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HAPPY HOLBY TUESGAY!! Just a bit of silliness to get a fan girl through Robbie’s reappearance 😋

The Siren’s Song. 

So the chapter title of my latest Masquerade update gave me another idea, damn it, I want to write all the things. 

Siren(mythology): In Greek mythology, Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. 

So Yuuri is this drop dead gorgeous Siren who can lure any sailor or fleet he wants into a watery grave, except Victor, the general of the Ice Kingdoms’ fleet. 

He’s been trying to catch that pretty General for years but whenever Victor sails through the rocky ocean pass to get back to port all Victor’s men are tied steadfast to the ships mast to keep them from throwing themselves overboard, and then there’s Victor in his double breasted tail coat and tight breeches, and he is always leaning on the ships railing with a teasing smile for Yuuri as the ship floats by. 

Plot twist… why is Victor able to resist the Siren’s song?? 

Avengers Of The Caribbean - PART THREE

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Summary: Time to meet the crew and stuff.

Warnings: Swearing. Fuck.

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The humid air wrapped around you and through your thin tunic. Seeing the deck of the Shield ship in daylight was odd. It didn’t look anything like it did when you boarded last night, the wood was lighter and you could see all the intricate details carved into the wood banisters. Your gaze swept upwards to where the sail hung, its cream color was stained from its years at sea but it still looked wonderful whipping in the wind.

Movement above you caught your eye at that moment. In the crow’s nest there were two men looking down at you and the captain from above.

“That’s Clint and Sam, at sea they go by Hawk and Falcon,” Steve says beside you. You kept your eyes upward toward them as the waved. “They’ve got eyes like birds, saved my life and my ship more times than I can count,”

You brought your eyes back down and Steve was smiling at you, you grinned back.

A boy, young by the looks of it, was jogging towards you from the head of the ship. His curly hair bounced and the grin on his face nearly reached his ears.

“Good morning, Cap!” He said, chipper as anything.

Steve looked between both you and the boy. “This is Peter,” He said. “He’s the Cabin Boy. Need something and he’ll fetch it, want to send a message and he’ll send it,”

“Nice to meet you…” He dragged the last word and waited for your response.

“Y/N,” You told him. “The names Y/N,”

“And it’s a lovely one,” He smiled. You almost laughed at how chirpy this kid was, remembering the dark and violent moments at sea you could imagine this boy being any help.

“Is there anything you need, Captain?”

“Not at the moment, Peter,”


Peter began jogging past you again toward the quarterdeck where the wheel stood tall.

Steve tapped your shoulder to bring your attention back to him.

“Does he run everywhere?” You jokingly asked.

With a knowing smile, Steve nodded. “Would you like to meet the ladies of our ship?”

“Of course,”

Natasha was beautiful and kind, she greeted you warmly when Steve introduced you. She was the sailing master of the ship, she drove the thing and had safe keeping over all the maps. From what you’d been told, she navigates like a pro and could steer you all through a hurricane without a problem. Wanda was the second woman aboard the Shield. She too was good looking and sweet, and surprisingly the ship’s chef. Yes, she was sweet and did the cooking for all of the crew but you still saw the pistol sat beside the cooking pot and the knife in her garter.

It took you all of five seconds from the moment Steve asked if you want the job to say yes. There was no real question of whether or not you’d take the job. All you’ve wanted for the past six months is to get back on the open water, back with a crew, drinking beer and singing until the sun rises. Of course there was the factor of Bucky Barnes, commanding gunman that held a pointless grudge against you but you weren’t about to let him fuck this up for you. So, with your chin held high and a grin on your face from ear to ear you said yes to the Captain.

The sun had nearly set completely. A dark orange glow coated the ship as you all sat atop the deck, Steve and Bucky were drinking whiskey up on the quarterdeck where the wheel was situated. Clint and Nat sat on the deck floor, their backs rested beside the canons. Yourself, Wanda, Peter and Sam sat on boxes of cargo under the main mast, chowing down on fish and drinking Maria’s famous beer.

It’s quiet apart from the water that hits the boat, Steve and Bucky’s occasional laughs and the distant sound of the towns rustle and bustle. Sam looks at you from over is pint. There’s a gleam in his eye and a smile forming on his face. He opens his mouth in a wide grin and begins to sing.

‘I am not a pirate but I long to be, sailing by the stars across the seven seas…’

Sam’s voice gains the attention of Nat and Clint and they stop talking.

‘Living with no earthly cares, my mates and me…’

You watch Steve and Bucky lean over the banister and look down at Sam. Then Wanda from beside you joins in.

‘The envy of all worldly men, who are not free…’

Then Clint and Nat sing along too.

‘A song to sing for beggars, a song to sing for saints…’

Steve starts to sing too and Bucky along with him.

‘A song to sing for wealthy men all wrapped and bound in chains…’

Peter joins in at that point, till everyone’s chanting and smiling and trying to get gulps of beer down them between verse breaks. You try not to notice Bucky watching you but you do. He’s smiling in fact and not just at the song, you can tell he’s smiling at you too.

PART FOUR HERE (When I post it)

we got through all the angsty passive-aggressive fighting




AND JIYA BEING ALL CUTE AND WORRIED AND ALSO A GENIUS. did you see her super adorbs and relieved hello to rufus?????






this episode more than makes up for all the angsty happenings from last week, praise be. 

Okay so it’s 3:48am and I have been staying up watching this and I was expecting closure and I gotta say, parts of it was great and I did get some closure and I understand what they were going for, Logan is Christopher, Jess is Luke, Rory is Lorelai and most of the characters go through things and there’s an arc and they get their shit together but it I’m not gonna lie, I’m disappointed because this show was my childhood and I built this revival up in my head to have a perfect ending and it would all come together and my ships would sail (so Rory and Jess truely would be endgame basically) and the portrayals of the characters was good, and yeah the implication is there but I feel like Jess deserved better and I sat through winter and spring and summer just waiting for a glimpse of Jess and when I got it it was awesome and he’s so developed and grown up and supportive or Rory but I feel like she was just a little bit too much of a mess and the Rory Gilmore I knew as a young girl watching this show wouldn’t be like that now, and it’s a shock to me, and maybe that was the point, that things change and people grow up and screw up and don’t get me wrong I appreciate the revival so much and I’ve learnt so much from Gilmore Girls but I’m really conflicted about the ending and kinda unsatisfied with how little of jess there was and how he wasn’t factored into the wedding we saw like Michel and lane were there and that’s all well and good but I expected jess to be there for Luke and I love the bits of their relationship that we saw but I feel like jess became the character that helped everyone else get their shit together and he deserves a much bigger chance to get his happiness and now I’m rambling but I am so invested in this show and Jess Mariano I’m kinda going into post-Gilmore depression now

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Obi and Hondo, 7? (Can be just goofy, whatever spin you want to put on it.)

Hello Nony! I bet you thought I forgot about you didn’t you? Well never fear! I… er…

I wrote 9K words of this… So! I present to you and the rest of tumblr…

Ohnaka v Skywalker: Dawn of Nonsense

It all started when Anakin fell afoul of some Weequay pirates on the Outer Rim.

He and Ahsoka had stopped off at a way station to refuel their starfighters when the planet, a forgettable ball of rock by the name of Gital 3, was suddenly besieged by a fleet of pirate ships jumping out of hyperspace. Of course, they had sprung into action, the noble Jedi that they were, and ran for their fighters, intending to defend the planet from the invaders.

They never got the chance as one of the ships sailed through the atmosphere and blasted Ahsoka’s aethersprite sky-high. Fortunately Artoo had been trailing after his master and the tiny astromech was left unscratched. Sadly, the same could not be said for Ahsoka’s Arfour but nothing good ever happened to an Arfour unit when Skywalker was around.

Pinned down by the pirate ships, the master and padawan scampered back to the building they had been eating at, telling the occupants inside to run for shelter and take cover.

“Why should we?” one of the patrons at the bar sniffed. “We don’t have anything Mama Ohnaka could want. We just pay our fee and go on with our day.”

“Yeah! It’s just business!” came the drunken snarl from an Ithorian’s translator in the back. His call was echoed around the joint and the Nikto bartender shook his head as he looked over at Anakin and Ahsoka.

“You better hide those sabers,” he offered. “If Mama sees those, you’re as good as bantha scat. She’ll ransom you triple your worth and still doublecross your Republic.”

“You don’t mess with Mama,” one of the humans at the bar said, shaking his head, the chimes hanging from the ends of his dreadlocks tinkling.

“I don’t suppose this… Mama is related to the pirates based out of Florrum, by any chance?” Anakin asked, a low, twisting feeling in his gut as he glanced back at Ahsoka. If what they said was true, he had to get his padawan out of there and into a safe place.

“Oi! Olack! What was the name of Mama’s kid again?” the bartender asked the sullen Ithorian.

“Hando, I think?” the hammer-headed alien grumbled into his drink. “Either way, you Jedi are karked.”

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Have you ever had a ship that you’ve seen around and you’re like… eh. It exists and I don’t really like it, but it’s not so terrible that you’ll consider it a notp. 

So, you allow it to come across your dash occasionally. Then you start considering interactions between them and you’re like… Ok yeah I can see that and I suppose that art is kinda cool, too. 

But, if someone were to ask you if you ship it you’re like naw man not my cup of tea. And you go back to scrolling through tumblr with just a little bit more aware of that ship. 

And then it happens. 

You look around yourself and realize that the ship sailed a long time ago…

You have no idea when you bought that ticket. You don’t even know how long the ship has been at sea, either. All you know is that you’re on the ship and there’s no end in sight.

 And you kind of want to get angry and demand a refund, but you realize that there’s no one to get angry at. Because you were the one to buy the ticket in the first place. 

So, instead, you just accept your fate and allow yourself to enjoy the ship.

Oh and then there’s also this point where you’re like, oh I can just read one fic about them. It won’t change my mind.

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But then it totally does.

An Peculiar Affair - Pt. 1 // c.h

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Requested: yes

Pairing: FirstClass!Calum x ThirdClass!Y/N

My series (that u should totally read): Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: 14th April 1912 - a day that has traumatised people all over the globe. However, Calum and Y/N seems to find a little light in each other on the Titanic.

Y/N ran down the majestic stairs, knowing she was despised on this area of the deck. She passed an elderly couple, clearly belonging to here on first class. She skipped the last two steps and jumped onto the floor without missing a beat. It had only been a couple days since she entered the greatest ship of all time. From the minute she walked onto the deck, the Titanic greeted her with its magnificent belongings. At times, she would forget they were even sailing. And even through Y/N shouldn’t spend her time on first class, she couldn’t help but wander around the expensive stuff up there.

Calum didn’t even notice how Y/N had jumped down from the stairs, so she would be standing a little out of balance. He just rambled right into her, making her lose her balance completely. Of course, he caught her as she gasped and almost hit the ground before landing in his tensed arms. He didn’t really fit in in first class. His sleeves were rolled up as the white shirt was wrinkled just like the black pants. A classic look, maybe, but not a first class look.

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Is it just me who actually liked Lula in NYSM2 better than Henley in the original? Am I alone here? Also loved that Jack got more screen time because he is my favorite and has stolen my heart (hasn’t gotten my wallet yet).

I ship Jack and Lula so freaking hard. OTP. I will defend them to the death. This ship needs to sail all the way through NYSM3.

I welcome anyone who wants to write more fics for them because there is so few.

Fang-Hua Wu is the last of your crew members on board the Red Manticore as you sail through the cosmos.

This quiet lady works as the ship’s medic. A skilled pharmaceutical scientist and botanist, she expertly blends traditional Chinese herbalism with alien plants and modern scientific techniques. This unorthodox combo allows her to create powerful elixirs, lotions, and tonics that can patch up the deepest wounds and combat many foreign ailments across the galaxy. As not many hospitals would readily accept a space pirate, her abilities are invaluable to the crew of the Red Manticore.

(Design by DustZero, me, Sgt. Shivers, and Arborix. Final rotation by Arborix. Thank you all very much for your help!)

A moon of yarn for the way back. A Minotaur’s head. A promise cut on sword.

Ariadne knows this tragedy well: how we give love its teeth. How we let it loose like daisy weed out on our lawns and then find our hands and knees lost deep crawling through the labyrinth of another body. In its tangled turns and dead ends, these rib-walls shake like ship new to sea. Our veins come undone like old knots, like butterflies pouring out of shell. And our heartbeats parade through fog like bullets instead of light rain.

When the deed is done, we are all white sails returning to wounds. Open and nothing like the love letters returned to sender in thousands. The blood wells the way love builds us from the sky up and then leaves us to burn in pyres made from sun.

For so long, they have called it glory when girl is abandoned. When girl is capsized in her own sorrow. But in another myth, Ariadne keeps the yarn.

In another myth, she is praised.

—  astagesetforcatastrophe, for ariadne 

Almost three years ago since I stood so tiny in that huge rainforest, sat in a plane and snapped a picture of Barcelona from the sky, looked at the reflection of the Louvre in the glass as rain loomed over us, stood on the walls of Dubrovnik and looked out onto the grey ocean, and sailed through the Grand Canal with one of my best friends next to me. I cherish all my photos from those eight months on the cruise ship, because reliving them in my head is so fun. Such incredible adventures.

lemme tell you some cool things about lafayette
  • raised as p much a farmboy by his gparents even though he was p much the richest boy in france because his mom was too sad about his dad’s death to raise him and moved to paris by herself
  • orphaned at 12  my poor bb :(
  • was arranged to marry adrienne but was SERIOUSLY in love with her anyways so it all worked out
  • danced with marie antionette at a ball and bc he didn’t grow up in court he was bad at dancing so she laughed at him causing the whole court to join her it’s so sad i love him i feel so bad
  • learned about the prospective american revolution through military school and his heart was just so overwhelmed with love for the us people that he just HAD to sign up to fight
  • bought his own ship to illegally sailed to america against his king’s orders for the simple reason that he believed in us so much
  • dressed as a woman while doing so so he wouldn’t get caught
  • proved to the foreign policy people that he wan’t just another frenchman trying to get fame and glory by telling them he’d fight for free! (he was super rich anyways after all who cares he’s just here to help america)
  • george washington played “dad” to him the same way he did with hamilton except lafayette embraced it and they napped under a tree together on top of the same coat once
  • lafayette loved george washington so much he named his only son George Washington de Lafayette its so beautiful
  • was NOT OKAY during the french revolution he had to run to Austria to escape, he got caught, and was imprisoned for NINE YEARS until Buonaparte and Washington had him freed
  • Washington and hamilton raised his son while he was in jail how sweet
  • was for ReAL against slaver and was a member of the french abolitionist group Societe des amis des Nois
  • wanted to create a home with george washington tha took in freed slaves and educated them to allow them to be able to work and thrive as a newly free citizen and when washington decided that wouldn’t be a good career move lafayette did it HIMSELF on some island idk which im not sober rn
  • Tallahassee (the place i live) literally exists bc he told Napoleon’s nephew aka our first mayor to create it
  • is LITERALLY buried under AMERICAN soil even though he’s buried in France he  told his kids “HEY i love america burry me under this soil” so they had soil from bunker hill shipped to france and he’s buried under it
  • he believed in us so much we need to be better for HIM

One Sentence Summary:

Competently confident kicks-ass-at-ship-shit heroine, disguised as a dude, takes her bro’s place on his navy ship where Mr. Tall Dark & Honorable hero is her commanding officer.

What part made you fangirl squeal:

  1. All dat competency porn of our gal kicking booty at ship sailing!
  2. When heroine yanked out her boobs to fake having sex so she could rescue Mr. Hero-In-Distress.
  3. When OTP pressed they palms together through the canvas CATCH ME I SWOONING!

Favorite Character:

Oh, FO’SHO our girl Sally. This heroine will ninja-steal your heart with her wit, sass, smarts, & take-no-shit attitude.

How smexy was the smex?

More romantic than sexy, and also sparse. Understandable, though, ‘cause OTP be, you know…in a war.

Name That Trope:

Girl In Pants, Alpha Heroine, Forced Proximity, Heroine To The Rescue

Whose Line Is It Anyway:

Sally: *sees 2 peeps banging* Devil take me if I don’t feel like I ought to take my hat off for such a biblically instructive display.

Got any bitching to do?

The weakest link is the hero when compared to our heroine. Few POV scenes, little plot impact, BUT! He still gold while she’s a diamond.

Visually Depict Yo Book Feels:

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Famous last words:

Yall. Courtney-Mother-Fucking-Milan reccommended this book, SO YOU KNOW IT IS ORGASMS & FEMINISM & ROMTASTIC AS FRICK-FRACK!


(For a more in depth and LOL-fest discussion on romance novels and romance Asian dramas, HERE BE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL)

Someday, May Never Come

 @nicolejones412  1k Celebration Challenge.

Song: Someday When I Stop Loving You by Carrie Underwood

Pairings: Sam and reader (Sorry, don’t hate me)

Warnings: Angst and character death

“One foot on the bus ‘bout half past nine
I knew that you were leaving this time
I thought about laying down in it’s path
Thinking that you might get off for that

I remember that night we laid in bed
Naming all our kids that we hadn’t had yet
One for your grandma and one for mine
Said we’d draw straws when it came time.

I’ll move on baby just like you
When the desert floods and the grass turns blue
When a sailing ship don’t need her moon
It will break my heart but I’ll get through
Someday when I stop loving you

I bet all I had on a thing called love
I guess in the end it wasn’t enough
And it’s hard to watch you leave right now
I’m gonna have to learn to let you go somehow


I’ll move on baby just like you
When the desert floods and the grass turns blue
When a sailing ship don’t need her moon
It will break my heart but I’ll get through
Someday when I stop loving you

Oh someday someday when I stop

I’ll move on baby just like you
When the desert floods and the grass turns blue
When a sailing ship don’t need her moon
It will break my heart but I’ll get through
Someday when I stop loving you

Someday when I stop loving you, oh.”

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the signs as BTS 2015 things

Aries: Suga being happy and proud of his music

Taurus: Rapmonster in the 50 BEST Hip Hop Album

Gemini: Jimin’s lovely lovely belly~

Cancer: every SINGLE BTS ship just sailing through this year

Leo: Taehyung writing the melody for their title track ‘Run’

Virgo: Armies sending love when the boys were under fire

Libra: any and all episode of Run! Bts


Sagittarius: Jin getting more screen time and singing time this comeback

Capricorn: Jungkook + Zion T. collab stage

Aquarius: J-Hope released ‘1 Verse’ and saved humanity

Pisces: BTS loving and supporting each other through the good and bad