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So I just finished tearing through Game Theory/Five Thrones, and I have one burning question...what poor therapist has to deal with Ash and his "mafia underworld" issues? Because I'm just picturing poor Ash trying to explain the situation without giving anything away, and the therapist can tell he's lying about something....Have you ever considered a one-shot following one of their appointments?

Lol, I don’t know if I’ll ever write a oneshot about it, but while it’s like amusing to contemplate, it’s actually not that rare for clients to lie about their circumstances to still access therapy. I mean it’s kind of a sad / realistic reality for those who are in certain stratas of society (especially criminal gangs, but not only that) they sort of have to present the staging of a lie to get to the emotional truths without compromising their lives.

And it’s still more than possible to actually do therapy within that context. The therapist almost certainly knows he’s lying, but as with most therapists, they accept that in order to see if they can truly help with what the fundamental issues are, and trust that if necessary, the truth will come out later on. It’s definitely not like… Ash isn’t ‘unique’ in that sense. I mean he’s unique in that he’s fae, but he’s not unique for being someone who is living in a situation he doesn’t feel he can share with others.

Hell, even teenagers do it to therapists because they don’t want to talk about their home life if it’s particularly difficult. Diverting through ‘I have a friend who is going through this and I want to help them what do you recommend’ when it’s sometimes apparent that the person is talking about themselves, is something that there are peer reviewed articles written about in the world of psychology and psychotherapy - and most of the time, the recommendation is generally ‘accept that they feel they have a good reason to lie, and explore how you can help them regardless.’

So yeah, that therapist is actually handling things pretty well. I mean I’m pretty sure she initially thought ‘mafia’ and then after a while just thought ‘whatever, there’s some profound family issues and boundary matters here, as well as attachment/abandonment problems, and I can work on that regardless of what the window dressing looks like.’ I doubt she’d even push to know the ‘truth.’ As long as Ash is being transparent about his emotional state (and Ash is actually pretty good at that), she can help him function better and improve his quality of life. And that’s her job.

I mean Ash thinks like ‘oh no, the poor thing, I can’t even tell her the truth’ but Ash doesn’t really understand the training that therapists experience, and for all that he loves humans, he sometimes…underestimates how much they see too, lol. I’m pretty sure the therapist felt out of her depth for all of about two sessions before she realised that Ash had the same kind of issues that a lot of people do, heh. :D


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1. Han Solo/Leia Organa. Nuff said.

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2. Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth. A beautifully complex platonic ship that I can’t get enough of.

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¾/5. The Mass Effect ships, of course! Shenko, Shoker, and Shega!

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