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Television Posters Made By Rabid, Talented Fans

The best thing about a piece of television isn’t the story, or the characters, or the costumes– it’s what the fans do with the work. Spinoffs, fan fiction, all of these obsessions make these shows more than just mindless images to watch– they’re important in people’s lives and they stimulate creativity.

If you liked these, you’ll love these >fan-made banners for Game of Thrones.

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I just thought of this!

What if Danny doesn’t want to be ghost king. Like he has enough on his plate and doesn’t have time for it and most of his subjects hate him. Like between the league, school , friends, eating, sleeping, and hiding his secret he just doesn’t have time so he asks clockwork if there’s a way around becoming king and having to deal with the observants and walker regularly. The stress is killing his human half quit literally and the league is noticing and he ends up having a few close calls with his secret. And clockwork tells him he either needs to be challenged for the crown the way he did for pariah dark or he could pass it to his first born in the form of Dani the only challenge would tracking her down bc the observants wouldn’t be please with him interfering (but he’s lying they want Danny off the thrown more than Danny. Clockwork just wants Danny to think about what he’s about to ask of Dani) and he tells Danny to think about what to say to Dani when he finds her. by the time Danny finds Dani she asks what’s up? And he tells her he wanted to know if she would want to take the throne of the ghost zone in his place but would completely understand if she didn’t want to. She she says yes just straight up and Danny’s all confused as to why she would make such an important choice so impulsively. But really when he left Clockwork’s lair a month and a half ago Clockwork came to Dani to tell her what was up with Danny and how having the crown on top of everything was killing him and had given her some books to study from to get used to how a government worked(bc she’s never been to school and vlad wouldn’t have taught her)Danny is super happy he doesn’t have that responsibility on his shoulders any more and he watches Dani be and an amazing queen but sometimes he wonders if she would have said yes if she wasn’t told how much pressure he was under and how much he hated the job and he wonders how much of what she tells him is the truth about the job because sometime he can just tell she’s lying to his face to make him happy and that she’s hurtingAnd sometimes the league see Danny talking to some regal looking ghosts delivering a messages to him and he looks kinda sad when he tells them it’s the queen of ghosts and they look all shocked that he knew royalty and asked how he knew her and just tells them “she saved me from something very simple and incredibly complex but I guess I did stop her father from murdering her in their basement twice so that also helped.” The league ends up wanting to meet the queen because of the way he describes her as incredibly strong and incredibly loyal wondering if she could be an ally. And when they see a little girl in a sweater vest and tie Danny starts laughing his bit off at the outfit while the league wonders what a kids is doing here and phantom just gasps out “that’s the queen but she doesn’t normally look like a nerd!” “Thanks for such a wonderful introduction” the league is taken back this little girl with black hair and blue eyes was the queen of ghosts. Catching his breath Danny asks “ why are you dressed like that”
“Dora told me the whole glowing eyes thing and flaming armor and crown can be a little intimidating so I went with a more human look”
“You went with a nerd look”
“Did not!”
“Did too”
Super man breaks it up by clearing his throat. They talk about Dani helping with supernatural problems and possibly becoming ally’s with Atlantis. When the business is over they talk about how the government of the ghost zone works and how power is passed from one person to another and ask her how she got the crown. They’re all surprised when she says her father didn’t want to rule so he just gave me the crown no biggie and they’re all like huge biggie who the hell puts that kind of responsibility on a twelve year old and while they’re all flipping out they seem to forget dani is right there and she just makes eye contact with an increasingly uncomfortable Danny she decides to break it up by telling them her family matters aren’t their concern. Besides would they really want Danny phantom to be the ghost king instead and they all get confused as to why Danny would be the ghost king and she just glares at Danny like no filter like after sitting through walkers rants about how he liked being the executioner and the observants all complaining about the time stream yet never doing anything never mind having to tell the fright knight to chill almost every five minutes she is done with any bs from a any one and just asks “do they or do they not know how we are related?”
“They do not”
Dani sighs Danny’s been noticing she does that lately it makes him feel guiltier
“I’m a failed clone of Danny but by the laws of the ghost zone considered his child but being here and there was putting too much stress on him so he had to choose either leave the league or leave the crown”
They all look at Danny for a second wondering just how many more secrets the boy had up his sleeve as he awkwardly added “kinda lead a revolt against the last king anyway.”

Alright! I’ve been really excited to talk about Lucky in Love because I have so much to say about it. In particular, I was waiting for this one to talk about obsessions, because I think Kitty and Johnny are good examples for this.

I think the fandom mostly agrees on what obsessions are. They’re something every ghost has, and it’s what’s keeping them bound to the human world, in a sense. Once a ghost is able to overcome their obsession, they’ll be able to pass on. Ghosts in pretty much any culture are supposed to be remnants of those who died but weren’t ready to. Unfinished business, strong emotions, just not even realizing you’ve died. Things like that.

So, since this is such a widely accepted concept, I’ll skip over talking about what they are (unless anyone has some specific questions) and get right into talking about my personal headcanon obsessions for a number of the ghosts. I can’t cover them all since we don’t know much about some of them, but I’ll do my best to cover the important ones.

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Jorah Mormont […] Doesn’t Know What The ‘Friend Zone’ Is
Luckily, “Game of Thrones” star Iain Glen doesn’t have to worry about all that on Jack Taylor   
by Bill Bradley

[…] The Huffington Post asked Iain Glen (IG) what it’s like to portray someone who’s not concerned with playing the Game of Zones: Friend Zones.That’s when we came to a startling revelation: Despite all those Jorah Mormont memes, Glen doesn’t know what we’re talking about.

“I’m not entirely sure that I know what the friend zone is,” said Glen, “I hold my hand up. I’m social media illiterate. I’ve never tweeted and don’t have Facebook.” […] “If I’m talking about the right thing here,” he added, “I’m a bit like Jack Taylor to be honest [with] that sort of stuff, which he’s very suspicious of.”

The actor continued chatting with HuffPost about “Jack Taylor,” “Game of Thrones” and, yes, friend zones.

You’re Jack Taylor. In pop culture, there’s also Jack Reacher and Jack Ryan. Why are guys named Jack always badasses?
IG: I don’t know, but it’s a cool name. Every single syllable blunt, to the point, go for the jugular. I have no idea. I always quite fancied playing a private eye since when I started acting, and I think that was because I saw Jack Nicholson in “Chinatown,” which I adored, and maybe it’s a hangover from that. I think all actors secretly want to play a private eye.

And Jack Nicholson is also named Jack. So it all makes sense.
Exactly! You’ve done nine Jack Taylor projects now. What are you proudest of?Jack Taylor requires more of me, and I’ve enjoyed that very much so, developing scripts, working with the writer and working with the director. In terms of the product, I hope and feel that it’s more characterful than a lot of the crime milieu. It has more personality for me. Crime should exclude nothing. That’s what I love.

How did you prepare to speak in an Irish accent?
I’ve always enjoyed playing a dialect. It’s like wearing a different pair of clothes if it works. It’s a releasing thing instead of a restricting thing, and I don’t know why, but Ireland has always been very kind to me. I’ve done about two or three TV things there, and I’ve done three or four features there. Either people have been forgiving or accepting of me playing Irish.The people of Galway are very sweet and very forgiving. If I’m not doing it right, they make me believe I am. They’re always calling out to me while we’re filming and saying, “Hey, Jack. It’s great! Did you catch him yet?”

So, you really don’t know what the friend zone is or look at the memes online?
I honestly don’t. I’m honest when I say so. […]

With Jorah, people love how he’s so enamored with Dany despite zero chance of any romance.
Well, I think that’s true, but I think it has evolved. [We’re] sort of 80 hours into the “Game of Thrones” story [and] during the course of the journey, many things have happened. There was a complexity to Jorah’s first approach to Daenerys. He was actually seeking his own redemption from the exile that had been put upon him, but very soon into meeting her, he fell very much in love with her, not just fell in love but also hugely admired her and had a profound conviction that she would make a great and benign leader, so it was a complex mixture.

I do think, over the course of many happenings, he came to realize that love, and certainly a sexual love, was not going to be reciprocated, but he’s in love with her. That doesn’t kill it. In a way, it sort of makes it grow. Life has taught me that, anyway. It certainly hasn’t stopped his admiration or belief in her. It has evolved over the course of time.

I’m trying to remember where we are, what’s been seen and what hasn’t been seen, but I think a point comes where he just wants her forgiveness for what she believes is the wrong that he has done. And that takes precedent over any belief that she’s gonna return or want him to be her lover. Anyway, I’m babbling, but that’s the territory of it, and I supposed if people like that — people like things unfulfilled, and things held in suspense — I think is partly why people are drawn to it, and I’m glad people like the thrust of those storylines.

All Hail the Conquering Hero Part 1: Coronation

THERE ARE THREE PEOPLE IN PARTICULAR THAT NEED TO STOP TRYNA KILL ME OKAY, @promsien @frostisass and @punkhalfghosts yall need to quit it with the wonderful spectacular King Danny art or imma die.

anyway this has three parts for the three lovely people who slay me <3

Fandom: Danny Phantom

Pairings: none

Rating: Teen?! K+?! I dunno man

Warnings: sHIT BOY. i dont know i havent written the rest yet. danny has a potty mouth i guess? this un’s pretty tame compared to… what i have planned

Summary: The Ghost Zone must have a King, or so they say. And poor Danny Phantom, well it just so happens to fall on his shoulders. And a crown is a heavy burden to bear.

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Part Two


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pleasant-and-plump  asked:

As you somewhat pointed out in your last post, there is a difference in your list of most powerful and most interesting commanders. What are the most interesting commanders for each color combo, in your opinion?

Alright, we’re entering the personal opinion zone. This is based on my subjective taste and experience playing with or against certain commanders and is subject to change as I try out new decks and experiment more.


She supports a fun archetype (tokens), has a massive impact on the board, and she’s incredibly stylish. Yosei is also pretty fun to play with since his combos take a little work to assemble and a win with him doesn’t feel cheap/easy.


You can pretend you’re playing an aggro deck and ramp into the biggest creatures in the game, or you can go for the jugular by comboing out with The Chain Veil (basically, the Veil’s ability stacks even for commanders that aren’t on the battlefield yet, so you can recast Teferi over and over and net more stacks of the Veil, more mana, and more cards).

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keepcalmandbansheeon  asked:

20 books I must read in this lifetime? (:

I’ve thought long and hard and here’s what I’ve come up with — in no particular order:

  1. The Great Gatsby
  2. Gone With the Wind
  3. The Diary of Anne Frank
  4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  5. Anne of Green Gables
  6. The Princess Bride
  7. The Book Thief
  8. Crime and Punishment
  9. Perfect Chemistry
  10. The Giver
  11. Ender’s Game
  12. The Phantom Tollbooth
  13. Game of Thrones
  14. The Hot Zone
  15. Silent to the Bone
  16. The Art of Racing in the Rain
  17. The Time Keeper
  18. Sarah’s Key
  19. The Probable Future
  20. The Help

And last but not least, these are worth mentioning: The Last Lecture, Between Shades of Gray, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

The Greatest TV Shows of All Time

IMDB has written a list of the top 500 TV shows of all time. They are ranked according to a collection of critical ratings. Here are the first 100:

1 Breaking Bad
2 Planet Earth
3 Game of Thrones
4 The Wire
5 Sherlock
6 The Sopranos
7 Cosmos
8 Arrested Development
9 Firefly
10 Life
11 Leyla ile Mecnun
12 Dexter
13 Avatar the Last Airbender
14 Monty Python’s Flying Circus
15 Freaks and Geeks
16 The Simpsons
17 Twilight Zone
18 Twin Peaks
19 Rome
20 Deathnote
21 Batman: the Animated Series
22 Seinfeld
23 Cowboy Bebop
24 Friends
25 Oz
26 Houde M.D.
27 House of Cards
28 Blackadder Goes Forth
29 Fawity Towers
30 Deadwood
31 South Park
32 The Daily Show with John Stewart
33 Top Gear
34 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
35 Archer
36 Doctor Who
37 Suits
38 Black-Adder II
39 Six Feet Under
40 The Office (US)
41 Black Adder the Third
42 Downton Abbey
43 QI
44 Only Fools and Horses
45 Dragon Ball Z
46 Battlestar Galactia
47 Spaced
48 The Shield
49 Curb Your Enthusiasm
50 The X-Files
51 The Prisoner
52 The Walking Dead
53 Chappelle’s Show
54 Boardwalk Empire
55 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
56 Flight of the Conchords
57 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
58 Sons of Anarchy
59 Futurama
60 Supernatural
61 Mystery Science Theatre 3000
62 Mad Men
63 Justified
64 The Office (UK)
65 Spartacus: War of the Damned
66 Dragon Ball Z
67 Undercover
68 Whose Line is it Anyway?
69 Berserk
70 The Legend of Korra
71 One Piece
72 The Thick of It
73 The Big Bang Theory
74 Modern Family
75 Community
76 The West Wing
77 Fullmetal Alchemist
78 Louie
79 The Colbert Report
80 Dragonball
81 Peep Show
82 Star Trek: The Next Generation
83 Coupling
84 The Newsroom
85 Father Ted
86 Adventure Time
87 Dragon Ball
88 Black Books
89 Attack on Titan
90 How I Met Your Mother
91 Isler Güçler
92 The Bugs Bunny Show
93 Entourage
94 Shameless
95 The Originals
96 Carnivàle
97 Luther
98 Homeland
99 Jeeves and Wooster
100 Lost

The rest of them are here if you’d like to check them out:,&sort=user_rating,desc&title_type=tv_series