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Requested by anon. But I changed it up a bit. Sorry, hope this is okay (:


Your best friend was on her feet, with the mic in her hand. “I just wanted to say that you are the only reason why my best friend came. She has seriously been crushing on you for years!” She cackled.

Your cheeks flushed with red as you sunk in to your seat. Feeling the eyes on you, including his, made you fluster even more.

Tom had noticed you since the moment he walked on stage. You were in the front row, which made it easier for him to spot you.

He noticed tour beautiful smile, and the sound of your laugh. Tom was hooked immediately and no matter how hard he tried to shake the feelings, he couldn’t.

You were a bashful mess, blushing as you tried to hide your face. Tom couldn’t help but smile as he watched you.

He had to remind himself not to stare too long. He cleared his throat, and brought the mic up to his lips. “I am truly honored. To have a girl that beautiful come out here for me is just amazing.” He muttered.

His words caused your stomach to flutter as you dropped your hands and shot your gaze up to him. He flashed you a smile, and you smiled back.

“Okay, for my real question, I was wondering if you can tell us anything about the next Thor movie?” She asked.

He glanced at you for a second, but immediately sat up and turned to your best friend. “Ah. Thor.” He mumbled.


After long hours of panels and interviews, you and your best friend were going to the autograph tables, to meet Tom Hiddleston and a few other members from Thor.

“Aw come on Y/N! I did you a favor!” Your best friend exclaimed. “I mean, he called you beautiful for gods sake!”

“He only did that to be polite! I mean you kind of just threw that on him. If he ignored it, he would’ve been called an asshole.” You stated. Growing nervous as you got closer to him.

She shrugged her shoulders and sighed. “Grow a pair. Who cares anyways? It’s not like he’s going to remember. And besides, it’s comic con.” She winked. “What happens at comic con, stays at comic con.”

“Yea, until someone makes it into a gif.” You mumbled.

It was now your turn.

You walked up, and met his gaze. Feeling the immediate warmth and nervousness you once felt before.

His eyes lit up as he saw you. After Nerd HQ, he thought he’d never see you again, which bummed him out.

So seeing you, standing right in front of him, wit the smile that captivated him. He was ecstatic.

Tom reached his hand out to you, not once taking his eyes off you. “Well we meet again.” He smiled. “How are you-” he paused giving you a quizzical look.

“Y/N.” You muttered.

“Y/N? How are you, Y/N?” He smiled.

The way your name rolled off his tongue, made your heart beat profusely as if it were about to jump out of your chest.

“I’m great! And how about yourself, Mr. Hiddleston?” You chuckled. Proud of yourself for not shying in front of him.

He scrunches his nose and shook his head. “Oh god, that makes me sound so old.” He muttered. “Is that you’re way of calling me old?”

You shrugged your shoulders and hummed. “Maybe.”

His smile grew as a laugh escaped him and filled the air. “So what are you? A baby?”

“I’m legal.” You winked.

You both belted out in to giggles, not able to keep from smiling.

Just being near him and talking to him, you felt your life was complete. The thing you loved most about him, was how incredibly easy it was to talk to him.

And that’s what he loved about you as well. In his whole acting career, he’s only ever met a few people he was able to hold a conversation with. And here you were, making jokes as if you’ve known him for a while.

One of the volunteers whispered something in his ear which made him drop his smile, and nod. “Sorry.” He muttered.

The volunteer walked back to the back.

“Look, you got me in trouble.” Tom chuckled.

“Oh, I got you in trouble? And how did I manage to do that?” You asked.

“You kept talking to me. Making me hold up the line.” He teased.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled with him.

He quickly glanced down at your poster, and signed it for you. But before handing it back, he locked his eyes with yours and smirked, “thanks for getting me into trouble. Hope to see you around.”

You flashed a soft smile, and nodded. “Anytime, old man.” You winked.

You grabbed your poster and started toward where your best friend waited. She was in line to meet Chris Evans.

“So, how was it? Did you chicken out and run away?” She chuckled.

You shook your head and glanced down at your signed poster. As your eyes followed the marks, your heart stopped as you noticed the number he wrote in the bottom corner. “How about Coffee?” Under it.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N.” Your best friend snapped her fingers in your face.

You glanced up, eyes wide as you smiled so big, your cheeks started to hurt.

She furrowed her brows. “What the hell is wrong with you?” She asked.

You pointed at the number on the poster, trying to even your breathing. “I think he just asked me out on a date.” You whispered.

She snatched the poster from your hand and looked it over closely, gasping and jumping up and down. “Holy fucking shit. Tom Hiddleston asked you out.”

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i think it would be cool if you wrote vampire pearl having a crush on younger greg and rose finding out :3 please tell me what you think

*walks centre stage*

*taps mic*

*clears throat*


Stressed Out

(Taking place in @skiretehfox‘s Twenty One Pirates LIS AU.  If you want to see more of my work, check it out at @philwritesstuff)


Max barely felt the vibration of her phone in her shaking hands, and it took a few seconds for her to register that it had buzzed at all.  The dressing room was empty save her and Chloe, and she wondered through an anxiety-clouded mind if she should bother checking it or just leave it for after the show.  What if it was an emergency?  What if they had to cancel the show?  What would Lost Hope think of losing their headliners on the last night?

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*walks up to mic*

*clears throat*



*taps mic, clears throat*

jeon jungkook is the child locked away in the basement in omelas, and therefore doesn’t have an internet connection and thaT is why he is not tweeting anything

*drops mic and runs away*

The Diary of Mr. & Mrs. Ackles

TITLE:  The Diary of Mr. & Mrs. Ackles

PAIRING:  Jensen x Reader


WARNING:  Fluffiness and Jensen singing (if that’s a warning)

SUMMARY:  Follow the story of Supernatural star, Jensen Ackles and his pop star wife, [Your Name] Ackles as they deal with the pressures of fame and being newly married. As told through their point of viewsYou think you know, but you have no idea…this is The Diary of Mr. and Mrs. Ackles.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  This is strictly for fictional purposes only.  Any real life people mentioned that are portrayed in a negative light is not how I feel.  Just pretend they’ve been naughty.

SONG USED:  Leather and Lace -Stevie Nicks & Don Henley




I just arrived in New York to surprise my wife during her show. She actually believed that I was staying back in Vancouver filming the next episode for Supernatural.   Truth is that I finished filming my scenes early and hopped on the first flight out.  When I FaceTimed her earlier, it was just a decoy to throw her off.

I couldn’t let my wife have her first headlining tour without me being there to support her.  She’s worked too damn hard for this, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

It had been about an hour since the show has started, but I was on my way there now. The taxi picked me up from the airport and brought me straight to the arena. When I got out,Y/N’s manager, Eric, met up with me.

“Hey, Jensen.” He greeted me with a handshake.  “How’s it going?”

“It’s going good. I’m glad I made it on time.  How is everything?” I asked as we headed into the venue.  I couldn’t help, but notice the stares and giggles coming from the people we passed on the way.

“Man, the show is going fantastic.  Everything is running so smoothly.  Y/N was made for this.”  I smiled at his words.  I always knew the potential my wife had.  How unbelievably talented she was.  “She’s going to love this, Jensen. She doesn’t even have a clue that you’re coming.”

“Yeah?”  I turned to Eric, who just nodded in response, before walking over to a guy, who looked like a guitar tech, and whispered in his ear.

He was then handed an acoustic and walked back over to me.

“So, how is she?”  I grabbed the guitar from Eric and shoving the strap over my head, subconsciously giving it a tune.

“Why don’t you take a look for yourself.” Eric patted me on the back, and we walked out further.  He then pointed to the stage, where I see my beautiful wife standing in front a huge crowd.

She completely took my breath away, looking like an angel.  God, how much I love this woman. I waited for my cue, as she began to speak to the audience.

“How you feeling tonight, New York?”  She asked and the crowd went wild.  They absolutely love her as much as I do.   "Wow, y’all are crazy.“  They screamed louder.  "Beautiful crazy, though.”  She smiled, removing a strand of her hair from her face.  “Thank you.  Thank you so much.”  She nodded, before just standing there and taking it all in.  I watched as gave a few small waves and blew some kisses.  “Well,” she cleared her throat, placing the mic back up to her lips, “this next song is one of my favorite songs on my new album, Love Uncontrollably. I wrote this song for a very special person in my life. My wonderfully amazing husband, Jensen Ackles.”  The crowd screamed. “I don’t know if you know him.  He’s on this show about saving the world from monsters and stuff.”  She giggled at her own joke, as the crowd’s screams seem to get louder. “But he inspired me to write this song. So here it is.”  

The beginning chords of the song begin, and I recognized it immediately.

I remember when she recorded this song. The perfectionist in her never let me hear it until the song was completed. I don’t mean to sound like a complete sap, but when I heard the song for the first time, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. No one had ever done that for me before. Expressed how they felt in more than just words.  It was beautiful.  It was also my favorite song on her album as well.  Maybe I’m just being biased.  I don’t know.

The song was near ending and she still hadn’t notice that I was here.  I took that as my cue and started to make my way to the stage.  Her back was still turned to me, but the crowd quickly noticed my appearance.  I placed my finger up to my lips, casually letting them know not to blow my cover.  Sliding the guitar behind my back, I wrapped my hands around her waist, causing her to nearly jump out of her skin.  She quickly turned around and she finally saw me. The look on her face was priceless.  It was of shock and disbelief.

“Jens?!”  She screamed quickly embracing me in a hug, and I squeezed her tight.  She then pulled back, grabbing my face in her hands.  “What… baby what are you doing here?”

My thumb wiped the stray tear that fell from her eye, and I leaned forward to place my lips on hers.  God, I missed my wife so fucking much.

I pulled away from her still shocked expression, holding onto her hand and walking over to her mic stand.

“Hey New York, how’s it going?”  I said giving a slight nod, as the crowd went wild. “Thank you.  Thank you. I know you guys are wondering what I’m doing here.” I turned to Y/N, who was practically on the verge of sobbing as her hand was covering her mouth.  "Well, I couldn’t let my beautiful wife, here, have her very first headlining tour without me here at her very first show.  I also wanted to tell her in person, how proud that I am of her, and that I love her more than anything.“  I turned to give her hand a small squeeze, then followed by a wink.  I then heard the crowd ‘aww’.  I quickly turned my attention back to the audience.  “I was also wondering, if you’d mind a small impromptu duet.  Is that ok?”  That seemed to drive the crowd even wilder.  “Is that a yes?”  I turned to my wife, and she nodded, still completely speechless.  “I think that’s a yes.”

As they began to set us up, I pulled Y/N to my side, hugging her close.  She then looked up at me with those beautiful Y/E/C, before I leaned down and pecked her nose.

With her hand still in mine, I walked her over to the two chairs that were now set up for us.  She sat in her seat, with her mic and I sat on mine, when I was handed a mic.

“Ok, so this is completely unrehearsed. So I’m apologizing for any fuck ups tonight.”  I laughed, and everyone laughed with me.  I looked over at my wife, who was smiling at me, and I felt my whole heart swell.  I gave her another wink, and began to play the chords of our favorite song.  But then I stopped, speaking up again.  “Little known fact about this song.  It was the first song we’d danced to and the first song we danced to at our wedding.”  The crowd screamed.  “Put that in your fucking magazine.”  I said, causing the crowd to laugh again.  “I love you, sweetheart.”

"I Love you more.”  Y/N finally said, and I just shook my head.

“Not possible.”  I gave her a smirk, and started playing the first chords of the song.

Is love so fragile?”  Y/N began to sing.  “And the heart so hollow.  Shatter with words.  Impossible to follow.  You’re saying I’m fragile.   I try not to be.  I search only for something I can’t see.”  She looked over at me, smiling as she took in the words.  “Still I carry this feeling.  When you walked into my house.  That you won’t be walking out the door.”

It was true.  This was the first song we’d ever dance to.  Long before Y/N and I started dating, we had been friends for awhile, meeting through Jared.  At the time I was seeing my ex, and she was dating the biggest douche-wheel on the planet.  But one night, four years ago, she was reeling from a broken heart and so was I.  A night of drinking at Jared’s lead us to this song which lead us to this moment here.

Y/N stood up from her seat and walked over to me, singing the chorus.  “Lovers forever face to face.  My city your mountains. Stay with me stay.  I need you to love me.  I need you today.  Give to me your leather.  Take from me my lace.”  I cupped my jaw, running her thumb across my cheekbone, and I melted into her touch.

I licked my lips, before standing to my feet, before her.  “You in the moonlight.  With your sleepy eyes.  Could you ever love a man like me?”  I was then taken back to that night four years ago.  Her arms wrapped around me, as I looked down into those beautiful Y/E/C of hers.  That was the night that I realized how much I needed Y/N in my life.  “And you were right.  When I walked into your house.  I knew I’d never want to leave.  Sometimes I’m a strong man.  Sometimes cold and scared.  And sometimes I cry.  But that time I saw you.  I knew with you to light my nights.  Somehow I’d get by.”

She smiled, as I leaned my forehead against hers as we sang the chorus together.  

Lovers forever face to face.  My city your mountains.  Stay with me stay.  I need you to love me.  I need you today.  Give to me your leather.”  She then sang.  “Take from me my lace.  But take from me my lace.  Take from me my lace.”

As the song ended, the crowd went wild, and I could care less.  My beautiful wife was in my arms.  As she smiled up at me, wrapping her arms around my neck, I pressed my lips against hers several times, letting her know how much I loved her.

When we finally  broke away, I spoke into the mic again. “Thank you so much, New York.  I appreciate you giving me your time.  But I’m gonna turn you back over to your regularly scheduled program.”  I smiled, giving a wave.  “Have a good night.  And I hope y’all enjoy the rest of the show.” I pulled Y/N in for another hug and kissing her forehead.

“Wow,” I heard Y/N say as I began to walk off stage, “that was surreal.  Did that just really happen?  I’m…shocked.  Isn’t he a great husband, you guys?” She asked and the crowd went nuts.  “Whew,” she breathed into the mic, “I don’t know how I’m even going to finish the show now.  My heart’s racing so fast.  My husband ladies and gentlemen.”


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  • Me: *clears the throat*
  • Me: *taps the mic* hello, is it on? Hi, I just wanted to thank Madeline Miller, Nora Sakavic, C. S. Pacat, Maggie Stiefvater and Benjamin Alire Sáenz for ruining my life in the best way possible. Thanks.
  • Me: *breaks down sobbing*

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Please could you do a Brad simpson smut?? You're other one was so good!! Maybe it could be you are at his parents house and you start getting a bit heated but then you get called for tea and all throughout the tea brad is teasing under the table and you have to slap him away! And then they go out to the pub or something and you decide to stay where you finally can have some fun ;) xxx thanks so much xx love your imagines!! :D xxx

Okay since I’ve been getting a lot of Brad requests, I decided to do a preference based on your request. So it’s sort of a turn him on in public thing :) I hope that’s okay

The vamps preference, you turn him on in public:

James; You and James are watching a movie at Tristan’s house with the other boys. You’re sitting in James’ lap on the love seat while the others are piled on the couch together. A jump scare pops up on the screen, making you flinch and jump in James’ lap. He bites his lip hard and squirms underneath you. Without realizing what you’ve done, you snuggle into his chest, wiggling your bum around on his lap. James sucks in a breath and you suddenly feel something hard pressing against you. You look down and blush, sliding off his lap. “Sorry….” You whisper, now seeing that it was your fault. He clears his throat awkwardly and nods. “S’okay..” He replies. “I’ll uh.. Just um be right back…” He says before rushing to the bathroom, leaving you laughing and the boys looking at you, oblivious to what just happened.

Connor; You walk into the studio and go to the recording room to see Connor singing a few lines in the sound booth. You smile and wave to him, standing next to Brad. Connor looks at you and his eyes grow wider. You smirk softly and smile innocently. You know he’s looking at you like that because you’re only wearing one of his shirts and short, jean shorts. Brad smirks and drops a pen. “Oh, Y/N can you pick that up for me?” He asks. You smirk and turn around, picking up the pen. Connor stares at your ass and stops singing. Joe clears his throat and turns the mic on. “Con, why don’t you go relieve yourself while Brad works on his vocals” He suggests, smirking widely. He looks down at the lump in his pants and blushes, hurrying to the bathroom. You laugh and high five Brad for helping you accomplish what you just did.

Tristan; “So Y/N, what do you want to eat?” Tristan asks you, smiling sweetly. You shrug and look across the table at the other boys. “What’s everyone else getting?” You inquire, casually sliding your hand into Tristan’s lap, making him tense up. “I want steak” Says a grinning Brad. “I’m getting salad” James replies, shutting his menu. “Hmm pasta” Connor mutters, looking over his menu a few more times. “Tris?” You ask, resting your hand onto his member lightly. “I-I uh want um….” He stammers, his face flustered. You smirk to yourself and press your hand down gently. “Everything okay baby?” You look at him innocently and see him glaring back at you. “Yup.. I just have to use the restroom, I’ll be right back” He says, waddling to the bathroom awkwardly. You giggle quietly and continue to look at your menu.

Brad; “Isn’t this a good movie?” Brad whispers to you, leaning over to you in the movie theatre. You smile and nod, eating some popcorn. A sex scene comes ono the screen and you slump down in your seat, putting the bag of popcorn onto the floor. Brad moves closer to you and kisses your ear gently. “Babe….” He mumbles. “Mm?” You hum, glancing at him. He catches you in a kiss and places his hand on your cheek gently. You kiss back and smirk against his lips, noticing how his eyes are fixed on the heated scene up on the screen. You decide to tease him and intencify the kiss. He moans against your lips, pushing his tongue into your mouth. You pull your lips away and smile softly. “Babe we’re in public…” You whsiper, biting your lip. He nods, “You’re right… Lets go home and finish this there” He says, taking your hand and pulling you out.


ok like so we got Kimizuki Shiho, at first glance, is

  • tall
  • a fucking telephone pole
  • probably dyed his hair
  • has piercings
  • how did he get those anyway
  • is pretty fucking intimidating 

what you probably think he does

  • kicks puppies in his free time
  • paints crude graffiti 
  • a bad student
  • picks fights with people who merely bump into him in the hallway (ok this is actually proven to be true once)

what he really is

  • a doting older brother
  • top of his class
  • great at cooking
  • great at taking care of others
  • favorite food are cookies
  • bakes cookies in his spare time bc his lil sis likes them
  • will carry you to safety in his arms without a moment’s hesitation

pls love Kimizuki Shiho

plus size series: michael

He was about to met her, the girl of his dreams, the girl who had been filling his thoughts for 2 years now. She was coming to the show, she was going to be in the audience, watching him. He paced back and forth in the dressing room, his heart pounding like a drum. It started out so innocent, just a simple DM about a stupid video game, which turned into a conversation about a green day album, which turned into him falling hopelessly for a girl who he didn’t know. She was there, before things got crazy, and she was still there now. Everytime her name would pop up on his phone his lips would turn up into an ear to ear grin. The purple heart emoji beside her name, which she’d made him put there, constantly being made fun of by his other bandmates. The thing is though,he felt like he knew her, inside and out, backwards and forwards. The endless conversations they had about anything and everything. He knew her favourite colour, he knew her favourite movies, he knew the stories behind every scar on her body, he knew the small dimple in her cheek would only come out when she laughed really hard. He checked his phone to find a snapchat video from her.

Hey mikeyyy! I don’t know if I can make it tonight, call me!” Her smile quickly turning into a frown, one that he had never seen before. He couldn’t dial her number fast enough, after 6 rings she finally answered.


“Well hey there rockstar.” Her voice causing his skin to cover in goosebumps, everytime.

“What’s going on? Why can’t you come tonight? Did you ticket get lost? I can just-” He rambled, biting the skin in the inside of his cheeks.

“No no, the ticket is fine. I-uh..” The line went quiet and Michael panicked.

“You there?”

“Y-yeah. Sorry. Just kind of out of it I guess.”

“I know something’s wrong, what is it?”

“Ffffuck.” She groaned on the other line and his leg started to shake, he didn’t recognize this tone of voice from her. “I’m just worried.” She finally said after a long pause.

“About what?”

“That you’re going to be let down when you finally meet me. Michael, you’re this huge rockstar with all these hot babes following you around all the time. I’m not one of those hot babes, I’m hot in my own way. I’m more awkward in person, I’m not as funny-”

He swallowed the lump that had been growing in his throat and sighed, never could he be let down by her, she was everything to him.

“Shut the fuck up. Don’t say shit like that.” He raised his voice,


“No let me talk. I’ve seen you. You’re fucking beautiful alright? God, the fact that you would ever think I could be let down by meeting you pisses me off because all I’ve wanted for the last 2 years is to finally see your smile in person.”

“You have no right to be angry with me Michael, I’m confident in myself, you know that just as well as I do. But your fans can be brutal, I remember some of the screenshots about Bryana that you sent me. I don’t know if I can handle that.” He took in what she was saying and took a deep breath.

“Please. Please come to the show tonight.” He pleaded, tears stinging in his eyes at the thought of her not showing up. He needed to see her, he wanted it to be real, realer than it already was. Luke always said it was stupid, and that he should just focus on a girl who he could actually hook up with. But Michael didn’t want that, he didn’t want just a hook up, he wanted someone who got him, someone who got was he was all about, and he found her, she just happened to live miles away. (Not that he didn’t want to hook up with her, because he really..really did) The first time they’d facetimed, he thought that he might die at the sight of her, she was even prettier than the selfies they’d exchanged. He’d fallen for her way before he’d even seen what she looked like, her looks were just a bonus for him. She once posted a #bodyposi photoset on twitter that he had jacked off to more times then he’d like to admit. She was posed with her ass on the counter, her thick thighs more visible along the rolls on her back which she claimed to hate, but he loved. The second photo was one of her in a crop top and jeans, smiling with her arm tossed over her bestfriend’s shoulder, it was at the Ed Sheeran concert where he’d sent her tickets for on her birthday. The third picture was his favourite, a candid photo that her sister had taken of her, giggling like a manic in a bikini on the beach, his favourite dimple popping out and her beautiful stretch marks visibly covering her stomach. He’d set that one as his background for the longest time, he joked around with her that he would do it, she didn’t think he actually would.

“Fine, you whiny baby.” She chuckled. “I’ll be standing right in the front row, you better not fuck up.” And that’s when it really hit him. She was actually going to be there. “I’m wearing your stupid band’s shirt by the way. The one you sent me.” He couldn’t stop smiling, he thought that his face would be permanently stuck that way. 

“I can’t wait to see you.” Was the last thing he said before she hung up. Hours went by, his leg shaking constantly during soundcheck, the fans knew something was up, everyone was tweeting about how weird Michael had been acting. The lights went down, Michael had never run out on that stage faster than he did that night. He started playing End Up Here, he looked over at Luke who gestured in front of him. There she was, smiling that perfect smile. The dimple. And just like that he forgot the words, he just stared down at her with this blank look on his face, strumming his guitar mindlessly.

“I thought I said not to fuck up!” She mouthed and it brought him out of his daze. The song ended, and her bestfriend whispered in her ear, making her giggle like a maniac. Calum cleared his throat into the mic and Michael immediately shot him a dirty look. 

“Sorry everyone if Michael fucks up every one of his solos tonight. Someone really important to him is in the crowd tonight, and he’s not paying attention.” Calum winked at her and she stuck her tongue out. Fans around her started screaming, thinking that the wink was directed to them. Michael looked down at her and she mouthed something else. 

“I. Love. You.” She smiled and her bestfriend clutched onto her arm and cheered. 

“I love you too.” Michael said into the mic, not thinking. Not remembering that they were on stage. She was blushing, the crowd was screaming. He played his heart out that show, knowing that as soon as it was over he would finally have her in his arms. 

*steps up to mic, clears throat* I don’t like when people try to invalidate critiques by saying that ‘people are looking for something to be mad about’. Just because you haven’t thought critically about a situation, piece of media, or a person doesn’t mean that other people can’t try to start a critical conversation. Thank you for your time.

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Can i request teenage! Mic and aizawa with first kiss?? If not thats fine!

Don’t worry, I got chu friend! (。・ω・。)ゞ

Present Mic had received a letter from you asking for him to meet you behind the main school building. He had been quite surprised to receive a letter from you and was anxious to find out what you wanted to say. He had wanted the day to end quickly so that he could meet up with you but the day had only seemed to go by slower. He would constantly look at the clock, willing the seconds to go by faster, only for them to seemingly move slower. When the bell finally rang, signaling the end of the school day, he quickly packed his books and pencils and rushed to meet you.

When he finally got to the back of the main school building he had noticed you seemed a little anxious, twiddling your thumbs while looking at the ground. He found the sight endearing, he was glad he wasn’t the only one who felt nervous. He decided to call out to you, “___, what is it that you wanted to tell me?”

Taken by surprise you looked up to him, you were hoping for a few more minutes to rehearse what you wanted to say but it was now or never. You looked at him nervously, you felt your face heating up and found that you were too nervous to say anything, words stuck in your throat. Present Mic looked at you, worried, “___, is everything all right?” 

Fighting back your nerves you finally spoke up, “I-I like you! I just wanted you to know!”

Not wanting to wait for a response, you turned around quickly and were just about to run away when you felt a hand wrap around your arm and pull you back. You were turned around and found yourself in Present Mic’s arms. Instead of vocally responding to your confession he brought his face close to yours and pressed his lips against your own, although the kiss was a little clumsy he was trying his best to convey his emotions towards you through a sweet kiss. Too soon for your liking, he pulled back. He had a bright red blush across his cheeks and a large smile upon his lips, “I’ve always wanted to hear that from you and I’m glad I saved my first kiss for this moment.”

Aizawa was headed to your place with all the schoolwork you had missed that day. It was finally winter and he had warned you to keep warm or else you’d catch something, but did you listen? Partially, he supposed, though clearly not enough. What a bothersome s/o you were, making your boyfriend do bothersome things, he thought with some fondness. When he got to your place your mother was getting ready to leave for a doctor appointment, she asked him to take some soup she had made to you and to make sure you stayed in bed. She thanked Aizawa and left, trusting you two enough to be alone together for an hour or two. 

He knocked on your bedroom door before walking in, only to notice you were asleep. He set the soup on your bedside table, walked over to your sleeping form and set his hand on your forehead, noting you were warmer than usual. You slowly opened your eyes and when you noticed it was Aizawa you sat up quickly, a large smile on your face, “Shouta!” 

Sitting up too quickly caused you to get light headed, Aizawa noticed and hit you lightly on the head with the schoolwork he brought for you, “Idiot, did you forget that you are sick already? Lay back down.” 

He gently laid you back down, but you continued to smile at him, “Sorry, I’ve just missed you is all.” 

A small smile formed on his face, “I’ve missed you to. I brought you all the work you missed.”

You made a face, “Oh boo, I’m too sick to do work.” 

He just snorted and replied sarcastically, “Anything I can do for the little princess who got herself sick even though I warned her to be careful?”

Completely ignoring his sarcasm you said, “A kiss would make me feel a lot better.”

Your response caused a blush to rise to his cheeks. Being sick somehow caused you to be bolder than usual, and even though you two had been going out for some time you two still hadn’t kissed. It took a second for you to register what you said, but when you did you felt your face grow hot, “I-I mean you don-” 

With a huff Aizawa leaned down and pressed a quick kiss to your lips, when he pulled back you noticed his blush had grown darker, “You better not get me sick.” 

Of course he got sick later, and although he didn’t act like it, he’d never regret it being his first kiss. 

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Isn't ur icon just green how is it a beautiful cinnamon roll that's too good for this world

*clears throat, taps mic before speaking into it* zayn stated green is his favourite colour in 2012 at which time he was in the same band (one direction) as harry styles who had a fling wit kendall jenner who is best friends with taylor swift who had drama wit kanye west, previous best friend of jay z, husband to beyonce who stood on the same stage as my idol michael jackson, cinamon roll too pure for this world

* clears throat and speaks through mic * a muse can be innocent & naive af but still be lowkey into some freaky stuff (◡‿◡✿)

no but out of all seriousness cause i saw something that led me to write this but christine lives in an opera house setting. she has seen some shit. there’s promiscuous / raunchy  stuff happening on the daily and she’s very aware of what status performers supposedly uphold. however christine being demisexual never understood the feelings and never was interested into it until she met Erik in person who was her sexual awakening BECAUSE of how strong their connection is soul wise.  and it ignited her curiosity and her going back to all those stories ballet rats shared and things. she’s curious , she would want to try it all. she’s very shy but she’s not repulsed by that stuff she’s very intrigued. mine is at least. but she is still innocent , still shy and naive but not ignorant. she’s not daft. okay thankies psa.