through your iphone

Pregnancy drabble #12

12. Telling the media (full list)

You scrolled through your iPhone; seeing people tweeting about the recent rumors of you being pregnant—well it’s not exactly a rumor but you and Justin haven’t exactly confirmed or denied it yet. The only people who know are the people you need to: your family, his family, and yours/his friends. Justin’s fingers dug into your foot, your head titling back at the pleasure sparking up your spine. “Baby,” You mumbled, his eyes flickering away from the television, humming in response. “I think we should tell everyone about the baby now—and by everyone I mean your fans and stuff because there’s so many crazy rumors going around and I’m kind of tired of people saying I’m either ‘getting fat’…which is rude or pregnant.” You explained, moving your feet from off his lap, sitting up along with him.

“Are you sure?” He asked, digging into his grey sweatpants, pulling out his phone. You nodded your head, just wanting to get it over with—the sooner you confirmed it the faster the rumors will stop. “Okay,” He grinned, standing up from the suede couch, the sun glistening through the glass window onto his tan chest. “Stand over there,” He pointed, towards the window, the camera open on his phone screen. You walked over to the glass window, wondering what he’s doing, standing infront of it. “Now put your hands on your belly,” He instructed. You eye balled him since you’re only in one of his long t-shirts and some boy shorts. “Babe please,” He pouted, holding up his phone in front of him, ready to take the picture.

“Fine, but can we get ice cream after this, I really want some.” You whimpered, sticking out your bottom lip in a pout.

“Whatever you want princess,” He cooed, shifting his weight to his other foot. You placed both your hands on your belly, looking down at your baby boy in the womb. You heard the sound of the camera, Justin snapping a pictures as you changed poses, smiling at Justin, his face lighting up. “Okay baby I think I got it,” He said, scrolling the pictures he took of you. You wandered over to him, watching him click on Instagram and load one of the pictures, typing the caption as “Can’t wait for my beautiful wife to bring the greatest gift to me into this world.” You smiled from ear to ear, grinning up at him as he pressed post.

“I can’t wait either.” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his torso, kissing the side of his mouth sweetly.