throat chakra

Self-Love and Relaxation Milk Bath Glamour Spell


Four pars powdered milk, one part baking soda, six drops lemon essential oil. ten drops chamomile essential oil, one part dried lemon peel, one part chamomile flowers.


Softens skin, exfoliates, heals eczema and psoriasis, calms acne, hydrates skin without making it oily, enhances relation, soothes sore muscles, removed dead skin and encourages new skin growth, conditions hair, fixes split ends, anti-ageing. 


Encourages peace and calm, promotes self love, helps with astral projection, good for after doing a tiring spell, especially a curse, and invigorates throat chakra.


  • Healing stone 
  • Brings Cooling, Calming & Peace
  • Aids Feeling & Thought Expression 
  • Neutralises Anger & Infection 
  • Deep Peace 
  • Throat Healer 
  • Releases Shoulder & Neck Problems 
  • Fosters Parent/Child Relationship 
  • Lowers fevers & Arthritis
7-Day Chakra Balance Challenge

Many people have either poor physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health which causes us to feel imbalanced and unfocused in life. Follow this 7-Day challenge to better improve these aspects of your life.

-Meditate after you get up and eat breakfast.
-Consume only the foods and drinks for the day (you can drink as much water as you want)
-Use candles, incense or air fresheners for the aromatherapy
-Listen to music that mainly uses the corresponding instruments for the day
-Do the exercises as soon as you can in the day or when convenient
-Try your best to follow the healing activities for the day

ROOT CHAKRA - Survival
-Root vegetables
-Protein-rich foods
-Spices (horseradish, hot paprika, chives, pepper)
-Dandelion root tea
-Patchouli, Cedarwood, Ginger, Rosewood, Cloves
-Grounding exercises, squats, walking, jogging
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear red
-Get a massage (at least a foot massage)
-Get 8 hours of sleep (nap if you need)
-Take a long, hot bath/shower (wash yourself with your favorite things)
-Get outdoors
-Sweet fruit
-Honey & nuts
-Spices (cinnamon, vanilla, carob, sweet paprika, sesame seeds, caraway seeds)
-Hibiscus tea
-Orange, Jasmine, Rosewood, Grapefruit, Geranium
-Pelvic thrusts, sex, masturbation, yoga
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear orange
-Drink 8 cups of water
-Hug someone you love
-Treat yo’ self
-Talk to a good listener about anything that’s on your mind
-Do something creative
-Grains & seeds
-Spices (ginger, mints, melissa, chamomile, turmeric, cummin, fennel)
-Rosemary tea
-Lemon, Corriander, Lime, Frankincense, Myrrh
-String Instruments
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear yellow
-Sit in a steam room or just do a steam facial
-Engage in positive self-talk (e.g. I look great today. I did a good job)
-Make a list of your best attributes
-Get something you’ve been putting off done with
-Leafy greens
-“Air” vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, squash)
-Green teas
-Spices (basil, sage, thyme, cilantro, parsley)
-Hawthorn tea
-Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Pine, Rosewood
-Wind instruments
-Push-ups, swimming
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear green
-Practice deep-breathing exercises
-Try your best to sit up straight
-Do an act of kindness (the more, the better)
-Spend time with your loved ones (even if it’s your pet)
-Get some fresh air
THROAT CHAKRA - Communication
-Liquids in general (no soda or energy drinks)
-Tart/tangy fruits
-Tree growing fruits
-Spices (salt, lemon grass)
-Red clover blossom tea
-Rosemary, Lime, Sage, Indian Champa, Cedarwood
-Singing, screaming
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear blue
-Talk to an old friend
-Play music you love to sing along to
-Get a shoulder and neck massage
-Write in your journal (or start one)
THIRD EYE -Intuition
-Dark bluish fruit (berries mainly)
-Liquids (red wine & grape juice)
-Dark chocolate
-Spices (lavender, poppy seed, mugwort)
-Mint tea
-Geranium, Basil, Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary
-Visualization, lucid dreaming
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear dark blue, indigo or purple
-Draw or paint
-Do a grounding senses meditation
-Analyze the dream you had last night
-Look at the night sky tonight if you can
CROWN CHAKRA - Spirituality
-Fasting (after lunch)
-Organic, GMO-free food
-Lavender tea
-Sandalwood, Saffron, Lotus, Jasmine
-Guided meditation and Silence
- Meditation
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear purple or white
-Meditate (there’s guided meditations on youtube on many subjects)
-Pray or just think about life
-Learn a new skill or language
-Do word or number puzzles
-Get a head massage

Do your best and strength to you all

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The 7 Chakras & Astrological Associations

*Root* - Capricorn

(Survival and physical needs)

*Sacral* - Cancer, Scorpio

(Emotional balance/sexuality)

*Solar Plexus* - Aries, Leo

(Personal power/ self will)

*Heart* - Libra, Taurus

(Love & relationships)

*Throat* - Gemini, Virgo

(Communication/ self-expression)

*Third Eye* - Sagittarius, Pisces

(Intuition/ wisdom)

*Crown* - Aquarius 



Aquarius Birthstone: Amethyst

“Stone of Spirituality”, Amethyst stimulates Throat and Heart chakras while also calming them. It is also called the “Stone of Contentment” and “Stone of Metamorphosis”. 

Amethyst facilitates the transmutation of lower energy to higher, as well as stabilizing and transmuting dysfunctional energies within the body. It balances the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies which can give airy Aquarius a solid and supportive base. It enhances cooperation, flexibility, and soothes the temperament, much like an Aquarian.

It also assists in the formation of new thoughts and ideas.

To read more about Zodiac Birthstones click here. 
To see more beautiful images click here.


Vishuddha: The Throat Chakra

  • Color: Blue, the color of Dreams
  • Location: Throat
  • Associations: communication, creativity, purification, night, lucid dreaming
  • Those who have this Aura color: artistic souls, Water signs, spiritual people and psychics, musicians
  • When the throat chakra is clear and open, we able to let things go, especially our own past choices.
  • This chakra’s color varies from pastel blue to royal blue
  • Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Turquoise
  • Affirmation: “I express myself with ease and grace.”
  • Ways to connect to this chakra: meditation & visualization, wearing blue, using blue crystals, being within nature at night, Dream Yoga and lucid dreaming, singing and chanting

(Source: A Little Bit of Chakras by Leigh & Mercree)

The first chakra is the Earth chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with survival, and is blocked by fear.
What are you most afraid of? Let your fears become clear to you. You are concerned about your survival, but you must surrender those fears. Let your fears flow down the creek.

Next is the Water chakra. This chakra deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt.
Look at all the guilt that burdens you so. What do you blame yourself for? Now accept the reality that these things happened. But do not let them cloud and poison your energy. If you are to be a positive influence on the world, you need to forgive yourself.

Third is the Fire chakra, located in the stomach. This chakra deals with willpower, and is blocked by shame.
What are you ashamed of? What are your biggest disappointments in yourself? You will never find balance if you deny this part of your life.

The fourth chakra is located in the Heart. It deals with love and is blocked by grief.
Lay all your grief out in front of you. Love is a form of energy, and it swirls all around us. A love of your lost ones has not left this world, it is still inside of your heart; and it is reborn in a form of new love. Let it flow through you.

The fifth in the chain is the Sound chakra, located in the throat. It deals with the truth, and is blocked by lies, the ones we tell ourselves.
You can not lie about your own nature. You must accept yourself as you are.

The sixth pool of energy is the Light chakra, located in the center of the forehead. It deals with insight, and is blocked by illusion.
The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same. We are all one people, but we live as if divided. We are all connected, and everything is connected. Even the separation of the four elements is an illusion. If you open your mind, you will see that all the elements are one; four parts of the same whole. Even metal is just a part of earth that has been purified and refined.

The final chakra is the Thought chakra. It is located at the crown of the head. It deals with pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachment.
Once you open this chakra, you will be able to go in the state of mind where you will have complete control and awareness of all of your actions. Meditate on what attaches you to this world… Now, let all of those attachments go. Let them flow down the river; forgotten. You must learn to let go, otherwise you won’t be able to let the pure cosmic energy flow into you from the Universe.

Chakras by Elizabeth Phoenix

Drawn on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet then edited on my HTC One M7

1. Crown🌌-
Location: top of the head
Connection: spiritual enlightenment/ connection
Sense: thinking
Mantra: I understand
Chant: ng

2. Third Eye🔮-
Location: forehead
Connection: intuition/awareness
Sense: intuition
Mantra: I know
Chant: aum

3. Throat 📢-
Location: throat/neck
Connection: communication and female/male balance
Sense: hearing
Mantra: I speak
Chant: ham

4. Heart 💚-
Location: chest
Connection: esteem, forgiveness, and love
Sense: touch
Mantra: I love
Chant: yam

5. Navel 💪-
Location: solar plexus
Connection: inner strength and self control
Sense: sight
Mantra: I can
Chant: ram

6. Sacral 💑-
Location: below navel
Connection: intimacy, desire, and sexual confidence
Sense: taste
Mantra: I want
Chant: vam

7. Root 🍄-
Location: base of spine
Connection: grounding, security, and comfort
Sense: smell
Mantra: I am
Chant: lam

*Important Note*
When meditating start from your root point and work your way up to your crown. A strong structure needs a solid foundation 🏫

THROAT CHAKRA (Vishuddha) 

  • Location: Base of the Throat 
  • Element: Space/Ether 
  • Colour: Blue 
  • Sense: Hearing 
  • Mythological Animal: Bull, Elephant & Lion 
  • Crystals: Sodalite, Angelite, Turquoise, Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate & Celestite. 

Vishuddha means purification and is the fifth plane of awareness. The throat chakra is concerned with expression; the gift of the throat chakra is to be heard and understood, but also to speak and recieve truth.