*Requested* Can you do an imagine where the reader is the Mikaelsons younger sibling who always hated Aurora and so when she come to New Orleans they fight and the reader gets seriously hurt and the siblings don’t reaction well to it (all the Mikaelsons)

( I decided to set this in 3x07, the lovely Thanksgiving episode. Obviously, if you haven´t seen the episode yet do not read. There are lines from the actual episode and all the credit for them go to the talented writers of The Originals. I hope you @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers & and everyone enjoys. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Reader, Aurora, Klaus, Elijah, Freya, Tristan, Lucien

Story Title: “Out Of The Easy”

Warning: Season 3 Spoilers

Word count: 1.067

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It´s one of your favorite holiday today; Thanksgiving. Unfortunately though, this years Thanksgiving is going to have some unwanted quests, which you are not aware of quite yet.  Your brothers Klaus and Elijah invited old acquaintances for dinner, to which you more refer to as enemies. Especially because they kidnapped Rebekah and are hiding her somewhere.

You walk into the compound, expecting anything than the sight you witness with your eyes. Lucien Castle, Tristan de Martel and his sister Aurora are seated at a big table with your brothers around them.

Y/N: “Enemies at the dinner table, delightful.”

You glance over to your brothers, who seem to have a good time questioning our unwanted guests. Speaking of, Tristan is the first commenting on your arrival.

Tristan: “I am pleased to see you haven´t changed in the slightest, Y/N.”

Y/N: “I see you haven’t either. Still the same arrogant vampire you always were.”

You look over to Aurora and feel waves of hatred and disgust wash over you. Looking into the face of one your greatest enemy is certainly not an easy thing to do, without punching into it. Very violently.

Y/N: “I see your nutcase of a sister is with you as well. What an awful surprise. Then again, she always seemed to behave like a lapdog.”

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As of late, Veganism and its many advocates has geared itself a reputation of brutal hostility, especially towards those that do not pretain to their particular lifestyle. Worst of all, must of the hostility stems from within the vegan community, itself. Most vegans find themselves having conflicting views on certain subjects and express doubt on continuing with the ideology, which results in the conversion back to eating meat or participating in Vegianism.

Veganism states the claim to minimize human exploitation and consumption of animals, and often results in butting heads with non-vegan, even going as far to shun such individuals.

Veganism has also being accused of setting its ideology on scare tactics and pseudoscience that balantly ignore true facts with insults, which leaves health care professionals unwilling to advice their clients in participating in the lifestyle.

Veganism is a personal lifestyle choice that claims peace for all, but manages to be actively engaged in a warsome path with vegetarians and omnivores.

These are some of the noted flaws in Veganism, and there are often more that are addressed as questions given by curious and potential advocates to the vegans that are left unanswered.

Vegianism serves as the perfect alternative to Veganism. All answers are given and its ideology ideal and widely practiced.

Vegianism recognizes the notion that all animals are free and seek to reduce unnecessary human interaction that would take away from these animals’ freedom, that includes makeup testing on animals, cruelty, abuse and lack of respect of animals at mass meat cooporation slaughterhouses, raising wild animals as domestic pets or behind unnatural environments (zoos, safaris etc) and exploitation of animals as sources of human entertainment (horseback riding, circuses,thropy hunting etc). Vegians like vegans make the CHOICE of their own FREE WILL to participate in a hebivorian lifestyle and take on the role of guardians for the animals. Vegians also understands not to interrupt the food chain of the animals other than theirs, meaning, a cat that is carnivorous by nature, should be left to be carnivorus and therefore humans, who have being scientifically proven to be omnivorous like dogs, bears and pigs, should be left to be omnivorous. It is the human’s choice to be onmnivorous or not. Vegians are also accepting of Frugitarians, Vegetarians and Vegans and do not force their ideology against people but merely educate and open them to the ideology and help them when their curiosity is sprung. Vegians also understand the way that humans obtain their food is different from the way other animals obtain theirs and will only gear support to farm bred animals that have being raised with great care and respect. Vegians understands that there are various types of meat that are eaten on the other side of the world that one may not usually see on their side of the world and if a Vegian has a problem with it, then the Vegian is simply an ethnocentric to another omnivore’s lifestyle and can either come to terms with it or not, but can not interfer with the omnivore’s feeding style unless there is an unnecessary cruelty involved. Lastly, Vegians consider all lives precious but if an insect like a crockroach or a pest like a rat renowned for carrying diseases is a threat to the Vegian’s life. The Vegian can call for an exterminator or personally kill the insect/pest and bury as a sign of respect, afterall it was just two different animal lifestyles colliding. However, if the Vegian has another method of riding the animal without harm. By all means imploy first and share with others.

If you agree with any of these views, or possess conflicting views with a Vegan like eating next to a omnivore or dating an omnivore or owning a cat. Then VEGIANISM is for you and I will be here to help you answer all your questions. You are not alone, there are hundreds of thousands like you out there. Its time we build our community.
Please note, Vegians truly do seek peace not amousity. So be rational, passionate and smart when representing your liestyle to others. Thank you.


Guys don’t you even dare to blame Jurij for winning today. This is sport. The best win ok? If he’d jump shorter than he could just to let Peter win that would be like cheating and scheming - not a fairplay competition. Peter did AMAZING!!! He fought till the end, he gave his absolute best. I am sure that Peter will win even more thropies in the future. He and Severin gathered the same amount of points but as Severin had more 1st places this year he won the Cup - rightly so. You don’t blame someone who was better you, respect them. This is what we love about that sport right? Their mutual respect. Hats off for Jurij, Severin and Peter! Congratulations for all of them!