through sin

  • Jin : Ahhh Yoongi, remember that time you boned me in Hawaii?? That was so fun!!
  • Yoongi : I did??!!!
  • Jin : Yeah! Jungkook was watching as well~remember?
  • Jungkook : I was???!!!!
  • Jin : Yeah? How can you not remember? You were all there!!!
  • Bangtan : We were????!!!!!
  • Jin : Wait I'll show you the picture.
  • Bangtan : ?????!!!!!!
  • Jin : *Shows the picture of Yoongi stabbing Jin with that dinosaur bone*
  • Bangtan :
  • Yoongi :
  • Jungkook :
  • Namjoon : Hyung do you ever think about your choice of wording before? Like ever?

hey please stop talking about how all abrahamic religions believe in hell the eternal fiery pit because that concept doesn’t even exist in judaism and the jews who do believe in the old descriptions of our closest equivalent of christian ‘hell’ will tell you that hell isn’t a place of eternal damnation but is a temporary layover where the majority of average people go to work through their sins and issues in preparation for the afterlife and only truly irredeemably EVIL people have to stay there. if there are demons they are of the person’s own creation and have to be dealt with on a personal level. the concept of sinning losing you your place in a happy afterlife is generally regarded as exaggeration, like stories you tell your children to keep them from fucking up excessively. good deeds are to be performed because it is our duty and our pleasure to do so, and our most holy day is based around simultaneously repenting for our sins and acknowledging that we are going to continue to make mistakes, but that we should still try and god will be understanding of our natural flaws. our afterlife is also a general thing open to people of all religions, not just jews (so you can stop the chosen people exclusive club accusations now), who do good on earth. those who don’t literally can’t be in 'hell’ for longer than twelve months unless they are truly the scum of the earth. but genuinely it’s not that big a deal even for the jews who DO believe in the reward/punishment afterlife factor so can we stop being like ~*ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS EXIST TO FRIGHTEN YOU WITH ETERNAL DAMNATION*~


Sinja AU and HC week: Day 3 - Adventure (Wounds/Healing)

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okay but can you draw fish Mob eating, like how does it work, can he bend his head to monch food, does he eat snails or sardines or...??? ?

Forgive Me Lords And Fellow Fans but I can only see two ways fishmob can eat

either like this

or like this


NnT Ship Week Day 1: Favorite Romantic Scene

“There’s nothing…different about you at all. What you have inside you…is exactly the same as what I have inside me. And we both have the same hearts within us.”

Why (do) people play dating sims

I think I know why. Note that this is only my opinion. In the game, you are the main character. You are important. There are all these amazing people that you grow close too, and you matter to them. They love you, they care about you. You are important to them.
In most dating sims, even if you don’t do their route, most characters still like you. They’re still your friend, you still mean a lot to them. In dating sims, all these amazing (and attractive) people care about you. They love you, and they care about you. And when the heroine is relatable, it feels like it really is directed towards you. When you play dating sims, you feel important. You feel cared for. You feel loved.
-Mod Yan

The real question
  • Jin : Yoongichi did you use my phone?
  • Yoongi : No.
  • Jin : Are you 100% positive?
  • Yoongi : Yah! I told you I didn't~why can't you trust me for once?!
  • Jin : Okay than explain to me-
  • Jin : Why did your contact name on my phone became 'Suga Daddy'?
  • Yoongi :
  • Yoongi : The real question here is why wasn't my contact name 'Suga Daddy' in the first place?

A+ healers 10/10 would recommend 

100+ Kink Challenge 21

Kink #27: Daddy Kink

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 66 

Warnings: NSFW, daddy kink, and.. not really room for much else with only 66 words.

Listening to Irresistible by Fall Out Boy

Requested by @jelly-beans-and-gstrings WHY THE FUCK CANT I TAG YOU. Doesn’t help that I wasn’t following you for some stupid reason *glares at tumblr* I’m just gonna send it. Ugh. Tumblr. You fool. You foolish fool.

Just so we’re clear… this is tiny. I have 1200 words of something that I’m not gonna be posting.. but hey… I wrote something.. And I’ll go write some more. Don’t give me those puppy eyes.

Check out the other fine ass biddies that are doing this with me, @formidablepassion, @madamelibrarian, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell, and @when-the-day–met-the-night

100+ Kink Challenge Masterlist

100+ Kink Challenge Post

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Fever (M)

Drabble game request: Taehyung + “I wish I could hate you” + Supernatural/Werewolf AU | for @lovelast95

Character / Genre: Taehyung x reader | Supernatural!au, Werewolf!au, Smut | 1,091 words

Warning: This is smut.

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100+ Kink Challenge 3

Kink #4: Against A Wall

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 218

Warnings: NSFW.

Listening to Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing by Chris Isaak. 

Requested by @oriona75, there are going to be a lot from Ori. I’m trying to get one of her’s and @hellahornyvirgin‘s done a day. 

Check out the other fine ass biddies that are doing this with me, @formidablepassion, @madamelibrarian, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell, and @when-the-day–met-the-night.

Here’s the post if you would like to request. 100+ Kink Challenge

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