through the lens photography

Okay so I dropped my phone in the ocean and didn’t notice for 10 minutes

its okay tho, after a good ol’ rice soak its fine and semi working, but the thing is when like I got back on it and it started to work again I looked through my photos and like there was this set of burst photos on there that I didnt take??

what i’m saying is the ocean is an aspiring photographer and I fully support her and her dreams


It’s been a crazy week, and I finally have a few minutes to sit down and tell you all how our secret Disneyland wedding turned out!

We got married September 18, which also happened to be Dapper Day. Because what better day to get married secretly at Disneyland? We wore our outfits and it felt like everyone was dressed up for us, and we also just really love Dapper Day. 

We were joined by just a few people. One of our best friends, Bronson, was the “best minister of honor” seeing as how he was the one to marry us and also took it upon himself to help Andrew and I with wedding duties such as tying Andrew’s tie and making sure that I had tissues. Andrew’s sister and her boyfriend, my friend Rachelle who recorded the whole thing, and my other friend and photographer, Angelica, were all there with us.

We were supposed to get married at 11:30, but seeing as how most people were late and things were just chaotic, we got married at 1:30. We chose Tom Sawyer’s Island for the spot, because it’s one of our favorite parts of Disneyland as well as one of the most secluded. We didn’t want to bring a lot of attention to ourselves so we kept it short, sweet, and out of the way. 

After we said our “I do’s” and kissed, we heard a huge crowd applauding, cheering, and yelling out “congrats.” We turned around and there was a crowd of about 30 people who had witnessed our little marriage. We had no idea. I’m not exactly sure how they all gathered around so fast because the whole thing only took about three minutes. But it was a neat little moment to see everyone so happy for us. 

We thought we got away with it as far as Disney security was concerned, but as soon as we made our way back to the raft to leave the island, two Disney security guards appeared. They walked over to me, I figure because my dress is pretty obvious, and the security lady said “I hear there is an illegal wedding going on?” Oh my gosh you guys I almost fell over and into the water. I thought I was going to Disney jail. Andrew and I totally blanked and just stared at her. She asked us again and Andrew just said, “I guess?” and they basically just asked if it was over and if we were leaving, we said yes, and they said good because they were going to ask us to leave anyway. So we got on the raft without going to Disney jail and both of the security guards smiled and waved, and said “Congratulations!” as we were leaving. We didn’t have to leave the park and I don’t think they meant that anyway, we just had to leave the island. 

So we got away with it just in time.

We spent the rest of the day in the park with our friends. Our night ended as we watched the parade and fireworks with my now sister-in-law and her boyfriend. It was magical. We had a really wonderful time and I’m so happy with how everything turned up, unexpected crowds and security included!

Our reception aka “Happily Ever-After Party” is this Saturday, so expect to see lots of pictures from that since our theme is Up.