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Morning After featuring Amelia in Wednesday’s Shirt

My grandparents went out today and I slept in. When they came back from their errands I greeted them and they brought me Lunch- my favourite meal from the restaurant they went to. I damn near cried it made me so happy.

Somewhere in the world, a girl with a bad haircut and bootcut jeans is sitting across from her uninterested friend. The girl complains again about the weird people in her HP fandom who ship NOT CANON ships.

“They’re so weird!” Says she as she refreshes her many facebook fan pages. “Why would you ship something that isn’t confirmed. Most of them are even gaaaay….”

*CRASH* I break through the wall into her house, scattering my gay edits and headcanons as I laugh maniacally. “BEHOLD!” I scream. “THE POWER OF THE GAY!”

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four word prompt: please don't hate me

i was already working on this and then pictures of harry and a baby showed up today so i figured it was only appropriate to post dad harry today.

She crawls across the floor to Harry where he sits on the couch, little hands grabbing his trousers so she can pull herself up. When her tiny head pops above his knees and she sees him smiling down at her she squeals in delight, causing herself to fall back on her butt.
“Oh no,” Harry laughs, leaning over his knees so he can see her, “You alright, angel?”
She smiles up at him, rocking back and forth on her bottom. Harry checks his phone quickly and seeing what time it is, stands to go make her a bottle. “I’ll be right back, angel.” Avoiding telling her just what he was doing because she could pick up on words like “bottle” now and would probably start screaming. “Stay right here.” He lifts her and then puts her in the playpen, kissing the top of her head before heading to the kitchen.
He hated the formula, thought it smelt awful, but the doctor had insisted we switch over when he noticed she wasn’t gaining enough weight on your breast milk. It had absolutely crushed you and Harry remembered spending the whole night holding you and assuring you that you weren’t a failure and that it was out of your control.

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“I know you’re there,” Cassian said. He stood before a white stone monument, in the middle of a garden on the west end of Velaris atop the sea cliffs. Another smaller white stone monument sat to its right, and to the left, a modest plaque with no name, but etched with a picture of wings had been placed into the ground.

The sea breeze rustled his black hair, carrying it across his face. He took a deep breath and stilled as he heard Nesta approach. He’d seen her in the weeks since he’d chased her through the House, but he’d barely spoken to her. Barely looked at her. Most of the time, he wasn’t quite sure where she was, only that she was watching him. Sometimes he felt her when he was training with Az, sometimes he felt her when he was working with Rhys, and other times he knew she was close because he could feel that uncertain space between them.

The want and the sadness and the anger.

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On a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon in late May, the boys taking El to McDonalds and, as they’re ordering their meals, Mike notices El staring at the play place with interest and a little confusion in her soft brown eyes. He realizes, all at once and with a sinking feeling, that crawling around in those plastic tubes and jumping into the ball pit are things that she never got to do as a child. He figures that, at that point, they’re too old to be allowed inside the play place, so he doesn’t mention anything. Yet, as Mike digs into his chicken nuggets, his brain is working a mile a minute, thinking about exactly how he can recreate such a quintessential childhood experience for El. Looking up from her hamburger, drawing her eyes away from the brightly coloured pool of balls in the other room, El asks Mike if everything is alright. He smiles at her and nods reassuringly.

The solution hits him as he’s falling asleep that night and he practically leaps out of bed and bounds down to the kitchen, where his mother is still preparing lunches for the next day. With haste, he explains his plan and his reasoning and begs her for both permission and help; though it doesn’t take much to convince Karen. She absolutely adores El and is more than happy to help bring Mike’s plan to life. 

A month later, on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon in late June, Mike Wheeler turns fourteen years old. He had been planning to invite his friends over for pizza and a Star Wars themed sleepover, but as he answers the door for El, his stomach flips with excitement and he knows that this will be a hundred times better. Mike, blushing, takes the pink and polka-dotted gift bag she offers him and places it with the rest in the living room (the guys have already arrived and are waiting impatiently for El outside). 

Mike thanks her and asks her to close her eyes, informing El that he has a surprise for her. She looks at him sideways, her brow wrinkled in confusion. “But Mike,” El says, “It’s your birthday. You should get the surprises.” 

“Please, El?” Mike is almost whining and El can’t help but to grin, wondering what this surprise could possibly be. She closes her eyes, covering them with one hand for good measure. Mike takes her other hand in his, intertwining their fingers and leading her carefully through the house, glad that she trusts him enough to let him do so. 

“Ready?” he whispers as they reach the back door. El nods her agreement and hears the sliding door open, feels a wave of warm air hit her body as Mike leads her out into the backyard. “Okay,” Mike says, “You can open your eyes.” 

El’s eyes flutter open and her lips part into a gasp as she takes in the scene laid out on the Wheeler’s perfectly kept green lawn. There’s something that looks oddly like a pool a few feet off from where they stand. Except instead of water it’s filled with those brightly coloured balls that El instantly remembers from that day at McDonalds. A little further off is a large, almost balloon-like structure shaped like a castle swaying calmly on the grass. Dustin, Lucas, and Will stand, without shoes, by the castle, also swaying—though impatiently. 

Holding back tears, El turns to Mike and purses her lips. She’s unsure what to say; if there’s a word that means more than thank you. Instantly, she opens her arms and wraps them around Mike’s shoulders. He tenses for a fraction of a moment, before relaxing into the hug and shyly pressing his lips to the top of her curls, hoping the guys aren’t paying enough attention to them to have noticed. 

“Come on,” Mike laughs, “What do you want to try first? The bouncy castle or the ball pit?” 

The remainder of the afternoon is spent full of smiles and laughter; pepperoni pizza, and ice cream birthday cake. 

What If? (13 Reasons Why Jeff Imagine)

Description: After a long first week of school, you meet up with Jeff at a party.

Request112 w/ Jeff please 💜 [lovemesomejeff]

#112 from Nearly 200 Writing Prompts-“Why are you bleeding?”

I hope you like it! It’s probably a lot fluffier than you wanted. Please request more from that prompt list because there’s so many good ones!

You were at Jessica’s back to school party. You came really late because you were working on a project, but your boyfriend said you had to at least make an appearance. You weaved your way through your drunk classmates and saw Jessica looking for alcohol. “(Y/N)! You came!”

“Yeah, Jeff said I should come when I finished my project.”

“It’s the first week of school and you already have a project? What kind of classes are you taking?” she laughed hysterically.

“Have you seen Jeff?” you asked after she calmed down.

“Justin!” Jessica called him over.

“What’s up, babe?”

“Where’s Jeff?”

“Beer run. He should be back soon. Hey, (Y/N),” he said finally noticing you.

“Hey, Justin,” you smiled. “If you see him before I do, can you let him know I’m here?”

“Sure,” he smiled. He turned to Jessica. “But right now Jess and I…”

You walked away before you could hear the rest. You wandered through her house looking for a familiar face that you could talk to until Jeff came back.

“(Y/N)!” you turned as Montgomery approached you. “Jeff didn’t think you were coming.”

“I told him I was. I was working on a project.”

“So lame that teachers assign that the first week of school. Hey, make sure you and Jensen keep working with him, so his grades don’t slip. We need his pitching this year.”

“I plan on it,” you smiled.

“I got the beer!” you heard as the front door opened.

“Finally!” “Yes, Atkins!” “Jeff, you’re the best!” were heard throughout the house. You walked into the kitchen and placed your hands over his eyes.

“Guess who?” He turned around and smiled.

“I’m so happy you came.” You looked up at him. There was a cut on his nose and a couple more on his arms.

“Hey, babe, why are you bleeding?”

“Oh, there was a  small accident on the way home. I’m fine.”

“What happened?” you asked as you looked at the cuts on his arms.

“A stop sign was knocked over at one of the intersections and I braked really suddenly and a couple of bottles broke. I’m good, babe, don’t worry.” he looked at you.

“Let’s go to the bathroom, so we can at least put some band-aids on them,” you said pulling him in that direction.

“You’re such a mom!” he laughed before he grabbed your face gently with his hands. “I’m fine. You don’t need to worry. I don’t want to see you upset about this.”

“It just could have been more serious. A knocked down stop sign? What if you hadn’t braked at all? What if-”

“Babe, we can go all nights about the what if’s, but the facts are, I’m here. I’m good. And you need a drink.”

“I do not,” you rolled your eyes. He looked at you. “Okay, maybe you’re right.” He laughed as he wrapped his arm around you went to get some drinks.

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Hi, could You write a Fic where Jamie managed to avoid Geneva´s blackmailing (that never happened) and later she met Frasers and SEE THEM TOGETHER (gladly with bairns)? Love to see Claire give her (G) a hard time – kill that little brat!!!

“Mac!” the groom’s head shot up, a fire of bronze and gold glinting in the sunlight. She held her breath watching, longing, wanting; he was something she wanted more than anything and she always got what she wanted. She missed what else the overseer said, but it was something that turned Mac’s face into something she’d never seen before, pure bliss. His smile stretched from corner to corner of his face, his eyes alight, and he seemed to glow even brighter.

He took off at a run at first, but slowed his pace the further to the edge of the property he went. She was heaving and gasping for breath by the time she caught up with him. Her heart pounding not just from the excursion of running, but from fear. If he stepped off of property lines, then he’d be sent away, and if he was sent away… no. She couldn’t think like that right now. He was hers and she will have what she desires. Multiple letters she had stolen from the post were from two different women, and they burned hole in her pocket. What if one were to know he had a lover? That would end his relationships and he’d have to see reason and be with her. Only her.

Cautiously she peeked around the rowan tree, eager to keep an eye on her prize. Curiosity had sparked deep inside and she needed to know what made him so elated and hasten to the edge of the property line. It couldn’t be that sap Lord John, normally Mac spoke to him cordially, but on the rare occasion he was curt and seemed to swell in size with anger. In those moments, she had cowered in the hay, too terrified to seek shelter in the house. What she saw on the other side of the tree though, didn’t spark terror, or joy, but the sickening feeling of disbelief.

Mac was wrapped around a woman, her untamed dark curls intertwined with his fiery red as the wind blew around them. She could see the gleam of tears streaking down his face as he kissed this woman with more passion than she knew possible. Who was she, and why was she here? Mac was hers and the faster this woman realized it the better for everyone.

“Da! Da! Up! Up! Up!” A small, chubby cheeked boy squealed. His hair had the same riotous curls as the woman, but the shade of Mac’s.

“No…” she whispered aloud to herself. “This can’t be. No! He doesn’t have children! He can’t have children!” Her whispers had escalated to shrieks causing Mac, the woman and both children to turn. Two… there were two children. She screamed in outrage even louder.

“Miss Dunsany!” Mac called as she barrelled towards him and his family.

“You whore! You cheat! You filthy Scottish BITCH!” Geneva roared rearing back to slap the woman who had hidden the eldest child, a little girl, behind herself.

Mac reached out for her hand, but the woman stopped her first, gripping her wrist and throwing it down.

“You do not speak to me that way, Miss Dunsany.” The woman said while glaring down at her.

“I will call you whatever I want! Mac is my groom, my father owns this estate! You are trespassing and do not belong! I can and will speak to you in whatever manner I deem necessary!”

“You may be the child of the owner of these lands, but I am a guest on these grounds. If you do not believe me, ask your father. I came at his and Lord John Grey’s request to visit my husband. His sentence here is nearly up, little girl. You should show respect to others, no matter their station or who you may perceive to be below you.”

“I don’t have to listen to a traitor like yourself. You have an English accent yet you claim this Scot is your husband!”

“Don’t listen to me then, listen to your father.” The woman nodded her head behind Geneva, who swiftly turned to see her father, red faced and storming towards them.

“Geneva.” He said in a tone she’d never before heard on herself, it sent a sickening ice through her veins. “To the house, now. I’ll expect you to be on your best behavior and an apology formally addressed to both Mac and his wife, as well as his children.”

“But Papa!”


“–they’re trespassing! They don’t belong here!”

“Geneva!” He roared again, the small boy in Mac’s arms cowered into his father’s neck

“Mrs. MacKenzie and her children are here on my invitation. Do you not think Mac deserves to see his family? Has he treated our family so dishonorably that he does not deserve a reward?” He grabbed her by the shoulders, spinning her to look at the small family. “Do you see them? Look at the children! They only have letters and vague memories of their father. Is that how you wish to have grown? No trace or memory of me?”

“N-no Papa, I–”

“You’re being selfish, Geneva. Get to the house, now!” She took off at a run, not stopping to pick up the letters she felt falling from her pockets. Her heart was broken. He had a wife, two children. Why couldn’t he be hers?

As the tears fell, and she stumbled her way back towards the house she could hear the laughter of the two children, Mac’s laugh, the laugh of the woman, and an even more foreign laugh, her father’s.

Why I Went to the Woods

Written by: @javistg

Prompt:  Postwar: isolated Katniss did not sit frozen in that quiet tomb of a house, suffocating! She ran madly into the woods. It’s years before anyone sees her again. What’s become of 12, Gale, Haymitch, mom…of Peeta? [Submitted by @567inpanem]


AN: This is for the lovely @567inpanem who submitted the prompt. I hope you like what I’ve done with it. I know I’ve only addressed half of the prompt here, but the story was getting too long, so I decided to break it into three different parts. Part 2 will be ready soon.

I want to thank the wonderful @xerxia31 for helping me with this one. Believe me, this story is a LOT better because of her. And finally, I want to thank the always incredible @akai-echo for making such a beautiful banner for me.

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Ok but like a soulmates plot where Muse A is this guy with messy hair and a love of flannels and combat boots and hates all things soulmates because his mom believed in it so much and all that got him was a dead beat missing father and a broken hearted mom. The second a name appeared on his 13th birthday, he covered it up and refused to look. And then he meets Muse B who is this soft spoken but firey ball of moonlight and he knows that she used to be sunshine and sundresses and mary janes and then a stupid ass jock broke her heart and now Muse B hides in to big sweaters and dirty converse and too much eyeliner. So despite having know idea why he has this urge to just like know her, Muse A befriends her and they start hanging out constantly and she’s just a wreck of getting drunk off wine coolers and hiding her tears in the sleeves of her sweaters and soon he falls hard. They sneak into parks and go to concerts and walks through the woods behind her house and he sees everything those assholes missed and he’s never hated anyone more than the man who broke her spirit. But with him suddenly she’s laughing again and smiling and just looking at him in those ways that make his fucking heart stop. But like he knows she’s too good for him and deserves so much more so he just swears to be her best friend, her anything. And one night when tucking her into bed after Muse B gets wasted and finally admits how much she’s been hurt, he sees it. Spots it while tucking sheets around ankles adorned with cute, kitschy socks. His name. Scrawled across skin and suddenly it all makes sense and holy fuck he actually loves this girl and the universe knows too.  And then from there who knows???? I had a lot of Au emotions today fam.

Raphael Santiago x Reader | Haven

summary; : the reader is Raphael’s haven; a specific shadowhunter finds that out.

words ; 1202

pairing ; reader x raphael Santiago ; platonic!jace x raphael


“ Where do you think you’re going ?” an angry voice yelled the second Raphael stepped outside of the hotel DuMort.

“ I’m having a night walk, got a problem with that?” he hissed at the blonde shadowhunter that stood behind him.

“ Actually, yes. You can’t leave the hotel, remember ? Until the whole Camille problem is solved. ”

The vampire frowned , before he showed his fangs.

“ You don’t get to tell me what to do, shadowhunter. ”

“ Oh, but I do. ” he said grabbing his seraph blade

“ Don’t get too cocky, Wayland. ” the brunette smirked

Before Jace, the shadowhunter, could’ve attacked , ten more vampires jumped on him, knocking him out.

“ You don’t get to drink one drop of his blood , you understand ?!” Raphael shouted; the others lowered their heads, going back inside of the hotel.

Before continuing his way, Raphael dragged Jace to his apartment, to make sure he won’t be the meal for someone.

“ At least I didn’t leave him out there.” he sighed, before closing the door.

Raphael continued his way, to the only place that felt like true home for him. He put his hands in the jacket’s pockets and he hurried to the destination; he didn’t mind to look around, he had the route clearly in his mind; even if it has been some time, he won’t forget the road the lead to his personal heaven if that was even possible, considering he was
nothing more but a demon.

(Y/N) was trying to fall asleep, when she heard a click coming from her window; the girl didn’t bother to go check, she knew it was only one person that would come into her house , through her window, in the middle if the night.

She smiled as she heard Raphael taking off his shoes and jacket; he always made her happy, even since they’ve met - about 10 years ago, in the Pandemonium club; she got herself so drunk that couldn’t make it home, not until her knight showed up; Raphael, despite everything he was thought since he was turned into a vampire, he still helped the girl, if he wouldn’t have , she could’ve been dead by now.

Despite his vampire instincts he never bite her, instead they’ve become friends. Weird friends that only saw each other at night, but (Y/N) never questioned him about his weird behavior. He was glad,knowing that even if she couldn’t understand him , she still accepted him anyway; rare for a ‘mundane’ to do so.

“ You’re awake ?” he murmured while getting under the blanket, hugging the girl from behind.

“ No. ” she replied, turning to face him.

Hola, hermosa.

” Hi, Raph. “ she smiled

” I’ve missed you. “

” Of course you did, mi rey . “ she giggled ” I’ve missed you too. “

” No hay nada mejor que un abrazo de un ser querido para relajarte. “

(Y/N) smiled, putting her arms around his neck; she knew he had a lot of problems in his life, or at least that’s what she thought from all the vague stories Raphael told her; he tried his best to inform her about his life, but he omitted some things, like being a vampire and fighting demons or shadowhunters .

” Rough day?“ she asked at some point

” Mhmm.“ he sighed

(Y/N) moved her head closer to his, placing a gentle kiss on his cold cheek.

” It’s all better now, since I’m with you, mi cielito.

” You’re such a romantic. “

” Only when it comes to you. “

She wrapped her arms tighter around him; he was the only person able to make her stomach full of butterflies.

” (Y/N) ? “

” Hm?“

” I know that you might have a lot of questions about me - my behavior. “

” Stop. “

” What?“ he looked confused into her eyes

” You’ll tell me when you want to; you have a rough life, cariño. I don’t wan to push you into telling me what’s going on. I can wait. “ she smiled

” You’re my heaven, (Y/N). “

The girl smiled sweetly before reaching for his lips; he pulled in gently, kissing her for a few seconds.

” I love you too, Raphael. “

Even if he never said exactly those three words , (Y/N) understood him enough, to know exactly what he meant every time he looked at her with those "love-sick-puppy-eyes”.

Slowly the girl fell asleep in his arms; he smiled; thinking he would love to stay with her like this for an eternity.

However, the moment was ruined when Raphael smelled angel blood; carefully he let the girl in the bed, without waking her and he looked out the window, seeing a confused Jace waiting for him to get out.

Raphael sighed as he turned to look at his own angel who was sleeping peacefully; he wrapped the blanket around her small body then he exited the room the same way he entered - using the window.

“ What do you want, shadowhunter ? I didn’t let you knocked out surrounded by thirsty vampires. You should be thankful. ” he said passing by the blonde guy

Jace narrowed his eyebrows.

“ Thanks. ” he said sarcastically

“ Now , tell me, vampire, what were you doing in that house? I saw you. Who is she ?” he spitted out angrily

“ None of your business. ”

“ You either tell me or I’ll tell the Clave you work with Camille. ”

“ You’re a real pain in my ass, aren’t you?” he hissed

Jace just rolled his eyes and crossed his arms to his chest.

“ So?”

“ She’s my friend. ”

“ She’s a mundane. ” Jace questioned
“ While you’re a blood-sucking demon, remember?”

“ Back off, Wayland. ” Raphael hissed

“ What’s that? That little spark in your black eyes? Love ?” the shadowhunter said amused

“ Shut up! ”

Jace was shocked by his reply, most of the times Raphael had a sassy line or something , but this time it seemed like he was defending himself.

“ Oh my god.” Jace gasped “ It is love.” he said placing a hand over his, now wide open, mouth.

“ You’re that shocked?” Raphael gesticulated

“ I never thought I’d see you in love with anyone except yourself. ”

Raphael’s anger faded away slowly;
whispering he said “ there’s a lot you don’t know about me, idiota . ”

“ For how long you know her?”

“ Ten years, I assume. Now, look at me shadowhunter, she’s the only person that keeps me going, you tell someone about her I hurt you; no one knows about her , just like how she doesn’t know about this damn shadow world, got it? ”

“ She appears to be your weakness. ”

Raphael scoffed, laughing he showed his fangs.

“ No, dear. I’m not you. The woman I love it is not my weakness she’s my heaven ; trust me when I say I’ll do anything for her. So, -” Raphael paused for a second before he continued, spelling each word slowly “ Stay. The. Hell. Away. From. Her. ”

And with that being said the vampire vanished , since the sun was almost up.

Jace looked at the place where the downworlder used to be and laughed.

“ I guess even demons have their own heavens. ”

@karis-the-fangirl suggested I draw Wanda having a nice cup of tea so I drew the whole family


Sana has had a long and exhausting day at school. These days it seems like all the teachers teamed up to make the students’ lives as hard as possible. But Sana won’t let that bring her down. She knows she is a good student and a few rough days are fine, she can handle it. Her way of dealing with the stress is to get home and take time to relax.

As soon as she steps a foot through the door to her house, she doubts she’ll have much time to relax on her own. While Sana takes off her shoes she hears laughter from the living room. That’s not unusual. What’s unusual is that Sana isn’t hearing the laughter of five guys. She’s hearing Elias for sure but the other person sounds like … a child. Which doesn’t make sense for Sana in that moment at all. That’s why she leaves her shoes and bag at the door and quickly goes to the living room door. She opens the door just so little that she can see who is inside. Once her eyes fall on Elias running around the living room, chasing a little child that is laughing uncontrollably a big smile finds its way on Sana’s lips. Sana is not sure why exactly she is seeing her brother play tag with a child in her living room but it’s funny to look at. It also brings back own memories of her eldest brother chasing Elias and Sana around the house or in the garden.

A few moments Sana just stands at the door, leaning on the door frame with her arms crossed in front of her. It takes Elias a minute or two to notice his sister being finally home. But when he does, he stops chasing the little girl, who is oblivious to Sana being there. Elias stands up straight and quickly goes over to the door, where Sana is still standing.

“Hey, Sana! Great you’re home!”, he says, still smiling and looking back and forth between his sister and the little girl.

“I completely forgot that I have a job interview in…”, he looks down at his watch, “… 15 minutes  but I also agreed to look after Lily for an hour. But I really need to go now, you’ll look after her, right? Her mom will be here in 45 minutes or so.”

With that Elias walks past Sana. He doesn’t wait for Sana to answer. Confused, and a little overwhelmed with the information and task Elias just dumped on her, Sana turns on her spot and watches as Elias runs into his room and comes back to put his shoes on. While he does that Sana walks up to him and blocks his way to the door.

“Elias.”, she says and waits for her brother to look at her. He looks up and raises his eyebrows as if he can’t think of anything Sana would want to say to him in this very moment. “Why did you agree to look after Lily when you have a job interview? Am I supposed to babysit her now?”

Elias is preoccupied with putting his shoes on, checking his pockets and backpack to look if he has everything he needs.  While doing that he looks at his sister again and nods. He’s in a rush and talking so fast that it’s almost impossible to understand what he’s saying. It would be impossible if Sana didn’t grow up with him.

“I forgot about the job interview. There was an emergency where dad and Lily’s mom are needed. She couldn’t find a babysitter so quickly and asked if we could babysit.” Elias is almost panting. He is rushing to get out of the house. Elias had told Sana about the job interview and she didn’t forget about it. So how could he?  

Elias goes to open the door but then remembers somethings. He runs into the living room and quickly tells Lily: ”Hey, Lily. I need to go now to do something important but my sister, Sana, will be here with you, okay? She’s really fun, I promise.”

From where she’s standing Sana can’t see Lily but she hears a small ‘Okay’. Then Elias runs past her and opens the door and runs into the person standing right in front of the door, with his hand raised to ring the doorbell.

Elias looks up at him, says Sorry and turns to Sana to quickly say: ”Oh, and I also forgot that I made plans with Yousef. Please explain it to him. Love you. Wish me luck. Bye.” He keeps on talking while walking down the stairs until Sana and Yousef hear the main door close loudly.

With a very confused look Yousef turns to Sana and raises his eyebrows. But before asking anything he takes a second to look at Sana and smiles.


Sana smiles back at him. “Hi.”

A few seconds they stand at the door and Yousef is content with it but he’s also still confused. He was supposed to meet Elias here to think of new YouTube- video ideas. That plan obviously won’t work out now because his best friend just ran out of the house. For a second Sana forgets that there is a child in her living room, she doesn’t really now. She has met Lily and her mom twice before but that was at big dinner-party type things.

“He forgot about his job interview.”, Sana tells Yousef.

Then her eyes widen. Now she remembers Lily sitting in the living room. Sana looks over her shoulder and looks back at Yousef with slight panic in her eyes. Even before Yousef can ask if she’s okay, Sana decides to ask him something.

“Do you have a little bit of time now?” Yousef looks at Sana, his head tilted to the side, trying to figure out why she would ask that. Usually Sana is not this direct. When they hang out, only the two of them, it’s usually not because Sana asks. It just happens.
Yousef tries not to get his hopes up too much, the panic in her eyes is not what he hoped she would look at him like when asking something like this.

Yousef nods. “My plans just got cancelled by Elias running out of the house.”

“You’re good with kids, right? I mean, you work in a kindergarten. And you want 12 kids someday, so you need to be good with kids, don’t you?” Sana is too busy hoping he agrees to help her babysit that she doesn’t completely realize what she’s saying.

Yousef can’t help himself and has to smile about Sana being so jittery and kind of nervous. It’s not often that Sana lets her guards down like this. Plus, she mentions the 12 kids. Yousef thinks back to the conversation they had in the kitchen weeks ago. The first real conversation they ever had. Yousef’s smile grows until he bites his lip to stop himself.

At the same time Yousef has no clue where this conversation is leading. None at all.

“I like to think I’m good with kids, yes.”, Yousef responds and immediately Sana opens the door more and points to the living room. The living room door is also open. Yousef and Sana both look at the little girl sitting on the floor and skipping through the pages of a book. Yousef observes how Sana’s panicked face softens a little when watching the little girl. Then Sana turns around and catches Yousef looking at her. She smiles shortly and blushes which Yousef notices and starts smiling too.

“Elias agreed to babysit her because he forgot about his job interview.” Sana explains.

Yousef nods and walks into the house. He closes the door behind him and waits for Sana to lead the way. Sana doesn’t need to explicitly ask him to help her. Yousef knows Sana enough to know she doesn’t like asking for help, ever. That she trusts him enough to do that makes him happier than he wants to admit to himself. Looking after a kid that is probably around 5 or 6 years old is not that hard anyway and he gets to spend time with Sana.

Sana looks at Yousef one more time and leads the way to the living room. Sana knows that it’s ridiculous to be so nervous to babysit a child. Especially when the child is 5 years old. She’s not a baby anymore. There’s still an uneasy feeling in her stomach that makes Sana unsure about this whole thing. She likes children. But she feels more comfortable when their parents are present so that they can deal with any problems their child may have.

Sana stands in front of Lily, who is looking up at Sana. To do that Lily has to lean back too much, which is why Sana decides to sit down on the floor, across from Lily.

“Hi, I’m Sana.” Sana doesn’t know what exactly to say. She doesn’t remember when it was the last time she was alone with someone under 16 years. Even with all her cousins she loves Sana is barely alone with.

Lily smiles broadly at Sana and nods which makes her brown her fly all over the place. Playing tag with Elias probably caused her hair to fall out of her ponytail. “I know.”

That makes Sana smile. At least Lily is not a child that doesn’t like to talk, Sana thinks. Because that makes everything harder. Still, now Sana is not sure what to do or say. Should she just let Lily play on her own, read her a book, play tag like Elias did? Lily goes back to turning pages in the book on her lap. It’s one of the fairy-tale books Sana’s mother put on their big book shelf. Sana lets her gaze wander through the room and finally turns to Yousef.

Yousef has been standing at the door and observing the situation in front of him. It amazes him how cautious Sana is around the little girl. There is still confidence in the way Sana sits down in front of the girl and introduces herself but it’s different from what Yousef has seen of Sana before. Behind the obvious confidence, Yousef can sense her nervousness and insecurity about the situation which is new. And very cute. His lips quirk up into a smile and Sana just looks at him with her eyebrows raised and a questioning look. Sana nods at Yousef as if to say that he should join them. So he does. He pushes himself of off the wall and walks to the two girls. Like Sana did before, Yousef sits down in front of the little girl. There’s only little space between Sana and Yousef. The little girl is still busy with turning pages without actually looking at them. She probably went through the book three times since Yousef stood at the door.

The little girl notices that someone new joined her and looks up from the book. With big eyes she looks at Yousef and then at Sana. Finally she turns her attention on Yousef again.

“Who are you?” Lily asks Yousef. Sana looks from Yousef to Lily and back to Yousef and sees how he instantly breaks into a smile.

He sits up straight and answers the girl. “My name is Yousef. I’m Sana’s …”, he stops for a second and instinctively turns to Sana. He could feel her gaze on him. With her legs crossed under her, Sana listens carefully to what Yousef says and when he stops and looks at her, she just looks back at him. Not answering for him. Did she know what they were to each other. Can Yousef tell the little girl what he actually thinks?

He ends up saying:” I’m Sana’s friend.” Yousef doesn’t dare to look at Sana. He fears seeing her reaction to that might be something he doesn’t want to see. He proceeds to talk to the little girl. “And who are you? I see that you already know Sana and Elias.”

Sana watches the guy sitting next to her and the little girl in front of her talk and all she can think in that very moment is: How cute can they be? Yousef’s tone when speaking to Lily is extra soft but he doesn’t talk to her like she’s a baby which Lily probably very much enjoys.

Sana misses a small part of their conversation because she was too lost in thoughts and secretly admiring how easy it is for Yousef to connect with children. She wouldn’t ever admit to that but the fact that he is good with children makes him even more attractive in her eyes.

“Elias played tag with me. Can we play tag?” Lily asks Yousef. Wow, how much could Sana have missed in that one minute she didn’t pay attention? They became friends fast.

Yousef nods but turns to Sana once more. He catches her watching them with a smile on her face, dimples showing. Without being able to take his eyes off of Sana Yousef answers Lily.

“We can do that. Do you want to ask Sana if she wants to play too?” Yousef doesn’t look anywhere but into Sana’s eyes for a few seconds and Sana doesn’t look anywhere but into Yousef’s eyes. He is not even saying or doing anything special but why does him sitting next to her, shoulders barely touching, make Sana feel so happy and content with her life in that moment?

Lily’s voice breaks the trance Yousef and Sana are in. They both look at Lily again.

“Sana, do you want play tag with us. Please?” Lily changes the position she sits in to lean a little forward, towards Sana. With a big smile and the cutest hopeful look on her face Lily waits for an answer. Sana’s smile matches Lily’s when she nods and agrees to play. Yousef tries not to stare at Sana but she makes it impossible for him when she is so cute like this.

“But let’s go outside to play tag.” Sana suggests. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say because Lily furrows her eyebrows and pouts. The smile Sana was sporting seconds ago vanishes and once more panic fills her eyes. Yousef notices and doesn’t know if it’s more funny or more heartbreaking to see Sana react like this.

“But we played here with Elias.” Lily still pouts and crosses her arms in front of her. Sana takes a deep breath as if she wants to say something but she doesn’t.

Yousef speaks up and Sana’s head quickly turns to him. “Lily, I think Sana is right.” To that Lily looks at Yousef with a disappointed look and shakes her head. But Yousef doesn’t give her the reaction she wants. Working in a kindergarten teaches you to say No to children, no matter how cute they are and how much they pout or throw a tantrum.

“It’s much more fun playing outside. There is more space to run and there are swings outside!”

Lily suddenly jumps up and claps excitedly. “Swings!”

She jumps up and down and then takes Yousef’s hand and tries to drag him up from his spot on the floor, next to Yousef. Yousef stands up and looks down at Lily who is ready to run outside. Sana’s still sitting down but looking up at the two people standing in front of her.

Yousef holds his hand out to Sana to help her up. His eyes are trained on her. Sana looks from Yousef’s eyes to the hand he’s holding out for her. She’s glad that he supported her, even if it is just a small thing. She takes his hand and lets him pull herself up and to him. She ends up standing millimetres away from him. Both, Yousef and Sana, staring in to each other’s eyes forget everything for the shortest moment but as soon as Sana notices how close they’re actually standing she clears her throat and takes a step back. Her hand that is still in Yousef’s falls next to her and she presses her lips together.

“Let’s go now. Yousef, Sana. I want to go outside now.” Lily takes Yousef’s hand a ‘drags’ him with her. Before they leave the living room Yousef looks over his shoulder to Sana and grins at her. As soon as he turns away from her again Sana closes her eyes and breathes deeply in to recollect herself. What she doesn’t know is that Yousef tries to calm himself like she does while walking away from Sana when he’d rather go back to the same spot he was standing just seconds ago.

Sana knows that Lily is in good hands with Yousef. That’s why she isn’t worried about getting snacks and something to eat from the kitchen before going outside. When Sana goes outside, her eyes instantly find Yousef in his white T-shirt standing at the swing set. Lily sits on one of the swings but doesn’t move. Instead she asks Yousef a lot of questions. Yousef stands with his back to Sana, so Sana decides to wait a little bit before approaching them.

“How old are you?” Lily asks him.

“I’m 20. And how old are you?”

“5.” Lily answers and shows him her hand a wriggles her fingers.

“Do you like Elias?” Lily asks.

Sana hears Yousef laugh which makes her smile. She walks a few steps but doesn’t interrupt the conversation.

“I do. He is my best friend.”

“Really? But he told me he is my best friend today.” Lily says that in the most serious tone Sana has ever heard a child talk in.

Yousef chuckles again and saves the situation. “Did he? But you can have more than one best friend.”

To that Lily giggles and seems very satisfied with the answer. But she keeps on asking. Sana would have been overwhelmed with so many questions but Yousef is doing alright.

“So is Sana your best friend then?” Lily says but when Yousef doesn’t answer quickly she continues to talk. Sana is pretty amused by now but still very interested in Yousef’s answer.

“I.. no, she has other best friends.” Yousef answers finally. How would he describe their complicated relationship to a child?

“But you said you can have more than one best friend. Don’t you like Sana?” Sana has to concentrate a lot to not laugh out loud. Lily doesn’t make it easy for Yousef. Sana walks a little closer again to not miss anything Yousef says.

“I like Sana. I like Sana a lot, actually.” Yousef finally answers and Sana starts smiling broadly again. She wishes she could see his face right now but if she did she couldn’t listen now.

Lily continues talking about Sana and Yousef. Why she’s so interested Sana doesn’t know but she really doesn’t mind either. “So why is she not your best friend then?”

Yousef tilts his head a little and Sana can imagine what his facial expression looks like now. Eyebrows raised, a small smile on his lips and nose scrunched up in concentration. “I don’t know. Good question. Maybe we should ask her when she joins us.”

Sana waits a few moments until she walks the rest of the way to them and announces her arrival with “I brought snacks.” Lily jumps down from the swing and runs up to Sana. Yousef on the other hand turns around on his spot and watches as Sana helps Lily choose if she should eat sliced apples or a banana first. Yousef watches as Sana smiles, with her dimples showing, when Lily just can’t decide.

When Lily finally decides for the apple, she takes a slice and immediately shouts: ”You’re it.” And pokes Sana in her stomach. Lily starts running but Sana just stares after her. With the tray full of snacks and drinks in her hands, Sana react for a short while and then looks at Yousef. He’s standing at the swing set, arms crossed in front of his chest, smiling and nodding at Sana and then in the direction of where Lily ran off too. Sana closes the distance between her and Yousef and pushes the tray from her hands into Yousef’s arms.

For a while Yousef sits on the swing and watches Sana run after Lily or Lily running after Sana who is desperately trying not to run too fast but at the same time to act like that’s the fastest she can go. For some time the girls forget that Yousef is even there, at least that’s what Yousef thinks. Once in a while he hears Lily start laughing loudly which Sana joins with her own laughter.

“Hey!” Sana says to Yousef. The first time this whole time Yousef is at the Bakkoush house today he has his phone in his hand. He looks up at Sana who is standing a few steps in front of him. She has her hands in the pockets of her light blue hoodie. She smiles down at him and he has to squint with one eye because the sun is shining bright. The sunlight around Sana makes her look like an angel and her dimple-y smile distracts Yousef.

“Hi.” Yousef responds with a smile of his own but to him nothing matches Sana’s smile.

“Aren’t you playing with us?” Sana asks. She looks away from Yousef and behind him for a moment. Yousef doesn’t get the chance to think of a funny answer to make her laugh because he feels someone poking his back and hears a little girl’s voice shouting: “You’re it!”

Sana and Lily laugh at Yousef’s surprised look and while Lily starts running away immediately Sana stays stood in front of Yousef and smiles mischievously. Yousef puts his phone in the pocket of his pants and stands up.

“You teamed up on me?” Yousef asks the girl standing in front of him. Sana, trying to restrain her laughter pressing her lips together, nods. Yousef’s eyes follow the small movement and he starts slowly walking towards Sana. “That’s unfair.”

Sana rolls her eyes but still smiles. “Life is unfair, Yousef. Deal with it.”

Grinning Yousef raises his eyebrows and nods. He takes a few more slow steps and once Sana realizes what he’s doing, backs away slowly until they both break into a sprint. Sana runs between the swing-set, under the slide to the basketball basket. Yousef always right behind her. Sana has to abruptly stop because Lily crosses her path and that’s how Yousef catches Sana but they almost fall over because of the abrupt stop. Sana instinctively holds onto Yousef’s shirt and his hands promptly go to her arms to steady her. They are both a little out of breath, and not only because of all the running they did.

“Sana, you’re it!” Lily shouts.

“That was enough cardio training for the rest of the week.” Sana states after she closes the door and leans on it. Lily’s mother just came to pick her up. It wasn’t 45 minutes like Elias said. Lily was with Sana and Yousef for one and a half hours. That doesn’t sound like much but almost every second of that time was spend playing tag, hide and seek or any other game that demanded a lot of running.

“Is the basketball star Sana Bakkoush complaining about a little bit of running?” Yousef comments on that. Sana laughs at his comment, partly because it’s cute and partly because she doesn’t know how to answer to that. Yousef’s leaning on the wall across from Sana and they just stand there for one or two minutes just smiling at each other.

“But.. Thank you for staying. And helping babysit.” Sana thanks him. If he didn’t stay, she would have had a harder time. She actually had fun this afternoon.

“No worries!” Yousef answers and watches Sana push herself off of the wall. They walk into the living room and Sana starts collecting all the stuff Elias apparently found for Lily to play with. Yousef goes to help her and asks: “Do you like kids a little more now?”

Sana holds the book she picked up from the floor and turns to Yousef. “What do you mean? I told you I liked kids.” She remembers their conversation in the kitchen a while back.

Yousef narrows his eyes and looks at Sana critically. “I remember not being completely convinced, to be honest.”

Sana puts the book back on the shelf and turns around to Yousef and walks two steps to shorten the distance between them. “Just because I don’t want 12 kids like you do doesn’t mean I don’t like kids.” Sana picks up a stuffed animal from the sofa and shortens the distance between her and Yousef a tiny bit more.

Yousef remembers the Friday after he had to call Sana to get a drunk Elias home. The way she walks towards her now reminds him of the way she walked towards him with a soccer ball under her arm. He smiles at the memory and even though Sana doesn’t know why he is smiling, just matches him with her own smile.

“Well, you only want two kids. When someone likes kids, they don’t want just two kids.” Yousef replies. Now there are only three steps between Yousef and Sana and they stand there, looking each other in the eyes.

“Are you honestly telling me you would like to have 12 kids that need your constant attention after a this exhausting time with just one?” Sana asks because she knows it’s not the same as being a teacher in a kindergarten.

Yousef doesn’t look anywhere but into Sana’s eyes and nods.

“If it is this much fun, then definitely yes!”

Stolen mattress // fic #1 // Jungkook x reader

Stolen Mattress

group : BTS
member : Jeon Jungkook
genre : fluff? low key implied smut? / smut in future chapters? (can you see I have no idea what this hot mess is??)
story type : full fic
chapter : 1/?
posted on : 17/03/18
warnings : alcohol
words : 1,2K
inspiration came from this cover of Closer by The Chainsmokers

“Jungkook,” you looked to your left. “Huh?” you saw a boy standing next to you. “I’m Jungkook,” he sat down. Great. “Y/N,” you shook hands. “Such a pretty name,” he noticed you were staring into the distance. You were looking at the fireworks. Romantic. “You know, I noticed you were drinking the same beverage I am,” you looked at the can he was holding up. It was the same shade of orange with ugly green lines. He likes beer, can’t be that bad. “Yeah, it’s the best one that the pub has to offer,” you told him.

Awkward silence turned into getting to know each other. Minutes turned into hours. The early evening hours turned into a sunset, marking the beginning of the night.

“And then they left me all alone. They thought my brother was better,” you threw the can away and got up from the ground. “Something I learned was that you really should be the firstborn if you want to have your parents, and their love that is,” he fell for you. There and then. He was still sober enough to feel that you were in pain, he felt like he needed to protect you.

“Where are you going?” he asked you. “Home?” he felt a pang in his chest. You were leaving already? “Why are you going?” you turned to walk away. “I thought you were coming with me,” Jungkook was already standing. “Well if you say so,” he ran after you.

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            Why are you here?
                                                I’m here because you want me to be here.

anonymous asked:

Emma and Regina have their first major fight since Emma moved in and after a couple hours to cool down, Regina feels too ashamed to face Emma, so she makes her way through a dark house to sleep in the living room- only to land on top of Emma, who had assumed she would be banished to the couch for the night

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina wraps her arms around her self as she leans wearily against her kitchen counter. She’s been hiding in here for the past two hours now. Today marks her first big fight with Emma since her girlfriend moved in. It was awful and messy and now she just feels terrible. 

All she wanted was for Emma to feel welcome in this home and in doing so she went overboard and wound up nearly pushing Emma away. 

Regina sighs. When Emma confessed this to her, she got upset and then she got angry and now she just feels ashamed and a little lost. She doesn’t want to go upstairs right now and so she makes her way through her dark house to sleep in the lounge. 

At least this way Emma can have a peaceful night’s sleep and hopefully they can patch things up in the morning. 

She makes her way over to the couch and drops on top of it, yelping in shock as she lands on another form. Emma screams and bolts up as she feels Regina flop onto her. 

“What the hell…”

“What are you doing down here?” Regina asks once her heart calms down a little. 

Emma shrugs sadly, “I figured I better spend the night down here after the things I said…why are you here?” 

“I came down here to sleep…I…I didn’t want you to feel like you couldn’t stay upstairs…”

“So we both sent ourselves to the couch?” Emma asks. 

Regina manages a small smile. “It appears so…I’m sorry if it feels like I’ve been smothering you, I just wanted you to feel at home here.” 

“i know and I’m sorry I got so mad…I’m not used to people making this much effort for me and it just got overwhelming. For the record, all you need to do to make me feel at home is be here…just you, me and Henry. That’s home to me.” 

Regina smiles at her as she moves to kiss Emma tenderly, “I love you too.”

Emma beams kissing Regina back as she wraps her arms around the brunette, “Stay here on the couch with me?” 

Regina grins settling against Emma’s chest as she replies, “I wouldn’t have been able to sleep without you anyway.” 

“Under The Spell of Moonlight”

The Olicity Valentine’s Day Smut-A-Thon @olicityvalentinesdaysmut-a-thon

Prompt: Morning Sex.  

A/N:M-Rated. I decided to write an alternate ending to 2x23.  There’s angst with a splash of love finally declared and sexy times.

Originally posted by librocubiculariste

Through the languor of bone deep exhaustion, Felicity could feel the vehicle ease to a complete stop. She was both physically and emotionally drained.  The trip back from Lian Yu and the horrifying events of the last few days were catching up with her.  She lay heavily against the door of the passenger seat in Oliver’s car, with her head against the window, seeking relief in the coolness of the glass.

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Originally posted by rikkisixx

This is the second fic in a series of Lana del Rey inspired stories. This fic is based off the song Cola

Title: Cola

Summary: Bianca gets ready to meet Negan, the man who is going to take over her business with or without her permission and so she decides to fight back. (AU)

Pairing: Negan x Bianca

Warnings: Smut, oral sex. 

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