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those Jonsa season 8 fanfiction gifsets you made are pathetic and are the only thing you crackshippers will have to feed yourselves with, because Jonsa is a crackship and it will remain just that. Jonerys is endgame so you'd better get used to the idea.

Hate our “crackship” all you like, but meanwhile, I have plenty of material to make such gifsets, while y’all don’t lol

Jon Snow pissing off his siblings FT Ned Stark

When everyone says Jon avenged the red wedding even though he lost the battle of the bastards and refused Stannis’s offer to avenge the murders of your brother and mother.

When Jon let’s the Umbers keep their home even though they killed your direwolf and gave you to the man who raped your sister

When Jon disrespects your opinion in front of everyone on letting the traitors keep their land and says that his word goes since he is the king even though you’re the only reason he survived the battle of the bastards and you’re the eldest sibling of the last king and only known living full Stark child.

When Jon doesn’t correct dandelion that the last king of the north was in fact you and not Torrhen Stark

When Jon promises to help Restore to power the incest and insane monarchy that you and your best friend fought years to overthrow

When Jon bends the knee to the incest daughter of the mad man who burned your grandfather and uncle alive, whose brother kidnapped and raped your aunt on some Stockholm syndrome beauty and the beast statutory rape shit. Declaring northern allegiance to her even though you, your direwolf, your mother, and all of The soldiers under your command died fighting for a free and independent north, thereby making all of your deaths pointless.

I love Jon Snow but D&D made him do some stupid shit in season seven

Inktober - Day 17

Sansa and Arya Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire)

A book series with many interesting female characters! Already illustrated Brienne (my favorite character), Daenerys and Margaery, so I chose the Stark sisters for today’s Inktober, as I imagined them the first time I read “A Game of Thrones”.


Jon Snow & Sansa Stark

↳ A Game of “Platonic” Sighs 


T H E   D A N C E   O F   T H E   D R A G O N S

The Dance of the Dragons was a civil war during Targaryen rule of the Seven Kingdoms. A war of succession between Aegon II and his half-sister Rhaenyra over their father Viserys I’s throne, the war was fought from 129 AC to 131 AC. It saw the deaths of both rival monarchs, and the crowning of Rhaenyra’s son, Aegon III.

At the start of the war, there were 20 living dragons. By the end of the war, all but three had died.


 An unexpected helpTyrion sat in his cell at night. After this farce of a trial, execution will almost come as a relief.

 He heard voices outside his door and then there stood Prince Oberyn. 

Tyrion rose to give him a mocking bow. “Are judges permitted to visit the accused?”

 "Princes are permitted to go where they will. Or so I told your guards.“ The Red Viper took a seat.

 "My father will be displeased with you.”

 "The happiness of Tywin Lannister has never been high on my list of concerns. All he and your sister require from me is your head.“

 "And?” said Tyrion, waiting.

 “The Fat Flower of Highgarden is quite convinced of your guilt, and determined to see you die. His precious Margaery was drinking from that chalice too, as he has reminded us half a hundred times.“ 

“And you?” said Tyrion.

 "Men are seldom as they appear. You look so very guilty that I am convinced of your innocence. Still, you will likely be condemned. Justice is in short supply this side of the mountains. There has been none for Elia, Aegon, or Rhaenys. Why should there be any for you?”

(Oberyn’s sister Elia and her children were murdered by Lannister men when Tyrion still was a child.)

 "It was Ser Gregor Clegane who smashed Prince Aegon’s head against a wall and raped your sister Elia.“

 "Your father gave the commands, yes?”

 "Perhaps you ought to have this discussion with my father.”

 "Yes, but you are here now, and in some difficulty, I would say. Your innocence may be as plain as the scar on your face, but it will not save you. No more than your father will.“ The Dornish prince smiled. "But I might." 

"You?” Tyrion studied him. “You are one judge in three. How could you save me?”

 "Not as your judge. As your champion.“

From George RR Martin’s A Storm of Swords Chapter 70 (Tyrion IX) - shortened

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Let’s settle this once and for all

Jon = The Song of Ice & Fire

Dandelion + The Night King = The Song of Ice & Fire

Dragons + Night King/Resurrected Viserion = The Song of Ice & Fire

End of the story. The song might be about more than just Jon, it can be about Dandelion, the Night King and the Dragons as well, as shown above, but Jondelion shippers should really stop using “Jon and Dandelion are The Song of Ice & Fire” as an argument to prove why their ship is meant to be, because by their (questionable) logic, Jonsa shippers could also say Jon and Sansa are The Song of Ice and Fire (which they aren’t, just like Jon and Dandelion aren’t).

Jon + Sansa = The Song of Ice & Fire & Ice

Jon + Dandelion = The Song of Ice & Fire & Fire

Melisandre: “I brought Ice and Fire together.” 

Oh boy, is Mel ever right about anything? lol She brought together Ice & Fire with Fire. Mel said that, because she doesn’t know Jon is half Targaryen, she doesn’t know, that he is both Ice & Fire.

Conclusion: Jon is the Son of Ice (Lyanna) & Fire (Rhaegar), he doesn’t need neither Sansa, Dandelion, Dragons nor the Night King for him to be The Song of Ice & Fire, for the song to be his.

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Unexpected (Part 3)

Getting married to Willas Tyrell was never in your plans but a princess has to do what the people expect from her. It was also never in your plans that he would be a man so different from what you first imagined, or that would captivate you so easily. 
Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, after all. 
Pairing: Princess!Reader x Willas Tyrell 
Other Characters: Cersei Lannister; Unnamed Handmaiden
Word Counting: 970 words
Chapter: 3/?
Warnings: This is set around season 3. Reader is barely 18 and Willas is on his late 20’s so that may be a bit weird to you guys. I kind of imagine Willas like Jared Padalecki but it’s just me. 

(Unexpected - Masterlist)

You were not sure who had funded the wedding party, but it didn’t look cheap at all. The wine circulated in the throne room and a large table was filled with food. There were nobles from every single one of the seven kingdoms and musicians near the table of where you and Willas were sat, along with your families, ready to attend any request from any of you.

You didn’t give them any attention, though, but was looking at your own skirt while twisting your fingers on your ivory dress, until he cleared his throat.

“So, Y/N.” He turned to you. “What’s your favourite colour?”

You arched your eyebrows at him, not understanding what he meant while locked in his honey eyes.

“Your favourite colour.” He repeated. “What’s your favourite colour?”

“Oh.” You felt your cheeks reddening in embarrassment. “It’s Y/F/C, my lord.”

He nodded, acknowledging the fact as someone poured wine on the large cup you two shared, his long hair brushing on his chin.

He cleared his throat for a moment when you didn’t say anything more and tried to continue the conversation.

“What about your favourite fruit?”

“I don’t have one, my lord. I like many of them.”


“Berries.” You finally affirmed, putting your head behind your ear. “Grapes, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries…”

“Cherries?’ He suggested with a small smile and your eyes grew wide.

“Oh, no, my lord. Cherries make my face swallow and my body to become itchy for days.” You confessed, embarrassed.

Willas looked at the tables around, and it finally hit him that there was no sign of cherries in the party, possibly to avoid you to come in contact with it.

“Would you excuse me, my lord?” You decided and he nodded softly.

“Take your time.”

Trying to look casual, you stood up and walked into a random direction, finding Margaery and quickly having her wrapped her arm around your and holding your hand.

“You’re cold.” She noticed. “Are you afraid?”

You took a deep breath before confirming. You could barely feel your toes, already absurdly cold inside your shoes. Still, you were smiling it out as a well-educated princess.

“Panicking.” You said finally, looking around.

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Could we get Theon and Robb proposal headcanons?

SORRY THESE ARE SO LATE?? (Also, I have many proposal headcanons so I just went with this golden oldie with Robb asking)

  • Robb has been planning it since he was like 7. He always kind of pictured he’d ask Theon and as the years go on and feelings grow, he becomes more solidified in this idea and making the proposal more personalized. 
  • The younger ideas were very grand and unrealistic and become quite tame as the years pass.
  • When it comes to the time of taking that step, Robb is hella-planned out for it that the only nerves he has, are that Theon will say “fuck nah”.
  • Robb’s proposal is a M E S S. He is already nervous af but on top of that he asked for help…from his family…god help him.
  • Jon is legit the only one who a calm and steady head because everyone else is either arguing (Sansa +Arya), making a mess (Bran + Arya), or freaking Robb out more even if they don’t mean to (Sansa + Rickon). 
  • Asha provides very arms-length help. 
  • Speaking of Asha, Robb asks for her blessing and Asha just snorts and says, “I gave my blessing when Theon first met you. You got it.”
  • Whatever grand plans Robb had, turn out horrible to the point that Robb doesn’t end up asking Theon until later.
  • Everything is ruined in his mind and he feels like it might just be a sign that asking will turn out just as bad? Then it starts raining and Robb kind of wants to cry.
  • Still, he won’t give up and he ends up asking Theon in their apartment when they get home and he kind of yells it because he is so frustrated and nervous. After asking Robb just wants the world to fucking swallow him whole because this is the worst?? Years of planning and agonizing turned out like this??
  • Theon is a cocky little shit and just grins with a “hell yeah, found the ring like six weeks ago and Rickon accidentally told me about it two months ago and Arya accidentally added me into one of the planning chats and you guys never noticed”
  • Robb wants to die of embarrassment but he settles for kissing the hell out of Theon instead. 

RequestHi! May i request a jaime lannister x reader? I have two requests, but maybe you can combine them. 1. Jaime and reader are married. Jaime returns after he has been captured to kings landing and the reader has had a miscarriage and she found out she was pregnant after he was captured so he didn’t even know. 2. After jaime returns with brienne, brienne meets reader. And is a bit jealous of reader because she is in love with jaime. But they really get on. Thank you, i hope its bot too much

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Reader
Fandom: GoT ; ASoIaF
Warnings: angst (miscarriage)

A/N: hey darling! oh, I loved this request so much. anything that has my beautiful Brienne in it is a joy to write! so I hope you like this <33


The tear stains were still visible on your face and your eyes were red from all the crying.

Miscarriages happened a lot, but that didn’t mean that you had expected it had expected it to happen to you.

The joy you had felt when you had found out that you were with child.

And all you had been able think about was how happy Jaime would be when he would finally come home and discover that he’d be a father soon. Something he had wanted to be for so, so long.

Then, one day, you woke up in a pool of blood between your legs and immediately started crying. Your blood. No Healer was necessary for you to know that you had lost the child, despite you taking such good care of yourself.

And now, after months, Jaime had finally returned and instead of greeting him with the biggest smile you could offer him, you looked dreadful.

“(Y/N),” he instantly pulled you towards him, breathing in the scent of your hair, holding you as close as he could.

Oh, how he had missed this. And how he had never thought he’d be able to hold you again.

“Jaime,” you pushed him away a little bit, your hands playing with his shirt and your eyes not daring to look into his. “We should talk..”

                                                   Later that night

You sat at the docks, staring out onto the ocean, listening to the calming sounds the waves made when they hit the rocks.

The talk you have had with Jaime had been exhausting. You had cried a lot and he had held you in his arms, trying to be strong, but he was as heartbroken as you were about the loss of your child, even if he hadn’t even known you were with child in the first place.

He had told you that you could try again and you wanted to.. but for now, the pain was too deep and you just needed a little time.

You looked up when you heard someone walk down the stairs to the docks, seeing the woman that had arrived with Jaime. You were a little too busy before, but you wanted to know about the woman that saved your husband.

So you stood up and approached her.

“Forgive me, Lady..?”

She hadn’t expected anyone else to be here and seemed a bit startled at first, but she quickly recovered and smiled at you.

“Please, call me Brienne.”

“Brienne. I hear I have you to thank for saving my husband?”

For a moment, you could’ve sworn that she winced when you said ‘husband’, but if she did, she didn’t give you a second to think about it.

“In truth, he saved me, my Lady. More than once,” memories seemed to be flashing before her eyes, a content smile on her face.

You nodded and sat back down on the bench, your hand pointing towards the empty seat next to you.

“Please.. sit..”

She hesitated at first, but decided that it would probably be best to do what you asked.

If you were anything like Cersei, she didn’t want to get on your bad side.

“When my husband left, people often called him cruel. He looked down on a lot of people and while I never experienced this kind of behavior of him, I can already tell that he isn’t the man that he used to be and I feel like the reason for that is you,” you placed your hand over hers, “So, thank you, Brienne. Not only for saving my husband, but for guiding him on a better path. I tried my hardest to do so, but I could only do so much. You were able to finish what I started and I will always be in your debt for that.”

That.. was more sincere than anything Brienne had heard in King’s Landing so far.

You were unlike anyone she met here and while she was jealous at first that you were able to call yourself Jaime’s wife, the jealousy was slowly but steadily replaced by something else..

She actually started to like you.

“Your husband is a good man.”

“That he is,” you turned to face the ocean once more, your hand traveling to your flat stomach, “That he is..”

Brienne’s gaze dropped to your hand and she gulped.

Now she was starting to feel guilty for hating you in the first place.

“(Y/N)?” both of you turned towards the source of the voice.

Jaime walked down the stairs and immediately stopped in his tracks when he saw Brienne sitting next to you.

She was the first to get up and stared at him like he was a ghost.

“I’m here,” you got up as well, a bit slower than Brienne and stood next to her. “We were just getting to know each other a little bit better.”

Jaime didn’t know whether that was a good or a bad thing.

“I’ll leave you to it, my Lady,” Brienne quickly bowed, then she walked past Jaime, not daring to look into his eyes.

A small smile spread on your lips, the first in a long time.

My, my.. someone seemed to fancy Jaime quite a lot.

“What?” he asked, when he was standing right in front of you, his hands placed on your waist.

“Nothing.. I’m just glad you’re back,” you put your hands on his chest and looked up into his eyes. “Are you alright?”

He sighed and leaned his forehead against yours.

“I will be..”

You understood that only to well.

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Are you the acc that made those jon/Sansa edits? They were like 20-30 gigs with captions and there was like 5-6 parts? If you were can you link it

Hi there, 

Yep, that’s me ☺️

Here are the links to all of them:

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |

Enjoy 💙

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Thought: Robb, Ygritte and Sansa form a 'ginger club' and go for coffee and to see films and share books and music and stuff <3

I love this?? Like, it just started off as a group text where they shared mutual interests and one day Theon was looking through the messages and asked, “Is this a ginger’s only thing?” and Robb bursts out laughing with a, “It is now!”

Tormund is an alternate member who is in all the chats but only sends stuff months at a time because he has legit no cell service. 

Bran and Rickon made it their goal to get into the chat but Robb and Sansa told them it was an 18+ group. (Ygritte has since opened a new chat with those two which mostly just poke fun at the other Starks and talk about cool adventure ideas)