I’m at a loss for words attempting to describe what I experienced while reading Unadulterated Something. I struggle to even write this description…or what ever this is right here and now, darnit!

Okay. Scrap trying to reinterpret what I felt over the 9 uninterrupted hours it took me to complete US -  there is only one thing I am now sure of and that is the amount of appreciation and respect I have gained for the author; Miss Jessica.

For those of you who have been fortunate enough to indulge in this beautiful Wicked/Gelphie fic, do join me in my unheard applause & copious thanks for it’s existence! For those of you who have not yet, please…please take the time to do delve into US, I assure there will be not a single regret. 

Yep. That’s about it. Here’s a gif.

And don’t forget to click the clicky things!

What's going on with Unadulterated Something?

I’m giving myself until the end of my holiday break (about Jan. 5th) as a deadline.

If I do not write an epilogue, I am going to re-write the last chapter to tie up any loose ends and effectively end the story where it is.

In all honesty, that is probably what’s going to happen.

I don’t want to leave the story eternally “unfinished” but I don’t have much time, energy or ambition for fanfic at the moment. It used to be my escape. But my life has changed so much that now it’s more like a chore that keeps me from doing the things I actually want to do. It has too many associations with a past I don’t want to hold onto.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m still going to read and beta fic. But once I get US tied up, that might be it for me as far as writing.