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So y'know the hallway scene from 6x06 that's so quintessentially Brittana? The end of it, that is so wonderfully dorky!Brittana, was improvised by Heya (it wasn't scripted), and it makes me wonder how many other character traits we've come to associate with Brittana were created by Heya (never forgetting that Brittana was formed because of Heya improvising)

Hey, thewafflewhat!

I saw that Q&A with Michael Hitchcock, and, I have to say, I’m not surprised the cute dialogue was improvised! 

As you said, so much of the very best of Brittana over the years has come from Heya ad-libs, from some of the earliest pinky linking to “Stop the violence” to Brittany’s melancholic looks all through Season Four (which told us that, no matter what the script said, Baby Girl wasn’t into anything that was happening in Lima that year).

Obviously, without having access to every Glee script (and without knowing what kind of direction Heya might have received on-the-spot from directors, choreographers, producers, etc.), it’s impossible for us to say exactly how many of our favorite Brittana traits come from Heya improvisations as opposed to other sources.

—but my personal guess is “a lot,” as so much of Brittana is and has always been what happens between the lines (e.g., the looks, the little touches, the reactions, the held breaths and hesitations, the heat and energy and determination, the inflection of the lines).

Brittany, Santana, and Brittana have always been so much more than what the Glee scripts tried to allow them to be. 

Thank Grilled Cheesus for Heather and Naya, who understood their characters and the relationship between their characters so well and with so much nuance!

Fall Tag!

In honor of September 1st, I’m starting a new Fall questions tag! Put any of these questions in my ask box and I will answer them. I will ask you some as well!

What did you dress as for Halloween last year?
What is your favorite Fall food?
Do you have any Fall traditions?
Do you have any Halloween traditions?
What music do you like to listen to during Fall?
Favorite spooky movie?
S’mores or pumpkin pie?
Hot chocolate or warm apple cider?
Do you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?
What is your favorite day of the year?
What would your familiar be, if you had one?
What is the story behind your URL?
What is the best thing about your town during Fall?
Do you step on crunchy leaves just to hear their crunchy awesomeness?
Do you like going to the pumpkin patch?
Do you go hiking through the woods during Fall season?
Where do you buy your Fall candles?
Do you enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns?
What is your favorite Fall color?
Favorite tree?
Corn maze or haunted maze?
Are you good at carving pumpkins?
Why did you start your Fall blog?
Do you have a ‘main blog’? Link it!
Spooky or sweet?
Do you enjoy visiting graveyards?
What is your favorite Fall memory?
What was your best Fall ever?
Gloves or mittens?
Do you enjoy rain?
If you could spend Fall anywhere, where would you choose?
What’s your dream Halloween outfit?
Be honest…are you already stocking up for Fall?
Do you enjoy the other seasons?
How do you plan to spend this Halloween?
What is your favorite Fall candle scent?
Do you enjoy Christmas?
What is your favorite store during Fall?
Do you enjoy cold weather?
What is your favorite Halloween candy?
What is one thing you would love to try during Fall, but haven’t yet?
What do your friends and family think of your Fall obsession?
Be honest…are you already planning your Fall-themed wedding?
Do you have Fall/Halloween boards on Pinterest. Link them!

If you have other questions you’re curious about, ask! :)

Nathan Ford - Thief

(in the style of René Gruau)

Waige 30 day challenge

• when everyone finds out about paige kissing walter, there will be a couple episodes of awkward tension
• paige will get jealous when an ex or someone comes back
• the tension will be sexual not emotional for a while
• when they kiss for the first time they don’t talk about it for a while instead the sexual tension just increases
• walter won’t come to terms with his emotions until a least halfway through the season
• sly’s gonna see a lot more of private waige moments
• they will both comfine in tony who, in return, will torture them both forever

I told my friend to watch supernatural and she got scared of the first episode and didn’t want to watch anymore , I told her to just keep going and now she’s half way through season one and is looking for merchandise, my job is complete


Start the tenth season of Spanish TV ‘El Hormiguero’ and to give beginning have created a short fun emulating the legendary comedy film 'Airplane!’ where have with the participation of many of the faces that have gone through the previous season, between Dakota Johnson (7.55m) them appear.

fans when a new season start

new fans: i’m excited to watch my team play :)

old fans: i have returned to hell :)


Hide us from the wrath of the lamb.