through thick and thin


She couldn’t even see where she was running, cars beeped at her two or three times. She heard only constant drumming in her brain: I don’t want to be like her, I’m not like her and never gonna be. I’m able to stick with someone through thick and thin. I’d do anything to get my Keith back, and he needs to know about it before it’s too late. But she was so scared of his reaction. He might tell her to leave like he did with his parents whenever they checked on him and offered help. She wouldn’t even say a word if she faced him because her breath and mental state was unstable. She would start crying, and she knew that he hated this. He wouldn’t endure if she claimed to consider him disabled too, this would be a final nail in his coffin. Their double coffin.

anonymous asked:

What do you think are the most important traits the RFA members look for in a partner?

a|n: here you go, love! this is me, doing this most important traits the RFA members looks for in a partner according to what i’ve observed their behaviors, characteristics and attitudes are. these may or may not be accurate.
thank you for this request~

RFA + traits they look for in a partner


  • zen would look for someone whom he feels like can support him through thick and thin and everything
  • the kind of partner where the support they give to whatever he decisions he makes are genuine and true. take note: not forced nor faked support
  • if you want to support him, especially since his line of work is in the spotlight, he does not need a jealous and possessive partner ya gotta learn how to share him with his fans he’d deeply appreciate it dont worry
  • he needs someone who can point out to him his wrongs and mistakes without being too rude
  • he needs a strong-willed yet passionate and gentle partner who understands him and constantly pampers him with affection
  • he would want someone who sees him and only him as number also someone who’d shower him with compliments lolol he’s a chic at heart LOLOL
  • someone who’d never leave his side no matter how hard the circumstances are
  • he really does not care for looks so long as you’re someone who can accept and appreciate him for who he is and has a good heart
  • also, he’d like his partner to be sweet and challenging although not challenging to the point of become a competitor
  • a bit more mature than him will do him so much good so he can keep growing as well
  • zen also wants someone he can fully trust since he is too loyal for his own good
  • when he tells you he loves you, he is serious about it. it’s you and it will only be you in his heart


  • jaehee wants someone who can make her forget her daily stress
  • someone who can tolerate her positive and negative traits
  • since jaehee is very practical and wants everything secured first before venturing deeper, she will need a partner who respects her for what she wants and will not force anything on her
  • she is a very loyal person just like zen
  • she needs a partner who can soothe or balance out her practical side and her not trusting negative qualities
  • she would also want someone who can make her laugh at times and would seriously want to take a shot with her through decisions
  • she would want someone with a level-head as well, someone who she can get opinions from aside from hers
  • she is very well grounded too and would want someone who stays level-headed even in times of distress
  • experienced people in love would be good for her
  • she also does not care at whatever you look like so long as she can feel your devotion and sincerity for her
  • she is also sensual and is very attentive towards her partner
  • she is the type to value the opinion of her partner so someone who is just in the middle of being blunt and gentle is good for her
  • just know that jaehee does not tolerate bullshits
  • if you want her, go for her, no other excuses


  • jumin is someone who likes to gaze on beauty
  • and at the same time, likes to reflect on how the beauty he’s gazing exactly complements his own a bit narcissistic yourself Mr. Han lolol
  • this is also probably one of the reasons why he often changes things around his penthouse
  • he is an intense watcher cue smoldering gaze
  • he likes to size things up and weigh his options before coming to a final decision
  • he is also a great listener ( maybe this is why the rfa would always go to him whenever they have problems, not only because it’s him who can offer help as fast as lightning but he’s also a pretty good listener )
  • he’d desire a give and take relationship
  • he cherishes you and in return, you also need to cherish him
  • he will look for a partner who can harmonize with him
  • he’ll also want a partner who can complement him but at the same time, challenge him
  • he’d want to have the best choice too
  • people say he’s a bit detached and unemotional but the truth is, he is like this because he is very observant of his surroundings
  • this is the reason why he can clearly differentiate good people from the ones who only wants to use him
  • he’d want his partner to be a good conversationalist, intelligent and honest
  • he’d want someone to give him the excitement of knowing them little by little not all at once


  • you need to be outspoken to catch yoosung’s attention
  • not the rude type of outspoken but the type of outspoken that you approach him first and start up an icebreaker conversation
  • he’d want to have a partner who can share or who shares the same interests like him
  • so it’d be good if you share with him what book you last read, what song you last listened or if you’re into games ( which is def a plus factor ) tell him the best games you ever played, it’ll make him ease around you
  • despite him being the resident gamer guy, he values beauty and intelligence as he’d find it attractive if his partner has that
  • he’d also like to meet a partner who has exotic and erotic all over them, although this is not necessary yoosung’s secret kinks 101 lolol
  • he’d love his partner to be an active listener - someone who can listen and not interrupt
  • he’s honestly a family guy ( despite his groans regarding his mom at times scolding him ) and if he finds that you’re the one for him, expect that you’d be able to meet his family soon
  • he’d want his partner as someone he can closely divulge his self with
  • his partner should not come out too strong for him lolol this poor bby will be so surprised and his air of curiosity towards his partner might bounce back


  • seven is all these three: he’s spontaneous, very surprising and dangerous
  • he wants a spontaneous partner who he can see that fits some of his traits
  • he doesn’t like someone who is monotonous and repetitive
  • he’d like someone who can mix things up so he can see different sides of their potential partner
  • aka he needs a partner who can constantly spice things up
  • for his partner, be different. be unique. don’t be monotonous.
  • he wants a dependable partner. some he can rely on. someone who’d be there for him.
  • he wants a partner who can shower him with love and affection and at the same time, playful and a bit hard to catch
  • he wants someone he can talk with regardless what the subject is
  • commitment is not a natural state for him though, but once he’s comfortable around you, he is capable of staying put
  • he wants a partner who understands the concept of: distance to become closer.
  • he wants a partner who can give him a good challenge - the unpredictable, the better
  • he really loves his privacy and he wants a partner who understands that because this is his way of recharging his own self
  • in short, seven looks for a partner who is interested in all kinds of stuffs and well, interesting by default