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the thing is, even if there were an OPTION for akira to be bi, if the player didn't want him to be, he wouldn't have to be. they could play him perfectly straight and decide their akira was straight. similarly for if someone headcanoned him as gay. giving the player more options doesn't restrict the protag's possible image, that's just kind of silly.


the question isn’t “why make him bi” it’s “why not”???? because like you said, if you open up the option for gay romance you can just ignore it entirely and boom, your akira is straight. or you can pursue it full throttle and he’s gay. or you can dip your toes into each and he’s bi. esp if generally speaking in more RP-leaning games the protag is supposed to be more of a blank slate than the rest of the characters, like in fallout where you can choose dialogue options that make you a total dick.

apparently it would go against the “clear personality” akira has and like… i’d argue that his personality def leans towards bi? you can literally flirt with all of the male characters at some point so idk how that was a contending point for boyf lol (i said as much and he was like “i would say ‘honey i’m home’ to a dude and it wouldn’t be flirting” and i was like “cool but for someone else it might be which is the beauty of having a bi character”)

back from hiatus

i am back from my too long hiatus!

so there’s a small update- i’ve pretty much let some people down because of my inactivity, so i completely understand the unfollows. so! new plan that i’m going to work hard to stick to.

i’m going to post at least twice per week at a minimum, which is more than i’ve been doing before. on the spare days, i will be working on (besides my own long projects) ringleaders, which i will be back to updating as regularly as i can. hopefully once a week.

i’ll be back full throttle with most of my deadlines met, and hopefully i’ll start to entertain you guys again! thanks for your support till now.

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Since you rate Affleck's Batman so highly: if the rumors are true about him not continuing in the role after at least The Batman, if not Justice League, who do you think could take over (especially since WBs other choice, Josh Brolin, looks to be too busy)?

Whoever they cast as Nightwing. Just go ahead full-throttle with Dick and Damian fighting Pyg and Doctor Hurt if they’re seriously unable to hold onto Affleck long-term (which, much as the DCEU remains in a pretty precarious state, is a rumor I for one doubt).

if anyone is confused about this net neutrality thing, the gist of it is that cable companies are trying to get the right to decrease/increase speeds to different websites.

right now, the speed is the same for whatever website you’re visiting, from facebook to pornhub.

so what would an end to neutrality mean? it means they could charge you extra to get a cable package that doesn’t throttle netflix’s speed. it means your conservative parents could buy the package that throttles pages with Adult Content. it means your cable company could increase speed for amazon and decrease it for small online stores (after
a hefty donation from amazon of course)

and because all roads lead to hell, they could throttle speeds for reliable news sources and increase speeds for fox news.

you would click on an article and it wouldn’t load. you would go back and pick a different website, this one with a Better Opinion. you would only see the Good Opinions. and if you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t even realize it.

at best it will cost you extra money or disrupt your netflix/porn habits. at worst it will lead us even further into fascist hell. don’t let them take away net neutrality.

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can you guess a website that might be affected?

Sure, I run one! The Verge produces a ton of videos every day, and we put them on Facebook, YouTube, and our own internal player, with the expectation that everyone will have equal access to them. Get rid of net neutrality rules, and some of our audience might get YouTube videos for free from their ISP, while Facebook hits their data cap. Other customers might have our internal player run slowly but YouTube in a fast lane because Google struck a deal. Our business would change dramatically if we had to factor in the costs users on every different ISP would pay to see our stuff.

And the worst case is that one of our competitors might pay for fast lane access that we can’t really afford and start to win users because our site loads artificially slowly. I’m a competitive person and I want to win, but I also love that The Verge has to earn our audience against terrific sites like Wired and CNET every day. I don’t want to win or lose just because someone paid Verizon. That’s just icky.

A lot of the websites that will be most affected by rolling back net neutrality don’t exist yet. Right now, someone is building the next YouTube, the next Twitter, or the next Uber. And it has amazing, transformative features that none of us have even thought of yet.

But imagine what will happen if big ISPs can throttle or block their content partners’ competitors. That will create a major hurdle for any new player. If ISPs have the power to push us away from new players’ services toward those of their corporate partners, then users have less power to decide which services will succeed.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of websites that cater to an audience of Black, Latino, Arab and Muslim, queer and transgender, women and young people that may find themselves unable to pay enough to be heard. Online ethnic media and media targeting communities pushed to the margins of public debate have provided a needed respite from the scapegoating and stereotypes of mainstream cable news. Websites like,Very Smart Brothers, Jack and Jill Politics, the Root and so many more, too many to name, might find themselves unable to reach their audiences. Their websites aren’t the only ones that will be affected. Many of the start up companies like Etsy, Task Rabbit and more may find themselves unable to compete against older and wealthier companies. If net neutrality is repealed, the next website unable to thrive may be yours.