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Rewatching The Lost Comanders and Kanan talking about order 66 to Ezra just holy shit it makes me want to cry. FPJ did an amazing job on this scene and I just his voice breaks when he says “gunned her down in a second” and I just god it hurts so much

I love that Daryl loves Carol so much, that he praises her even when she’s not around. He gushes about her power and strength, he says that she would lead the war, take down the enemies. He virtually says that she can save them all. That she’d lead them all to war. 

And I love that Daryl loves Carol so much, that he is willing to do anything to protect her and help her heal. He loves her so much that she is his top priority. Keeping her safe and having her alive is the most important thing to Daryl and everything else always comes second.

All through season 7, it was conveyed over and over again that Daryl wanted to fight the Saviors and win the war and avenge everyone they lost. And it was conveyed in a way that made it seem like this was the most important thing to Daryl. Like he would do absolutely anything to just kill all the Saviors and get revenge.

Up until the point that he found out Carol was alive.

And that’s when it was made one thousand percent clear that Carol comes first. Always. No matter what. There are no exceptions. Nothing is more important to Daryl than keeping Carol alive and safe. 


Here’s an inside look at “Legacy of Mandalore"  

Contains spoilers so don’t watch unless you’ve watched the episode. Also contains a sneak peak at next week’s episode- "Through Imperial Eyes”

i feel like they kept slowly building up how much of a fucking bamf magnus is up until this episode (which i hope they continue to do) and not just in one way. so we get 1) magnus being sarcastic and taking no shit all through season one and two 2) magnus fighting the circle member in the first few episodes 3) magnus being shown to have obvious magical prowess and knowledge though we aren’t always outright shown the depth of it (think memory demon and mixing potions) 3) magnus having political power and connections and influence throughout the downworld 4) magnus showing just a hint of his power against raj 5) magnus literally created a fire breathing snake 6) magnus having an intensive spell book that’s heavily guarded 7) magnus being able to easily create a wall to keep people in surrounding his entire apartment building 8) and finally having a full out fight between him and iris rouse which showed his battle magic

imagine what else we’ll get to see!!

So much for keeping Malec real and relatable.

I really wanted to belive them when Harry and Matt said it during numerous interviews and reassured fans that Malec would be handled with care and consideration.

Well, last week I gave them the benefit of doubt but last nights episode was a great disappointment in terms of Malec storyline.

I watch the show mainly for Malec. ( Like thousands of other people) and I love and respect Harry and Matt for portraying the characters the way they do. And of course I know that they are more or less powerless when it comes to the script etc… and I’m sorry that they are getting shit for things they have no say in. I don’t approve this hatred.

The producers and editors on the other hand, leave me speechless.

I just don’t get it why they emphasize the fact that Alec is a virgin left and right through the season and all of a sudden….
He’s not!
Like HOW IS THIS REAL??? The probability of shy, sensitive, virgin Alec jumping Magnus the first chance he gets is sooooo low that they can’t even mean this seriously. And Magnus being cool with it is just plain ignorance.

And even if they had had sex, it must have been real bad if all they did afterwards was a pat on a chest and a smirk towards each other.
Why??? Why do their first time so hastily and with no care???? Like if they don’t have time for it in the episode then why do it at all????

They could have led up to it for a while and make it a nice moment of intimacy between Magnus and Alec with at least 30 seconds of screen time.

My interest in the show is plummeting and I’m sure I’m not alone who feels that way.
It seems like every time there is a strong ship with so much potential, the writers just send it spiraling into the same box as cliche rom coms and Spanish telenovelas 😒

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i've been obsessed w supergirl ever since it started and i was so excited for this "sanvers centric" episode, but now im actually considering no longer watching the show bc of mon-mcdouche (and i sat through ALL six seasons of glee !!) idk it sucks :/

Oh honey, I’m sending you so much Glee solidarity and love. I mean at least there are fan fics and at least we have each other. And gifs. Lots and lots of gifs.

<3 <3 <3

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Didn't the showrunners change or something part way through the season for Shadowhunters? I thought I heard that, idk I could be wrong but if it did I was just wondering if that might be a factor in why Malec suddenly isn't communicating the way they did earlier in the season.

yes, I think the showrunners officially changed when they were filming 2x05 (please don’t quote me on that) and suprisingly, that is when i noticed things started going downhill for malec from there. apart from their date and the fire escape scene, malec has been feeling just off. they stopped communicating, i think the bigest factor being alec completely dismissing magnus’ insecurities and him being vulnerable in 2x07. like i don’t know if it was bad writing or something but it made me feel uncomfortable af. and this episode was fine, like i wasn’t expecting major malec scenes but i was expecting for them to at least talk about their relationship, especially after taking such a huge step. i don’t know, it just feels like we got such a big development during s1 and the first episodes of s2 and now when they are together it’s like nothing, nada. i’m sorry but that’s not how it works and that’s not the malec relationship we want. their “thing” has always been healthy communication, but now they’re being writen as if all the problems they were facing before just completely vanished after they got together, which is not true at all, especially if you look at the 2x09 promo…

Shadowhunters 2x07-2x08 *spoiler alert*

I’ve been quiet through the season, but now I feel like I have to say my thoughts.

We had so many good Malec scenes starting from season one. Their love grow and they trust each other so much. Last week people were so disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of the good scene, but we did get to see the one-night stands. Well, maybe becaue it were freaking “one-night” stands, so nothing that lasts or will happen again. While right now, it looks like Malec is going to last for some time (hopefully a long time). I know in 2x08 they didn’t talk much about it or show anything, but who cares? It’s called Shadowhunters and not The Malec Show. The actors are trying so much to give it their best, the writers also. And if you think you can do it better than them with the time they got? Be my guest and do it!

I know they can’t please everyone, they know that too, but that’s no reason to hate on them. I know from experience that when I’m doing my job, I like it more when people are positive about it than complain all the time. So please give them a break and enjoy all the Malec we can get! I love you all, this is a great fandom family, so please keep spreading the love <3

the flash season 3

So far I’m absolutely loving this season of The Flash, Barry and Iris are finally happily in love in canon, Wally is Kid Flash and loving it, and Iris is finally getting the attention she deserves. Part of what is making this season so great is Grant and Candice’s acting. They both are incredible actors and play so well off each other and handle their emotional scenes together so well. I’m so glad that Iris is the focus of this season because it’s allowing Candice to reach deeper into her acting skills than she has in the previous seasons and it’s great to see more sides of her shine through. Another reason why this season is thought to be the best season of The Flash yet is it gives the anti-Iris stans something to cry about.

West Allen being together and Iris’s death being the main focus of the back half of this season makes racist Flash comics super fans very angry. Well they can keep crying their salty tears because the more they complain the more I know the show runners are doing their job right. While Barry is in denial iris is being more realistic about her possible death. I think it’s a good thing to see the contrast in how they’re both dealing with this situation and I hope that gets touched on more as the rest of the season. I don’t really know what’s going to happen in these Grodd eps but they look cool and I’m excited to see Jesse and Wally together again. I’m sure these eps won’t have much Iris in them but I bet whatever scenes Candice does have will be gold and I’m also really excited for Cynthia to come back too.

As of right now the team hasn’t figured out how Savitar comes back as he’s currently trapped in the speedforce, the next ep after the Grodd eps, is titled The Wrath of Savitar. In the episode description Wally is seeing visions and doesn’t tell the team, also a secret threatens Barry and Iris’ happiness. Based on behind the scenes Information Wally starts seeing visions of his dead mother and doesn’t tell the team and the secret that threatens Barry and Iris’ happiness is Savitar being back because I can’t think of anything else.

I’m so excited to see how the rest of the season plays out. Like how does everyone seeing visions of their dead loved ones effect the characters? How will they save Iris from Savitar? Will Cisco play a big part of saving her by using his vibe powers? Do they ever address how Caitlin will control her powers to stop from becoming Killer Frost? When does Barry propose to Iris and how? I know it’s going to be the most romantic thing ever ugh I can’t wait! Does Barry get trapped in the speedforce at the end of the season? Who will die? All of these are important questions. I wish I could just binge watch the rest of the season now I’m not a patient person but they haven’t even finished filming the season yet, so I’ll just have to wait.

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After the leaks and that new promotional photo for Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!.. I think their 1'st kiss happens at the end of that ep or the middle.. I could be wrong. I think ep 7 will be seal the deal 'boyfriend/girlfriend'.. I think at the end of ep 7 Archie finds out about Jugs dad being the leader of the serpents. Since Juggie dad is in ep 7.. TBH I think Betty & Juggie will be ok through out the season and more. I feel they are going a different route with Archie.

i agree! i think their first kiss is going to be in episode 6 and then they’re going to go into episode 7 like ??? Somebody told me (i’m not sure if it’s true tho) that episode 7 is going to be the episode where we find out what happened to jughead’s family, and i also know that there’s going to be a sleepover in episode 7, so i’m thinking their story lines are probably going to be separate in 7.. leaving them both wondering what happens next or if it meant anything, then maybe they meet up at the end of the episode 

i’m not sure about archie finding out about jug’s dad in 7, though. i think archie’s dad is having problems with the serpents (probably because fred invited jughead to live with him and fp wants his son back) and archie wants to confront them. that’s why jughead tries to convince him not to go to the bar. archie obviously goes anyway and sees jughead’s dad

i hope you’re right! i would love to see betty and jughead get together and stay together through hard times. idk what tv shows have against long lasting, stable relationships. the comics are largely focused on the love triangle between betty, archie, and veronica, so i doubt we’ve seen the last of it, but wouldn’t it be cool if we had? if the first two episodes had been it? i’d rather not see betty and veronica caught up on the same guy. i’d rather see betty happy with jughead and archie and veronica developing feelings for each other. they could have a lot of drama with their parents also hooking up and worrying about what betty will think (because even though she’s in a relationship, she did still have feelings for him for a long time and their first kiss really hurt her). to me, that would be so much more interesting than any love triangle they could come up with 

Rainy Day Weekend

It was a free Showtime weekend, so I spent a few rainy days catching up on Homeland (I was only through Season 4 before we decided to ditch Showtime, a few years ago). So proud of my patience. But oof, what a depressing show…particularly this year. In other news, have you ever seen my Carrie Mathison impression? I posted it a few years ago, but it’s worth showing again. Non one cries like Claire Danes. NO ONE!

@disheveledcurls you said something about missing Sherlock’s/Jonny’s hair in your tags and it made me think of something about Sherlock’s character that I really love.

I’ve already said myself that I actually prefer the way he looks now, bald, compared to how he looked clean-shaven through part of season 3. I know it’s just a matter of preference - I like men with scruff. Jonny without scruff looks…idk I don’t think he looks bad just not…right. Rubs me the wrong way. Most guys I prefer with scruff anyway.

But you mentioned they should’ve given him a wig which maybe you just said in jest but regardless the idea of /Sherlock/ choosing to wear a wig - if it wasn’t part of a disguise - just would not happen. The man has certain vanities about his intellect but I don’t think he’s the type to care too much about his personal appearance. Something @autisticsherlockinelementary said about his clothing choices made me think more about it - something about the constantly buttoned up collars being a source of comfort. Comforting in their constancy, or something of the sort (I’m on mobile I know I reblogged it recently tho).

And it reminds me of another favorite fictional character of mine - from a fantasy series by Jane Lindskold, I love it to pieces. Her name is Firekeeper and she was raised by large wolves who are equally as intelligent as people (more so IMO). And she had no vanity whatsoever when it came to her appearance - she saw herself as a wolf. And as part of a disguise she had to shave just the front of her head (it was a cultural thing; think women air benders in ATLA). And instead of covering her partly shaved head with a scarf like the other women did (who had to use the same disguise) she just shaved all of her hair off. It didn’t matter to her - her longer hair was an annoyance to her anyway. I read these books over 6 years ago and I still remember that. It just made me feel awesome for some reason, having a protagonist who just doesn’t care about something as fragile and fickle as female beauty.

So with Sherlock not caring about his shaved head, idk, it just felt nice to me. He’s not the type of person who cares about his appearance more than his identity as a person - he does ridiculous things for Everyone for the sake of the “greater good”, as I’m sure he would say himself. It’s not a big deal, I guess, but since some fans are still bringing it up I just wanted to put in my two cents. And it’s just what I think, I know others disagree and that’s totally fine!

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A Short Story Proving the Pettiness and Spite of Slytherins: sooo, I am a Slytherin who swims competitively. I am 15, and a freshman in hs and this is my first year of competitive swim. I got through the girls' hs swim season OK, I got some of the basics down, so I decided to do an off-season club(henceforth osc) during the winter and summer to keep in shape. Osc is divided into three groups, all based on skill level: bronze, silver, and gold. Since I swam on a hs team, the rules of osc... Tbc

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I can’t swim👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏