Ugh, Thaddeus… Please stop interru-


You’re right.

He’s a half-orc.

Samuelson even said earlier that half-orcs were untrodden territory, legally speaking. We could get our foot in the door if we can take this dispute to court with Don Throgg at the center. The orcs themselves may have been turned down in court, but if they deny Throgg his rights, it sets a horrible precedent. He has human blood, after all. Turning him down would mean opening to door to turn humans down for their rights.

The humans of the city would revolt.

I’m sure the Council would die rather than piss off most of the city’s population.

Yes. Good. All we need to do is get Throgg to Samuelson, and we’re home free… for now at least. I’m… actually rather suprised that someone close my Dad is being so helpful in this way…

In the 90’s, guest artist Wilbur Walden Reeling created “Thogg’s Neck, Part 2” for Geranium Lake Properties. When asked, he claimed the title was based on an old New Yorker cartoon (circa 1954-59) titled “Throggs Neck” by Saul Steinberg. Throggs Neck is a neighborhood, peninsula and bridge located in the Bronx, New York.

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