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What Are You Wearing?: ArchiexReader! Oneshot

heeeey my friends, sorry for the lack of writing recently. here’s a quick lil oneshot I threw together, which is kinda similar to the Goodnight Texts:ReggiexReader! that I did :) this was a request, so I hope its okay?! Also, really sorry that its so short! More Archie stuff coming soon (including smut)!


Summary: Archie can’t sleep so decides to text his girlfriend…

Warnings: Swearing, a little bit of smut. 

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Don’t Look Behind You

Prompt: Stiles saw you the first time when he was void and became insatiable of you. Even when Stiles was free from him, he still found himself pining over you and wanting you to be his.

Prompt belongs to the greatest @sincerelystiles (Link to the prompt)

Word Count: 5209

Pairing: Stiles x Reader, Void!Stiles x Reader

Warning: Contains mention of voyeurism, obsession, slight mention of touching abuse

A/N: First of all I need to thank @sincerelystiles for thinking of such an amazing prompt and giving me the courage I needed to write this to her! I really enjoyed writing this!  And second of all, a really big thank you to @maddie110201 who proofread and kindly correct some (too many) mistakes! Without you I don’t think I would have had the strength to post this!

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The first time my gaze fell on him, I didn’t know if I was afraid or if I was only incredibly and uncontrollably attracted to him, his messy hair, his skin so pale and his eyes dark but burning with hunger. I didn’t know if I wanted to jump in his arms or run away, his eyes burning with desire or was it for murder? But I hadn’t had time to think because he had come to me. His gaze continued to burn me as soon as he landed his eyes on me, a mischievous smile stretching his appetizing lips. My breath was stuck in my throat.

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The World: Damien Haas Imagine

Warning: Nope! This is pretty darn fluffy

Pairing: Damien Haas x Reader

Requested : you bet ;)

A/N: Hey babies ! Got big stuff on the way, as well as a number of imagines ;) love you all


“Another coffee, uhm, wait, two coffees. The Cyclops breakfast burger, and can I get like, another appetizer? I’d like some chocolate croissants, and the Veggie bacon. Please.”

The waitress, Olivia, and Boze looked at you with raised eyebrows.

“Uhm. Can I have…an iced tea?” Olivia looked up, laughing a little uneasily at the waitress.

The girl nodded and went off, her notepad all scribbled up with the orders. You slowly sunk your head down onto the table, groaning just a bit too loudly, turning heads from the booths near you.

“Girl, what’s up?” Boze leaned her arm across the table and rubbed your back slowly, the graze of her long nails relaxing tension in your tight shoulders.

The clicking sound of plates, forks, spoons, and glass cups suffocated you, and you didn’t say anything at first in hopes Boze would keep rubbing your back.

“I’m sick?” You mumbled, not secure in your answer. You slowly rose your head up, frowning tightly.

Olivia furrowed her brows together, leaning her head on her hand.

“What makes yah think that?”

You grabbed your coffee and took a massive gulp, making Boze laugh under her breath.

“Maybe it’s just my period? Everything just achesss. My back, my shoulders, my head. And I just…ugh. I’m so tired.”

“I’m almost on mine too.” Olivia admitted, pushing a hand through her hair and offering an empathetic smile. You grimaced, taking another gulp.

“I’m not actually bleeding though. I’m overdue. Everything is just, screwed up?”

“Poor woman.” Boze patted your hand.

You all chatted and laughed, and eventually the tightness in your back was eased slightly.

When the food came around, you devoured it without a beat of hesitance. It was honestly a remarkable sight. You, Boze, and Olivia were the smallest people in Smosh, you were all visibly kinda tiny people. But man, Wes probably couldn’t have eaten all that you did in that amount of time.

“Yoo!” Boze laughed as you set down the empty mug with a look of victory.

“That’s crazy, what’s up with you?” Olivia smiled widely. You huffed.

“I dunno, ladies.”


It was the third day that week Damien had woken to hearing distant whimpering from around the hallway. He was hardly awake at all when he practically hurled himself out of the bed and bounded towards the restroom on high alert.

You had set the toilet seat down and pushed your face in the fabric cover, shaking with sobs.

It was a horrible sight to Damien, who’s entirety was whipped into an extreme state of conciousness and worry.

“Ah, honey.” He breathed, sliding down to the ground and wrapping his arms completely around you. He smelled a bit like cinnamon.

You always admired how warm he was.

You sunk into Damien’s chest completely, bones easing up but shoulders shaking still. He pressed his palm into your back, rubbing careful circles onto you.

“I don’t feel great…” You squeaked into his tshirt.

“Want me to run to CVS?” He raked his hands through your hair, pulling your head back gently to press his lips against your forehead. You nodded stiffly, burying your face in his chest.

These moodswings and stomach aches didn’t go together well.

“Something not right.” You panted, pulling back and looking at him with a serious glint in your eye.

Damien unsteadily breathed in. He could tell you weren’t in a…healthy state. But he started to wonder if maybe something worse was happening to you.

“Maybe you should go to the doctor?”

Your lip quivered, your eyes were bright red, and you nodded rapidly.

“Yeah. Yeah..”

Damien pushed a kiss onto your cheek.

“It’ll be okay.” He assured you, sincerely hoping he was right.


It had been a horrifically long day, and you sprawled out across your bed, phone pressed to the side of your face.

Your cat hopped up beside you, nuzzling his face into your side and purring contently. You smiled and stroked his head with your thumb.

“Yeah I wanted to try out that new place. It’s all coffee icecream? I wonder how many choices they’d have for like…flavors though?”

Olivia hummed on the other side of your phone.

“I dunno but we should go after work tommorow.”

“Sounds like a plan, Stan.”

She huffed a laugh through the line.

Your cat hopped up on your stomach, sitting down and going into “bread loaf mode”, as Boze would call it.

“So, feeling any better?”

“Not really. It’s been really loopy lately.” You admitted, stroking the humming cat down his back. You could practically sense Olivia thinking through your cell phone.

“How so?”

“I don’t know, Olivia. My emotions are out of wack. One moment I’m happy the next I’m frustrated at every tiny thing. It’s like, every part of me is dizzy and lopsided and sore?”


“I’m so done with this.”

There was a long pause of silence. You traced circles in your cats fur.


Her voice was serious. You looked up at the ceiling blankly.

“Yes, Olivia?”

“I think I’ve got an idea about what’s…happening?”

You sat up.


You had screamed.

Not out of a singular feeling. Not fear, not happiness, not confusion, but rather, every single emotion at once.

Your hands yanked at your soft strands of hair, freshly clean from the shower you had two hours prior.

Back then you had been totally unaware. You thought everything had been normal then. At no point in your life had this emotion been struck upon you.

It was raining out, steadily, hard. You could hear the clock in the kitchen singing, you could hear the cats moving around the apartment, every little aspect of this scenario was noticable. You soaked it in and paced madly through the house, gripping the positive pregnancy test in your fist.

Wait you couldn’t do this…

You and Damien were youtubers, running around everywhere, doing a million projects, having yourselves plastered all over the Internet. You couldn’t raise a child!

You were both leading hectic lifestyles, how could you bring a child into this mess? That’s not what a good parent does, right? No. You couldn’t do this. This CANNOT happen.

Who knows how long you were running through your house like a crazy woman. You eventually set the test in the wastebin and got a glass of water, but you just could not concentrate.

The door in the living room opened, and you froze dead from where you stood in the kitchen.

“Y/n?” He called out, and you shakily breathed in, walking out into the living room. And there he was.

Damien Haas was completely and utterly soaked with rain water. His hair was flat and his clothes were wet. He had plastic bags all hung from his arms.

“Hello honey, so I tried searching up what you might be sick with and I didn’t exactly get a solid answer and instead like…five different sicknesses? So I just got what you would need for all those.”

You scratched your arm nervously.

He poured out a bag of Tums and Ibeprofen and a million other unidentifiable bottles from the drugstore.

“Yeah, that’s messy, but we’ll figure it out later.”

He looked like such a mess.

“So, I don’t know if you can eat candy…but I got candy? Maybe you’ll want it later, I got those chocolate blueberry things you love and pretzel m&m’s and that uh, a bunch of those raspberry truffles. I fought an old woman for these so…eat them. Or don’t, if you don’t want to. Whatever you want!” Damien gestured madly and you processed everything happening.

“So I bought some stuff for hot chocolate and, understandably if you can’t swallow down that, I got some Smart Water and Ginger ale. Also a bottle of Coke…I don’t remember why I got this but I mean. It’s here!” Damien laughed, waving the bottle a little but then remembering you shouldn’t do that to bottles of soda. He set it back down.

“I bought a blanket…because it was soft. This may have been dumb as well, we do own blankets. But look, it’s purple.” He looked at it with a grin, getting it wet with his dripping hair.

“So then, you mentioned cramps? I didn’t really know what to get for that, so I asked this lady who I thought worked there…but she didn’t. But she was still nice and got me like, these gell things. If you put them under you clothes on your stomach and back, it’s supposed to feel heated and good?” He flapped them around and set them down with the rest of the stuff.

“I bought a bunch of soup and bread, and then like, the new Alien movie. I remember you mentioned it. So then, there’s some icecream and a sweatshirt and I found this cute cat toy…which isn’t for you, but look it’s a little mouse.” Damien chuckled, holding it up closely. Your lip quivered.

“Want me to order a pizza? I can if you’re up for it.” He looked at you expectantly.

It all hit you like a ton of bricks.

Damien would do anything for you. You’ve always known this. He’s always made it clear.

Damien cared more than anyone in the World.

Damien was meant to be here with you through this. Everything about him was so astonishingly right.

Maybe it will be hard having a child in your busy lives. But no matter how hard it is, Damien will never stop being there.

And that’s the type of person you want your child to grow up to be.

You stepped forwards slowly, taking your hands and holding Damien’s face between them gently. He noticed the tears in your eyes and frowned softly.

“What’s wrong?” He whispered.

A smile creeped on your face, and he studied you curiously.



You saw the World in his eyes.

“I’m pregnant.”

Damien’s mouth opened wider, and he was almost frozen, thinking if he moved to fast he’d wake up. That maybe this was a dream.

“Come again??” He breathed, a crazy grin creeping up on his face.

“Damien Haas…” You choked out, tears suddenly streaming down your face.

“I’m pregnant.”

He shouted out, practically screamed, pulling you up and lifting you above him, so incredibly astonished.

“I’ve got a baby in here, Damien!” You laughed from above him, and he pulled you down to kiss your forehead and your cheeks and your nose desperately, laughing like crazy.

“I’m gonna be a dad! I’ve gotta get some dad jokes!” He held your face, looking so crazy excited.

“That’s what you’re worried about?” You giggled, face sore from the smile you had on.

Damien laughed even louder hugging your close and pulling back only to gently dip his lips into yours. You pushed your hands in his wet hair and pulled back from the kiss only to hug him tightly.

He wrapped his arms around you with so much care, like he was holding the whole world in his arms.

Because to him, he truly was.
Emma Dumont to Play Polaris in Fox's X-Men TV Series
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emma Dumont and Percy Hynes White have also joined the cast [...]

Lorna better gain more respect from those of you who like to talk rubbish. She’s finally made it to the screen to only sooner or later be dragged to the big screen.

This is one of the most exciting moments and feelings to hear the beauty Lorna is going to be on screen. Played by the beauty Emma Dumont. I found out through my cell phone while working and couldn’t wait to get home to post it. It’s very late (so I won’t be commenting much) but I didn’t want to go to bed without commenting how happy I am. I can only imagine how many of your jaws dropped lol :)

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I always get questions in the summer
like how is that possible?
why did you do that?
what did you do after?
when did you know?

where did you lose your soul?

they know because my chest is see-through
you can count my ribs, they are all there

you can see I haven’t lost my lunch
it slowly sinks into my stomach

you can see my heart play forgotten movies
as the soul peeks from behind
checking for cell phones

I’m see through.
I hide nothing.
my book isn’t
just open
it’s the pages of
my heart and soul
that people read
and if you let them

poetry tells stories
souls can be seen

like how
it wasn’t planned, but it happened,
I didn’t do it, it was the Bear
I got therapy and take two prescriptions
I still don’t have any answers

I think it is still deep down inside of me



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The Big Dipper

This one is for @goodtohaveyouback based on their beautiful edits. (Links below)

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Trigger warnings: non-descriptive violence and choking 

There are nights when sleeping isn’t even a thought that crosses my mind. Ever since I’ve been on this ship, sleeping has been a nightmare. Literally. So, I train, explore the castle, or sometimes just lay in bed, scrolling through my pictures on my old cell phone since nothing else works in space. I try to avoid doing that, though. Everyone else here talks about their family, but I’ve never really had a place that was more home than this besides my shack. And there I’m alone.

So tonight, after regretfully looking at a picture of Shiro in the shack back when we were in the Garrison, I find myself wandering again.

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One Night

“No parties.” My mom’s voice shrilled through my cell phone. I could hear my father in the background trying to calm her down. “And I’ve taken note of all the alcohol in the cupboard.” 

“Mom, you guys are gone for just one night. I’ll be fine, I’m just going to watch some Netflix and go to bed.” I double checked the lock on the front door. “Besides, I don’t have any friends here to party with and why would I touch your alcohol when I could just buy some good shit with my fake I.D.?”


“I’m joking, mom. I don’t have a fake.” I stifled a laugh. “Lighten up, I’m going to be twenty-one in two months, anyway.” I closed the garage door. “Besides, tonight’s your night, have fun with dad and get laid.”

Briar Autumn-

“Goodnight, honey!” I heard my father’s voice before the line went dead. 

It’d been six months since my parents had the ability to spend time alone together. First, my father had to travel over seas for work. Then, before my father even returned, my mother had to fly up to Canada to intreview…someone, I don’t quite remember, someone important. I had been busy with finals at the time. I merely remember father returning home to a short handwritten note from my mother. 

“Gone to Canada, call whenever you get home. xoxo” 

He had called me while fuming with anger. He had expected to return and spend a few days off from work with mom. She ended up coming back a month later. I asked them on multiple occasions if they were having problems, but they denied it. The dreadful weight was lifted from my shoulders the moment my mother had dialed me up begging for me to watch the house while they went on a date night; compared to her recent behavior, however, I would’ve thought she had called me while drunk. But that’s just how she is, ever changing. 

I plopped down onto the nostalgic sofa that my parents had purchased before I was born and flipped on the flat screen television. The couch, stained with years of accidents and activities, stood out like a sore thumb in the overly modern styled living room. It was the only thing in the house that hadn’t been replaced or upgraded. I wouldn’t let them get rid of it. 

Futurama blared from the expensive surround sound speakers, occasionally shaking the walls and pulling my attention from the show. I knew better, after having watched dozens of horror movies in my lifetime, than to watch anything scary while home alone. I wasn’t going to submit myself to the nightmares or the sleepless night. Especially since I didn’t know the house like I used to, with rooms having been rearranged, I was at a disadvantage. It was like I was in a foreign place. A foreign place that merely had the title of home and nothing else. 

The faintest creaking of the floorboards behind me sent chills down my spine. I turned around without thinking, without even wondering if there was someone there or if it had been the house settling. No one was there but my heart told me otherwise. My heart raced faster than I’d ever felt it, faster than after I attempted to run for the first time in years, faster than when I had to reenact a kiss scene with my crush, faster than during an anxiety attack. Someone had been there, someone had been watching me. 

I kept the show on and leaped to my feet. If there was someone in the house I didn’t want to give them the advantage of being able to hear my movements. As unknown as the house might’ve been, I still knew where the kitchen and the bathrooms were. I knew where the window was that I could open and meet a sturdy tree branch. I knew how to survive, well enough. 

I switched on every light I passed as I searched the house. I had started in the kitchen, taking a steak knife in my hand for protection, before moving onto the rest of the house. I climbed the stairs carefully, toes as close to the next step as possible to prevent creaking; I was taking all precautions. 

Every room had come up empty but was left illuminated by different styles of lamps and hanging lights. There wasn’t a single closet or corner that was shadowed, and that’s how I liked it. The lights, the simple LED lights that made me wonder how much my parents had spent on them, made me feel safe. Like there was a forcefield around me protecting me from the harsh darkness. 

I was in bed by midnight, Futurama was off and my towel was hanging on the back of the door drying. I was curled up in my old room, glancing around at its disappearance. It had been turned into the guest room. There wasn’t a single trace that this had been my room, that I had lost my virginity there, that I had ripped a baby tooth out with the classic doorknob and floss trick with my closet, that my friends and I had attempted to sneak out one night and I had broken my arm; it had all been erased. 

All the lights in my room- the guest room- had been left on. I had kept all the other lights on too. I drifted off to sleep easier than I had expected; I thanked the poor placement of the streetlight outside my dorm room back at University. I closed my eyes taking in the scent of the floral sheets that had replaced my Spider-Man ones. They smelled like musty linen that had been kept in a basement for too long. 

“I want these.” I pointed at the brightly colored Spider-Man sheets in the kid’s department at Target. “C’mon, mom. It’s my bed, no one’s going to see them but me.”

“Those are meant for little boys, Briar.” She scrolled through her Blackberry. “Let’s get you a nice pink set.”

“Did you just say I couldn’t buy these sheets because they’re meant for little boys?” I raised an eyebrow at her. “Did you just gender sheets?” 

“Briar…” She pushed her glasses up onto her head. “That’s not what I meant. You’re an adult now, you should have classy sheets.”

“I find Peter Parker classy.” I spat back. 

“Who?” Pure confusion contorted her face. 

“Jesus…” I sighed. “Listen, I’m getting these sheets regardless of what you want, alright? That’s one of the perks of having a job.” 

“Fucking…” My mom pinched the bridge of her nose. “Fine. Get the damn sheets.” 

I turned and reached for them and stopped. I pulled my hand back and held it to my chest. Anxiety washed over me as I stared at the empty space; they had been there seconds before and no one had come down the aisle. I swallowed hard and cleared my throat. I clamped my eyes shut and took a deep breath. It was still empty when my eyes had opened. 

I turned back towards my mom to ask what was going on when I found her gone as well. Everything behind me had begun to crumble as smoke poured in. I covered my mouth and narrowed my eyes as I struggled to see; my chest ached as I breathed in the deadly smoke. I opened my mouth to call for her, to call for my father, to call for anyone, but a strained squeak was the only sound I could muster. I collapsed to my knees and clutched my throat; my entire chest burned and my vision threatened to dissipate. My vision tunneled and I fell forward onto my stomach. Footsteps echoed around me and a sharp pain centered in my back. It felt like, whatever it was, had targeted my heart. An indescribable pain erupted in my body as what felt like a vine of thorns enclosed my heart and ripped it from me without hesitation. 

“Fuck!” I sat up in complete darkness, sweat coating my body and drenching the sheets. I turned and reached for the lamp and froze. 

The lights had been on when I had fallen asleep. Every single light. I could see the lights shining in outside my room and I knew the power hadn’t gone out. My fingers trembled as they brushed the ridged knob next to the light bulb and the hairs on the back of my neck stood. 

“Oh god…” 

An ice cold breath of air hit my face and I whimpered in fear. It brushed a few small strands of hair from my face and filled my nostrils with the smell of rotten eggs. My mouth dropped open and a tear slipped down my cheek. I sat completely motionless as I peered into the darkness in front of me. There was no one there, not anyone visible. I tried to reason with myself, that I was still dreaming or that I was just imagining the situation. I forced myself to relax and closed my mouth, clenching my teeth with all my might. 

I felt the floor against my face before the searing pain down my back. I could feel five sharpened things draw blood as they ripped the fabric from my shirt and the skin from my back. I managed a scream and crawled towards my closed door to escape. I could hear the footsteps follow me and the fainted sound of laughter.

I was three feet from my door when I watched it fly open. A person stood under the frame in all black, a hood hiding their face. I didn’t have to see their eyes to know they were looking down at me. The familiar smell of smoke coated their clothing and they dropped down into a squat. They held an open bottle of vodka in their hand as they lowered their face to my own. A devilish smile grew on their lips and they exposed their blood-stained shark-like teeth to me. They swirled the liquid as they studied my face and the situation at hand. 

Their free hand gripped my chin and yanked me up to their eyes. They were as black as the night with no sense of trust or safety. They licked their teeth before letting out a booming laugh. My body shook with fear as my brain struggled to process what was happening. They dropped my head and my chin slammed to the floor; I could taste iron in my mouth.

Their eyes burned into my own as they turned the bottle over and poured its contents onto my back. I screamed and writhed in pain as the alcohol entered the massive wounds. They smashed the bottle against my head before returning to their feet. They spoke before they left; their voice rattled every bone in my body.

“Wake up.”

I found myself in the living room. Netflix was still open and my back seemed completely unharmed. My chest ached and I clutched over my heart. The feeling of someone watching me was still there but it was less intimidating. A small black slip of paper on the white coffee table caught my gaze. I reached for it with a shaking hand and turned it over.

“It only takes one night to kill you.”

The One Thing That Matters

This world is so lonely,

few friends to relate.

Small talk is all they give.

How is that anyway to live?

My landlord doesn’t understand

why the rent is late.

He calls… and calls.. and calls.. and calls,

Just to belittle and berate.

Given crumbs to work like a robot

and still, the bills can’t be paid.

my body and spirit can’t meet the demand.

Little compensation for the hours I’ve given.

Always struggling. This just isn’t living.

My car breaks down on the way home from work.

It never runs right.  Just a hand-me-down from a jerk.

I kick my car door and cuss in anger,

pushing it to the side of the road and out of danger.

I have to walk home because my cell phone doesn’t work.

There goes the dog bolting through the neighborhood.

All I did was open the front door.

Animal control will be called soon.

Maybe they’ll take her away for good.

I just can’t take this anymore.

I’m exhausted and defeated.

The greeting I give my husband is ignored.

He never looks at me with interest now.

He just sits around and says he’s bored.

This can’t be living. There has to be more.

My little girl comes to greet me

as I sit down and think life is just a cruel chore.

She drew me a picture with the two of us smiling.

She holds it up proudly and shouts

“I love you, mommy!” loudly.

I hug her tightly as she beams with a grin.

That sweet childlike picture is more than a win.

It’s that sweet little gesture that makes me see.

I am loved so much. There’s no need to grieve.

I hang her picture on the fridge.

And cry a bit as I smile.

My life is hard and stressful,

but the little things like this make it all worth while.

My Mistake


  • #19 with EXO SEHUN ?^^
  • #19 with sehunniee??????

19) You and your bias eat at the same cafe every morning and your orders are always confused.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Exo’s Sehun x Y/N

Type: fluff

I looked over the menu while twirling a piece of my hair aimlessly with a few fingers. Taking another sip of coffee, I sighed, trying to decide what I was going to eat this morning. 

I looked up just as a handsome man I had noticed in the cafe a few times before slid in across from me in the booth. I watched him with furrowed brows as he picked up a menu and began to look at it through tired eyes. I stopped myself from speaking and leaned upwards, slowly analyzing the empty tables around us. Did he think I was someone else he had intended to meet in his morning haze? 

I sat my menu down and outright stared at him as he casually perused his own menu, looking relatively carefree. After a few minutes, I cleared my throat and his eyes flew up to meet mine. 

“Oh, I’m so rude,” he smiled. “Good morning.”

He gave me a quick nod before looking back down at his menu. 

I opened my mouth to speak, but closed it again, more confused than I was previously. 

He looked back up at me and sighed, placing his menu down on the tabletop. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I…um…you…I’m sorry, do I know you?” I finally spit out, crossing my arms. 

“Not exactly,” he nodded. “But you’re going to.”

“I’m afraid I’m not following,” I whispered, already exhausted after being in this man’s presence for only a few moments. 

“You eat here every morning,” he muttered, placing his palm under his chin and setting me with a lazy expression. “You look at the menu for about ten minutes while you drink your coffee, and then inevitably decide on the same thing week after week. Three scrambled eggs with cheese, and a biscuit. Kind of heavy for a breakfast in my opinion, but an okay choice nonetheless.”

“And you know this…how?” I spluttered, contemplating how quickly I could get out of this booth and away from the apparent stalker before me. 

“I know this because every morning, I also come in, pick blindly from the menu, and order. But day after day, I end up with three scrambled eggs with cheese, and a biscuit in front of me,” he nodded, now leaning back and crossing his arms. “And day after day, I tell the waitress that it’s okay that she made a mistake and she hustles off with the plate to you and I get my food about three minutes later.”

I nodded, remaining quiet as I analyzed his story. I began to speak, but he cut me off. 

“So yesterday I decided it’s not okay. I’d save the poor darling a few steps and sit across from the source of my problem. Oh, and also, I’m Sehun,” he said in a quick sentence. 

My jaw opened again as I contemplated what I was going to say. My brain was functioning entirely too slowly as I struggled to get coffee into my system to be able to manage this guy. 

“Hi sweeties, I see you decided to sit together this morning!” the elderly waitress smiled, clutching her order pad. 

“Why hello Gretta, how are you this morning?” Sehun cooed, batting his lashes at the older woman. It was difficult to tell through her thickly applied rouge, but I think a blush lingered beneath her wrinkled cheeks as she smiled at him. 

“I’m wonderful Sehunnie,” she giggled. “What can I get for you?”

“Three eggs with cheese and a biscuit,” he said, looking me directly in the eyes, a smirk tugging on the corners of his mouth. 

“And what about you?” Gretta asked, smiling down on me kindly. 

“A number seventeen,” I nodded, a smug expression on my face as I stared back at the strange man. I sure as hell didn’t know what a number seventeen was, but I was not going to order the same thing just to spite him. 

“A bit early for raw squid, don’t you think?” he asked, lifting his brows. 

I began to panic as I looked at him, my eyes growing wide. I snatched the menu back from Gretta and began to turn through it aggressively. 

“A number seventeen is an omelette,” I said numbly, closing the menu again and flinging it back toward Gretta who took it from my hands. 

“Oh is it?” he said, a glimmer of amusement in his eyes. “My mistake.”

“Alright, I’ll go put that in for you two,” Gretta nodded as she waddled away. 

“Clever,” I muttered, nodding at him as I sipped from my coffee cup. 

“I tend to be,” he nodded with a smile. “Do you have a name?”

“Yes,” I said, picking up my cell phone and thumbing through it. I wasn’t going to offer any more information than he asked. HIs smugness was simultaneously a turn off and a turn on, so I was more than willing to play his game. 

He arched a brow at me and smirked. “And that name is?”

“Y/N,” I hummed, looking away from him. 

“Pretty,” he whispered. “Oh, and it’s a nice name too.”

I rolled my eyes and glanced back down at my phone. “Does that usually work?”

“Nope,” he chuckled. “But you should probably start getting used to it.”

“That’s not the first time you’ve told me I’m going to have to start getting used to something,” I grumbled, finally looking up at him from my screen only to look back down again. 

“Well, if that sweet woman can get our orders right this way, I’ll be a fixture in your life every morning for the foreseeable future,” he smiled. 

“Until I find a new cafe to go to,” I sighed, not even bothering to look up to know that Sehun’s face fell. 

“Or,” he tried. “You accept your fate.”

I put down my phone and leveled a look at Sehun just as Gretta returned. She sat the plate of scrambled eggs in front of him and my omelette before me. 

“Is everything looking good?” Gretta smiled with a nod. 

“Beautiful,” Sehun whispered, looking kindly at the old woman. “Thank you.”

She nodded again before disappearing. I attempted to keep my lingering eyes away from Sehun’s plate, full of my normal order. My stomach growled as I looked down at my own omelette, filled with spinach and other cubes of meat I didn’t recognize. I sighed as I sawed into it with my fork and tried not to groan as I put it in my mouth. 

Sehun watched me, chewing thoughtfully on his scrambled eggs before he heaved a sigh. He reached across the table, moving my coffee out of the way, and slid our plates opposite of each other, putting the scrambles eggs before me. I began to protest, but he hushed me. 

“You should be happy with what you’re eating,” he hummed. “But have realistic expectations, not everything can be as pleasant as your company for breakfast.”

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Having some fun and working on some training with Duo this morning!

There are two behaviors I am aiming to build off this one: to be able to move the hoop down the wall of his aquarium and have him swim through it any level, and to have him swim through multiple hoops one after another. We’re starting out very simple at first, though! We started hoop work less than a week ago, so he’s coming along really well so far.

He doesn’t usually flare while swimming through the hoop, but I was recording him with my cell phone so of course he had to be sassy and flare at it. Today’s reinforcer was brine shrimp soaked in Nourish, which Duo will usually work pretty hard for. They’re not quite as high-value for him as mini mealworms, but he hasn’t had brine shrimp in a week so he was quite eager for these!

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Val and Star anti-shipping?

Relationship: Trusted Confidant

“…Paulina would freak if she knew you had this.”

“Really, Star?” Valerie Gray crossed her arms, glaring across the table at her friend. “I show you a cell phone belonging to the infamous Danny Phantom, and that’s the first place your mind goes? To Paulina?

“…Well it’s true. She’d murder you to get her hands on this thing.”

Val sighed and sat back, leaning into the cushioned booth seat. Star didn’t look up. The blonde was lost in thought, leaning in to inspect the device laid out in front of her.

Star ran a manicured nail across the outer edge, squinting at the screen. The lighting in here was dim. The window to their side was dirty, too, letting in murky light. But that was the price they paid, choosing to meet in a run-down restaurant where they wouldn’t be disturbed.

If someone overheard, they’d be screwed. Paulina wasn’t the only person in Amity Park who was interested in the elusive ghostly hero.

She could trust Star, though. Only three people knew of Valerie’s secret double life as a ghost hunter: her father, her mentor, and her friend. And whenever Valerie had a problem, she knew she could always count on Star.

And right now, Valerie’s newest problem was sitting on the table under Star’s scrutinizing gaze.

Val crossed her arms. “So what can you tell me?” she asked, looking down at the device.

Phantom’s cell phone. It was an older model, a sturdy thing with a tiny screen, mostly black with silver accents. The worst part? It looked like a normal device, hardly paranormal at all. Which just made Valerie twice as suspicious. Phantom had the foresight to lock the damn thing, so Val couldn’t get into it—but maybe Star could glean some relevant information off the phone’s model.

Star, however, seemed unimpressed. “It’s a Sonim,” She explained finally, sitting back. “And it’s not an old phone, like you thought. It’s almost brand new, actually. Just…” she picked it up off the table, turning it over in her hands in disgust. “…really, really scuffed up.”

Valerie almost rolled her eyes at Star’s reaction. She could be such a tech snob sometimes. She took Phantom’s phone back from her, looking closer at it.

“What’s a Sonim?” Val asked.

“A brand. Their claim to fame is that their phones are ‘unbreakable’.”

Val ran a thumb across a scratched up corner. “Obviously he’s been testing that theory.” Though she couldn’t blame him. Val had broken her fair share of phones during fights.

“Second,” Star said, “Since it’s a Sonim, that means his network is probably either Sprint or AT&T. Unless there’s, like, a Ghost Cell Phone network he uses instead, or something.”

A Ghost Network? There were some reports of people receiving phone calls from the afterlife. Valerie made a mental note to research the topic.

“Now. I don’t recognize the exact model…” Star went on. “It’s not one our local cell phone providers carry.”


“Meaning, Phantom couldn’t have plucked it off the shelves.” Star elaborated. She laced her fingers together and leaned her chin on her hands. “Meaning, Phantom ordered it online.”

Val stared. “Oh, yeah, great. So not only does he have a cell phone, but he has internet now, too?”

“And a credit card,” Star said with a smirk.

Valerie growled, tossing the phone back onto the table. It slid over to Star. “This is impossible,” Valerie muttered, rubbing her temples.

When Val had seen Phantom drop the phone during a ghost fight, she’d impulsively snatched it up, hoping to learn more about her archenemy. But right now, the phone was giving her more questions than answers.

Star readjusted the phone to sit in front of her, and she turned her attention back to it, a puzzled look weaving itself onto her face.

Finally, when Star spoke up, the curiosity in her voice was clear.

“But why does he need a cell phone?” Star asked at last, looking up. “…Who does he call?”

Valerie drummed her fingers on the table.

“That,” Val said at last, “…is the million dollar question.”