through struggles

HOW many more scenes of O**y talking about what a great provider he is am I gonna have to get through in my life? Buddy, enough people have played this game without you and none of them have died of starvation.

He is to Survivor what B*n*n*s is to The Challenge and I am sick of both.

I love you all my mysme trash bags. Be a trashbag with me.
I want you all to know that you’re loved here, within this fandom.
We all have our favourites, opinions and beliefs about the game but…
It’s brought us together, it’s made us friends and family.
Sometimes living in a game is nice, it make life easy and it’s a nice get away.

However life is there but so are we, we’re all here for you and I’m here for you.
Don’t ever think you can’t drop me a message at 12,1,2,3,4am  just to say hi because you’re lonely, upset or need attention. Feel free to grab my attention if YOU need it, anon or not. Message or ask.

A lot of lovely people I know on here go through daily struggles, I know there are a lot more of you out there that do too.
Just know you’re loved here and I’ll welcome you with open arms.

That anon is such a perfect example of what I mean by tumblr’s culture against anything encouraging healthier mental wellbeing and its glorification of mental suffering.

I didn’t heal through yoga I struggled for a long fucking time and went through therapy and got medication and worked on healthy coping methods and expanded my support network I didn’t just do fucking yoga or suppress shit and even then I STILL struggle at times but I am in SUCH a better place right now

anonymous asked:

Please pray for me I am stuck in several desperate situations and every day is a struggle that only gets worse as time passes

Lord, I ask You to help this person see how You are moving in his/her life.  Take away any feelings of helplessness.  Fill him/her with new hope in You.  Help him/her to see a way through the struggles he/she is facing.  remove the feeling of being stuck and provide a clear way for growth, health, happiness, and wholeness.  You alone can change this situation and bring about hope and  renewal.  Pour out Your Spirit upon this person and fill him/her with every gift and grace he/she needs to love You and trust in You with all of his/her heart.  Amen.

this years holocaust remembrance day is very important, given the current political climate. take today to remember the horrifying acts committed against jewish and romani people. take today to recognize the beginning of those same acts forming against PoC in america today. take today to resist those in power however you see fit, and after today, dont stop resisting. i am a jew still personally affected by the holocaust even 2 generations later. every jew is affected by the shoah, but there is a special pain to know what happened to your own family. or worse, not knowing what happened to the unknown people you see in old family photographs. we as a people will never be the same. remember the holocaust today. dont let this happen again.

I'm really excited for these inauguration crowd numbers to come in.

Don’t cook the books either Donald. We all know your event was dry. No matter how many times CNN anchors repeat majestic or peaceful transition of power. The world can see America divided and the chaos in the streets. Barack we love you but it would’ve been equally presidential if you would’ve just walked on out while Donald got through that struggle speech trashing your career. The majority knows man, we know you did good. We see it. The majority sees Donald for who he is too. He ain’t slick. And it’s too bad the majority doesn’t count. In any event, a first family that I can relate to will be missed. Really though.

  • Mahiru: Kuro, is that a ... ?
  • Kuro: Yes, it's my pillow fort.
  • Mahiru: Can I come in?
  • Kuro: What's the secret password?
  • Mahiru: I love you.
  • Kuro:
  • Kuro: Well played. Come in.
Thank you YOI

I wasn’t really familiar with ice-skating, but I always watched this sport with wondering eyes. So much beautiful forms, music and costums. So the first time I heard about this ice-skating anime, I was very excited to see what they could do with it. And in the end, I would have never expected I would just fell for it with all my soul.

Thank you for this animation. Despite the certain lack of budget for some skating scenes, the most of them were just stunning. I still remember the first episode when Yuuri is skating Viktor’s program, I was hypnotized and couldn’t believe how beautiful animated it was.
But not only that, they managed to make you FEEL the skating, all the emotions through each performances. Maybe the animation wasn’t perfect all the time, but it had passion and heart.

Thank you for those characters. Following Yuuri, Yurio and the others, seeing them through their path, their struggles, their doubts, their success, their cherishing moments………….. just seeing them growing for the better. It was such a travel full of different emotions. And in the end, it didn’t really matter who was gonna win, we supported them all, we cried with them, we loved them…..and really, we will miss them….

Thank you for the music. You certainly made my eyes happy, but you made my ears melting. It was so beautiful, and I love the meanings for each of them. They made me even more emotional, it was resonating in me, my heart was beating at the same rythm. Same for the opening and ending. I think everyone is agree, but damn, how catchy they are ^^ I’m sure we’ll still have them in mind for many many times.

And of course, thank you for Victuuri. A month ago, I was waiting for this anime who would finally dare to propose a true love story between a same sex pairing, without being treated like fanservice, but just something that would be shown naturally, where gender wouldn’t matter. And even now, I can’t believe that we finally had it. As much YOI was the story of Yuuri for the Gold, it was also the story of two characters falling in love and that’s it. Simple. But absolutely beautiful. And I can’t thank the creators enough for that. Love wins!

Also, thank you to the fandom. It made me feel just so much happy to enjoy this anime with everyone. But YOI is not finished, as long the fandom is here, it will never end :) so let’s keep loving him for a long long time!!!!

T H A N K ♡ Y O U ! !


…would you like some toast and jam, george? your favourite is apricot.

The Year 2017

The year 2017 is for complete and utter confidence in yourself and your actions.
The year 2017 is for cutting out all the negative people and energy that accumulated all through last year.
The year 2017 is for writing down all of your goals and having the faith and dedication to make them all come true.
The year 2017 is for being selfish with your time and your love and your thoughts.
The year 2017 is for discipline, in order for you to live your life to the fullest.
The year 2017 is for taking more steps towards the life you want to live. That you WILL live.
The year 2017 is for growth, in every area of life, wether it be maturity, love, career, thoughts, spirituality…everything.
The year 2017 is for dreaming BIG. HUGE. OUT OF THIS WORLD.
The year 2017 is for GOING FOR IT. For feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
The year 2017 is for going through the struggle and coming out stronger than before.
The year 2017 is for love, of yourself, others, who ever.
The year 2017 is for accepting yourself, and being happy with yourself.
The year 2017 is for financial abundance for all.
The year 2017 is for miracles.
The year 2017 is for the impossible.
The year 2017 is for an overflow is love, support, knowledge, wealth, and so much more.
The year 2016 was for all the nightmares. For all the struggle…but the year 2017 is for us.
The year is finally for us.
And we will make the most of it.