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Just an observation here: Season One filmed Fall of 2013 thru 2014. Intimate scenes in Eps 107, 108, 109, 110, characters newly married, kissing within scenes from 107-116 were few and only at quiet moments. Season Two filmed Fall of 2014 thru 2015. Intimate scenes 202, 204, 205 characters married 2-3 years Kisses - I don’t know if it was the water, wine, or being in France, but Jamie sure kisses Claire A LOT!! Any break in the conversation Jamie is leaning in for a kiss on Claire, sometimes making her crack a silly smile! SO does Claire being pregnant equal getting more kisses? OR had feeling between the actors changed allowing the two of them to just “go with the feeling” while in the scene to convey their closeness and to use it as a calming effect while acting? I’ve been going through both Season One and Season Two on a binge and I caught this. Although Season one had hotness and sexual tension between the actors and their characters, Season Two went into the aging of a relationship, but had more passionate kisses! Hummm 😳🤔 Makes you think, what’s going on, is reality sinking in? 👀💞IMO

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Oh, I am very excited. We get little hints and teases of her face all through the season. Damon’s memories of her play a big part of the season, and I was just looking at a scene yesterday and being able to see her face brought back so much emotion and nostalgia and sweetness. It’s lovely to have her in the narrative in the way that she is.
Season 14:24 -- On the Spot
  • Season 14:24 -- On the Spot
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This week on Red vs. Blue, the original cast get together with some familiarly voiced faces for some energy drink promotion.

Here drinking lots of modified Red Bull are @rane0, Patrick ( @patrickechohere ), Shi ( @ch0colatewings ), Sam (@jetblacknova), and @daftprodigy.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The final episode of the season will be an interview with the head of story, Miles Luna! Expect it to go live sometime in the next week. We’re so glad to have gone through another season of Red vs. Blue, and look forward to seeing you all on our RWBY show over at the @beacon-broadcast!

I’m done and bored with DWTS I prefer hip hop dancing anyway, I didn’t like Ginger, I don’t like Laurie(I don’t care if it sounds bad, she annoys me too), I can’t stand Amber, Artem’s partner is a cry baby, JJ is annoying, Val looks tired and has been uninspired since he won with Rue, the show bullshits, the stans are weird, the stalker stans are weird. I’m just over it. I can’t suffer through the rest of the season or any other after, but I hope James and Sharna win.

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This relates to a fandom discussion from way back... 5 movies/TV shows that were *terrible* but you watched anyway, because you loved an actor that was in it. (Example: Bed of Roses because I love Christian Slater!)

Okay, Jason Dohring is going to steal most of these slots, because he has crap taste in roles.  

  1. The Deep Below for Jason Dohring.  Nothing can possibly compare to the awfulness of this film.  Read the Wikipedia page for an explanation of why it was so utterly horrible.  JD’s acting was as good as ever, but without even the resemblance of a plot, what’s the point?
  2. The Messengers - Utter garbage.  JD’s casting was announced months early, so I sat through an entire season of bad, wooden, acting for  maybe five minutes total Dohring footage stretched over 3-4 episodes.  I actually get angry thinking about it.
  3. G.I. Joe for like five seconds of Joseph Gordon Levitt - went through a phase where I watched everything he made.  
  4. The Roommate - For Leighton Meester
  5. When in Rome - KBell

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This is Luka. I’m currently going through seasonal depression that triggers my PTSD + a “i dont know what happened or what the other person is feeling”-breakup after falling in real love for the first time. I eat little and cry a lot.

Luka helps by making me sandwiches, letting me talk and cry with snot everywhere, and playing metroid in my bed when i cant be alone.
I am very lucky to have been chosen to be a sister to Luka.

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Kagami Taiga; the hotheaded, food-loving, chiseled, and adorable basketball idiot.

[08.02] Happy Birthday Kagami! (Inspired by x.)


Winter comes for all of us, Catelyn thought. For me, it came when Ned died. It will come for you too, child, and sooner than you like.