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Stay [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

You’ve been doing a lot of rick and younger reader fics but could you do a younger reader and Daryl fic? Like she’s 18-20 and has either been with the group since the start or could be Ron’s sister in Alexandra (whatever one is easier for you to write) and some nice dirty smut happens? Thanks and love your blog!

Here you go anon, Daryl smut as requested! Hope you enjoy! 

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Words: 2,098

Warnings: SMUT, spanking, swearing, unprotected sex

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The sections as things they've said or done in my band
  • Piccolo: Just because you can hear me doesn't mean I know what I'm doing
  • Flutes: *throws tuner across the room*
  • Clarinets: I just didn't realize I'd actually have to do work
  • Alto Sax: Endless sexual innuendo jokes lol
  • Tenor Sax: *comes in late* *salutes behind band directors back*
  • Bari Sax: *comes to every rehearsal stoned*
  • French Horns: *deep throats leadpipe*
  • Trumpets: Let's trip on acid before we perform
  • Trombones/Euphs: I only talk to freshman if they have a watch because that's all that matters
  • Tubas: *gets boner right before a field show*
  • Percussionists: *throws drumsticks into the ceiling*
  • Colorguard: *throws rifle half way across the field* oops
  • Drum Majors: I just got hit in the boob with a flag, but it's okay
  • Band Director: Pretend your mellophone is a water gun, and squirt me with your sound
Essays in Existentialism: Footy

International Soccer Player Star Lexa au is and forever will be my dream

The heat rolled off of the pavement in the afternoon. Stagnant and ornery, it listlessly bullied everyone in the streets until they were just as uncomfortable and oppressed, just as mad, just as sweaty and tired and beat up like the harsh summer day. The bustle of the street didn’t stop though, despite the heat, despite the heaviness. Instead, people milled about as best the could, fanning themselves with their hands or papers or ducking into stores, eating ice cream, and failing against nature itself.

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anonymous asked:

Made up fic title: "Just The Tip" fandom, spn obvi

oh man. gotta go with the classic “sam is eavesdropping and hears some shit he REALLY didn’t want to hear but turns out dean & cas are just trying to figure out this fucking ikea dresser”

interior: bunker. sam has come back earlier than expected from a library run because it turns out KSU did not, in fact, have the documents he was looking for. he tried calling but dean doesn’t answer his fucking phone, apparently.

so sam is walking through the bunker, texting eileen, seeing if she wants to skype later. he’s been working on his ASL - he thinks he might be able to string a few sentences together without eileen laughing at him. and he passes dean’s room and he hears - 

“Jesus, Cas! Not so hard! You gotta just - ease it in.”

sam double-takes. and then double-takes again. because - what the fuck.

“We tried that already,” Cas says, exasperated. “It doesn’t fit. It just needs some extra force.”

“It only doesn’t fit because you’re putting it in the wrong place!”

what, sam thinks, the actual fuck. and then he thinks, where the hell else would cas be putting it? he leans closer to the door, cracked open an inch. he’s a masochist like that.

“Fine. You show me how it’s done, then.”

“Gimme that. Okay. Look - this is the right hole.”

“Oh my god,” Sam whispers, and wishes he could walk the fuck away but it’s like staring at a car crash - he can’t look away. and - jesus. he’s listening to the culmination of years and years and years of sexual tension and pining and being the third wheel to their ridiculous teenager bullshit. 

“And you just - push it in slowly?”

“Well–no. You gotta screw it in. Just the tip first, you see?”

screw it in???? what the fuck?

sam leans closer. because, again: he’s a goddamn masochist.

there’s a silence which even sam can tell is cas sulking. “You’re better at this than I am.” He sounds accusatory.

“No shit. I have a lot more experience than you. It’s okay, bud - you’ll get used to it.”

“Will you help teach me?”

“I mean, Sam’s pretty good at this too - “ WHAT THE FUCK, sam thinks, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK “ - but yeah, I’ll teach you. What the hell, maybe we could make a group effort out of it.”

sam loses his balance and falls through the fucking door. because dean just - did dean just - did he - offer a threesome? 

except. he crashes through the door and into the floor, and dean and cas are staring at him, and they’re fully clothed, sitting on the floor, and that’s - a bundle of shelves and … Ikea instructions?

“Um,” Sam says. 

“Dude, you could have just come in like a normal person,” Dean says.

“Are you alright?” Cas asks. He looks very concerned for Sam’s physical and mental wellbeing. 

“I thought - “ Sam starts, and falters. He pushes himself back up to his feet and clears his throat. “I tripped,” he says, lamely. “Um. What are you doing?”

“Building a dresser,” Dean says, like Sam is an idiot.

“But,” Sam says, “you both already have dressers?”

“Well, yeah. But there’s not enough space in my room for two.” Dean is looking very studiously at the instructions. His cheeks are very pink. 

Sam opens his mouth and closes it again. “What?” he asks.

Dean shrugs. “Cas is moving into my room.” He won’t look at Sam. “We’re, um. Giving it a trial run.”

“Oh,” Sam says. 

Dean bristles - actually bristles, shoulders squaring, a scowl crossing his face. “That’s it?” he demands. “’Oh’? If you have a problem with it, you can just fucking tell me!”

“No, no - I don’t! I don’t! I swear, I’m super happy for you guys, I just - I thought I was hearing - I mean - ”

Sam falters. Then, weakly, he says, “I mean … ‘just the tip’?”

There’s a long silence.

“I don’t understand,” Cas says. Dean’s pink face has turned brilliantly red.

“You were listening to us because you thought we were having sex?” Dean shouts.

Sam is fast. Dean is faster. Dean’s self-righteous shouting echoes through the bunker for hours.

The partygoers’ cheers die in their wine-slick throats. 

Portia trips her way up the scaffold, shoving the guards away from Julian and falling in front of him, trembling with sobs. Julian kneels to her height. 

He smiles fondly, laughs softly. It hurts his throat. “You’re still as short as I remember, huh?” 

Portia throws her arms around and sobs into his shoulder, small fingers gripped tight around his shirt, trying to convince herself that he’s there, he’s real, he’s breathing.

Julian whispers, soothes. “It’s okay.” 

But that tone was reserved for patients. Portia could see through the lie.

The wide-eyed crowd parts for Nadia, calling out Portia’s name. 

“Portia, get down from there.”

“You can’t!” Portia screams. She’s breathing harsh, tears streaming. A hiccupping sob wracks her. “You can’t.” 

Nadia stands tall, swallows hard.

“Your majesty.” Portia pleads. Julian turns his head away from the crowd. The night grows cold as the wind blows through. The noose above them sways. 

She whispers this time. “Nadia.” 



Please, Oppa

hoseok x reader ; part two of “yes, oppa”

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 5100ish words
Oppa needs a good kitten.

A/N: So Im gonna be honest here and say I did not reread this cuz I promised it would be up tonight, so I’ll go back over it, edit it, make it better, and add a gif later. But here you guys go, please enjoy. I’m going the fuck to sleep because its 5:30am and I have work in two hours. You can thank the mother fucking cameraman for Music Bank, as well as my sunshine because mother of god, Hoseok, keep your goddam hands off your fucking cock while on live television, I swear to god -

It took the entire trip the bedroom plus the time in between being shoved against a wall and feeling Hoseok’s teeth on the flushed skin of your neck for you to come to terms with the fact that this was actually happening. Previous episode on the couch notwithstanding, you were actually about play with Jung Hoseok.

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hey this is @minerva-is-a-robot it’s a sideblog for outdated and complicated reasons but i dug out my single bit of noodling for Sick Taako because now you have me thinking about it also it’s technically noodling about my modern au which is why the technology is…. off


…………….. canonically, when taako is sick, his voice turns into a scratchier garyl

please,,,,,,,, think about what kravitz does the first time he wakes up in the morning and taako has contracted a cold

the entire time they’re dating every time Taako gets sick he texts him a million smoochy emojis and apologizes for having to cancel plans

and then all of a sudden they’re living together and they wake up one morning and kravitz kisses taako on the eyelids and swings his legs over the side of the bed

and taako sits up and just full growl goes “where do you think you’re going, handsome”

and the air catches in krav’s throat and he trips over his own ankles

krav just turns around and stares at him, like. how did that come out of you?


Note: I finally wrote something. And I don’t love it. And it’s rough. But I wrote it. So I’m giving it to y'all and hoping it’s decent. (It’s okay, it’s not…) I’m on my tablet, so a graphic and better formatted post will be coming soon, I hope…
For: Nonny
Warnings: Mentions of assault/kidnapping/hostage situation
Word Count: 1,649

You hadn’t been seeing Barba for long. In fact, it had only been a few months of stolen glances, late night phone calls, and the occasional cuddle after he prepared a fancy meal. You didn’t have a label yet, and you didn’t need one, but you also weren’t sure what lines could be crossed and what moments should be left alone, a solitary boat out to sea with no hope of a lighthouse to guide it home. 

It wasn’t until he had texted you after a late night, saying that you should stay at his apartment rather than trekking uptown to your apartment or crashing in the cribs at the station that you decided he saw this as more than a stress reliever. You had accepted the offer once and it turned into a regular routine. Multiple nights of the week you would join him. He would read through case files and prepare arguments, you would watch the news, sprawled across the couch with half-lidded eyes and subtle yawns. Eventually, his bed would call to you both, and legs would wrap around each other until the dark night beckoned you to rest.

This night, however, was a little different. Your adrenaline level was coming down from a sky high emergency response. Barely able to even put words to the trauma, you had texted him, subtext pleading for the comfort only he could provide. 

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Saudade: Ch8

To be completely honest, it had surprised you that Brendon never called again. Since you were with Josh at the café, he hadn’t even shot you a single text. Although you were partially glad, because yes, you had promised yourself that you would finally clear him from your head, another part of you was worried. What if something was wrong? What if something had happened to him? What if he was angry at you for some reason? You shouldn’t have really cared that much in the first place, but you did. So that’s why you decided to pull up to his house that day, no warning, no impure intentions in mind, and no other reason than to simply just check up on him, as a friend. When you knocked on the door, Brendon opened it up, a surprised look on his face. He looked like he had just gotten up out of bed, disheveled hair, wrinkled gray shirt, tight black jeans, and socks. Bogart and Penny were already racing towards the door and pawing at your legs excitedly, but Brendon looked pretty shocked. “Wow,” he gave a soft laugh, drinking in your presence. You didn’t mean to be over or under dressed, but after seeing Brendon, it was pretty obvious you were the more composed one of the two. You had your hair done up nicely with a casual blouse and a skirt, along with heels, which you wore purely for the fact that it made you feel confident and fancy. “You finally came around.”

“Finally?” you raised an eyebrow. “You never gave another text or call.”

“I thought you were busy,” he shrugged, opening the door further and letting you in. “You could’ve texted or called too, you know.”

“What are you up to?” you wondered, glancing at the living room. There was an open beer bottle, a paused video game on the television screen, and a half eaten bag of chips on the table.

“Taking a break from the studio,” he explained, letting you sit down beside him. “I just finished a new song and thought I deserved a day off. I was just playing a little bit of Outlast, settling down with a beer, grabbing a snack, usual shit. Uh, you want one?”

“A beer?” you questioned.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Take the edge off things.”

“What edge?” you inquired.

“I don’t know, you look a bit tense,” he pointed out. “Or maybe you’re just anxious to see me.”

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes. “Sure I’ll take a beer.”

“Knew you would,” he winked, getting up and heading to the kitchen. Bogart hopped up on the couch and settled in your lap, and you pet him softly, looking around and remembering everything that was Brendon’s house. The Sinatra painting, the way the sunlight filtered through the windows, the pool out in the backyard, the elegant yet laid back atmosphere. When Brendon came back with the beer he handed it to you and let you take a sip before easing into the couch, Bogart hopping off your lap and prancing towards the kitchen. Brendon cleared his throat. “So how’d the trip go?”

“Trip?” you wondered.

“To go see your boyfriend,” he reminded. “Josh, you know?”

“Oh yeah, yeah,” you snapped back to reality. “It was good.”

“How was the show?” he asked.

“Amazing,” you sighed. “Fuck it was like a party. Those two boys, they’re really talented. It’s great. I had a blast.”

“You should come to one of my shows sometime,” Brendon nudged. “I think you’d like it.”

“Why? Do you run around in a hamster ball too?” you joked.

“Nah, but I can do a pretty mean backflip,” he shrugged, taking a gulp of his beer.

“What? Now you’re trying to compete with Josh?” you eyed him strangely. “Come on, we all know that’s his thing.”

“Nah, pretty sure I’ve been doing it longer,” Brendon argued.

“Uh huh,” you drew out slowly.

“I was doing backflips in music videos before Josh was even dropped his first album,” he narrowed his eyes. “You know I’m right, y/n.”

“Oh shut up,” you laughed. “Well what else does your show have to offer?”

“Just come and see it for yourself,” he insisted.

“You’re not even on tour,” you pointed out.

“Well duh,” he chuckled. “But when I am. You should come to a show. Bring Josh even.”

“Yeah?” you wondered, surprised.

“Definitely,” Brendon nodded. “I can get you guys tickets. It would be a good time.”

“Okay,” you gave a small smile. “I’d like that.”

“So anyways,” he steered the conversation back to the original question he had in mind. “Did you have any fun with Josh?”

“Fun?” you raised your eyebrows. “You might need to elaborate on that.”

“Come on,” he narrowed his eyes. “You know what I mean.”

“I really don’t,” you decided played dumb, nonchalantly taking a sip of your beer.

“Did you get any action?” he smiled slyly. “I mean, being away from each other that long, I’m sure you did.”

“Depends what you define as action,” you shrugged.

“Why are you playing innocent all of a sudden?” Brendon sighed. “Come on, I know how truly dirty and naughty you can be. Just tell me, baby.”

“Why do you want to know?” you retorted. “Why is it so important?”

“Because I want to make sure he’s treating you right,” he responded.

You blinked twice. “What?” That definitely wasn’t the answer you were expecting.

“I don’t doubt that he is, but I need to make sure,” Brendon insisted. “Did he fuck you right?”

“W-well we didn’t technically fuck,” you admitted, looking down at your heels.

“What?” he inquired.

“I mean, I uh, I don’t know,” your voice grew soft. “No, I guess by definition, we didn’t fuck.” You took a deep breath. “Look, it’s weird to talk about it like this.”

“It shouldn’t be,” he argued.

“Fine, if you want to know so bad, I gave him a blowjob and then we got interrupted and he ignored me, okay?” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. “And then later he fingered me in the bathroom.”

“Woah, wait. He ignored you? After you just sucked him off like that?” Brendon looked a bit hurt.

“Shut up, it’s over now,” you rolled your eyes. “It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not fine,” he insisted. “He’s your boyfriend. He’s supposed to take care of you. You give him a blowjob, he’s supposed to eat you out for hours, make you cum three times in a row, make you feel pure bliss. Not shove you in a bathroom a couple hours later and finger you for a minute or two. Jesus Christ.”

“Why do you even care?” you challenged.

“Because,” Brendon sighed, setting down his beer and leaning in close to you. “I think he’s taking your gorgeous body for granted.”

“Yeah?” you wondered, raising an eyebrow and moving in even closer, lips barely touching his. “Why? What would you do if I was yours?”

“Kiss you,” he murmured, closing his eyes slowly before opening them up again to look right into yours. “Over and over again.”

“What else?” you whispered, your hands reaching up to cup his face.

“Fuck you right,” he added. “Make you feel so amazing.”

“Then show me,” you barely breathed before his lips landed on yours and you were kissing, your hands snaking underneath his shirt and pulling it up in handfuls and over his head, tossing it to the side. His hands moved to your chest to squeeze your breasts gently before unbuttoning your blouse, opening that up and sliding it down your arms before carefully laying you down on the couch and kissing your mouth, your neck, your chest. He was kissing down your stomach when he glanced up at you and chuckled softly.

“Miss me?” he smirked.

“Would you think for a second that I didn’t?” you shot back a naughty smile, and he looped his thumbs underneath your skirt, him pressing his lips to kiss right below your naval softly before tugging down your skirt and exposing your underwear. He slid them down your legs and helped you wiggle out of your heels, then set them on the coffee table before attacking you with kisses again. His lips traveled down your body before reaching in between your legs, him positioning your thighs around his head before delving his tongue into your folds, making you moan his name and tug at his hair. “Fuck Brendon that feels so amazing.”

“Mmm say my name like that babygirl,” he instructed. “God you taste so sweet.” His tongue swirled inside you, making your stomach do flips, your thighs tightening around his head, your head tilted back and mouth open, spilling out praises and curses and moans and sighs until you came.

“Oh holy fuck, daddy,” you moaned aloud as you orgasmed and he instantly froze. You gasped for air, then felt yourself tense at the realization. Brendon lifted his head from between your thighs, licking your juices off from his lips, then staring at you directly.

“What did you call me?” he asked deliberately slowly.

“I-I’m sorry I d-didn’t mean to, it just came out, I s-swear that- ” you began to stammer out but Brendon only climbed back up your body, his face leaning in close to yours.

“What did you call me?” he repeated, this time twice as slow. Your body was shaking and trembling at his words, the way his fingers curled around your shoulders, his intimidating eyes were piercing your gaze.

“Nothing,” you lied, eyes shying away from his and looking towards the side.

“Something,” he used one of his hands to tilt your chin up so you had to look him in the eyes. “Say it again.”

“What? Are you just trying to humiliate me?” you spat, annoyed.

“I heard what I heard,” Brendon argued, tightening his grip on your chin. “Now call me daddy again or else you’re going to get some punishments, sweetheart.”

“Why what are you going to do?” you gave a sly smile. You hesitated a moment before adding on what he had been dying to hear you say again. “Daddy?”

“Fuck,” he closed his eyes and drew his lip between his teeth. “I love that.”

“Do you now?” you wondered innocently, running your hands down his chest.

“God, do you call Josh that?” he asked, eyeing you curiously.

“No,” you shook your head, blushing. “I’ve never done that before, it just kind of happened.”

“Well don’t you stop,” Brendon smirked. “Because I fucking love it.”

“Yeah?” you prodded.

“Yeah, but just for me,” he whispered, leaning down to kiss you again and this time your hands slipped down to unbutton and unzip his jeans. He pulled out a condom from his back pocket and tore it open before you tugged the fabric down his legs and he kicked them off, letting you remove his boxers and let his erection spring free, handing you the condom and letting you roll it over his length, your hands stroking him softly before lining him up with your entrance, both of your ragged breaths the only noise within the moment of anticipation. When he sunk into you, you moaned loudly, your fingers clawing into his back, nails scratching his skin and head tilting up to gasp as he filled you up to the hilt. “God, I missed this beautiful tight little cunt so much. You feel fucking amazing, sweetheart.”

“Please,” you whined. “I want you to fuck me rough, daddy. Just how I like it.”

“Mmm that’s right, beg for it babygirl,” he insisted, refusing to move until you continued your pleads. You bucked your hips up but he took his hand and forcefully pushed it back into place, eyes glaring at you with warning to do as told.

“Goddammit, I need it,” you complained. “Please, I want to feel you move in and out of me. Fuck me hard and fast. I miss the way you would fuck me senseless until I was sore the next morning.”

A moment of silence passed as he finally came to the realization. “Josh doesn’t fuck you like this, does he?” Brendon smirked, starting to thrust in and out of you slowly. “What a shame.” You shook your head and he just chuckled softly, quickening up the pace and making moans spill out of your mouth. “That’s right, tell me how much you love my cock.”

“Fuck it feels so good, daddy,” you gasped, clinging onto his body as he thrust in and out.

“Cum for me baby,” he insisted. “Let me feel that gorgeous pussy of yours.”

“Holy fuck,” you gasped as your walls clenched around his cock, your body shaking as he came as well, drowning you in bliss, both of you riding out your orgasms. When he pulled out he kissed your lips before getting up, sliding off the condom and walking to the kitchen before coming back, laying back down beside you and wrapping you in his arms so that you were laying on top of him, your arms wrapped around his neck. Several moments of silence passed before he decided to finally talk.

“So uh, if I asked a question, could you answer it truthfully for me, y/n?” Brendon wondered.

“Yeah of course,” you sighed, snuggling up closer towards him and laying your head in the crook of his neck.

A second of quietness settled in the air before he decided to state the question. “Who fucks you better?” he asked casually. “Me or Josh?”

You swallowed uncomfortably, biting down on your lower lip. It was obvious, he shouldn’t even be asking this question. “You,” you barely whispered.

“Okay,” he mumbled, placing a soft kiss on your forehead before closing his eyes, smug smile on his face displaying his satisfaction with your response. “I was just wondering.”

Oblivion, Chapter 2 – Memories

A/N: Thank you so much for all the nice feedback, it means so much to me! 💕  I hope you will like this chapter too; and let me know if you’d like to be tagged. :) 

Oblivion Masterlist

Dry leaves and branches cracked under their feet as they walked deeper and deeper in the Forbidden Forest. It was around midday, so a few filtered rays of sunlight still streamed through the dense foliage, giving them enough light to see not just shapes and shadows but colours too. A loud but short shriek left Elsie’s throat as she almost tripped on a long and thick broken piece of wood, but Remus’s strong hands quickly caught her.

“Are you okay?” he asked, only a bit of concern between his words as he chuckled; one hand still holding her steady while he brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear with the other.

Elsie let out a short laugh. “Yes, but I’m sure one of our trips like this will kill me sooner or later.”

Remus smiled and pressed a kiss on the top of her head before he said, “Not while you’re with me.” Elsie wrapped her hands around Remus’ arms while he led her deeper in the forest where rays of sunshine can no longer peek from the canopy. There was only darkness, as if it was the middle of the night, and there were no stars or moonlight. A shiver ran down Elsie’s spine, so she snuggled closer to Remus; slipping down her small hands to grasp his and holding it tight. Knowing how much Elsie felt safe with him, Remus’s lips let slip a light and almost invisible smirk, one he couldn’t contain even if he tried.

“Are you scared?” he asked with a smug smile, looking at her from the corner of his eyes.

“I’m not,” she lied, as she always did, because even if she was with Remus, there was something unnerving about walking inside a dark forest where any kind of beast could attack them. But that was the fun of it – doing something exciting, something risky; and facing something that no matter how dangerous, they will face together. They feel the absolute trust and safety they feel whenever they are with each other.

Shortly they reached what their destination – an area with a small waterfall surrounded by high cliffs, and a tiny lake laying nearby. The perfect amount of sunlight was hitting the area so that it wasn’t too bright nor too dark. They sat down in the cool grass, resting their back against a huge oak tree.

“I love this place, it’s so beautiful,” Elsie smiled, looking slowly around. Remus, however, couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“You are beautiful,” he whispered as he leaned closer, stopping when he was only an inch from her lips and making her giggle.

“That was so awfully romantic I think I just threw up in my mouth.”

A short chuckle left Remus’ mouth as he pressed his forehead against hers, cupping her cheeks and closing his eyes. “Okay, just laugh at me because I think you’re beautiful. I don’t care.”

Elsie felt her skin burn under his touch as he rubbed her cheek with his thumb. Remus placed a small kiss on her jawline and murmured a quiet and soft “I love you” to her before he pulled her face closer and closer until there were no space between them at all.

Everything went dark, and Elsie stayed motionless, thinking hard, before she realised it was only a dream. She kept her eyes closed, hoping she could fall asleep again and continue the sweet dream – but that’s never worked. She sighed, but it quickly transformed into a growl when she opened her eyes as the intense sunlight beamed through the window, burning her eyes, and reminding her she drank way too much the night before. She mentally noted to pull the dark curtains down next time as she climbed out from the bed, letting her blanket fall on the floor while she walked out. She made her way to the tiny bathroom that was in front of her room in the apartment where she lived with two of her friends – Juliet, who was with her from the start, and Lydia, who only moved in a few months ago but spends most of her time at her boyfriend’s place.

Elsie removed her clothes, dropped them on the cool floor, and stepped under the streaming, almost cold water, hoping it will ease her throbbing headache somewhat. It didn’t – but at least she felt much stronger and fresher when she finished. Now her sole mission was to get a coffee.

She wasn’t surprised to see they had a guest as she entered the kitchen – Sirius casually leaned against the counter, half naked. Elsie’s eyes grew large, and she quickly and timidly looked away; though Sirius didn’t look ashamed or shy at all. “Morning,” he said, raising a big mug.

She grumbled back while she sat down, massaging her temples and looking at Juliet, who was standing beside Sirius. “Make me a coffee please, before I die.”

Juliet laughed and turned around, grabbing a cup from the shelf. “I wanna hear everything.”

Straightening herself, Elsie pulled her hair into a ponytail while Sirius took a seat in front of her; murmuring something about how she surely must have had a great night, considering the expression she’s donning.

“Sorry for disappointing you, but there isn’t much to tell. I got drunk. That’s all,” Elsie shortly replied.

Juliet growled with her arms crossed across her chest, a smirk on her lips. “When did you come home?”

Elsie shrugged. “I swear I have no idea. I think maybe we left James and Lily’s flat at around three, but it took us at least half an hour to get here.”

We?” Juliet asked excitedly, turning her head at the direction of Elsie’s bedroom door with a smug smile. “Are you talking about the pretty boy? Is he here?”

“What pretty boy?” Sirius asked with a chuckle, trying to join the girls’ conversation.

Elsie looked at Sirius and rolled her eyes while Juliet placed the coffee in front of her on the table. Elsie quickly grabbed the cup and took two big sips before she started. “He isn’t here, Juliet, calm down. He left after he walked me home… he was really strange, actually,” she said, frowning, as she warmed her hands up with the hot cup.

Juliet looked slightly disappointed, but her voice was cheerful. “He looked so sweet! Did you know him from somewhere?”

“But who?” Sirius asked again, louder this time, definitely offended he still hadn’t got an answer.

“Remus,” Elsie answered shortly, and Sirius had nothing more to say; he fell completely silent. “Anyway,” Elsie started again, looking at Juliet now, “I don’t know him. I mean, I know who he is, he was at Hogwarts too, but I don’t remember us ever talking during our six years there.” As she said this, a strange, nostalgic feeling overwhelmed her as the pictures from her dream slipped into her mind.

“Well, I can tell he likes you. It was enough to look at him last night to know. Did he ask you out? Please tell me he did,” she asked hopefully, but before Elsie could give her an answer, Sirius jumped up from the chair.

“I need to go.”

Juliet followed him and wrapped her hands around his neck, purring softly. “But I thought you will stay for an hour! Or two…”

Sirius smirked and pulled the girl closer by her hips. “Maybe next time, doll.” He gave her a passionate kiss, but pulled back when they heard Elsie growling into her mug.

“Can’t you do that… somewhere else?”

Juliet tutted but chuckled before something popped into her mind. “Don’t you have a family lunch to attend to?”

“Oh, shit!” she murmured under her breath, quickly emptying her cup before she stormed away. “This is your fault, again!” Elsie shouted over her shoulder as she made a beeline for her bedroom and hastened to get ready for the family lunch.

It was long past noon when Sirius finally returned to his apartment – his plan to come back hours ago failed miserably when the blonde girl’s clothes slowly fell onto the floor while he tried to take off his own. His hair was still a bit messy and his eyes tired as he collapsed on the couch, placing his legs up on the small table in front of it.

Sirius was just closing his eyes before they snapped wide open again to the sound of Remus storming out from his room and coming to a halt near him. Sirius knotted his eyebrows in confusion as he saw Remus’s furious features. “Why did you bring her there last night?”

Sirius looked away and let out a short breath as he understood the reason of his friend’s anger. “It’s been two years. We just met, and…”

It’s been two years! You say that like what she and I had was something so easy to forget!” he shouted, not even trying to control himself.

Sirius took his feet off of the table and stood up, his grey eyes filled with fury, but his voice calm. “Maybe you should’ve wiped out our memories too to forget her, then.”

The pain that Sirius’s words left were clearly visible in Remus’ eyes, but Remus knew very well why his friend said that. It was not only Remus who needed to let Elsie go – it was all of their friends as well.

James and Peter supported and respected his decision, even though James tried to talk him out of it multiple times. It was Sirius, though, who took it worst; he became good friends with Elsie and hated the idea of her disappearing from their lives.

Still, it was the hardest for Lily. She even said she will tell her everything and give Elsie her memories back, she shouted and cried and even refused to talk to Remus for two solid weeks until James calmed her down.

“I almost killed her, Sirius,” Remus said with a weak voice, causing Sirius to feel some empathy.

Sirius sat down at the armrest of the sofa. “I know, Moony. But you didn’t. And it wasn’t your fault. She shouldn’t even have been there! She would have understood…”

“Stop. Don’t,” Remus cut him off as tears blurred his vision. They have had this conversation a million times before, but they haven’t talked about this at least since a year ago. Sometimes the wounds inside him still felt fresh, hurting him with a wrecking pain; but after last night they opened up again, bleeding and burning his veins.

Sirius closed his mouth but kept looking at his friend, and he couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He could still remember that night and how they needed to rip the girl out from Remus’s claws, but no matter what happened, Sirius never blamed him, not even for a split second. There was one thing he was sure now, something that he only guessed before – Remus was still in love with her.

“She remembers, you know,” Remus said suddenly with raspy voice, “Not me, but she remembers the feeling of being in love.” He shook his head, looking at his friend desperately. “Is that even possible?”

Sirius shrugged and looked like he got a sudden headache. “I don’t know, mate. You either screwed the spell up or removing feelings isn’t so easy after all.”

The weekend was short as always. It passed too quickly, Elsie hardly got time to take some proper rest before they were already sitting in the classroom again, waiting for their new Creative Writing teacher. She scribbled lines and shapes down on her parchment, trying to not getting a headache from Juliet’s constant rambling about Sirius. Elsie was just about to tell her that she really doesn’t care about how hot Sirius looks, especially underneath her, when Lydia stormed inside and took a seat on her left side, trying to catch her breath.

“Next time check if I’m still asleep or not, would you?” she panted, trying to fix her dishevelled, dark pink locks.

“Sorry, we forgot you still live with us,” Juliet said with a tiny smirk. “Had a nice weekend?”

They didn’t realize the teacher had already arrived; they only did when Elsie got suspicious of the sudden silence. Elsie watched every head turn towards them while Lydia and Juliet kept talking; the professor in front of the blackboard looked at them with a blank face. Elsie elbowed her two friends, making them fall silent. “Sorry, professor,” Juliet said with a kind voice.

“Oh, no! I’m sorry to interrupt your surely very important discussion. Now, if you could please turn your attention to me…” he said with a reproachful tone. He was around his late forties, but his hair was already completely grey, and Elsie wasn’t sure if he can laugh or even smile. There weren’t much people in this class – maybe only thirteen, so he asked everybody to tell a few things about themselves and why they chose writing. He murmured short comments under his breath after every one of them; like “boring”, “stupid”, or “hopeless”. When the students finished, he didn’t tell anything about himself except his name – Professor Pitts – before he stood up from the chair and walked up and down in the classroom, only looking at them occasionally.

“So you want to be writers. Journalists,” he let out a short laugh, shaking his head. Elsie and Juliet exchanged a glance with furrowed eyebrows, not able to decide if they should laugh or cry at this man. “If you think it will be easy, you’re naïve. No, you’re idiots,” he stopped suddenly in front of a girl with long, black hair. “You, what’s your name?”

“Andrea,” the girl said with a weak, almost scared voice.

“Andrea,” Pitts mocked with the same tone. “Do you think you can be a writer with a name like this?”

Elsie could only see the back of the girl’s head, but she could tell she was frozen. “I guess.”

The professor threw a pitiful look at her before he opened the door with a wave of his wand. “If you aren’t sure about yourself, just do me a favour and get the hell out of my classroom.”

A short, muffled laugh escaped Juliet’s throat, causing the teacher to look at her. “Do you think this is funny?”

Juliet, being herself, just kept smiling. “Actually, I think it is.”

“Then you get out too,” he said with ease. Elsie’s heart skipped a beat, but her friend remained calm; only shrugging at the grouchy professor and replying, “No, I want to stay, I think this class will be really interesting.”

He said nothing but looked mildly impressed, walking away and continuing his speech about how impossible it is to become a writer.

“Awful, that man! How can someone like him become a teacher?” Elsie asked as they hurried to their next class.

“I like him. He’s such an asshole it’s entertaining,” Juliet laughed, a bit out of breath as they hastily jogged.

“Yeah, it was so entertaining when he said, ‘bring tissues to our next class,’” Lydia said with despair on her face.

Elsie didn’t tell them though, but she was seriously afraid of him. He seemed like a kind of man who could destroy her hardly built up self-confidence very easily – and she didn’t need that right now.

They arrived to their next class – Writing & Reporting – soon, but before they could go inside, the teacher walked out and closed the door behind herself. “My missing students? Your classmates already left. Follow me,” she said with a smile before leading them out of the school. Though in the middle of London, the campus was disguised as an old, half-collapsed theatre for muggles’ eyes.

“Today’s lesson will be a bit… irregular, but I believe you should see what’s happening outside. No one will learn how to write a good report while they’re sitting inside a classroom,” said the teacher lightly as they walked the paved and busy lanes of London.

Elsie, Juliet, and Lydia followed the teacher down the streets, murmuring to each other excitedly, and guessing where they were going. “See? This is what a good teacher is like,” Elsie said, but Juliet only waved her hand with a shake of her head.

It took them only five minutes of walking until they reached the narrow streets of Diagon Alley, where the rest of the class was waiting for the teacher. She introduced herself to them as Ms. Averill before making the class walk again; this time leading them to the front a dark corner. Speaking in a low voice, she said, “Before we go in, remember you can write down anything, but don’t take photos. We’re here because a friend of mine let us in,” she waited until everyone nodded or murmured a yes before she continued. “There was an attack in the bar at the end of the street. Two people died, any they said dementors were there too – and not to catch the dark wizards,” some people gasped in terror, so the professor went on quickly, “But they’re gone, and aurors are already here too. No need to be afraid. Now follow me, and try to be quiet.”

A mixture of excitement and fear was visible on the young witches and wizards’ faces as they walked down the long street; it was empty as the aurors sent everyone away. Elsie was just starting to think about whether they will let all of them go inside the pub or not, but she soon got an answer to her question – half of the building collapsed. There were bricks and debris everywhere; and the dust and smoke that combined with the air was stifling their breathing end eyesight. Aurors walked up and down, examining the ruins and questioning the eyewitnesses. There were two covered shapes in the middle of the empty street – the two dead people, Elsie assumed. She pulled her notebook out from her bag and started writing down everything that she could – mostly just notes and short words about how the place looked, though it wasn’t something that she could easily forget. She also wrote down some things that she heard from the aurors, but stopped as she saw some familiar faces nearby.

With a smile, she walked closer to Remus and waved at James and Sirius in the distance. “Hello Remus.”

“Elsie! What are you doing here?” he asked, clearly surprised.

“Our teacher brought us here… to see something real, you know,” she replied smiling.

Remus simply nodded. He wanted to say that they’re here for the same reason, but his eyes darted up and down at her – Elsie was wearing a dress, and Remus couldn’t remember ever seeing her in one. It was short and dark, ending just above her knees with floral prints. Do you remember when I used to give you wildflowers and how your eyes gleamed every time I did? And do you remember that you always put one of them in your hair and pressed a kiss on my cheek after? Well, of course not.

“Remus?” Elsie called his name for the second time when he finally looked up.

“S-sorry. You just look very pretty,” he said with a kind of dreamy voice, like he didn’t really want to say it, but he just can’t hold it back either.

Elsie blushed and was just about to thank Remus, but Sirius appeared next to them. “Hello Elsie. Is Juliet here?”

She chocked back a chuckle. “Yes, she’s around… somewhere over there,” she said, pointing to their class. Sirius thanked her and left, trying to find the blonde girl.

Remus sighed. “We’re supposed to learn here, not flirt.”

Elsie narrowed her eyes and bit her lower lip, fighting the urge to say something like “Then I should go too”. After all, Remus was the one who could hardly take his eyes off of her only a few minutes ago. “So… did you arrive home in one piece?”

Remus nodded. “Yes, but I suffered with a really bad headache all weekend…”

The girl growled. “Don’t even mention it. Nearly the whole time, I thought I was going to die. You see, I met with my family and…” she started, but the next thing she saw made her stop. One of the two covered bodies she saw earlier, stood up with the help of two healers – he was alive, but his gaze was distant, dark and empty, his skin grey and like old leather. She shivered and without thinking about it twice, she grasped Remus’s hand with both of her own, her arm pressing against his as the two healers led the old man out of the place. Elsie heard someone – probably from her class – threw up nearby. She couldn’t blame them; the sight was the worst she ever saw. If that is how someone looks when their soul gets sucked out, death is truly much better.

She only realized how tightly she was gripping Remus’s hand when other people’s voice started to fill the street again. She let his hand go and looked up at him apologetically. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay – are you alright?”

She gulped and nodded. “I guess I am. It wasn’t a nice sight.”

Remus kept his eyes on her with an aching heart – the feeling of her clinging on him was awfully familiar. It reminded him of the days when they walked inside the Forbidden Forest and how she always grasped his hand a bit too hard, even if she never admitted she was afraid.

A short, paunchy man suddenly appeared in front of them; eating a small bowl of French fries with so much ketchup it was disgusting while waving another batch of what seemed like trainee writers to himself. Elsie furrowed her eyebrows, thinking about how somehow could possibly eat after seeing something similar to what the man was eating.

“Alright. You all saw what happened. I want you to write a report…” he stopped with a mouthful of fries and looked at Elsie. “You aren’t in my class young lady, are you?”

“No, I’m sorry,” she answered shortly and quickly hurried away, finding her way back to her friends. Ms Averill told them every extra information she heard from the aurors and gave them a homework: write a 500-word report of today’s event. Since that was their last class, they didn’t go back to school – and no one minded it, as they were in enough shock as it is for one day.

Elsie just said goodbye to Lydia – who probably went to visit her boyfriend – when Juliet stopped next to her. “See you later, honey. I’ll go with Sirius.”

“Are you kidding me?”

The blond girl looked at her questioningly. “What? After this day I really need some… emotional support.” She winked at her and Elsie rolled her eyes before they started to walk out from the deserted street. They saw Sirius waiting in front of a bookshop with Remus by his side. Juliet looked at her friend smugly, but for once, she said nothing. She left with Sirius, and for an awkward moment Elsie and Remus looked at each other. Elsie involuntarily blushed as her dream slipped into her mind again. It was like dreaming about someone and being unable to stop thinking about them for weeks, but why did that dream feel so damn real? The tall boy smiled at her kindly, but looked concerned too.

“Are you feeling better?”

She thought back to the man – who she learned was the bartender – with eyes like an empty shell. She said yes, but her face suddenly went pale and betrayed her.

“You should eat some chocolate. Here…” he said, searching for one in his pocket, but only able pull an empty package out. “Oh… I forgot I ran out of it.”

Elsie chuckled softly and skeptically. “Would it really help?”

“Yes. Didn’t you know? Chocolate is the best against dementors too. After a good patronus charm, of course.”

“No, I didn’t know,” she said with a short laugh. “Maybe, uh… join me for a hot chocolate at Fortescue’s, then?” she asked, a blush flooding her cheeks again.

“Oh. Well…” Remus started, his face going straight. “I still have one more class today…”

But Elsie rolled her eyes and grabbed his forearm, pulling him to herself. “Sirius skipped too. And one missed class won’t be the end of the world, Remus.”

He followed her because saying no was much harder than he thought it would be. Remus knew that wasn’t the right thing – he should leave her alone and they should continue their lives without each other. On the other hand, her sweet laugh, her radiant smile, and her small hands that were wrapped around his arm like they used to so many times before… it all made him lose his composure completely.

They walked to the shop, and stood before the counter, ordering two hot chocolates. Remus bowed his head and smiled to himself as he heard the question even before the words left Elsie’s lips – Florean had just placed two mugs of hot chocolate in front of them. “Can I get some whipped cream on top of it?” Elsie asked.

Remus cleared his throat and looked away, chocking back a laugh while Elsie got what she ordered. They grabbed their mugs and walked outside, taking seats in front of each other at a small table. “Thank you for not commenting about it.”

“About what?”

She took a sip and wiped the cream off from her lips. “Usually, other people thinks it’s strange or even disgusting, drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream when it’s already sweet enough.”

Remus thought back on a late night when they were in the kitchen and how Elsie’s eyes lightened up after he put some cream on his own cocoa, seeing she wasn’t the only weirdo there. An invisible hand gripped his heart with a throbbing pain – deep down he wished she could remember all those small things, he wished she would sit closer to him, he wished he could hold her soft hands and kiss her lips. He shook his head and tried to wipe these thoughts away.

“How was your day?” he asked the first thing he could think of.

“Not so good so far. I met with our new creative writing teacher… he’s terrible, and constantly tries to convince us we’re all hopeless.”

Remus huffed angrily. “I don’t understand people like him. If I ever become a teacher, I’ll motivate my students.”

Elsie smiled. “I think you’d be a really good teacher, actually!”

“I don’t think so,” he replied, shaking his head.

“Why? As far I know, you’re smart, you’re really kind and patient… but funny too.” She stopped and let out a short laugh. “I remember one time – I was in my fourth year I guess – I sneaked out into the kitchens in the middle of the night, and you were patrolling the corridors, and when you saw me I was all frightened but you just smiled and said, ‘Next time bring some waffles for me too’, and walked away.”

Remus knew he only wiped her memories about him after they started to talk, but he was still surprised she remembered this.

Time went fast as they talked four hours. Elsie couldn’t remember when she last met someone she could talk to so easily – maybe never before. Remus walked her home again, and Elsie couldn’t hold back the question that burned her tongue.

“So I thought… can we meet sometimes? I mean, not at crime scenes and parties while we’re both drunk,” she joked, trying to hide her embarrassment.

Remus ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know. I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

His answer surprised her, but she didn’t want to give up so easily. “Why? Do you have a jealous girlfriend who’d kill me if she ever sees you with me?”

He laughed. “No. No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Then what’s the problem? Because I don’t think you don’t like me…”

“Of course, I really like you.” Oh, if you only know…

Elsie nodded and stepped closer. “Then no excuses. See you later. You know where I live now, so…” she laughed and he laughed with her. As a goodbye, she hugged him, and Remus could hardly let her pull away when they did.

“See you, then,” he said, walking away with a smile that he couldn’t wipe off of his face.

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Derek Hale Story (9)

Dinner with Derek:

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Today is the day Derek and You chose to go on your second date. Derek asked you earlier this week to accompany him to dinner. Derek had texted you saying he will be picking you up at 6:30pm and to wear something nice.

 You texted back “don’t I always look nice?? O.o LOL” shortly after you received a response saying “ Of course you do, but look extra nice babe.” You do as told. you love any chance to look your best.

 you rummage through your closet where you hang most of your sexy  and nice clothes. you chose a nice not over the top dress. you bent down search through all your shoes. finding a perfect pair of strappy shoes for your dress. you placed your outfit on your bed and went into your washroom stripping off the clothes on your body, running the shower water to the perfect temperature and stepping into the shower.

 one of the best things you love about showering is your shower radio. you turn it on and theres no need to find a station as it is already on your favorite you start singing along to the song playing. “we never learn, we’ve been here before, why are we always stuck and running from the bullet, the bullets” your put some shampoo in the palm of your hands and wash your hair awhile still singing “ just stop your crying its the sign of the times, we gotta get away from here” you condition your hair and rinse. you start washing your body and shaving.

Another good song comes on before you know it your dancing and singing it to. “ jump in the Cadillac girl lets put some miles on it, anything you want just put a smile on it” you finish your shower stepping out onto the shower mat. you dry off your hair and body you go to your sink and brush your teeth and hair before leaving the bathroom and entering your room.

 you get dressed in your nice dress and start doing your makeup. you finish getting ready and its almost time to go. you put on your heels and grab your clutch purse to go with your dress. .

 you go downstairs and sit on your couch. playing on your phone till Derek gets there. only a few minutes later theres a knock on your door, and assuming its Derek because well who else would it be. you smile excited to see derek and open the door to see..

Stiles. what the f you think and look behind him, back and fourth as if Derek would come up to your house any moment.

“ugh you just gonna stand there looking around or let me in” stiles asked.

you step aside letting the boy in.  “ can I help you” you ask kind of annoyed and confused why stiles just  showed up at your door.

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 stiles says. 

you gave him the biggest confused look ever. “what are you talking about” you ask still very much confused. stiles sighed.

“you know are connection for many things, like movies, as one example, there is a star wars marathon and dad wont let me watch it right now. it annoys him” stiles says ending with air quotations.

you burst out laughing. “ oh so you thought you could come to my house and watch it on my tv” you state

“no Y/N I just came here to tell you my favorite movie series is on tv and my dad is being an ass.” stiles says clearly full of sarcasm.

“oh well in that case thanks for letting me know bye” you sarcastically say back

Stiles has an offended look on his face while holding his hands to his heart.

“ouch, you don’t want to spend time with your best friend” stiles asks in a fake hurt tone.

You chuckle at him. “stiles I love hanging out with you but I have plans already if you didn’t notice the dress and heels I am wearing” you say.

Stiles looks you up and down and says “oh”

“yeah sorry Stiles Derek will be here any time now, I actually thought it was him knocking at the door”  you say politely.

“that’s fine, you have fun with sour wolf, ill just watch the movies alone” stiles says walking into your living room and grabbing the remote to your tv. You follow him in the living room in a hurry

 " wait what, I never said “you started to say but were cut off from a knock on the door. You give stiles an obvious glare and went to answer the door. 

"Hey hun” you greeted the sexy Derek Hale

“Hey babe, you look beautiful” Derek smiles and you can feel his amazing eyes travelling your figure in the white dress you wore.

“Aw thank you, you look beautiful too” you chuckle

“Where’s your snacks” you hear from inside your house.

“I am guessing stiles is here, I saw what sure looked to be his crap jeep parked and his scent” Derek says

“yeah he dropped by” you speak walking into  your home with Derek behind you most certainly enjoying his view.

Stiles comes form your kitchen with a mouth full of cheezies, while the bag of cheezies are in one hand and a can of soda in the other.

“Hey” Stiles spoke with bits of cheezie coming out of his mouth.

Derek looked at Stiles annoyed as ever.

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“why is he here” Derek turned his face to you asking

Stiles out on his offended face once again this evening from Dereks question. you sigh and answer “he is just here to watch some movies as the sheriff is busy at home not wanting noise”

“I wouldn’t want stiles around either” Derek smiled

“Don’t be such a sour wolf” stiles says to Derek

Derek and stiles are glaring at each other. I guess that’s our que to leave you thought.

“okay lets get going, and stiles if you make a mess im kicking your ass, then your sore ass is going to be cleaning the mess” you warn stiles

Stiles rolls his eyes walking into your living room. You and Derek head out the front door and into his car.

The drive was nice with small talk.

“I swear Stiles better behave at my house" you laugh

"if not, ill trip his throat out with my teeth” Derek tired saying in a serious tone but he soon smiled after saying that.

“thanks your the beats, gotta love a man that will kill your best friend for you” you laugh

“I would do anything for you” Derek says this time being one hundred percent serious

you give Derek a sweet smile and look out your window watching threes, houses, and stores passing by.

You guys arrive at the restaurant and Derek parks the car. He gets out of his car going to the passenger side to open the car door for you.

“Thank you” you say to Derek for being ever so kind.

You both walk hand in hand to a big dark brown builing that’s in front of you. The building has huge tinted windows in the front of it. The door man held the front door for you and Derek. You both walked in the restaurant.

 The place has light wood floors, dark brown tables, and cream color chairs. The walls are dark brown as well and the ceiling is cream color with flowers all over the ceiling and shinning little lights sparkling all around.

“How can I help you” A older looking man asked.

“A table for two” Derek answered

“right this way” the man lead us to a table by one of the big walls of the building. Derek pulled your chair out for you to  take a seat. and you thank him. He smiles and sits down.

“A waiter will be right with you” the old man says leaving you two alone.

“This place is nice” you smile looking around. “Thank you for this date” you say turning to look back at Derek.

“Already thanking me and the date just started, I must be good” Derek laughs and you roll your eyes.

“yes your so great” you say sarcastically even though it is true he really is great heck more than great.

A waiter who looks in his early twenties came to your table handing you and Derek menus.

  "Is there anything I can get you two to drink" The waiter asked.

“I will have water” Derek responds

“And what can I get you beautiful” The waiter asks you and Derek tenses up a bit with a not so happy look on his face from this boy calling you beautiful.

Who does he think he is calling you that. He should not be able to talk to customers like that. How unprofessional. He cant just call you that in front of him, your his girlfriend, Wait, no your not, not yet anyways.. Derek’s mind went a little wild at the waiters comment. And now he feels like an  idiot though you and the waiter have no insight in his head. He felt awkward and stupid for calling you his girlfriend even just in his head. He was so in thought he didn’t even notice you answered the waiter and he had left to get both your drinks.  

“So what are you thinking of eating” You ask Derek while looking over your own menu

Derek takes a quick look at his menu “Steak probably” He answers

“that sounds good” You give a small smile. You both look at the menus for another minute. The waiter comes back with your drinks setting them down.

“so what can I get you both to eat” the waiter asks

“I will have the steak well done with side Caesar salad” Derek replies to the water and both the boys turn their heads to you awaiting your answer.

“And for you hun” the waiter asks

Derek clears his throat a little to make his presence known and takes a sip of his water. You  glance at Derek and than look back to the waiter and reply “i’ll have the same, steak well done with Caesar salad”  

The waiter writes it down and takes your and Derek’s menus and giving you a little smile. Derek gives the waiter boy a glare wile glancing at him as the waiter walks away. You gave Derek a questionable look seeing he glared at the waiter. Derek gives you a tiny smile like nothing happened and nothing is bothering him.

“Your weird” you say to Derek and chuckle

Derek raises his eyebrows at you “ have you met yourself” he asks laughing. You furrow your eyebrows “Uh yeah I have and I think im pretty awesome” you smile.

“I am not disagreeing with that” he says and Derek takes a a hold of your hand smiling at you.

“so far are you liking it here” Derek asks you

“No. so far I am loving it here and being with you” you say being all cheesy

“good, if you didn’t like it here we could of took off somewhere else” Derek says

“no no this is great babe” you smile big 

“How was your day, anything exciting happen” you asks Derek

“I worked out most of the time, and got my self ready for this date. the only exciting thing would be right now this date spending time with you” he replies

“well arnt you just a smooth talker” you laugh

“I guess, I make the truth sound smooth” he laughs.

The waiter bring the steak and salad you both ordered. The boy didn’t acknowledge Derek but looked at you and said “enjoy your meal” with a smile and walked away.

You turn to Derek. “Is it me or was he to friendly to me and not very nice to you” you ask and laugh a little. Derek’s face looked surprised you mentioned it. “oh you noticed” he says.

“yeah I did and it was awkward” you reply

“just a little” he laughs

You both start eating your food. After a couple minutes of eating you had to declare your love. For this food of course.

“Gotta love steak, I might have to marry the chief” you chuckle

Derek faked being hurt. “ for your information I am a great cook, so you dint have to leave me for some chief” he says trying to be serious.

“Macaroni and cheese doesn’t count” you pointed out

Derek put on  joking angry face. “I am going to cook you dinner” he says dead serious

“we are already eating dinner” you say playing dumb

“Another time smart ass” Derek laughs

You and Derek take more bites of your meals. “so what do you plan on cooking for me” you ask after swallowing some steak

“It will be a surprise, don’t worry you will like it” Derek replies

“I don’t like mac and cheese that much” you joke

Derek sighs jokingly “Im not making damn macaroni and cheese” he chuckled

“Well with all honesty, I cant wait to have whatever you make me for dinner” you smile

Derek smiled. You and Derek enjoy eating more of your food. You guys finish up your food and the waiter came to ask how the bill is being paid and if everything is together. Derek said yes its together and paid with cash.

“Have a goodnight beautiful” The waiter said to you walking away

“He is one lucky boy” Derek says taking your hand walking to his car

“whys that” you asked confused

because I didn’t rip his throat out with my teeth" Derek says partly joking but very annoyed how that idiot boy talked and flirted with you. You laugh

“Are you jealous” you asks

Derek chuckles “No but I do wish that boy had more respect for you and me your date” He says. You nod as your in dereks car driving back to your home.

The ride is peaceful and quite. just you and Derek with smiles on your faces. You watch the scenery passing by through the car window. You get home and Derek turns off his car but stays inside it.

“I would walk you to the door but I don’t want stiles spying on us” Derek chuckles

“I agree” you smile at him 

You move in to kiss him and he meets you almost half way your lips smash together. its a tingly amazing feeling all over your body, on your lips,face,neck,chest and down your arms.

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 "Sleep well babe" Derek says as you both are pulling away.

“You too hun” You smile and get out of the car and walking to your front door going inside.

 You walk to your living room hearing the tv. Damn stiles and his movies you think to your self. You see stiles passed out on your couch cuddling a bag of cheezie. His mouth is open and light  snores are coming from it. You Smile at your dorky best friend and take the cheezies bag away covering him with a blanket folded up on the back of the couch. You turn off the tv and head up stairs to your room.

 You remove your heels and dress and change into a tank top and shorts to sleep in. You go into your bathroom to wash off your makeup and brush your teeth. You jump in bed and your whole date flashes through your mind, you smile at the recent events that have happened tonight and drift off to sleep.


(gifs not mine) The is part 9 to the Derek Hale Story. Read other parts if you have not. Sorry it was very late had a lot going on with moving and my daughter. hope you all understand and enjoy this part.


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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 61

The last few days had been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for both of us but I finally feel like my head’s on straight.  

Jared, well, I think his normal stress level is a catastrophic level for most of us humans to begin with.   Add a developing relationship to all that stress and it eventually starts wearing even the most unshakable people down.   On top of that, whatever underlying issue that’s going on with Shannon needs to be taken into account as well.  

What’s left is a very high strung man.  

More than anything, I wanted to take care of him and ease the tension, at least for a little while.    Walking together, I glanced to him.  Coddling him isn’t what I thought would do the trick but I did have an idea on what might.

I thought back to earlier today, just before we left the last hotel when he informed me I had earned myself a spanking.  I remembered thinking after that, it was the most relaxed I had seen him all day.    What he needed was to play.    And, that’s what I was going to give him.  

I began to quickly put the pieces of my little plan together in my head.   The more I thought my idea through, the more I thought about how wrong this could possibly go.   Trying to learn after several of my ideas blew up in my face, I knew needed to go into this one delicately.  

I was presuming what he needed, I didn’t know for sure.  

As we walked down the long hall to our room, Jared was tense and I felt like he was probably dwelling.   Knowing if he wanted to talk about it he would so, I didn’t ask him anything.   I held his hand tightly and gave him space but let me tell you, that was fucking hard to do.   It’s my instinct to want to help but with him, it could do more harm than good.  

“Here we are.”   Jared said, sliding the key card into the lock.  

Swinging open the heavy door to our room, I couldn’t believe how dark it was inside.  Jared stepped in first, feeling for the light switch on the wall.   I held the door open as he continued into the darkness, the switch somehow that hard to find.  

“What the fuck..”  He muttered at his struggle.  

Unfortunately paying more attention to the wall and not enough to where he was going, he inadvertently walked right into a side table knocking the lamp over.


Reaching inside my hand immediately fell on the switch, it was lower than where his hand was on the wall, I flipped the light on.  

“Oh my God, are you okay, babe?”  I said, reaching for him bent over holding his knee.  

“Fuck!”   He exclaimed, slamming the lamp upright.  

“Are you okay, babe?”  I repeated as I fell to my knees next to him covering his hand with mine.  

“Yeah…..”  He said, still rubbing his knee,  "fuck.“

Shockingly, when we walked further into our room, the rest of our bags were sitting neatly just opposite of the table he walked into.

"At least the rest of our bags are here.”    Jared said, moving the bags he had been carrying the were now dumped on the floor.  

Jared went to grab them and put them with the rest of the delivered ones but I stopped him.

“Can I do that, please?”   I asked.  

I wanted him to go sit down but didn’t want to say it.  

“I’ll take care of them.”   I quickly said.  

“Okay.”  He agreed without any fuss.

I was grateful everything was already here.   If I had to wait then it would have thrown off my plan a bit.   With Jared, time is always of the essence.  

After grabbing his laptop from his bag, he went straight for the couch.   Kicking his shoes off, he sat down and put his feet up.   Resting his head against the back of the couch, I could see he closed his eyes.  

I was quiet as I moved around our room.  Picking up the contents of our spilt bags, I piled them on top of our luggage so it could be easily wheeled into our bedroom.  

Once that was done, I grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and walked over to the couch.   When he felt my presence close, he lifted his head and opened his eyes.  


“I’m going to unpack the necessities.”  I quietly whispered.  

Placing the bottle on the table next to him, I bent down to give him a quick kiss.   Before I could move completely away, Jared grabbed my wrist, pulling me down for another kiss.

“I like when you call me babe…”   He said shyly smiling.

Biting my lip, I didn’t even realize I called him that.   It was just natural reaction.  

Caressing his cheek, I kissed him again,  "I like calling you that.“

Leaning his head back on the couch again,  "Thank you, baby girl.”

“Your welcome, Sir.”  

Taking one handle in each hand I began to pull the luggage towards the bedroom.  Taking another quick look over my shoulder just before I passed the threshold of our room, I saw Jared had already closed his eyes again.    Hopefully he would unknowingly give me the time I needed to set my little plan in motion before he was rested and ready to get up again.  

Moving with some serious purpose, I quickly unpacked the necessities.   Bringing our toiletry bags along with my cosmetic bag into the bathroom, I made sure the important things were as they should be.   Jared’s things on the left, mine on the right.  

Doing a quick survey to be sure I didn’t forget anything,  I smiled.   After all we’ve been through and in such a short timeframe, even something as simple as looking at our toiletries in the bathroom together gave me tingles.    

Silly I know, but true none the less.  

Snapping out of my daydream, I flipped the light switch off and headed back into the bedroom.   I needed to unpack a few things from Jared’s suitcase.  

Trying to be as quiet as possible, I grabbed the black velvet ‘toy’ bag from the interior zipper pouch.   Not really remembering what was in there until I was pulling things out, I couldn’t believe how much he had.    Some things gave me tingles and some major chills.  

Neatly setting the implements he used most on the dresser, I knew it probably wouldn’t be exactly the way he liked it but at least it was easily accessible.  

It’s the thought that counts anyway, right?    

Feeling like I was running out of time, I snuck a quick look into the living room.   It was getting later so it was darker in there than when I left him earlier.   As far as I could see, Jared was still in the same position.  

So far, so good.  

There were a few more things to set out on the nightstand, then I planned on changing into something sexier before I went to Jared.    

As I was walking back towards the bed with the black velvet bag in my hands, stupidly not thinking.  

“OUCH!”  I practically shouted.

Nearly jumping out of my skin, when I pulled my hand out of the bag I realized the cap that is supposed to protect against getting needled had come off the Warterburg Wheele.   The pins had gone under my nail and stabbed at the sensitive skin.  Examining it under the light, I could see it was bleeding.  

Perfect….  Just perfect….

Slipping my finger in my mouth, it burned like hell.   OUCHIE OUCH!!  It’s amazing something so small could hurt so much.  

Knowing time was running out, I sucked it up.   I wasn’t going to let anything spoil what I hoped would be an exciting, tension reducing surprise.   With a lot more caution this time, I carefully pulled out the remaining few items and set them on the table.  

Jared’s black button down shirt was on top of all his other clothes and I thought that would be the perfect bit of sexy.   Snatching it up, I headed into the bathroom to make myself presentable.  

As I undressed, my thoughts were consumed with all the different possibilities tonight could bring.    Basically, my idea really came down to presenting myself for him to do with whatever he desires.   My sole goal was to please him.  

I could already feel the excitement building deep within me, warming me to my core.   Massaging vanilla scented lotion into my skin, even my own touch sent shiver across my body.  

Slipping my arms into Jared’s shirt, I buttoned two buttons.  One just below my breast and the one under it.    Taking my hair from it’s ponytail, I tousled it then pulled it to one side letting it loosely lay over my shoulder.   With a light touch of lip gloss and a few dabs of lavender oil at my wrists, I was ready.  

Quietly opening the bathroom door, I tip toed towards the bed.   I wanted to take the anal plug he had made especially for me to present to him.  

“What have you been up to, baby girl?”  

With my back towards the door, I nearly jumped out of my skin for the second time tonight when I heard his voice.   Whipping around so fast, my heart in my throat, I nearly tripped over myself.  

“Oh my god…”   I said, my hand at my heaving chest,  "You scared me!“

Pulling me in his arms,  "I’m sorry…”   He said, finally taking a glance around the room,  "I thought it sounded like you hurt yourself.“

His eyes now focused, moved from the bed to the nightstand then the dresser taking it all in.   Swiping his tongue across his lips, I could feel his warm breath against my skin as he spoke.  

"My, my…  Haven’t you been a busy little girl….”   Jared whispered in my ear.  

“Uh-huh..”  I mumbled,  "Yeah..“

I was crushed and didn’t know what to say without sounding disappointed he spoiled my surprise.   Leaning back, obviously expecting more of a response than the dull, flat one he got, he took my chin between his thumb and forefinger lifting it so I was forced to look him in the eyes.  

"I just rained on your parade, didn’t I…”

“It’s not a big deal.”   I said, probably not very convincingly.  

Cupping my face in his hands, he kissed my forehead,  "Why don’t you finish what you were doing in here then come to me.“

"Yes, Sir.”   I said, tenderly smiling back at him.  

I could tell he felt bad.  I could see it in his eyes and it was sweet of him to try to make me feel better.   I love how he loves me.  

As his hands fell from my cheeks, Jared slyly smiled as he stepped towards the door.  

“Oh and baby girl,”  Jared said, turning to speak over his shoulder,  "when you come to me, I want you to do so on your knees.“

“Do you regret it?” She asked me.

And I always knew questions like that we’re going to come my way; but maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Maybe it was the opportunity for me to finally admit the truth to myself.

And so I told her, “no - no, I don’t regret it,” and for once I could look back on this love without a heavy heart, or words burning in my throat and tripping over my own words - instead I could accept it for what it was, “just because the end was confusingly painful, doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy what I had. People come and go all the time, it’s just a matter of when.”

She just looked at me, with the same realization in her eyes and then she asked, “would you change anything though?”

I never told her this but there was a lot of things I would’ve changed, and there’s a lot of things I never got to say or do, but I don’t know maybe that’s for the better and so I just told her, “I think I should’ve let him go before it was too late, but uh,” and I let out a little chuckle, “it was too late.”

—  c.f. // “I never meant to love anyone more than they loved me”

The Talk

So as I was very belatedly reading Magnus Chase: Ship of the Dead, I realised that Sally must have a certain level of comfort with the maturity of Percy and Annabeth’s relationship. So my brain decided that this little scene definitely happened before Percy and Annabeth left for Boston. This is a completely unedited brain dump…let me know what you think


Percy wandered around his room tossing hints he would need in Boston into his backpack on the bed. He was debating with him self over whether he really need so many pairs of underwear when he heard a knock at the door.

“May I come in?” Sally Jackson asked with a soft smile.

Percy knew that it wasn’t really a question but he appreciated that she had asked all the same.

“Sure thing mom.” He answered falling onto the bed.

Sally shuffled into the small blue room and parked herself next to her son on the bed.

“I wanted to talk to you about Annabeth.” Sally started, then cleared her throat “About this trip.” She stared into Percy’s eyes knowingly.

Percy crinkled his brow confused “What about it?”

“Percy, you and Annabeth have been together for awhile now and in that time you have been through more then most couples go though in a lifetime but you are still very young. I was young and dumb once and I made decisions that were maybe not the best in times of passion…” Sally stalled locking onto Percy’s eyes to make sure he understood “I guess what I’m trying to say is I know what it’s like to be young and in love and I want you guys to be safe.”

A look of comprehension crossed Percy’s face turning the tips of his ears pink.

“Mom, Annabeth and I have never…” Sally cut him off.

“I don’t need to know what you are or aren’t doing Percy, you’re a young man now that’s your decision. But I’m not stupid sweetheart, I know she sneaks in her sometimes and spends the night.”

Now Percy was really red “What? How?” He coughed out looking appropriately abashed.

“Sometimes I wake up at night and I can’t get back to sleep until I know you’re safe, you were gone for a year Percy I worry I’ll wake up and you’ll be gone again…so I have to come check on you.” Sally leaned forward and put her hand on top of Percy’s.

“I’m sorry mom.”

“I’ll admit the first time I walked into my sons room and found a girl in his bed I was a little angry. You still live in my house and you are only 17. Then I realised that you guys probably needed eachother after what you had been though so I left it be. But now, you two are going to Boston together and you will be alone together for the first time and I just really want you to make sure you understand the weight of the decisions you make.”

“Mom, I love Annabeth and I appreciate what your saying but…”

“No, but’s Percy listen to me…” Percy shut his mouth and looked at his mother. “You are and always will be one of the best things that ever happened to me, but, I was young, I was alone, and it was hard…I don’t want that for you.” Sally’s eyes were shining but she held back the tears and took a deep cantering breath. “I want you to take these with you just in case.”

Sally pulled a small box of condoms from her robe pocket and handed them to Percy who was now if possible redder.

“Take them, and use them if you need to please.”

“Mom, I don’t think…” Sally stopped him by putting her hand on his cheek.

“I don’t need to know Percy, whether you are or aren’t is you’re business but for my piece of mind just take them.” Sally said, leaning forward to put the box into his bag. “Do you have any questions?”

“Umm…No, I think I get it” Percy answered “thanks mom.” Percy smiled.

“I love you Percy and Annabeth too.”

“I know mom, thanks.”

Sally stood up and patted Percy on the cheek gently.

“Have fun Percy,” Sally smiled “but not to much fun.” She winked.

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#28. Sloth pair please ^o^* (but pretty please make it fluff TTATT)

KuroMahi {28: Knocking on the Wrong Door AU}

When faced with a problem, Mahiru would always try to find a simple solution. He offered to help Licht make decorations for a play he was a part of. But there was a lot of supplies he had to carry to Licht’s home. The boxes would block his vision if he tried to carry them all at once but Mahiru didn’t want to make two trips.

So, the simple solution was to count his steps while walking to Licht’s home. The previous day, he had tested his plan so knew the exact number of steps and turns he needed to reach Licht’s home. They lived in the same neighbourhood so Mahiru didn’t need to worry about cars since he didn’t have to cross the street to reach his home. Yes, to Mahiru, that was the simple solution.

Mahiru counted his steps and looked down at his feet until he found himself standing on a doormat. With his foot, he knocked on the door and waited for Licht to answer. It was cold outside so Mahiru quickly walked into the house the moment the door opened. “Thanks Licht. I have everything we need and—”

The words caught in his throat when he tripped on something. Mahiru dropped the boxes and tried to catch his fall. Luckily, an arm wrapped around his waist and stopped his fall. When he looked over his shoulder, he expected to see Licht but a pair of red eyes stared back at him instead.

“This is going to be troublesome, isn’t it?” The boy groaned when Mahiru screamed. He wasn’t in Licht’s home. Mahiru didn’t even recognize the home he found himself in. In contrast to his panic, the boy merely stepped away from him and covered Mahiru’s mouth. “Can you stop screaming? Hugh’s going to yell at us if we bother him while he’s studying.”

“What?” Mahiru pushed the boy’s hand away and was surprised by how calm the boy was. He was certain that he wouldn’t be as composed if he found a stranger in his home. “I’m sorry for walking into your house like this. I thought this was my friend’s house. I couldn’t see that well.”

Mahiru explained as he knelt to collect the supplies that spilled out of the box. The boy picked up a stack of construction paper and handed it to Mahiru. As he did so, their hands brushed and Mahiru looked at him again. He exclaimed when he recognized the boy. “Wait, I know you! You’re that guy in my class that’s always sleeping. Your name’s Kuro, isn’t it?”

“Did we meet before?” Kuro asked in a deadpanned tone and Mahiru’s brow twitched for a moment.

“I’m Mahiru, the guy that’s always taking over your cleaning duties when you refuse to wake up!” Mahiru found himself yelling in frustration. Kuro would always sleep in class and it was almost impossible to wake him so Mahiru thought it would be easier to clean the classroom for him rather than waste time waking him.

“What’s all this for?” Kuro asked to change the subject. He closed one of the boxes and handed it back to Mahiru who thanked him.

“I told my friend that I would help him make decorations.” Mahiru answered and Kuro wondered why he would often take on so many tasks. Mahiru took on Kuro’s classrooms duties and he remembered him volunteering for their school festival as well. “I should get going before Licht starts to worry about me.”

“You mean that guy who thinks he’s an angel?” Kuro asked and Mahiru nodded. When he asked him if he knew Licht, Mahiru didn’t know how he should answer. Everyone in his family knew Licht because of the many times he would get into fights with Hyde. “He’s my neighbour.”

“Then I should be able to get to his house using my original plan without any trouble.” Mahiru stood and tried to balance the boxes in his arms. “Can you open the door for me?”

“You mean your original plan that brought you to my house?” Kuro chuckled to himself when Mahiru scowled at him. He puffed his cheeks and explained his simple plan to him. To Kuro, it sounded far from simple. “Wouldn’t it have been more simple to ask Licht or one of your friends to help you carry these boxes?”

“I…” Mahiru wanted to argue but he didn’t have a rebuttal. Honestly, he was so accustomed to doing things independently that asking for help never crossed his mind. The boxes suddenly became lighter when Kuro took some boxes from him.

“I’ll help you.” Kuro told him as he opened the door. “It’s not that far and I do owe you for all those times you cleaned the classroom for me.”

Kuro walked out before Mahiru could question him further. He rushed to follow him and fell into step next to him. “Thanks for helping me. But if you really want to make up for all those time you slept through your duties, you’ll stay and help make decorations with me.”

“Troublesome.” Kuro groaned but Mahiru only laughed lightly.

“Please make it fluff”? I feel like I’m being called out for writing too much angst XD No worries, fluff is my expertise (don’t know how I can spin that prompt as angst anyways).

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Lila Valeska

I keep seeing a lot of fanfics portray Lila as someone who’s constantly cruel towards Jerome,

and while that’s all well and good, I see her as the type to be as sweet as can be around him sober, but horrifically cruel when drunk.

Like I can see her being the type of abuser that fractures her kid’s rib one night when in a drunken rage, but the next morning she tells Jerome how sorry she is and how much she loves him and promises she’ll make it up to him.

I feel like Lila would be manipulative.

There would be nights where Lila would do something like putting her cigarette out with Jerome’s hand, but the next day she’d buy him a nice pastry at the best bakery in whatever town their circus was in, and convince Jerome that made things okay.

Lila would tell Jerome how much she loves him one second, and then be screaming about how she wanted to give him to an orphanage the next.

Heck, Lila would probably be the type of drunk that would seem very carefree and fun and loving at first, and that would make Jerome timid around her, because one wrong move and her fingers would be around his throat.

Lila would guilt trip Jerome into forgiving her, hugging him and apologizing and crying when sober, and while it may seem genuine she would only make promises to stop drinking, but never actually do it.

For about nine years, Jerome would endure it, because it’s okay, right? She apologized and told him she loved him, so it’s not like she meant to slap him across the face. She gave him some money to go get a chocolate bar while assuring him she’s doing her best to quit drinking, so he should be grateful, shouldn’t he?

Eventually, Jerome would realize that wasn’t the case, and after the fourth time of calling Lila out on her bullshit he’d just decide his words weren’t going to change her, because all she did when he brought up her abuse was act like she was the victim since it’s not as though she could just up and quite drinking alcohol cold turkey or whatever.

Jerome’s fears about his own mother not loving him would be confirmed when the Circus Psychic he barely even knew just said a few words to the boy about how no one cared about him in the world… and that would be it.

So, Jerome would decide to act nice for a while, but suddenly snap later on to see how she liked it.

Jerome would decide he wants to wait to snap at her for the same thing she first snapped at him about when he was four before beating him– not doing the dishes; he could wait for however long that would be.

Crème de la Crème: 29


“That ass is looking fat!” Tish screamed as we walked out of the gym. I shook my head and rolled my eyes at her irritating ass. “Why are you so damn loud and stop!” I exclaimed as she slapped my ass hard. 

“What you been doing? You getting some dick?” She asked with a smirk. I rolled my eyes playfully at her. “Girl, now you know I’ve been working out like crazy.” 

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been working out like crazy, trying to get my body right for the annual work trip that was coming up soon. Ashton hadn’t officially told us exactly who was actually going on the trip but I had already started packing and working on my summer body so no one couldn’t tell me I wasn’t going. 

I couldn’t wait, though. I really needed a damn vacation, if only Ashton ass wasn’t going. We still haven’t talked very much since he threatened to write me up for telling his precious Adrienne off. 

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i. wake up and realize you are worth everything. every stain left on your throat from the symphony in your ribcage and each creak from your lungs passing over your teeth is a sermon preaching your value. purge every emotion raking rivets down your throat–your knees will forgive you for the burst capillaries from hitting the spit-slick tile of the bathroom floor. I promise.

ii. trying won’t make it so, but it still hurts. crying into itchy sheets and talking your throat raw wont make them like you, or him change his mind. swallow the words raking your tongue and spit them into a puddle before you drown in the blood. tomorrow the mirror on the sidewalk won’t exist, and neither will they.

iii. desire and necessity hold equal weight in different ways, act accordingly. adrenaline rattling your hands as your sweatshirt muffles the liquor bottles in your backpack and swallowing peppermints to smother the acrid essence of cigarettes still lingering on your tongue is more fun than doing the french homework burning a hole in your desk and your report card. do both.

iv. lying can soothe irritated skin, but the truth won’t heal a rash. promising your father you’re eating when he calls every tuesday at three will ease his worry, but letting him discover that you’ve only choked down a granola bar in the past week when he comes to visit on friday only to find your unconscious frame slumped on the couch won’t heal the sorrow rotting his heart. not everything needs to be said, but not everything needs to be hidden.

v. all promises to yourself aren’t crafted equally. make sure the ones of sincerity are clutched close enough to jounce at the rattle of your ribs from your heartbeat. a swear against substances could end in bruised knees sunk into a booze-soaked mattress while your head spins from the joint dangling between white tinged lips. hold the ones dearest under your tongue like a blade, and never bite them back.

vi. you’ll regret moments you don’t take. you’ll regret moments you do take too, but at least you’ll know. four months later you won’t remember the quiver of your thighs or the burn in your chest after climbing to the top of a tower, but you’ll remember the oil painting sunset over the city you stayed in for far too short a time. sink your teeth into the flesh of a fruit you’ve never seen before even if the juice stains your fingers and soaks the shirt you stole from that kid in seventh grade with what once filled it, and feel the slick jagged rocks fall away as your raw bare feet free fall into a pool you hope is deep enough. not every opportunity is plural.

vii. your mind and your body won’t always remember the same things. the skid marks racing up your shins that painted the street and your favorite jeans with blood may fade, but your head will always remember the panic clawing at your throat at the trip of the bike. pale white lines and angry red ones that crisscross like chicken scratch across your skin could remain forever, but the emotion that bubbled up and broke your ribs may have long since been flushed by your brain. be careful.

—  seven things seven months living away from home taught me
The Adams Administration (part two)

(part one)

(@hamil-tots AU)

The next Monday, Alex was very nervous when he got dropped off. Even John’s attempts to show him his drawings of turtles couldn’t distract him from the feeling of dread. Minutes passed, and there was no sign of him. Where was Mr. Adams? Why was he late? Alex was about to go to the office when Mr. Adams finally came in through the door, barely glancing up from his phone. He sat down in Mr. Washington’s chair.

Thomas dragged James over to Mr. Adams, loudly stomping over in an attempt to attract his attention. “John Adams? John Adams!”

Mr. Adams looked at him. “Who are you?”

“I’m Thomas Jefferson, and this is James Madison, and you’re late.” Thomas crossed his arms defiantly. Alex watched from across the room, slowly getting up and walking towards the commotion.

Mr. Adams sighed. “Could you please just sit down and be quiet? And call me Mr. Adams.”

Thomas grabbed his arm, pulling him away from his phone. “Fine, Mr. Adams, but you’re late!”

“Look, kid, just calm down. I’m trying to do some work.”

“No you’re not!” Every eye turned to Alex, who was standing alone in the center of the room. “You’re probably talking to your mommy, aren’t you?”

The substitute teacher set down the device. “And you must be Alexander. I was warned.”

Alex couldn’t help but be a bit flattered, but he refused to let it show. Who was this guy to replace Mr. Washington? He was a… substitute, Mr. Washington said. Was that even a real job, anyway? There was only supposed to be Mr. Washington, Mr. Washington knew what he was doing. George had said that he was awful. He must have been lying… But what if he wasn’t? What if Mr. Adams was just some awful person?

Alex scowled at him. “You’re not the real teacher. Mr. Washington is the real teacher.”

“No, Alexander, I’m the substitute teacher. But I can still call your family if you misbehave, so I would recommend that you sit down.” Mr. Adams looked down at him from Mr. Washington’s desk disapprovingly. He didn’t deserve that desk. It wasn’t his. Begrudgingly, Alex walked back over towards John and the arts corner.

Thomas grabbed his elbow as he passed. “No more Mr. Nice Teacher, huh, Alex?”

Alex pulled away. “Shut up, Thomas!”

“What did you just say?” Alex looked up to see Mr. Adams glaring at him across the room.

“Nothing, Mr. Adams!”

“Apologize to Thomas.”


“I said, apologize to Thomas.” He seemed serious.

Fine. He won this round. “I’m sorry, Thomas.” Alex dragged out every syllable, but Mr. Adams seemed satisfied with the concession.

Alex sat down next to John, crossing his arms bitterly. “I hate Mr. Adams! George was right!”

John looked shocked. “What do you mean?”

“He’s stupid, and mean, and not the real teacher, and I hate him!”

John glanced around nervously. “Don’t say that in here! What if he calls your mom?”

“I don’t care! He’s a-” John clapped a hand over his mouth before he could go any further. Mr. Adams had somehow managed to walk over to them without Alex noticing.

“I’m a what, now, Alexander?” Mr. Adams appeared to be losing his patience with Alex. His voice was getting sharper, less fake-friendly, with every word.

Alex stared at his feet. “Nothing, Mr. Adams.”

“That’s what I thought. Now please be quiet.” As he returned to the desk, Alex started laughing quietly under his breath.

John gave him a horrified expression. “What’s funny? You could be in big trouble! What if he calls your mom?”

Alex grinned. “But he can’t!” His voice dropped to a whisper as he motioned for John to look under the table. “I took his phone from his jacket when he came over!”

John looked at him with equal parts admiration and terror. “You took his phone!”

“Shhh! Quiet! It’s a secret!”

“What’s ‘at ‘bout a secret?” Alex turned around quickly to see Peggy somehow wedged between the shelves of a bookcase. He didn’t know how long she’d been there, and he was somewhat concerned about how she managed to get in there to begin with.

“Quiet!” Alexander motioned for her to move closer, and she crawled out of her hiding spot.

Peggy smiled as she sat down on top of the table. “I’m a spy now! I can keep secrets!”

Alex nodded. “I know you can, Peggy, but this is a big secret.”

“C'mon, tell me! I’ll tell you a secret if you tell me! Pleeeeeaaaase?” She stared up at him, wide-eyed.

Alex sighed. “Fine. You first.”

Peggy giggled. “I heard ‘at Aaron likes Angelica! Like-likes! Your turn!”

Alex turned over his hand, showing her the phone. She covered her mouth with her hands, but her excited squeal was still clear. “You hafta read it! What’s Mr. Adams saying? You hafta tell me!”

“I don’t know the password. We can’t get in.” Alex clicked the power button a few times to demonstrate its uselessness

“But I saw him! It’s middle-up-middle-down! Try it!” Peggy was bouncing up and down on the table at this point, unable to conceal her excitement as Alex hurriedly typed in the password she’d suggested.

John glanced up quickly, then turned back to Alex and Peggy. “We’re in!”

“So what’s he saying? Read it!”

Alex read the title carefully, then turned to his friends excitedly. “It’s a diary! He keeps a diary!” He paused. “He just wrote some pretty mean things about me.”

Peggy clapped. “Read it! Read it!”

Alex looked over the contents quickly, then, seized with a sudden impulse, stood up. “Hey! Everyone! I want to read something!” The other kids turned to him with mild intrigue. “It’s Mr. Adams’ diary!”

Mr. Adams quickly pat down his coat pockets, looking for his phone. “Where…how…”

Alex cleared his throat. “France trip- Day One! Today I went to the UN and they thought I was a diplomat! They said that I had the look of a truly gifted negotiator…how embarrassing! I told my mother and she said-”

Mr. Adams tore the phone out of his hands. “Alexander! Sit down right-”

“No, you sit down! You’re not a real teacher! You’re a fat mama’s boy!” Alex could hear a chorus of the other kids yelling, but he ignored them. “You’re rude, and you’re late, and no one likes you! You’re…you’re an arrogant…anti-charismatic…embarrassment! You sit down, you-”

“I said, quiet!” There was a sudden moment of silence, like the calm before the storm, and Mr. Adams continued. “You’re out of control. I’ve messaged your mother. She’s on her way. You can wait outside.”

Alex suddenly realized what he’d done, and in front of everyone. He slowly began to walk towards the door, picking up his lunch box as he went. He shouldn’t have listened to George. This day couldn’t get any worse.

There was a tap on his shoulder, and he glanced back. James Madison looked awkwardly at his shoes. “Um… Thomas told me to tell you that Maria’s brother talked to him. He said to say that he knows. Bye.” He waved awkwardly and ran back inside, as Alex stared in stunned disbelief at the closed door behind him.