through the seasons

@The last pack meeting
  • Scott:I know we've been through a rough few seasons-
  • Stiles:FIVE seasons. It's five seasons.
  • Scott:And all I'm saying is, even though we've been mistreated, we can make our last one positive. I know we have some complaints...
  • Allison:I'm supposed to be alive!
  • Kira:I'm supposed to be in Beacon Hills!
  • Isaac:I'm supposed to be in the country!
  • Lydia:I'm supposed to be out of the hospital!
  • Stiles:I'm supposed to be the comic relief!
  • Malia:I'm supposed to be eight!
  • Scott:I didn't think there'd be many

The #RoadtoAllStars Marathon continues now with Season 5!

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anonymous asked:

I recently started watching Rick and Morty. I burned through both seasons within a week. I crave more. Now what do I do?

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  • season 1 hilbert:a high pitched and squeaky mad scientist puppy dog
  • season 3 hilbert:his voice has dropped 3 octaves, his occupation is brooding
  • season 5 hilbert:his voice is no longer in the range that can be heard by human ears.he is a myth, a legend, a concept. he has transcended this mortal plane and now lives only in the realm of science, , he has really great ideas now but no one will ever know what they are because his voice is too low goddamn

@shamelessfans heyy guys, i’m thinking about watching s6 of shameless, because i followed the show all through its 5 seasons (minus 5.12 that i haven’t watched yet because yes i am deeply emotionally attached to gallavich and i cry very easily) and well, i care about a lot of the characters and kinda miss them. BUT, as a person who watched those series mainly for mickey/ian (back when they had healthy, happy, (ugh you know what i mean) we’re-so-in-love relationship), mickey milkovich himself, lip being lip, the absolute gift that is kev&v’s relationship and fiona’s interesting life choices… IS IT WORTH IT? 

kamechan98  asked:

She seems pretty okay with all that's happened, doesn't she? Karai, I mean. Her wanting to take down Shredder is understandable, as well as her reaction towards TC and the others. But with coming so close to kill the turtles, their friends and even her own father? I mean, I know it's been a while since that happened, but when she disappeared like that, I assumed she was too ashamed to face the guys, but with the way she's acting, it doesn't seem like it.

And, once again, it doesn’t seem like she’s learned her lesson. She constantly looks down her opponents and seems to think she can take anyone down. She thought she could down Shredder and Splinter, who are both Masters, and April, who she constantly targets for no other reason than she’s jealous or just a bitch. She even underestimates Leo. And she hasn’t learned from the pain she went through for two seasons! How being cocky cost her humanity and free will! Development, if you have it show it!

To me, I think that’s like a defense for her. 

The girl is really lost in life. When she first met everyone, she wanted to make the impression that she was strong and didn’t need anyone to help her. Then, with everything that’s happened to her since we first met her, she doesn’t want to seem weak. She wants to prove that nothing can beat her down.
Her arrogance and her cockiness is just her trying to gain respect, because she doesn’t know where she needs to go in life and she doesn’t want to ask for the help. 

I don’t think she’s as strong as she tries to make herself seem. With everything that’s happened to her, she’s bound to be facing some inner demons that she’s not handling too well. And I think that’s why she lashes out the way she does. She can’t stand the idea of losing to those who have wronged her. 

And in some ways, I think she has grown. She asked if Donnie was okay, and said she was glad he was in the end. I think she’s just struggling to find a way to fit into this family she’s now trying to accept are on her side. 

She’s complex. I think we’ll see her get it together eventually.