throne zone

baby sansa learning to braid hair and braiding EVERYONES hair. braiding her own hair. braiding her mom’s hair. braiding jeyne p’s hair. braiding arya’s hair (arya doesnt know how to braid and she sucks at sitting still but she likes having her hair in a french braid cuz then it doesnt get in her eyes and she cna climb trees without getting it caught in the branches) braiding neds hair very seriously


i always cringe when ppl try and make sansa badass by saying she’ll like, destroy everyone whos hurt her with her lipstick and then sit daintily atop their corpses eating lemon cakes? why does she need to be ~badass lol shes KIND????????? and BRAVE?????? and GOOD????? she’s SURVIVING despite every horrible thing that happens to her????? get away from sansa 

a fun game i made up is called the jon snow game and the rules are, whenever something inconvenient/unpleasant happens to you, like you stub your toe or close your fingers in the door or you bite into a hot pocket and the middle is still lukewarm, you pretend you are jon snow, and that this is a sign from the gods that you are unwanted and your life is a joke, and you say very quietly to yourself

“i bet robb never burns the roof of his mouth on too hot pizza" 

When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.
  1. He’s very nice to look at. He’s very nice to kiss. Noah might possibly be having a small crisis. 
  2. There are two Theon’s in Asha’s head: the shy, quiet little boy the northmen stole away, and the brash, foolish stranger who returned in his stead. There may well be a third Theon now, Asha realizes, remembering the piece of prince which had fallen out of the envelope. She had mourned Theon—both the little boy and the grinning buffoon, though she couldn’t say why—but he was better off dead than left to the Bastard’s tender mercies.
  3. Patrek was panting. “I’m straight,” he said. 
    “Me too,” said Theon, and with that settled, they went back to kissing. 

stannis has prob been accidentally hurtful to shireen by being too honest abt her artwork like hwen she draws smt when she’s real little hes like “i cant tell what that is.” and also when she asks him to color with her hes very like, Horses arent blue. but he accepts it if she’s like “they are if they’re MAGIC horses” (’he’s like “i dont know enough about magic horses to dispute that”’ -thrace) 

also kitty patchface is a big ol calico n when shireen introduces him stannis is like “all calicos are female” and shireen’s like “this one’s a boy, i can tell” and stannis probably wants to argue but davos just puts his hand on stannis’s arm and says patchface is a Handsome Lad but he takes that back later bc kitty patchface freaks him the Fuck out bc he hides in the bathroom and stares at you while you do ya business and he also wanders around the house at night meowing and davos says his meows sound human. whenever kitty patchface stares at davos too long he surreptitiously crosses himself when shireen isnt looking

i havent talked in a while about sansa/brienne so, like, listen, sansa/brienne. listen to me. sansa/brienne. like jsut age sansa on up and then imagine like, brienne being sansa’s bodyguard. brienne rescuing sansa. brienne picking sansa up and carrying her princess style over mud puddles so she doesn’t get her shoes dirty. brienne blushing whenever sansa’s around. sansa singing to brienne. them goign for WALKS. sansa making anyone who is mean to brienne feel bad by doing that thing she does with her words, u know. the thing. u knwo the thing. things-are-happy au where brienne is sworn 2 cat and shit but shes got such a crush on sansa and cats like gently teasing brienne about it and briennes like i have no idea what you mean, my lady. and sansa giving brienne a favor. sansa/brienne