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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on The X-Files, The Walking Dead, The Flash, Once, Lucifer, New Girl, Big Bang and More

Question: Based on what the Once Upon a Time creators said about not ruining happy endings, might it be possible for Emilie de Ravin to appear later on in Season 6? —Betsy
Ausiello: There are no plans to have Belle’s portrayer back following her Friday, Oct. 27 encore, “but that’s not to say that we won’t,” says Eddy Kitsis, noting: “We’re only halfway through [writing] the season.” Instead, find solace in the fact that Episode 4, titled “Beauty,” is being buzzed about as one of the fantasy drama’s very best hours, detailing as it does what happened to Rumple, Belle and their son after getting their happy ending in the May finale. But, how does Giles Matthey figure into it, as grown Gideon? “We don’t want to give away what’s happening in the plot,” says co-creator Adam Horowitz, “but you’ll get a deep dive into the Rumbelle life and what they’re doing with their child.”


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I hate how Jason wrote Finn as this "good guy" type of character and he always made bell out to be the bad guy. Plus finn was called out as a coward by both b & c as well. In s2 Finn was only obsessed with finding clarke n bell was worried about her too but understood the bigger picture to deal with those ppl first.

Ah, but he DIDN’T write Finn as a good guy. He wrote Finn as a “good guy.”

And he didn’t make Bellamy the bad guy. He made Bellamy the “bad guy.”

I read an article that said the greatest twist in The 100 was actually making the supposed love interest good guy Finn Collins into the controlling, cheating, manipulative selfish bad guy, and making the supposed “selfish ass” into the selfless protector and respectful partner good guy.

That is a huge narrative statement about the APPEARANCE of being a good guy not actually being the same as the ACTUALITY of being a good person.

And you might think it was just an accident, a twist that they thought was cool, but we actually see this theme, of appearance not matching actuality, throughout the entire show. Or at least through season 3. 

Lincoln’s first appearance is as a nightmare. He’s wearing a monster mask. And he ends up being the gentlest character who sacrifices his life for his beliefs and for his people. He SAYS that we’re all responsible for our monster, so that even when he does things that he knows are wrong, he is unwilling to brush it off and say it was nothing. The opposite of how Finn deals with his sins.

Clarke herself is seen as this innocent, privileged princess who is too gentle to do what needs to be done, but she dives right in and gets the work done with her own two hands, not willing to let others shoulder the burden or make the sacrifices. And she is, in fact, the most ruthless character on the show. She is Wanheda. 

Lxa is first seen as this innocent, weak child, when in fact she is the most powerful person around. 

Dante is presented as a kind grandfather type, but he is the leader of technological vampire nazis. 

If you ask me, the biggest lesson for Clarke, that i”m not sure she’s learned yet, is that she allows the APPEARANCE of a person to make up her mind about who the person is, and what their worth is. If a person LOOKS like a powerful, charismatic person, she’s far more likely to be on their side. If they act like they know what they’re doing, she’ll believe them. I suppose it’s not so odd. She’s very young, she wants them to be authorities. 

Interestingly, during season 2, Finn decided to take charge, and Bellamy let him. Even though he had questions about Finn’s mental state, he still let him, because he was so sure about what to do and I don’t think Bellamy was at all. It wasn’t until he was faced with the girl on the cliff that he took a stand against Finn’s plan, but he still agreed to let Finn go off, to disastrous results. What happened with Finn was something that Bellamy took responsibility for and realized, I think, that it was up to him to make sure things went right. He didn’t always pick the right choice, but he started to make the decisions.

I guess what I want to say is that your criticism of Finn and Bellamy is correct. But your idea that it was JR saying that Finn was the good guy and Bellamy was the bad guy– well that’s not the story. The story is actually what you say. You read it right, but you misattributed the the wrongness of the Finn character to JR’s wrongness, when JR is coming at it from the RIGHT place and trying to get the AUDIENCE to recognize that you can’t take people at face value. You have to judge them by their ACTIONS, not their appearance. 

So what you’re saying? That’s what JR is saying. That’s the point of the Finn and Bellamy contrast in season 1. It’s not JR villainizing Bellamy. It’s flipping the script. 

Hope of Morty

Look, I know there’s like a million Hope of Morning vids already, but trust me. This is a Rick Sanchez song.

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Is Voltron really about to lowkey romantically pair the original Blue Paladin with a Galra



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i just went into your voltron hc tag and read literally everything.... bless u and your shitposts

i can’t believe my headcanons have been ordained

  • “i’ve got a plan” “okay, but is it like a Keith Plan or an actual plan”
  • hunk’s two heroes are han solo and gordon ramsay
    • solo: boots, utility belt, unnecessary vest, snark, luxurious locks
    • ramsay: look at how he took control of that restaurant. he totally watches kitchen nightmares
  • shiro: *jokes about his casual existential angst™* someone: *is concerned* shiro: “no no wait i was trying to be funny”
  • “maybe the real voltron was the friends we made along the way”
  • coran’s rebellious teen phase lasted 35 earth years
  • “if i’m mean to keith will the red lion come eat me”
  • pidge does eventually figure out how to hook up the gaming system
    • there’s a tournament. things start civil but eventually feet are in people’s faces, elbows are flying, threats are being made
    • lance crushes everyone bc he’s from a big family and you can’t convince me that he didn’t learn Defensive Video Game Maneuvers early on in life to survive
  • allura, eyes snapping open in the middle of the night: “coran was born with a mustache”