through the lens photography

Rebel Arts Photography Initiative

Like many communities in America our neighborhood in Louisville, Ky is rife with guns and violence. As well with a lot of other things that poverty and disregard by the local government brings. They aren’t about providing hope nor. opportunities. But we at Rebel Arts Society are. We are from those streets. We’ve lost friends and family. We found hope in photography. I’m telling our stories through lens. Someone gifting us a camera opened up a creative streak that was dormant and buried about the realities of everyday survival. That gift was paid to us and it’s time for us to pay it forward. We know that times are difficult like always but we have over 12,000+ followers and if we were blessed to get as little as a $1 from most of you all we could easily reach our goal to provide entry level DLSRs to youth under our initiative. And really help shape some young black lives by letting them tell their stories and finding that creative spark. If you can share this and/or donate we would be so thankful 
-Rebel Arts Society