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There’s never a better time to make changes than at the start of a new year, so here we go!

When I started this blog two years ago (OMG) I made this set of arbitrary, over the top rules for myself, and I’ve stuck with them. I made them for a reason, and they’ve served me well, I think, but I’m itching for a change… for more freedom with my blog. 

Obviously the biggest change has already happened - allthelarryfics -> nostainofaredwine 

But I’m also shaking up how I do fic reviews. It’s been two years of making posts and waxing poetic and I love it, but I’m ready for something different! My reviews are going to be shorter and probably in groups rather than individual posts. Fic is a huge part of my life, and it will still be the most prominent thing on my blog

I will absolutely still do recs and yell about fic over and over and over, so don’t worry! Still send me rec requests and fics you can’t find - I’m still me!!!

This is the change I need to keep me energized and excited about tumblr. It’s so dramatic, but this feels like freedom from a weird, restrictive, self-imposed box of rules.

I’m really happy!


Phantogram have released their third album. It’s called, Three

With songs that explore how we may find calm amongst chaos, the duo have aptly selected Ben Zank to collaborate on a special Tumblr IRL. As you listen to the album, scroll through the photography, which will be rolling out all week right here

Oh, and there’s a whole thing in Boulder too, thanks to our friends at Ice Breakers Mints. The band have planned a super intimate, one-of-a-kind performance to pair with the visuals that Ben created. 

Our first Tumblr IRL to hit the Mountain Time Zone, and we’re damn proud of it.

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If your life is in need of a quick infusion of color, look no further than Lenne Chai’s Instagram feed (@lenneigh). The 24-year-old photographer sums her work up as “feminine, pastel, [and] dreamy” and she delivers on all three in spades.

Lenne came to photography through her childhood fascination with fashion, but has since discovered it’s “the medium I communicate my ideas best in — I love constructing sets and props to tell stories.” And she’s not just shooting stills, either. The Singapore native is also passionate about making music videos, especially her “Karaoke Party” series that features Singaporean musicians in wardrobes by local designers.

The videos give Lenne another chance to show off her creative innovations. “I just directed one that’s inspired by game shows, but with a set that’s constructed entirely with pastel-colored paper,” she says. “The next one I’m working on features aliens.” And while that may sound completely out of this world, it actually fits in perfectly with her fascination with astrophysics.

To Lenne, #GirlGaze means “Looking at women (both the ones in front of, and behind, the camera) differently. Thinking about women differently. Often sexy, but never sexualized.” Fittingly, Lenne’s favorite subjects are other girls, and she dreams of bringing her photographs of them to magazines like Lula, i-D, and of course, Teen Vogue. - Words by Hannah Howard

This Instagram is part of the @girlgazeproject project, celebrating the next generation of female photographers. Submit your photos on Instagram using #GirlGaze and you could be featured in Teen Vogue!


Hey guys & gals. Or, Kings & Queens!
If you would like to join my movement on portrayal of beauty through nudism, please please please submit your amazing photography. All submissions will be anonymous (unless you tell me otherwise). I’d love to show the world how beautiful all types of bodies are.

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Happy Sunday and have an amazing night!

- Bry 👋🏾😎

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This is my One Thousand post on tumblr. Thank you everyone for this wonderful trip through photography!

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