destronfemme asked:

For the fandom meme- 2,3,5,16

ooh fun! alright lets see…

2. What was your first experience with transformers?

my very first experience with them was my g1 throttlebot goldbug. i don’t know where he came from exactly, but i just had him growing up. he was missing his wheels, but i still had fun with him. i actually still have him, too!

3. What was the first show you watched? First episode?

ah, that would have to be beast wars. i don’t really think i can remember which episode specifically, but i’m pretty sure that it was the one with the floating fortress thing? like where blackarachnia tries to take over this weird island in the sky…? well anyways, that’s the earliest i can recall, haha. 

5. Autobots or Decepticons? Why?

this is a tough one. i think it would depend on which continuity, really. both factions have so many great characters…but, i guess if i really had to pick one or the other i’d have to go with the autobots. it just seems like i’d fit in easier with them?

16.Favorite combiner team?

ohhh no…i actually have no idea. i usually just like certain members of each team, but not all of them? like, i love first aid, blades, swindle, breakdown, fireflight, and so on. i guess if  i had to choose just based on favorite members it’d be defensor (i ship first aid and blades). i’m really excited about the newer combiners, like the one with sunstreaker, mirage, ironhide, etc. i also like victorion? this is such a hard questionnn D: