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  • Lyanna Stark: *dying* Ned, please promise me you'll take care of him
  • Ned Stark: *holding little baby Jon* I promise Lya
  • Lyanna: You know Rhaegar probably would have wanted to name him something Targaryen sounding, like Jaeharys or Aemon or something...
  • Ned: Jaeharys is okay I guess-
  • Lyanna: But fuck that bitch, my baby's name is Jon

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officialpeebee & noctuaalba’s illustrated fic commissions!

Leika examined Josephine a little closer. The signs were there, behind her perfectly coiffed hair and her poise and her finery; the hint of dark circles below her eyes, the restless fidgeting of her fingers in her lap, the slight tremble in her voice. She was exhausted. Beautiful, composed, but exhausted.

“What about you?” Leika asked quietly.

Josephine blinked. “What about me?”

“Whose concern is your well-being?”

[from ‘Cloudburst’ - the rest of this fic can be found here!]

@noctuaalba and i are opening 5 slots for illustrated fanfic commissions!

for $30 you will get a black & white sketch from the wonderful @noctuaalba and a 1000 word fanfic from me!



  • ~1000 words (never under)
  • any characters and theme you like - angst, fluff, whatever (nsfw may be extra)
  • officialpeebee’s ao3

other stuff

  • we reserve the right to turn down anything we’re not comfortable drawing/writing
  • fandoms: dragon age, mass effect, elder scrolls, dream daddy, dungeons & dragons, game of thrones (if you want something from another fandom please ask, but these are the ones i’m most comfortable writing in)
  • payment upfront (we won’t keep you waiting long)

please PM me if you’re interested!

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Favourite Female Characters

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Rules: write your 10 favourite female characters from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 different people. 

1.   Daenerys Targeyen (Game of Thrones)

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2.  Aranea Highwind ( Final Fantasy 15)

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3.   Chizuru Yukimura (Hakuouki)

Originally posted by lilkisara

4.  Olivia Benson (Law and Order SVU)

Originally posted by rafaelbarbasvu

5.   Jack (Mass Effect)

Originally posted by amadarav

6.   Haruhi Fujioka ( Ouran High School Host Club)

Originally posted by kaijohs

7.  Hanji Zoe (Attack On Titan)

Originally posted by lyricalstep

8.  Ayano Aishi (Yandere Simulator)

Originally posted by kawaiiyandere4ever

9.  Clementine (The Walking Dead Game)

Originally posted by clemmentyne

10.  Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)

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Master List!

 :D Figured it was about time I did one of these… 

First off, here is my Ao3, second of all, THANK YOU FOR READING MY SHIT GUYS ILY<3 Some of these are prompts, some of them are stories I’ve been doing, just basically everything is right here XD (–a few of these are nsfw ish, and a majority of them include adult themes such as cursing, drinking, etc, but I tried to mark the ones with sexual themes in them!)

Thirdly, I will update this as I post new things on here/on Ao3! Also I love you.

*X’s are direct links to Ao3, title links send you straight to the Tumblr post (…mostly) <3*

Mass Effect: 

-Chaos Theory - [Shakarian] // Set in ME1 (This is the first thing I wrote so it’s a little cringey lmao, enjoy… IF YOU DARE!!!) 

-Tipping Point - [Shakarian] // Set in ME2 X (Currently updating semi- regularly)

-Too Tall - [Shakarian] // AU Spectre Vakarian 

-Spectre - [Shakarian] // AU DIFFERENT Spectre Vakarian lol 

 -Sleeping In - [Shakarian]  X (nsfw ish)

-Early Mornings - [Shakarian]  X

-Remember Me - [Shakarian]  X

-Winners Choice - [Shakarian]  X (nsfw)

-The Question - [Shakarian]  X

-Sweater Weather - [Shakarian]  X

-Reunions - [Shakarian]  X

-Reunions - [Shakarian] // Garrus PoV

-Shore Leave - {Shakarian]  X

-Before Virmire - [Shakarian]  X

-After Virmire - [Shakarian] 

-Promises, Promises - [Shakarian]  X

-Gone - [Shakarian] 

-Lazy - [Shakarian]  X

-Protocol - [Shakarian]  X (nsfw)

-Home - [Shakarian]  X (sorta sexy?)

-I Told you So - [Shakarian] // Kasumi and Shep GrayBox mission  X

-Just a Handshake - [Shakarian] // ME1 Citadel Meeting 

-More than a Dance - [Shakarian] (nsfw ish)

-Perfect - [Shakarian but also squad feels]  X

-Broken - [Shakarian]

-Against the Odds - [Shakarian]  X

-Beginners Luck - [Shakarian] // Bit of a crew appearance as well

-Look Who’s Here - [Shakarian] 

—other pairings:

-Spiders - [Shega]

-Remorse - [Jack x Tali]

-Boo - [Jack x Tali]  X

-Just a Kiss - [Jack x Miranda]

-Skeptical - [Miranda x Saren] (prompt <3)


(These are all [almost] like… a little smutty, but nothing explicit. Aside from cursing, but that’s Eggsy ain’t it?)

-You ready, luv? - [Eggsy x Reader]  X <— Ao3 to all updated chapters

         -You ready, luv? Part 2! 

         -You ready, luv? Part 3!

         -You ready, luv? Part 4!

-Under Pressure - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Rules are Made to be Broken - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-But First… Coffee - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Something More - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Like Seeing a Ghost - [Gonna be Hartwin if I continue this lol]

-A Little Warning Next Time? - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-I Didn’t Feel a Thing - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Only You - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Jokes on You - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Take Me Home - [Eggsy x Reader] (Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle spoilers!)  X

-Bad Ideas - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-The More you Know - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Home - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Tired - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-It’s You - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Promises - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Me Too - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Remind me Later - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Time tick-ticks Away - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Alright - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Finally Home - [Eggsy x Reader]  X (plotless fluff!)

-The Part We Play - Eggsy x Reader]  X  (au sorta after K2:TGC)

-The Sound of Silence - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

-Whatever it Takes - [Eggsy x Reader]  X

Game of Thrones:

-A Song of Pride and Prejudice - [Jonerys]  // Hybrid of Pride and Prejudice and GoT with original stories and shit. This is my baby <3  X

-Like a Knife to the Heart - [Jonerys]  X

-Truth - [Jonerys]  X

-Goodbye - [Jonerys]  (MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH!)

Life is Strange:

-A Night to Remember - [Chloe x Reader]  X

  • director: soo ho, battling against ban ryu in front of the officials. take two. marker! and ACTION!
  • min ho: swish! hwuah! pish! shing! shing! whoah!
  • ji han: whoosh!
  • director: CUT! stop making sound effects for the love of god!
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