible, they weren’t great, they just were.

Now Dispatch, they are just perfection. Every time I see them is a religious experience. This time? No different.

The set list was chock-full. From Passerby to the Railway tag in Here We Go. From Lightning to the set ending with Josaphine into Bats in the Belfry into The General. They were just on in a way that made me forget about just how messy and disappointing Circles Around the Sun is.

Even Pete showed up! (Mentally, that is.)

Highlights: The encore was great. Cut It Ya Match It with a For What It’s Worth tag was very entertaining, and ending the show with Elias is always (always) satisfying. Throwing a stellar rendition of my favorite song (Flying Horses) between them? Amazing. That’s not it, though. The tags throughout the night were just mind-blowing. The aforementioned Railway (in Here we Go) and For What It’s Worth (in Cut It Ya Match It) were only the tip; Out Loud into Mrs. Robinson was pure bliss, and Friend of the Devil in Bang Bang was the stuff that dreams are made of.

Who am I kidding, the whole show was a highlight. (Of course, being at the barricade doesn’t hurt the experience any.)


-Timothy Patrick Boyer.

All Photos by Timothy Patrick Boyer, 2013.