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Some Kind of Hero

 Author’s Note: A small Obauri drabble/fic. I wrote this in like 30 mins, its unbeta’d and kinda lame, but I love lame so bare with me.

Fandom: Yuri!! On Ice

Words: 621

Ship: Otabek/Yurio

Summary: Yakov’s summer camp is a great way to meet fellow skaters, not.

“Hey! Are you just going to leave?!” An angry voice echoed through the dark halls. It was past sunset and Otabek had stayed behind to practice, especially now that he had to prove his worth after being demoted to the novice class.  “Excuse me?” Otabek said in broken Russian. The figure moved closer to him, walking in a brisk pace. The hallways were dark, since it was well after the sun set, except for some light that were shining through the large, glass windows.

“Georgi, you promised to take me home. I told you that I’d tell Yakov that you’ve been playing with your girlfriend again instead of practicing, if you broke your promise. So why are you trying to lea…..Hey! You’re not Georgi.” The figure entered one of the rays of light from the window and Otabek recognized him. Yuri Plisetsky was in his novice class, but they had never really spoken before, rather neither of them really spoke to anyone. Otabek just looked at the younger boy blankly, not really responding since he trying to figure out what is say, and more accurately how to say it in the bits and pieces of Russian that he did know. Before he really had the chance to say something, Yuri already started to walk past him while grumbling.

Otabek watched the young blonde disappear through the dark hallway, his mind going into a slight daydream. The sound of rumbling thunder in the distance, broke Otabek’s line of concentration. “I should go home before the storm rolls in,” he muttered to himself, staring at the lights of St. Petersberg though the large windows.


A loud sneeze brought his attention to the shivering figure in front of him. Once again, Yuri Plisetsky was standing before him, but this time the boy didn’t talk to him. Otabek just walked passed the boy towards the bicycle stands. He unlocked his bicycle, a present from his father for this summer’s camp, and was about to get on it when he looked towards the doors of the building once more. Yuri was sitting on the steps by himself, as if he was waiting for someone, and Otabek recalled the one named Georgi had left with a girl earlier on. Otabek couldn’t really explain why he did what he did. It was possible that it might have been that he felt similar to Yuri when it came to the ice, or it might have been the strong flash of lightning, but whatever it was wasn’t important.

“Yuri, get on” Otabek said, hand held out with an extra helmet towards the ten-year-old. The blonde boy looked at Otabek and said, “What do you think you are? Some hero? I don’t need help from wierdos like you.”

“Come on it’ll rain soon, where do you need to go?” Otabek said, eyes never waving as he stared into Yuri’s eyes, almost like a battle of willpower.

Strong, like a soldier, Otabek thought to himself.

Otabek wasn’t sure how long Yuri was going to continue rejecting his offer, but the sound of thunder once more rumbled through the skies as Yuri’s determination wavered for a moment. “Near the train station.” Yuri mumbled as he forcefully yanked the helmet from Otabek’s hand.

A small smile graced his lips as Otabek patted the back of his bicycle. Yuri got on the back in one swift motion, and held the sides of the bars next to him. “Hold tight,” Otabek said grabbing Yuri’s arms and wrapping them around his waist. “T-t-thank you,” Yuri said, with a small smile and red ear tips while Otabek felt a small tug on his heart, returned the smile am started pedaling, feeling the warmth of Yuri on his back.  

I Need You (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

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Warning(s): Angst, Character Death 

Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Batman x Reader

The howling sound that the strong winds emitted echoed off the ivory walls of the three storey building. Coldness enclosed the manor, while a strong sense of sadness loomed over the home like a thick thunder cloud that was ready to burst with heavy rain. You never felt like this before; a mixture of both regret, sorrow, and aggravation. The multiple emotions danced through your body and tugged at your throbbing heart.

You wanted this to end.

Fluffy, grey storm clouds crept through the city of Gotham and towards the manor that your once happy family resided in. Your dewy eyes peered out through the large window, while your numb fingertips clawed at the cold, foggy glass that separated you from the outside.


For once Gotham looked peaceful - it looked safe. But you knew deep down that wasn’t the case. Gotham was a toxic breeding ground for crime, and it didn’t help that you were a product of this violent city. 

“Ah, Ms. {Last Name}…I didn’t expect you to be up this early.” The soft and posh voice of your butler; Alfred said, pulling you out of your head. 

“A-Alfred…Yeah, I just - I just wanted to walk around for a bit.” You whispered, the sound of the wind whipping through the hallway eased the tension between you two. Your damp silk nightgown stuck onto your body, indicating to Alfred that another nightmare has taken your peaceful night of sleep. The old butler shuffled towards you, his hands holding onto a mysterious item.

“I know this might be rude of me,” he let out a deep, shaky sigh while his eyes peered straight into yours. “You need to get over your grudge you have against Bruce. This tension you two have is a pestilence in your relationship.”

“But Alfred–”

“You two need each other; more than anything now. I understand that you’re still mourning, but so is Bruce. That boy was like a son to him.”

You turned your back towards Alfred, you couldn’t take his stare anymore. He was right, of course he was right, you needed to talk to Bruce. Salty tears rolled down your cheeks and your tense shoulders became slack. Thoughts about the dark haired boy that went by the alias of Robin filled your dark mind.

Jason was too young, too naive, and too headstrong.

He didn’t deserve to die. He didn’t deserve to be murdered.

Alfred walked towards your side, resting a gentle hand on your shoulder. The smell of expensive tea and luxurious fragrances wafted off of him. You leaned your head on his shoulder as his hand rubbed the tears off of your face.

“Talk to him, {Name}. He needs you.”


Here you stood, face to face towards the oak door that separated you from your lover; Bruce. It’s been a whole month since you took a step into your shared bedroom with Bruce. After the funeral you ordered Alfred to fetch your things and put them in a guestroom that was on the other side of the manor, not even bothering to tell Bruce about it. You shut your eyes while your hand played with the hem of the object, it’s softness soothing you. 

With a quick movement you opened the door, only to be hit with a wave of remorse. How could you do this to him? How could you leave the only man you love to wallow in his pity. The sight you were met with was unnerving and the epitome of melancholy. 

The once strong and handsome playboy that you fell in love with now small and weakened by sadness. 

“Alfred I told you I–”

“It’s not Alfred, Bruce…” You saw him tense at the sound of your voice, which only hurt you more. “I-It’s me.”

He went quiet, not saying anything. You stood there and played with the soft wool-like object some more, hoping that it’ll calm you. You took a step forward, only to stop when the man before you shot up, the sound of his bones popping filled the air. Bruce’s dark eyes peered into yours, and for a minute you could see the old Bruce.

Not the billionaire playboy; but the innocent and loving child that lost his parents. The same child that had to grow up and find himself in this mad city, the same child who vowed to protect Gotham with his life. You let out a low wail as you began to sob. How could you leave this man - this child who needed you?

“Bruce…I-I’m sorry! I know you don’t want to see me now, but I’m–” 

He pulled you in a hug, silencing your cries. He smelt of firewood, bourbon, and sweat. You pulled onto his shirt, pushing your body deeper into the hug. You missed this. You missed his touch, and his smell, and his presence. 

You missed Bruce.

You continued to sob into his grey shirt while his rough hands wondered around your back. His chin rested on top of your head, while your face is pressed against his chest. 

“It’s okay, it’s okay, shush…It’s not your fault.” Bruce said, his words mending and molding together. He’s right, It’s no one’s fault. it wasn’t yours nor his; it was no ones. You slowly pull away from the man, your eyes still filled with tears. Without a second thought you rubbed the object against your face, rubbing away the tears that stained your eyes. It smelt just like him

“I-Is that…?”

“Yes, Bruce. It’s Jason’s favorite hoodie,” You said, stretching out the sleeve of the red hoodie. Bruce stood and watch, taken back at the wool garment. 

“May I…?” Bruce said. You knew what he was trying to ask, slowly you handed the man the red hoodie, watching as it slipped from your hands. Bruce fingers played with the cheap fabric, tugging and pulling on loose ends that adorn the hoodie like a Christmas tree. Without warning Bruce dropped the hoodie onto the wooden floor and with one quick movement he held you in his arms.

“He’s gone, {Name}. He’s really gone…” He choked out, his voice shaking with every word he spoke. 

“I know, I know, I know…”

“Please, {Name}. Please don’t leave me…” Bruce said, his voice sounding desperate and full of hurt.

“I need you.”                            

It burns, doesn’t it ?  [Pt. 5]

Genre: Mafia!au (Mature) Fluff? Angst…so much angst. Violence and all that good mafia stuff.

Members: Jungkook x Yoongi x Namjoon x Jin  x Hoseok x Jimin x Taehyung  Feat. Got7

Summary: Why am I hurting alone? Why am I in love alone?

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Prologue I Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I Pt. 3 I Pt. 4 I Pt. 5 I Pt. 6 I

The base was near empty and cars raced out and into the street to make it to wherever they were ordered to be. Others, like himself, were out on a more confidential assignment. He walked through the alley way to get to the abandon warehouse. He went around to the back to look for an entrance. And like he expected, there was a broken window so he eased through the window, careful to avoid the large shards of glass.

He jumped down and walked through the large open space of the once lively building. It was established that this place was safe ground, meaning rivaling gangs couldn’t fight or trespass in this area so he knew he’d have no interruptions. He navigated through rubble, broken chairs and shattered glass to get to a turned over wooden desk. He turned the desk up right and opened up the drawers to pull out some papers. He sat them down and began to skim through the old files in search of one name. Min Yoongi.

 “Where is it?” He said to himself.

“What’re you doing here?” The sound of a familiar voice broke Taehyung out of concentration. Hoseok.

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Virginian in denial (Jeffmads) Chp.5

James was sitting at one of the outside tables at Café Breve-ges.

He looked through the large glass window beside him, Samuel was in line ordering their coffees.

Samuel was wearing a pure white jacket, though the bright jacket contrasted his expression, which showed signs of worry.

James wondered if everything was alright between him and Lee.


“Well if it isn’t a sucker and a suck up.” Lee stated slyly as he walked over to James and Thomas who were sitting at a small rectangular table in the large classroom.

“Charles…” Samuel said quietly hoping Lee would stop.

Thomas grinned crossing his legs in his chair, “Glad to know we’ll be working with such nice partners.”

James looked up at them not wanting to deal with stupid taunts, “Can we focus at the task at han- COUGH COUGH!” James covered his mouth with his hand.

“You aren’t contagious, are you?” Samuel asked concerned.

“Don’t worry Sammy, you won’t catch the gay.” Lee sneered as he looked at Thomas, waiting to see his expression.

“Lee’s right, you can’t catch something you already have, you know from experience, don’t you Lee?” Thomas smiled up at Lee, who was now starting to turn bright red.

“Can we not do thi- COUGH! COUGH!



“JAMES!” Samuel yelled louder.

James jumped a little, startled, his hand bumped a cup of coffee almost onto Samuel’s white coat before he caught it. “Sorry.”

Samuel sighed, “You were staring… you made a girl feel uncomfortable.” He pointed into the  Café.

James looked as a awkward looking girl with curly black hair in a ponytail and a yellow Sunday dress waved.

James face turned red as he made an awkward wave back mouthing the word Sorry.

Trying to change the subject James turned around to Samuel, “You seem worried, is Lee ok?”

“Wha- Lee?! No, I’m worried about you! You look like you haven’t slept in weeks and your so- despondent! You haven’t been picking up your phone, what’s wrong?”

What’s wrong? Why is this happening, how did this happen?

James tried to make sense of his thoughts as he started shaking, tears were forming, “I’m losing him because of some stupid papers!”

“James!” Samuel rushed over to James trying to comfort him.

He had never seen James so emotional, he was always so quiet, deadpan, and straight forward with the occasional smile when he was with Thomas.

Samuel was taken aback when James started to hug him, his hands squeezed into the back of Samuel’s jacket.

Hugging him back Samuel’s mind raced, What could have done this to him? When did this start?

As James continued to cry on his shoulder, Samuel tried to calm him down, “James, I want to help, but I can’t do that if I don’t know what happened.”

James started shaking more, “James! I’m here, it’s ok- it’s going to be fine, just please… tell me what happened.”

James stopped shaking. He sighed a rigged breath as he loosened his grip on Samuel, “It happened two weeks ago…”


“What is that?” Thomas had a disgusted face as he watched James open the pizza box, “Is that fucking pineapple?”

“With ham.” James said getting a slice and putting it on his plate.

“I have lost all respect for you.” Thomas grabbed his own slice from the other side of the pizza.

“This is coming from the guy that got macaroni on his half.” James watched as Thomas stuffed half the slice in his mouth, “Aht leash minths from Europef.”

“What’s wrong with American pizza?” James took a small bite as Thomas started choking,

“FUK- AMERICAN?!- COUGH! That’s not-COUGH! American it’s some primitive mistake- I think there’s a piece on mine-” Thomas peeled a small price of pineapple off his slice.

“Here open up.” Thomas smiled as James looked back disappointed, “Are you going to waste it if I don’t?”

“Believe me, the trash is where this thing belongs.” Thomas moved his hand back and forth getting ready to toss.

“Fine.” James sighed as he opened his mouth, the piece of pineapple landing on his cheek.

“Woops,” Thomas leaned over, he kissed James as he licked the pineapple off, “Yep, that’s disgusting.”

“Your turn.” Thomas opened his mouth as James picked off another pineapple, “NOT THE PINEAPPLE!!”

James rolled his eyes as he put the pineapple back and picked up a piece macaroni instead.

Thomas was much taller than him, James tossed and missed as the noodle fell into Thomas’s lap.

“Well,” Thomas raised his brows as smiled at James.

“No, Thomas.” James took another bite as Thomas made a little scoff, “Oh come on Madie! We’ve been dating for over a year, and we’ve known each other much longer than that!”

“I am aware of that Thomas, I just want to wait.” James looked up as Thomas scoffed louder, “Wait for what? Do you not think- do you think I would-”

“I never said that-” James put his plate down.

“You implied it though,” Thomas stood up, “You think I’m going to-”

“NO, I don’t! Don’t put words in my mouth.” James stood up as well.

Thomas looked down at James, “Then why don’t you want to-”

“Because, it should be memorable, doing it on a ragged couch in a rundown apartment that smells like spoiled milk, isn’t memorable.” James took a deep breathe, “I’m just- waiting for the right time.”

Thomas opened his mouth ready to counter James, then sighing he bent down to James height, “Alright, we’ll wait.”

Wrapping his arms around him, Thomas kissed James, “…You taste like pineapple.”


James woke up looking at a pale white wall, in a pale white queen sized bed, with pale white sheets.

Getting out of the Samuel’s’ bed James walked over into the main room. Lee and Samuel’s apartment was huge, or at least for high school students.

The bedroom, having the huge bed, still had space for a small desk and a set of drawers.

The main room had a large L shaped sofa, a coffee table and a small flat-screen TV.

The couch was covered in messy blankets and a lumpy pillow, where Lee slept.

James walked into the large kitchen spotting a note on the fridge,

    I hope you got plenty of sleep last night, your keys are on the coffee table in the living room. You are welcome to stay here anytime.

P.s. Feel free to eat something from the fridge.

Rubbing one of his eyes, James opened the refrigerator door as a slik voice entered the room, “So, Tommy couldn’t keep it in his pants.”

James turned around to see Lee leaning against the kitchen doorway, a smug expression on his face, “What do you want.”

Want? Why would I want anything? I just thought I could help.” Lee walked over to James, “Are you aware of the phrase,’You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’?”

James squinted his eyes, “Where is this going?”

“Well… if Thomas were to lose what he’s got, then he would realize that he made a mistake.” Lee looked back at James, as if this were an obvious solution.

“You’re asking me to kill myself?” James raised his eyebrow as Lee started shaking his head, “No…only temporarily at least,”

James began to walk past Lee as he put his arm across the doorway blocking James, “There’s this drug floating around the black market called Fausse Mort-”

“Fake death.” James tried to duck under Lee’s arm but Lee put his hands firmly on James’s shoulders, “Yea, anyways it’s mixed with something called Adenosine, it’s supposed to stop your heart for a bit.”

“Let go of me,” James shook Lee off as he walked into the main room, “It’s not strong though!” Lee yelled at James, “The doctors could revive you with a few shocks of the defibrillator!”

“You know what Lee? You can take your drug and shove it up your petty ass!”

James snatched his keys off the table and walked out the door as Lee yelled at him again, “AT LEAST MY PETTY ASS ISN’T WASTING TIME WITH A WHORE!

James slammed the door.


The French King sat motionless upon his throne as his blue gaze skimmed the sea of people. Giving a nod to his guard, the man cleared his throats and captured the attention of the court. Pleased with the results, Charles came to his feet and lifted his glass of wine. “–With great pleasure, I receive you all and welcome you to France. May we all bask in this new found peace and friendship. God be with us all,” he announced in a tone loud enough to linger through large room. Bringing the glass down to to dismiss their attention, Charles began to float around and mingle with his foreign guests.

“Here at the radio station it’s contract negotiation season with the station management again! That’s always an interesting time. Now, obviously, I’m not allowed to go into details, but negotiation is tricky when you’re never allowed to glimpse what you’re negotiating with. Station management stays inside their office at all times, only communicating with us through sealed envelopes that are spat out from under the door like a sunflower shell through teeth. Then, in order to respond, you just kind of shout at the closed door and hope that management hears. Sometimes you can see movements through the frosted glass, large shaped shifting around, strange tendrils whipping through the air. Architecturally speaking, the apparent size of management’s office does not physically make sense given the size of the building, but it’s hard to say really, as no one has ever seen the actual office. Only its translucence.”

The Ballerina (Part 6)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky and Steve are on the run, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and in a last attempt to ditch the people trailing them, they crash through a large stained glass window and right into a theater. Reader is a dancer at the theater and has no idea what’s going on when two super-soldiers land in the middle of her stage during a show. (Sorry this is a really shit summary)

Warnings: smashing stuff? idk is that even a warning? swearing, mentions of blood, mentions of sibling in the military (not sure if that’s a warning either) things get cute, like really cute

Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3  -  Part 4  -  Part 5

Tags: @princeofsassgard @shortishblogger @bipolxr-wreck


Previously: BUCKY POV:  “Oh my God!” Her hands gripped the edge of the countertop. “What?! Is it bad?!” She looked truly fearful. “You’re going to live.” I said with a smile, wrapping the bandage. She landed a light punch to my shoulder, muttering something that sounded like “asshole”. She tried to look angry but the corners of her mouth seemed to have a hard time pointing downward. I was suddenly aware of how I was standing, almost entirely between her legs with her right ankle resting in my left hand. We were interrupted when Steve came back in, his phone gripped tightly in his hand. “We need to leave. They’re onto us.”

(pic is not mine)

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♡♡ There's Something about Mary ♡♡

Chapter 17 : Bonnie and Clyde

Negan and Mary ( Rick’s daughter ) slowburn.


Sun rays peaked through the glass of the large window of Negan’s bedroom resting on Mary’s face.
She rolled in the bed.
She opened her eyes, she squinted covering the rays with her hand, ~time to wake up and start the day~ her subconscious poked her. Her head sores .

Suddenly she gasped, eyes widened as she realized she’s half naked IN NEGAN’S ROOM, LAYING ON HIS BED .
she covered her breasts with the sheets , she tried to remember what happened, squeezing her brain to remind her of the last night’s events. A peice of paper that laid next to her draw her attention, she grabbed it and unfold it to read the note written on it :
“”“Morning baby, I had to leave the room early thing in the morning for a meeting that I already delayed yesterday 《because of you》. You’ll find your breakfast on the coffee table, and there’s a pill for your headache in the tray! Hangovers suck balls!! And No !nothing happened! As much as I wanted to make you scream but no! I didn’t take advantage of you !! See you later, yours truly ”“”“
Mary looked around, blinking trying to remember what happened, then the events of last night hit her like a tsunami!
She remembered how she came to him drunk, how she seduced him, how he kissed her , how he stopped and HOW he told her he loves her! ~oh God!! That escalated quickly! ~

Mary could hardly get on her legs, placing her hand on her head, then a sudden wave of nausea hit her and she walked as fast as she could to get to Negan’s bathroom, holding her vomit in by her hand, till she found the toilet . She got on her knees barfing over and over, she gasped for air trailing her lips with her palm to wipe some vomit off them ~thank God! Negan is not her to witness this mess!!~
Mary got up on her feet again,washed her face and rinsed her mouth , then she wore her dress , she could hardly eat anything because of her first hangover. ~her first of everything~ then she took the pill Negan left for her.
Mary opened the door slowly, peeking right and left to see if there was anybody around, she left the room tiptoeing ,closing the door the way she opened it , but when she turned towards her room she saw Jodi walking out of hers ~well shit!~
“Mary?!” Jodi greeted.
“Ah, hi Jodi !” Mary rubbed the back of her neck nervously.
Jodi blurted “I should tell you that Amber and Frankie are upset, they said you were rude to them last night, but no worries, they knew you were drunk, they didn’t judge you, after all it was your first night with Negan , Amber had to..”
“Nothing happened between us , I swear! Well we made out”! Mary cut her off!
“Mary , you don’t have to explain anything to me, you’re his wife too, you can do whatever you want with him!” Jodi chuckled , but she stopped immediately when she saw the sad serious look on Mary’s face.
“Sweetie what’s wrong? ”
“I don’t know, I… he, he ever told you or any of the other wives that he loves you??” Mary said in a low voice.
“Love?? He…wow! He told you he lives you?! !” Jodi shook her head and smiled.
“What, what??? Jodi? ” Mary got really curious.
“No ,Mary, he never said the word to any of us! And none of us said it to him!! But Why am I not shocked!!! I saw how concerned and sad when you tried to kill yourself! I already told you that!”
Mary nodded.
“But I never told you he cried!” Jodi added.
“What?!” Mary was trying to analyze what she just heard.
“His eyes were reddened, he was definitely crying before I and the other girls went to the clinic to see you!”
Mary remained silent, she didn’t know what to say ~so Negan’s behaviors around her are exclusive only to her??~
“Mary, I know this is serious, I know what the other wives are saying about Negan, I know how terrifying and cruel Negan could get, I know he’s unpredictable, but he admitted his love for you , he’s not a liar, never been. This is a fact! But I could also see that you want him too!! ” Jodi placed her hand on Mary’s shoulder
“what I’m saying is, follow your heart!”
Jodi smiled and continued walking down the corridor.
Mary remained still in her spot , then headed to her room.
Hours passed, Mary kept herself busy doing the same stuff she does everyday. But she felt so bored in Negan’s absence, she asked about him, one of the saviors told her he left the Sanctuary to one of his outposts.
She laid on her bed, waiting for him , she already wore the sexiest dress and lingeries she has, wore make up and perfume . Her high heels made her shape even sexier. As she waited, she recalled last night’s events, she wanted him and now she’s into him even more when he acted like a gentleman with her!!! ~He probably had the biggest blue balls ever!~ Mary smiled to herself. She replayed his words in her mind, especially the “because I love you Mary Grimes ” ones. She felt warm, Jodi told her that he never said the word love to any of them, and that he shed tears for her. Mary felt special. She bit her lips,~it’s true she’s a virgin but the things she’d do to him, he’d be worn out!!!~
Set of knocks snapped her out of her thoughts , she checked her reflection on the mirror before opening, her sexy smile dropped when the one who knocked wasn’t Negan, it was Sherry.
“Are you expecting someone? You look disappointed! ” Sherry raised her brows.
“Uh, no! I didn’t expect anyone! ” Mary lied.
“Come in Sherry! ”
Sherry entered and seated on the couch ,
Mary looked at her in confusion.
“Look, Mary , I’m gonna get straight to the point. We need your help!”
Mary blinked “ help? Wh-what are you talking about Sherry? Who’s we?”
“We have to go! We, Dwight and I talked about the details of our escape for months before you and Daryl got here, we arranged everything , our first escape was a big failure, we didn’t think of anything, we just ran and panicked, we made a mistake coming back here, but now we thought of every detail.
…. I thought of you and Daryl then , I just can’t leave without you guys ! ”
Mary composed herself ,she didn’t see it coming, but then she became just skeptical
“Daryl and I are not your friends or Dwight ’s, what’s in to you? ”
Sherry knew that Mary is being cautious.
“We , we just feel sorry for you guys, Negan is cruel to Daryl, he’s been through all sorts of pain, he reminds Dwight of himself, D could see his old self in Daryl, we don’t want to see what happened to us , happen to you two, you can come with us, Dwight told me to drop it, but I can’t leave you behind, especially not after what you’ve been through!” Sherry looked at Mary’s wrist wrist.

Mary didn’t tell a soul about her conversation with Negan when he told Mary he’ll take her back to Alexandria, Sherry figured she’d manage to help them out with her and Dwight.

“ Dwight can even fake our death, and Negan will lose interest in tracing us!” Sherry looked into Mary’s eyes trying to convince her of the plan.
“ take Daryl, I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying! ”
Sherry’s eyes widened in shock
“What??? but Mar…”
“No, if I left , my dad could get hurt, Negan would hurt him in retaliation !”
Mary just didn’t want to leave.
“I told you , Dwight can fake..”
“No, Sherry! End of conversation! ” Mary cut her off with a gesture from her hand then she added
“You know Sherry, you and Dwight reminded me of Bonnie and Clyde, except they both died for real!”
Sherry rolled her eyes and smiled “ oh I’m flattered !”
“When it’s happening? ”
“Tonight Mary! Tonight!!”


Let’s Not Fall In Love | 9



chapter length and warnings: 12.5k (longest chapter yet!1). domestic violence and homophobia, this is pretty heavy-going in terms of jungkook’s father being particularly nasty, and idk, it’s just a really angsty chapter, so please be warned. it’s all a mess, basically. also, i haven’t read it through, so sorry if there are mistakes/continuity errors/etc. ok enjoy!

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A Snowy Night

At long last!  The drabble I promised to @thelordofimladris for a prize during my 500+ follower giveaway

That night, the sounds of the house almost seemed muted from the heavy snow that was falling outside.  The large flakes could be seen falling through the glass panes of the windows as Glorfindel made his way from his rooms to Elrond’s office.  It was the night they usually spent sharing glasses of wine and relaxing from the stresses of their duties, and he was running late.  He knew that Elrond would not mind his tardiness, but that did not mean his friend would not worry about what had kept him.  The moments seemed to stretch long as he walked quickly, and when he arrived at the familiar oaken door, he found that it was already cracked as though he was being welcomed from the warm fire crackling in the room.
As the door was already open, and he was expected, Glorfindel felt no need to knock on the door before stepping into the warm room.  He let out a bit of an exasperated sound when he saw that Elrond was bent over a very official looking document, his brow lowered in concentration, and a serious look on his face.  “What happened to tonight being for relaxing?” he huffed as he lay out on the couch settled by the fire.
“I thought that relaxing did not start until a certain someone walked through my door,” Elrond answered evenly, looking up from the document.  “Since I seem to remember someone complaining about me already having finished a glass of wine by this point last week.  Something about me wanting to relax alone or something…”
“I believe I dramatically accused you of needing alcohol to want to spend time with me,” Glorfindel answered with a laugh as the dark haired lord rose from behind his desk to join him by the fire.  “And it made you laugh, just like I intended.  You have been rather serious of late, my friend.  It has been all I could do to keep your sons from trying to dye your skin strange colors.”
“Well I thank you for your efforts,” Elrond laughed, pausing just long enough to grab the bottle of wine and glasses he had called for earlier.  As he sat down in the chair, he passed a glass to his golden friend, and opened the bottle with the ease of long practice.  He then placed the bottle just out of reach of the other to let it breathe.
“You didn’t have to take my teasing so seriously, Elrond.  Now we have to wait to share that wine!”
“Oh, you will survive.  Now tell me what kept you so long, and why is your hair so damp?  Did you bath early today?” Elrond inquired, not able to keep a bit of relief from his voice.  Usually when Glorfindel was late to their relaxation time it involved some kind of injury to someone.  But so far, the golden elf just looked a bit tired, not nearly as agitated as he normally would if that were the case.
“I was out in the snow,” came the immediate answer accompanied by a shrug, almost as though Elrond should know that fact.  He then stretched in a cat-like manner before sitting to toe off the light house shoes he had slipped into before coming, and then drawing his feet up underneath him in a cross-legged position.  “Your sons appeared in my office as soon as they thought there was enough snow on the ground for their purpose, and drug me outside.  They kept me out there building forts in the snow until just about half an hour ago.  I was soaked through to the skin from all the excitement.  And I would dress warmly tomorrow, if I were you.  They are planning to kidnap you for a snowball fight.”
That was enough to make Elrond laugh.  “Oh, I will take that warning to heart.  Sorry they had you out there for so long today.  I know you do not appreciate the snow as much as those two.”  He offered Glorfindel another smile before standing to walk to the mantle, returning to offer a leather bound book and charcoal pencil to his friend.  “You forgot these here last time, and I forgot them until just now.  I didn’t even get the chance to look at the pages to see what you’ve been working on recently.”
The sight of his sketch book, Glorfindel’s eyes lit up with happiness.  “Oh good, I was afraid I had left it by the fountain again.  Last time that happened, I lost most of my work to the water.  It was tragic,” he explained as he lovingly opened the book, turning the pages just far enough away that Elrond could not see anything.  “Now, if you want to see what I have been working on, pour us some wine, and put an open book in your lap.”
“Oh, so you are sketching me.”
“I never said that,” Glorfindel laughed as he watched his friend pour the rich wine into their glasses.  “That is just how you seem the most relaxed even if we are in the room together doing nothing but talk.”
One of Elrond’s eyebrows arched up toward his hairline as he watched the golden elf take a sip of his wine before beginning to work.  “Sometimes I envy the way that you can just escape into your art.  Are you going to just focus on that so I have to read a book so I don’t just slip into sleep?”
“Oh, I would never ignore you,” Glorfindel promised, already sounding rather distracted.
That was enough to get Elrond laughing again while he fetched a book to occupy his time, settling into his chair in just the way that Glorfindel had described.  That night, the warm glow of firelight in the lord’s study mirrored the warmth of their companionship, creating a bubble of peace in the midst of the snowy night.

Something Special

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Featuring: Tony, Natasha, Clint

Prompt from x: “Please, just listen to me,” she said. “I have a bad feeling. I can’t explain it but, I think something terrible is going to happen.”

Summary: The reader predicts an attack on the tower, but her predictions lead to something more?

Word Count: 1615

A/N: there isn’t actually much between the reader and Steve, but it was worth mentioning they were dating, I guess.

Masterlist (mobile friendly here)

Steve was just about to leave the tower, holdall bag in hand, white vest top on and black sweats. He had been training intensively, as per usual. It’s what he usually did when he was stressed, or just needed something to do, really.

Steve stopped completely in his tracks when you burst through the large glass front doors. You could have shattered them with the amount of force you put into it. You looked around frantically, panic set on your face, completely breathless from running God knows how many blocks from your apartment. You found Steve in the small crowd of the lobby and ran to him, falling into his arms as he dropped is bag and grasped you tightly.

“[Y/N], what’s wrong?” Steve asked you, his voice remaining calm, something you couldn’t do.

“Something awful is going to happen, Steve! You have to warn the others! The entire city!” You weren’t an Avenger but they had grown fond of you, you being Steve’s girlfriend and all. They should listen to you in theory.

“[Y/N], calm down.” You tried to slow your breathing so that you didn’t start hyperventilating, it didn’t work. “Nothing bad is going to happen, we have everything under control. HYDRA isn’t a threat anymore, and we haven’t come across any others.” Steve had his hands placed on your shoulders comfortingly.

“Please, just listen to me,” you said. “I have a bad feeling. I can’t explain it but, I think something terrible is going to happen.” You grabbed his right hand and tried to pull Steve toward the elevator, he was much, much stronger than you though, and stood in his place.

“Do you have any proof? You can’t just waltz in and say something’s wrong and panic everybody and it turns out nothing was wrong in the first place.”

You just stared at him. “Do I ever have solid evidence? Every other time this has happened I’ve been right.” You pulled your hand away from his turning for the door.

Just then, you heard a blast. It shook the entire building, glass spraying everywhere. You fell to the ground, bringing your hands up to shield yourself, but not before Steve ran toward you, placing his body in front of yours, taking the brunt of the hit. Blood poured from the tiny cuts on his body, but he insisted he was fine. Steve ran to grab his shield from his holdall he had dropped on the floor earlier while you saw Stark flying around outside in his suit, shooting repulsor beams from his hands. Clint and Natasha stepped out of the elevator, with Clint running toward the racket going on outside. Natasha ran up to you, however, and handed you a pistol and an earpiece. “Point and shoot,” she said. You put on your earpiece and did exactly what the redhead said.

You ran to find cover behind one of the pillars in the hall, not too close to the once-was doorway. You were pretty handy with a gun. You stepped out to find a target, recognising the badges the men were wearing. HYDRA.

“Steve, you said these guys weren’t a threat,” you said through the earpiece, shooting a soldier that came too close for your liking. You didn’t want to waste ammo, seeing as you only had the clip that was already in your gun.

“They weren’t,” you say Steve outside, throwing around his shield like it was no big deal, knocking out 3 or 4 soldiers with one throw.

“There weren’t any more bases that we knew of,” you heard Clint say. “That didn’t mean they weren’t a threat.”

You understood, though. Steve didn’t want to worry you or risk putting you in danger, it’s just the way he did things and you couldn’t blame him for that.

Another soldier made his way into the building, not for long, though. You shot him in the head and he fell to the ground in one large, limp heap.

“All those video games really do some good, don’t they, [Y/N],” Tony said, humour in his voice.

“Ha ha, Stark. Be careful or I might just miss and hit you instead.” You shot another soldier. You only had three bullets left, you had to make them count.

You eventually ran out of bullets, but there were still many agents to be discarded of. You stayed behind cover, not wanting to get too caught up in the fight. Running to a place you thought was more inaccessible to the soldiers was a bad move, though, as one stopped you right in your path, gun pointed straight to you. You were out of options, he was too far away for you to tackle him before he shot you, there was no way you could run to cover somewhere else and you had no other defense on you. You stood there, searching the room, looking for faults in the soldier’s demeanour, looking for a way out. But you found none, and you admitted defeat to yourself. The soldier raised his gun slightly more, pulling the trigger. You involuntarily brought up your hands to shield yourself, thinking that it was the end. But instead, you opened your eyes to see some sort of clear, magical shield around your front, coming from where you held your arms. The soldier in front of you was stunned, as were you. But you took the opportunity to tackle his rifle off of him and pointed it at him. These were basic things Steve taught you just in case the time ever came up. You shot the soldier down and returned back behind cover.

“Did you guys see that?” You asked frantically, making sure no more soldiers were near you.

“The weird shield thing that popped up in front of you? Yeah, I saw that,” Natasha said between breaths.

“That’s never happened before?” Steve was still beating soldiers to the ground but still managed to speak with ease.

“If it had happened before do you honestly think I would have kept it from you? This stuff is insane.” You kept peering up and around the corner to make sure your area was clear. You wanted to help more but after what just happened you needed to figure yourself out.

“So your girlfriend’s psychic and magical, Steve? Did you pick her up from Asgard?” Tony jested.

“Who said I was psychic?”

“The fact you always come running in when danger’s about to happen said it all.”

You heard the fighting die down outside, the four Avengers coming through to where you were. Natasha’s hair was all out of place and Steve was still visibly bleeding but everything else seemed well, except you.

They took you up to their little (well, large) lounge area at the top of the Tower. Natasha was carefully plucking out little bits of glass from Steve’s frame, Tony was trying to figure out where the hell that attack came from, and Clint, he was just sitting on the sofa, making sarcastic comments about “I thought it was two heads that grew, not an entire army!”

You were trying to figure out what happened. You have never been able to do that, and it wasn’t the first time you’ve tried to stop something from hitting you with your hands up like that. You had certainly not been experimented on, and as far as you were aware, your genes were completely and utterly normal. You tried Googling if anything like that was possible, checking S.H.I.E.L.D. databases for anything similar. The only thing that came close to your little shield thing was Wanda’s powers, but they came from Loki’s staff so it couldn’t be that.

“Maybe you’re just special,” Clint said, checking his arms and torso for any cuts or grazes.

“It’s not that simple. It can’t be that simple. And being special isn’t even that simple!” You stood up, pacing around. Steve shot a look at you, his blue eyes trying to comfort you.

“Either way, I think [Y/N] should become an Avenger,” Tony said, not even looking up from the tablet he was scrolling through.

“Absolutely not!” Steve almost shouted. You understood he wanted you to be safe but he couldn’t decide these things for you.

You walked over to him, placing a hand on his bare shoulder just after Natasha had finished up. “If I can be a help, then I might as well join.”

He looked up at you, eyes wide. “You can’t. I don’t want to lose you, too.”

“If anything, you guys will be closer. She’ll even get to stay in this wonderful place.” Natasha smiled gently as she sat beside Clint on the sofa.

Steve’s eyes were still trained on you. He rested his head on your hand that lay on his shoulder. “Whatever you think is best, sweetheart.” Steve sighed slightly.

“Well, whatever I have, it’s something special. And it’s something that can be used to help you guys.” You turned toward the others, silently asking for opinions.

“I mean it’s about damn time!” Natasha approved. She had always wanted you to join, you even trained with her most days because she needed a partner, much to Steve’s disapproval.

And so, you finally became an Avenger after years of most of the team begging you to, fighting evil and doing something good for the world.

You never truly found out where or how you got your powers, but they kept growing and getting stronger. You became more aware of where terrible things were going to happen, and could pinpoint their locations with ease. The whole team benefited from your weird magical powers in some way or another. And that was good enough for you.

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soughs  asked:

Michi and Eos sound so interesting ♥ I'm always up for a nice bookshop/florist AU, but I'll read whatever you write about them. (btw, hello, fellow Sufjan Stevens enthusiast)

*it’s pretty short but thanks!! I love writing these two, funny that I had never considered making them know eachother before

It was an unusually sunny day that had the owners of the neighbouring shops of the Alley to be a bit abnormally perky and full of life. More than the others, Michi and Eos of “Growth”, a florists, were practically glowing. The plants were flowering gorgeously, turned toward and soaking up the sunbeams streaming in through the large glass windows. Eos was whispering encouragements in German to her pet project, a rescued Edelweiss plant her mother sent her from home in Switzerland, smiling warmly at the odd pale plant. Michi, on the other hand, was outside the shop sweeping the stoop, whistling a tune as he happily breathed in the atmosphere of the warmth.

Leaning against the broom, eyes closed relaxing, Michi startled and almost fell over before suddenly righting himself when Eos suddenly appeared in front of him with two frozen white hot chocolates, out of nowhere. Thanking her with a smile as he took it, he thought, as he often did, that she was a little too fast and good at surprising people. She had literally just been behind him in the shop, not three shops down at the cafe. She winked at his curious introspection, twisting on her heel, black curls whipping behind her as she bounded into Growth without any further notice.

‘One of these days,” thought Michi, ‘that girl is gonna be the death of me.’

Taking a sip and humming at the utter perfection of the drink, he went to put the broom away in the correct corner, brushing by Eos as she finished up writing the daily deals on the chalkboard in glorious loopy cursive. She called out to him at his place in the back room quickly going over inventory.

“Chichi, Isolde is coming in today to pick up that order of Larkspur, White Lilac, and Lavender for her Mum today, we’ve got that order of Wisteria’s for… Wisteria, and then that shipment of Stephanotis’ should be coming in at 3pm. Other than that and regular business, we’re golden!”

As she started going around spritzing the flowers, Michi leaned down to the Edelweiss perched on the counter, and said in a sing-song tune,

“Today is going to be a good day.”

alphonso-p-spain  asked:

(for your Khajiit) A large, muscular redguard male stepped through the city, a glass battleaxe strapped to his back as he looked around the town for anything strange.

He does, almost every female in the town of whiterun are completely naked, followed by a thin female argonian in Dragon-scale armor carrying a massive bag to the nearest shop.

The Ballerina (Part 4)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky and Steve are on the run, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and in a last attempt to ditch the people trailing them, they crash through a large stained glass window and right into a theater. Reader is a dancer at the theater and has no idea what’s going on when two super-soldiers land in the middle of her stage during a show. (Sorry this is a really shit summary)

Warnings: smashing stuff? idk is that even a warning? swearing, mentions of blood, mentions of sibling in the military (not sure if that’s a warning either) things get cute

Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3

Tags: @princeofsassgard

Previously: BUCKY POV: Steve was right. I didn’t know if we’d get another chance to escape. I couldn’t stay here. It wasn’t safe.  My gaze shifted from Steve back to the ballerina. She was still wearing her light blue dress. Her hair was messy and her leg was bleeding, something I hadn’t noticed before. Despite all that had happened, she didn’t seem to be afraid of me. I held out my hand to her. Steve’s groan of frustration from behind me was audible. “You’re hurt. Can I at least take you home?”

(Pic is not mine)

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It Only Took a Kiss

Pairing: Steve Rogers/ OFC (Nina Franklin)
Rating: Mature (lots and lots of smut)
Author: GinaBaker1666
Summary: Steve’s new girlfriend finally finds out that she’s been dating the first Avenger, and breaking the news to her goes the complete opposite of the way Steve expects it to go.

Nina stepped off the elevator, with her coffee and her purse over her shoulder. Without bothering to take her sunglasses off, she pulled the large glass doors for her floor open, stepping through and bidding the secretary good morning. Friday’s had always been stress free in her office, and even more so now that Steve had become a part of her life. He knew just how to make her relax- what to say and how to uncoil her stress.
Pushing open the door of her office, she quickly discarded her purse in one of the chairs, and moved to open the shades and allow the sun to light the room. Turning on her iPod on the credenza, she scrolled through until she found a playlist she could work to for the day. She quickly pressed play, and Frank Sinatra filled the room.
“Much better.” She spoke to the empty room.
Moving to sit at her desk, she tossed her sunglasses and cell phone down next to her work phone, and turned on her computers monitors, ready to indulge in her bagel and coffee; possibly a little online gossip on the side.
Taking a bite of her bagel, Nina opened the Internet tab on her desktop, clicking through her favorites before finally settling on the New York Times. The headline caused her to cough violently, her eyes wide as it stared back at her. In big bold letters across her screen, it read:


Nina couldn’t help but think back to the morning only three months prior that she had been saved by the man in the red, white, and blue. He had, in all honesty, swooped in and saved the day, and she would never forget it. Had it not been for him, she would have been robbed. Worse, she could have ended up dead all because she refused to start her day without Starbucks.
Scrolling through the article, she came across a few picture of the star spangled man, helping people out of the local A train, his face covered by his mask. The next picture was a close up, and this time she truly did choke on her coffee.
“Holy shit…”

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The Ballerina

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky and Steve are on the run, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and in a last attempt to ditch the people trailing them, they crash through a large stained glass window and right into a theater. Reader is a dancer at the theater and has no idea what’s going on when two super-soldiers. land in the middle of her stage during a show. (Sorry this is a really shit summary)

Warnings: smashing stuff? idk is that even a warning? swearing

This is also long af I apologize

Let me know if you want a part 2!

(Picture is not mine)

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