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Modern Dregs AU #1

The Dregs playing Mario Kart 8

  • occasionally the gang gets together in front of the TV (usually at Jesper’s)
  • since only four can play, everyone takes turns
  • Wylan never gives up his controller
  • every time someone is hit with a shell, someone ironically yells, “GET BREKKED”
  • totally not Kaz ofc
  • but he always manages to get the Spiny Shells™?? And somehow always manages to target Jesper??
  • Jesper would happily throttle Dirtyhands with his controller if he weren’t trying to escape 11th place
  • Jesper sucks at MK, btw
  • bloopers are Inej’s shit, she saves them until the end of races to scrape by with at least 3rd (if not 2nd)
  • she and Kaz are always on each other’s tails
  • Kaz attacks her with fire flowers and she always times the bloopers just right to pass him up
  • sometimes it makes him mad, sometimes he’s impressed with his Wraith
  • either way, Inej loves it when he gets all flustered
  • “it’s ok, Kaz, maybe next time” “how much do you bet on those odds?”
  • the worst luck award goes to Nina since the only items in her inventory are fucking bananas
  • and when she throws them she’s the one who slips on them
  • “wow, zenik, your luck hasn’t been too ripe, has it?“ “shove a sock in it, brekker”
  • she also loves the little flower glider and no one else is allowed to use it
  • otherwise Kuwei uses it when she’s not playing her turn that round
  • Matthias is a motorcycle junkie in MK
  • once he and Kaz chose the same vehicle
  • “well, one of us has to change”
  • guess? who? had? to? switch?
  • poor Matty
  • Jesper always chooses Waluigi to play and Wylan HATES IT
  • especially because Jesper just sometimes fucking shrieks:
  • “WAAHHHH” “goddamnit Jes”
  • this pisses Colm off in particular (remember, they’re at the Faheys’) and Wylan always threatens, “i’ll tell your da” “no you w-” “MR. FAHEY, YOUR SON IS A PODGE”
  • when they unlock Metal Mario, Kaz is the first to nab him every. single. time.
  • Wylan is the same way with Link
  • Matthias is Bowser bc why not
  • Nina chooses Rosalina bc she’s fab
  • Inej usually picks Yoshi but occasionally goes for Shy Guy
  • Kuwei is NEVER consistent with his characters or vehicles (he wants metal mario but you-know-who aint giving that shit up without a fight)
  • but it doesn’t really matter in the end, Kuwei half-asses the races most of the time
  • he just likes observing the others
  • really he’d prefer to sit in the back eating popcorn and sipping soda through a straw while viewing the carnage that is Kaz v Inej
  • Matthias always gets the items of mega destruction: bob-ombs, bullet bills, and the cursed Red Shells™
  • and he’s relentless af with them
  • he especially likes throwing Kaz off course
  • the red shells are a thing with the group too
  • whenever one comes up, someone shouts “RED SHELL” but it’s already too late
  • but there’s one little bastard that always grabs 1st
  • that’s right
  • Wylan fucking Van Eck aka VAN WRECK
  • sometimes he wins by a hair, sometimes its by… well more than a hair
  • a lot more
  • Kuwei boos him a lot
  • and ofc when everyone else is done Wylan is the only one going, “c’mon, one more round!!” “wy, no” “but you still haven’t beat me”
  • that line always gets them running back
  • still, no one’s defeated Van Wreck yet
Things we know about Captain Cassian Andor, and why we need a backstory movie

He has been fighting since he was six.

And “before the rise of the Empire, Cassian would have considered the Jedi his enemies. But he’d been so young, too young to understand who he’d been fighting or who he’d been fighting for.

He’s a master spy and a pretty good pilot (but overcorrects on the throttle control when he’s stressed).

He’s been a Fulcrum recruitment agent, finding more people for the Alliance.

The rebellion is everything to him, because he has also lost everything.

He is prepared to do anything for the cause, including killing people who are not necessarily on the enemy’s side and little by little cast aside his ideals.

He once found “nourishment in the stale, momentary thrills of danger and triumph” of the spy missions. This doesn’t change until after Eadu and the change he sees in both Jyn and himself.

He’s done some despicable things in the past, but in his mind it’s for the greater good.

On Jenoport he had to kill someone (possibly more than one) which was so hard for him that K-2 found him staring at his blaster with tears on his face. K-2 volunteered for a memory wipe in case Cassian’s “continued dignity and service demanded it.”

Some of these acts are so bad he’s even keeping them from General Draven, who is his immediate superior (head of Alliance Intelligence) and who is not above killing for the rebellion at all (but K-2 knows a lot more than the general).

He once got very seriously injured and K-2 had to carry him to safety.

He’s definitely impersonated an imperial officer before.

Chirrut senses that Cassian carries his prison with him wherever he goes. That sure hints at some serious emotional drama.


I came up with this drill a while back to work throttle control and transition speed. I call it the Triple Triangle.
I’m running my Sig MCX which is equipped with an Acog/RMR combo. The RMR is being utilized for this particular drill. @drewhopkins has the ADM UIC 2.
@americandefensemfg @shoot_steel
#tripletriangle #arcteryx #sig #sigmcx #mcx #uic2 #adm #acog #rmr #trijicon #aimpoint #shootsteel #training #carbine #trexarms #trexarmskydex

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USPSA stage I built consisting of 8 targets at staggered distances. Working throttle control and footwork with this stage. Everything is bunched up requiring awkward quick starts and stops. Running my @ke_arms Glock 19 with the Trijicon RMR and @stand1armory rounds.

Maybe someday I’ll hit the competition circuit. Until then… I’m pushing for consistent hit factors of 10+. This one is a little over 9. And I tossed in a reload from my Sidecar for an extra rep.

#Uspsa #SIDECAR #sidecarholster #glock #glock19 #surefire #x300u #rmr #trijicon #rm06 #kydex #training #onlyalphascount #twoalpha #kydexholsters #trexarms #trexarmskydex

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