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Requested by anon. But I changed it up a bit. Sorry, hope this is okay (:


Your best friend was on her feet, with the mic in her hand. “I just wanted to say that you are the only reason why my best friend came. She has seriously been crushing on you for years!” She cackled.

Your cheeks flushed with red as you sunk in to your seat. Feeling the eyes on you, including his, made you fluster even more.

Tom had noticed you since the moment he walked on stage. You were in the front row, which made it easier for him to spot you.

He noticed tour beautiful smile, and the sound of your laugh. Tom was hooked immediately and no matter how hard he tried to shake the feelings, he couldn’t.

You were a bashful mess, blushing as you tried to hide your face. Tom couldn’t help but smile as he watched you.

He had to remind himself not to stare too long. He cleared his throat, and brought the mic up to his lips. “I am truly honored. To have a girl that beautiful come out here for me is just amazing.” He muttered.

His words caused your stomach to flutter as you dropped your hands and shot your gaze up to him. He flashed you a smile, and you smiled back.

“Okay, for my real question, I was wondering if you can tell us anything about the next Thor movie?” She asked.

He glanced at you for a second, but immediately sat up and turned to your best friend. “Ah. Thor.” He mumbled.


After long hours of panels and interviews, you and your best friend were going to the autograph tables, to meet Tom Hiddleston and a few other members from Thor.

“Aw come on Y/N! I did you a favor!” Your best friend exclaimed. “I mean, he called you beautiful for gods sake!”

“He only did that to be polite! I mean you kind of just threw that on him. If he ignored it, he would’ve been called an asshole.” You stated. Growing nervous as you got closer to him.

She shrugged her shoulders and sighed. “Grow a pair. Who cares anyways? It’s not like he’s going to remember. And besides, it’s comic con.” She winked. “What happens at comic con, stays at comic con.”

“Yea, until someone makes it into a gif.” You mumbled.

It was now your turn.

You walked up, and met his gaze. Feeling the immediate warmth and nervousness you once felt before.

His eyes lit up as he saw you. After Nerd HQ, he thought he’d never see you again, which bummed him out.

So seeing you, standing right in front of him, wit the smile that captivated him. He was ecstatic.

Tom reached his hand out to you, not once taking his eyes off you. “Well we meet again.” He smiled. “How are you-” he paused giving you a quizzical look.

“Y/N.” You muttered.

“Y/N? How are you, Y/N?” He smiled.

The way your name rolled off his tongue, made your heart beat profusely as if it were about to jump out of your chest.

“I’m great! And how about yourself, Mr. Hiddleston?” You chuckled. Proud of yourself for not shying in front of him.

He scrunches his nose and shook his head. “Oh god, that makes me sound so old.” He muttered. “Is that you’re way of calling me old?”

You shrugged your shoulders and hummed. “Maybe.”

His smile grew as a laugh escaped him and filled the air. “So what are you? A baby?”

“I’m legal.” You winked.

You both belted out in to giggles, not able to keep from smiling.

Just being near him and talking to him, you felt your life was complete. The thing you loved most about him, was how incredibly easy it was to talk to him.

And that’s what he loved about you as well. In his whole acting career, he’s only ever met a few people he was able to hold a conversation with. And here you were, making jokes as if you’ve known him for a while.

One of the volunteers whispered something in his ear which made him drop his smile, and nod. “Sorry.” He muttered.

The volunteer walked back to the back.

“Look, you got me in trouble.” Tom chuckled.

“Oh, I got you in trouble? And how did I manage to do that?” You asked.

“You kept talking to me. Making me hold up the line.” He teased.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled with him.

He quickly glanced down at your poster, and signed it for you. But before handing it back, he locked his eyes with yours and smirked, “thanks for getting me into trouble. Hope to see you around.”

You flashed a soft smile, and nodded. “Anytime, old man.” You winked.

You grabbed your poster and started toward where your best friend waited. She was in line to meet Chris Evans.

“So, how was it? Did you chicken out and run away?” She chuckled.

You shook your head and glanced down at your signed poster. As your eyes followed the marks, your heart stopped as you noticed the number he wrote in the bottom corner. “How about Coffee?” Under it.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N.” Your best friend snapped her fingers in your face.

You glanced up, eyes wide as you smiled so big, your cheeks started to hurt.

She furrowed her brows. “What the hell is wrong with you?” She asked.

You pointed at the number on the poster, trying to even your breathing. “I think he just asked me out on a date.” You whispered.

She snatched the poster from your hand and looked it over closely, gasping and jumping up and down. “Holy fucking shit. Tom Hiddleston asked you out.”

*steps onto stage*

*walks to mic*

*taps mic*

*adjusts stand*

*clears throat*

*taps mic again*

*deep breath*

*leans into mic*

*accidentally hits mic with lips*

*leans back a little*

*clears throat*



*people shuffling in their seats*

*deep breath*

“-is not a bad word.”



*sudden loud applause*

*congratulatory whistling*


crowd : *silences*

me : *shifts in my seat *

me: *awkwardly walks up to the stage*

me: *adjusts Mic*

me: *flips through pamphlet*

me: *pushes glasses up*

me: *reads over*

me: *clears throat*

me: *adjusts Mic again*

me: *pushes glasses back up*

me: “I’m -”

crowd : *more silence *

me: *long pause*

crowd: *crickets*

me : *clears throat *

me: “gay as fuck ”

crowd: *applause and cheers * *clapping*

me: “and I believe all lesbians matter*


The twelveth installment of The Live On Tour Series:

Y/N doesn’t know what it is about Austin but ever since they’ve arrived, she’s been a bit off, though she can’t really blame it on the city.

Because she knows it’s her fault for being so in love with her best friend that she can’t seem to stand him kissing the girl he likes, she can’t seem to stand them being as close as they are even if she’s trying so desperately for him to be happy.

She knows it’s her fault because she should have knocked on the door back in Irving, she should have knocked louder because maybe then she wouldn’t have abruptly entered the room, the excitement dropping from her face as it did at the sight of Harry topless with his lips attached to the girl’s neck.

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i think it would be cool if you wrote vampire pearl having a crush on younger greg and rose finding out :3 please tell me what you think

*walks centre stage*

*taps mic*

*clears throat*


Stressed Out

(Taking place in @skiretehfox‘s Twenty One Pirates LIS AU.  If you want to see more of my work, check it out at @philwritesstuff)


Max barely felt the vibration of her phone in her shaking hands, and it took a few seconds for her to register that it had buzzed at all.  The dressing room was empty save her and Chloe, and she wondered through an anxiety-clouded mind if she should bother checking it or just leave it for after the show.  What if it was an emergency?  What if they had to cancel the show?  What would Lost Hope think of losing their headliners on the last night?

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a dumb thought popped in my head that what if present mic gets a sore throat and loses his voice or smth and he uses fuckin air horns as a replacement

So this ask has been in my inbox for a REAL long time (I’m so sorry anon, you’re very welcome to smack me over my lazy head) and I just… I love the image this gives me?

He would do that. He would 100 % do that.

Not only is Mic extremely annoyed and at a loss because he is a very expressive person and he needs his voice to express himself properly, but also because his colleagues - god bless them, they are lovely and all, but they are also his best friends, and he teases them often enough that they use their chance for revenge and tease him about how peacefully quiet it is in the teacher’s lounge when Mic can’t use his voice.

And Mic? Well, he finds an airhorn that he - for reasons unknown and forgotten - has kept around. So he waits for a good opportunity, probably when everyone is relaxing, drinking tea or taking a nap, and then HONKS with abandon.

The startled looks and surprised yells he gets all but make up for his sore throat.

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Well since everyone else is making suggestions, I guess I will too. *Clears throat* *Taps mic* "Earthbound." *pause* "That is all."

Hahaha that’s a good suggestion actually! XD 

Got7 reaction to s/o playfully teasing them


Finally a got7 request! Thank you anon. I wasn’t to sure what you meant by playful teasing so I just assumed you meant it in a sexual way?? Its only implied in this reaction.So hope you like. Happy reading :)


He had a pretty good idea of what. was going on in your head when your foot travelled up his leg under the table. He would look around to make sure no one was looking. A small smirk would play on his lips as he obliged your thoughts by letting you continue. Afterwards he would make sure you got what you wanted.  “Baby lets continue this upstairs shall we?” he would ask you when you got home. 

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At first he would try to get you off him because he didn’t understand what had gotten into you. But he would let you leave kisses here and there but when he had, had enough the dominant side to him would come out.“Dont start what you can’t finish jagi” he whispered in your ear. He would capture your lips, and give you a rough and sloppy kiss, When your hands travelled down even further, that would be it. He would flip you, so you were under him. “Now you’ve done it” he would smirk. 

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“Are you trying to seduce me y/n?” he asked as he bit his lip. When you whispered yes while giving him a wet kiss, he picked you and brought you onto his lap. “Try harder baby girl” he would whisper against your mouth. You would immediately bring him forward by hooking your hands behind his neck and kiss him. His hands would rub lazy circles on your waist. “Lets take this to a more spacious place” he would pick you up while your legs hooked around his waist.

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Initially he would be shocked. “Umm.. what are you trying to do?” he would ask. “Loosen up will you?” you told him. Hesitantly he would let you continue. After a while though he would start enjoying your little playful touches here and there. “Jagi lets stop now” he would say as his face flushed red, and he subtly blushed. When you purred a little no, he would have enough. He would take control of everything that happened after.

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He would be totally embarrassed as you teased him. Much like Jinyoung he would try to get you to stop. “J-jagi, why are you being like this?” he would ask while trying put some distance between you two. He would smack away your hands due to embarrassment. His cheeks would flush a deep shade of red and he would stumble over his words. “W-wh-what has gotten into you?” he would ask you while maintaining his distance from you.

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He would play the game with you if thats what you wanted. “You can’t clap with one hand you know?” he would wink at you. Flirty looks would come your way, and he would take control over the whole situation. He would make you forget that you were supposed to tease him, and not the other way around. “Jagi let me show how to play this game” he would nibble at your ear making your breath hitch in your throat. (ignore the mic)

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He could either be very bold about it or totally shy and it would depend on what he was feeling. If he was feeling playful he would tease you right back. “Oh so thats how you wanna play?” he would smile and kiss you with fervour taking your breath away. But if he wasn’t feeling too flirty or in the mood, he would be like Youngjae and become a shy bean. “Jagi…” he would blush and let you continue leaving kisses on his neck, which would make him melt.

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Have a nice day everyone! 

*walks up to mic*

*clears throat*



*taps mic, clears throat*

jeon jungkook is the child locked away in the basement in omelas, and therefore doesn’t have an internet connection and thaT is why he is not tweeting anything

*drops mic and runs away*