throat grabbing

please don’t be gentle with me. push me against a wall, grab my throat and choke me, pull my hair, spank me, make me beg for you, give me orders, tempt me, test my limits do with me as you desire. love me harder and don’t be nice.

Questionable Morals

My cyborg assassin, during infiltration mission, is going around killing sleeping enemies before the mission proper has begun.

One guy (NPC), a known psychopath with a long criminal history, wakes up during this and freaks out when said assassin has the knife at his throat and grabs his arm. “Wait! I can help you!”

Assassin: “You can help me by dying!”

Tiefling ally in the background: *barely controlled snickering*

Bear’s Story (part 4)

A couple weeks later, realizing that snapped wands were too powerful of a weapon, our DM concocted a method for Bear’s return. He took her player into a side room at the beginning of the session and nothing seemed to come of it for some time. The player just drew pictures while we hunted and fought a Remorhaz in the snowy mountain caves.
DM: Alright, and with that barrage of psionic arrows from Nomad, the Remorhaz is almost dead. (waits) Ahem, I said, ‘the Remorhaz is almost dead.’
Bear: Oh, right. Bear rips off the Remorhaz’s jaw from inside while growling fiercely as blood and brains rain down upon her. She then reaches back casually into its throat to grab her battle axe.
Cleric: “What, the? By the Light of Pelor, where have you been?”
Bear: “Bear no know. Bear got hot. Then scary guy make promise with Bear to return to her sorcerer.”
Sorcerer (while actually crying a little): He’s stunned, dumbstruck, jaw open and staring. “I never thought I’d see you again.”
Bear: I hug and lift the sorcerer. “You are my sorcerer. Bear always protect her sorcerer.”
And she did all the way until the end of the campaign a couple months later.