throat being sore

Seeing as Daehyun mentioned his throat being sore on the Vlive, it really makes me wonder if that’s the reason he was switched for his first Napolean performances? 🤔Or at least part of it? But Himchan also was about to reveal something about Daehyun…but he never finished after asking if he could talk about it. Makes me wonder if that was the mysterious schedule he had to miss for. What I do know is that I really admire how B.A.P takes care of each other. When Bbang returned after his hiatus the members did not force him to talk or to be in the spotlight. When Daehyun was obviously not feeling well last night, the members tried their best to include him and lighten the mood, but they didn’t force him. I really hope Daehyun feels fully better soon! Sore throats suck and he probably didn’t get a good rest if it was really painful. :( Hopefully he can take a break with some hot tea or hot soup!

I remember… When I was first diagnosed. In fact before I was even diagnosed and I was sitting in my living room at 3 am with ice packs under my arms, my breathing was horrible and I felt freezing. It was the only thing to soothe the pain.

Every breath in felt like that moment you were under the water too long and your ribs were screaming to let your lungs have oxygen? Like that, every time I breathed in, and my breathing rate was quick, too quick. I remember every breath in I had to scream to deal with the pain, and I couldn’t stop no matter how much I was told to ‘cut it out’.
I remember my throat being so sore from having to try and bring in as much air as possible and the screams that just would not stop coming.

That was diabetes, before I had even become acquainted with it.

They all said it is manageable, which is very true, they told me I would be on injections for the rest of my life. They told me I would have to check my blood sugar up to ten times a day every day. They told me I can still do everything I used to, and can still have a future…

They did not tell me I would be up until god knows when crying because my bg wouldn’t come down or up.

They did not tell me I would become too weak to even string a sentence when my blood sugars fell low.

They did not tell me that every prick and needle would leave an ugly scar or bruise in its wake.

They did not tell me that I would be left in the state I was, in so much pain, if it went too high.

They did not tell me that insulin burns on the tip of a needle when it enters your skin, and it will be worse if you take the needle out to redo it.

They did not tell me that I would be left in the early hours of the morning wishing none of us had to deal with this or anything else.

Sometimes, I wish I could make it go away. I want it to go away for everyone. It makes me so angry towards myself when I feel down knowing that I need to just keep going. There is no giving up


Snug as a bug for their first night at the cottage. :)

Moved some more of my stuff into my boyfriends house, not much else to go but yeah the heavier stuff. I’m so tired now and I’ve had a head cold all weekend. Stupid winter. Anyways, I did get some time to relax and play so I’ve queued up some posts of Don & Dina. Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

I Thought I Lost You

Summary: Clarke gets attacked by one of their people in her own room and almost dies. Once Bellamy finds out about the attack, he takes it upon himself to not let that happened again.
Words: 5.219
Warnings: Violence, gun violence.

S/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing my fic once again!

Bellamy was with Marcus, talking about their new plans late at night, when Abby radioed Marcus to get to medical ASAP because something serious had happened. Bellamy didn’t bother asking for permission, proceeding to follow Marcus without any further discussion.

“What happened?” Marcus asks the moment he walks into the Med Bay with Bellamy close behind.

They both see Harper leaning against a bed, holding an ice pack to her cheek, before their eyes shift to the bed on the opposite wall, following Harper’s gaze.

The moment Bellamy sees the blonde hair, his heart seems to stop. She’s sitting on the bed, Abby squatting between her legs with her hands up, cupping Clarke’s neck and turning her head from side to side, examining it.

“What happened?” Bellamy asks again since no one had bothered to answer Marcus, taking a few steps towards the two Griffins.

“Someone tried to kill Clarke.” Abby says lowly, her voice deadly calm. She let go of Clarke’s neck before lifting her gaze to Bellamy. “In her own room.”

An incredulous “What?!” escapes both Bellamy and Marcus’ mouths, both of them rightfully shocked by what they just heard.

“Grounders broke into Arkadia?” Bellamy demands more than asks, turning to look at Marcus who was now behind him.

“No.” they hear Harper whisper, putting down the ice pack to reveal her own purple cheek. “It was one of us.”

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Hello! ~ Could I ask for a Wonho, Jooheon, Hyungwon, and Kihyun reaction to when you wake up one morning and your voice is almost gone because you're starting to get sick?? Thank you! Love this blog so much!! 💜

Hi! Thank you so much bby, here you go!

When you start to get sick with your voice almost gone (Wonho, Jooheon, Hyungwon & Kihyun)

Wonho; You’d wake up, feeling your throat being dry and sore. You frowned and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, sitting up and looking next to you. Hoseok was sleeping on his stomach, face buried in the pillow. You opened your mouth to call out his name but nothing came out, which took you by surprise. You cleared your throat and tried again, only a whisper coming out. You groaned and fell back on the bed, which woke Hoseok up. 

Hey baby..

He greeted you and sat up, looking at you. “..Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Hoseok furrowed his brows and reached his hand out to caress your cheek. You opened your mouth to tell him you were getting sick, but nothing really came out much, which made you roll your eyes in frustration. Hoseok raised his eyebrows and blinked, “Whoa, okay.. Stay here, let me go make you some tea.” He jumped up from the bed and rushed to the kitchen, looking after you for the rest of the day.

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Jooheon; You opened your eyes in the morning, the sun shining on your face through the curtains. You looked to your side and noticed Jooheon was not there. You frowned and slowly got up from the bed, stretching and yawning. You blinked and walked to the bathroom, washing up in silence. Jooheon walked into the bathroom, grinning at you through the mirror as you wiped your face with the towel. 

Morning princess~ Did you sleep well?

Jooheon asked and wrapped his arms around you from the back kissing your cheek. You smiled and nodded, “..Y-Ye..Hm..” You frowned when you couldn’t make a sentence and cleared your throat, rubbing it with your hand, trying to speak again but nothing really coming out. Jooheon widened his eyes and caressed your hair, “Is my princess getting sick? Go back to bed, i’ll make you some soup and bring you cold medicine.” He pecked your lips and lead you to the bed before disappearing into the kitchen. 

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Hyungwon; He really wouldn’t know what to do…He’d probably take naps with you all day and even if you were getting sick, continue to give kisses. Honestly, he wouldn’t really know what to do but give you hot water and maybe go out to buy some medicine. Though, he would be confused as to which one to get. Hyungwon is the type of guy to lay beside you all day everyday, especially at times like this. Honestly, he’d be too lazy to do anything but he wants to make sure you’re feeling good so he’d go out for you…it would take a while though.

 “Do you want me to go out and get you food?

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Kihyun; He would immediately freak out and take care of you the best he could. After hearing your voice all raspy, he would immediately jump from the bed and head straight to the kitchen to make you soup. The amount of concern going on in his head…If you even got up from the bed, he would yell and make sure you’re warm and taken care of. He would even be willing to feed you. Kihyun is the type to rub your back in circles and give forehead kisses.

 “How are you feeling now? Better or worse?”

 “Aw it’s ok honey. I know it hurts…I’m right here.

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-L & K ♥

You Are Not Alone Part 2

Sister Winchester

1300 Words

Summary:   During a hunt the unthinkable happens, and your brothers console you. Later on, when you realize the repercussions, Sam and Dean are there for you.

Catch Up: Part 1

“Y/N, what the hell happened?” He asked, reaching in to help you out of the car, but you couldn’t help but flinch. In your heart you knew this was your brother, and nothing would happen to you, but after everything you had just been through, you couldn’t stand the thought of anyone touching you.

Dean recoiled in shock, staring at Sam, silently pleading for help. Sam came forward, his mind working furiously as he tried to come up with a plan. “Y/N, sweetheart, can you look at me?”

Taking a deep breath, the tears still falling heavily down your cheeks, you turned your face to him, both brothers wincing as they took in how haggered you looked. “Y/N.” Dean’s voice broke.

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More skull makeup inspired by @spencerofspace! The teeth still need work, but dang do I feel spooky in this

clean the wounds [john murphy]

summary: murphy not wanting you to touch the scars from when he was hanged

requested by no one

WARNINGS: mentions of hanging

sorry this is so short, there isn’t really much to do with this prompt but

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John watched while you dipped the cloth into the bucket of water and then rung it out, glancing back up at him. “I need to clean it.” He shook his head and tugged on his collar, making the scars disappear from view. You reached up and took his hand, pulling him toward you until your lips connected. “Please just let me clean it, John.” His eyes traveled to the ground, unsure of what you were about to do. 

You reached up, cloth in hand and moved toward his neck. Murphy’s hand shot up and gripped your wrist, his gaze snapping back to yours. “Murphy, please.” He said nothing, his grip tightening, fingers digging into the veins of your wrist. “John, you’re hurting me.” He released his grip and sighed, nodding in consent.

He cringed when you pulled back his collar and touched the cloth against his scars. Thinking about them doing that to him made you sick, and it was hard for you to even look at it. John saw a tear slip down your face, and he pushed it away with his thumb, giving you a light smile. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to stop this.” John just nodded, because he couldn’t say anything from his throat being sore. “I should’ve been here to help you.” His hand lifted and cupped your face. All you did was stare at him in sorrow, and then he pulled you into him, kissing your lips softly before you continued to clean his wounds.

Who are B.A.P? They are musicians, they are givers, they are leaders… and most importantly, they are humans.

1 year with B.A.P, 2 years with B.A.P….. To us fans these anniversaries pretty much only meant that the boys debuted for certain amount of years already, but to them it meant how many years they endured such unfair and harsh treatments in order to achieve their dreams, how long they have been working tiredlessly to the point where their bodies could no longer take it anymore and how long they haven’t had time to relax and heal. I am so proud of the boys for finally taking a stand and fight as 6 and us BABYs will always give them our undying support.

3 years with B.A.P, and many many more to come because I have faith that the boys will come back stronger than ever. #3YearsWithBAP

The Heartbreak

Theo was broken, once more. The news of Mary disappearing from this damned island made his heart hurt. He couldn’t even say goodbye nor know what happened to her.

He found his way to the cabin that used to be hers, feeling how the door was wide open. The boy walked into the cabin and blindly fell on her bed, he curled into the fabric of it, crying into the covers like the pathetic love sick boy that he was. This feeling was horrible, more horrible than his first.

His eyes burned from tears and his hands moved to his hair, almost ripping it out at how tight he was holding it. How could this happen? What did he do? Was she safe? Did she leave on her own behave? Did she find away to get of this fucking island and be with her fiance that she loved more than him? Oh the thoughts made his heart break more and more, a frustrated and angry breath escaping his shaking frame. 

A thing Theo seemed to notice about himself was when he gets hurt beyond physical pain, he’ll turn angry. Angry to the point where his blood was boiling and his throat being sore from screaming to himself. Emotional pain was the thing he hated to most, cause it always made him over think things. Always turn everything bad for himself. Always turn every negative thing to himself and make him feel like absolute nothing. 

His loud sobs made him deaf to the sound of anything around him, he was in his own world with his stupid pathetic pain.

Luke Imagine for Katharine :) ps I wrote this at 4 am so sorry it might not make sense and I hope you like this


You woke up feeling sick. Making your way to the bathroom across the hall you grabbed the thermometer and checked your temperature. Yep just as you suspected you had a slight fever and judging from the fact that your nose had turned into a snot factory you were definitely sick.

Calling into work to take a sick day was a bit difficult since your voice sounded weird. Luckily your boss was understanding and gave you the day off as well as a “Get better soon Y/n”.

Stumbling into the kitchen you clumsily made yourself a cup of tea and sat at the counter. Sighing to yourself you realized that you also didn’t have cold medicine. The ringing of your phone interrupted your thoughts.

Looking at the contact name you saw it was your friend Luke. Upon answering you heard an overly happy tone say “hello” on the line.

“Hi Luke” you mumbled your throat also being a bit sore. “Are you busy?” He asked “Luke listen whatever it is I can’t” I said a bit frustrated but mostly tired. “what’s wrong?” He asked sounding concerned.

“I’m sick” I muttered. “Do you need someone to take care of you?” He said. “No I should be fine”

“y/n” he said “are you sure?”

“Well if you want to pick up some DayQuil, and come hang out with the sick girl I wouldn’t object”

You could practically hear him smiling when he said “Be there in twenty”


In the twenty minutes you had waited for Luke you had changed into sweat pants and a T-shirt as opposed to your pajamas, dragged the small trash bin next to the couch, proceeded to fill it a quarter of the way up with used tissues.

A knock sounded on the door and you yelled a “Come in” knowing it was Luke. Luke opened the door and walked in a grocery bag in hand.

“Why do you have groceries?” I asked. “I got you some chicken noodle soup, a couple boxes of tissues, the tea you like, as well as the cold medicine” he said as if it were obvious.

“Lucas Hemmings you are a god” I said sitting up from were I had been lying on the couch. “I try” he said with a wave of his hand. He disappeared for a few seconds as he went to put the stuff in the kitchen.

He came back with the cold medicine and a glass of water. “I remembered you said you liked the pill kind better than the liquid so I got that instead” he mumbled as he handed you the package and the glass of water taking a seat beside you.

“You remembered, thank you” I said at loss for words stunned he remembered that conversation from all those weeks ago. “I remember a lot of stuff about you” he said.

I blushed and looked down. Luke and I are relationship is a bit complicated we get along so well we’re like best friends. But recently I’ve been developing feelings for him, and I couldn’t help wondering if he felt the same way.

There’s no way he could though I mean he’s him and I’m me. Right?

“You better take that medicine, you’re burning up” he said place the back of his hand on my forehead. Shaking my head I swallowed the pill with a gulp of water and placed it on the coffee table in front of me. “I started making the soup while I was in the kitchen. I’ll go finish that” Luke said as he got up “watch some tv or something”

I nodded my head as I randomly put on some movie on Netflix not realizing it was a chick flick where the girl falls in love with her best friend. In the half an hour that it took Luke to finish the soup I had become engrossed in the movie.

When he finally came back and sat next to me with the soup I barely was paying attention to anything but the movie. Luke wrapped his arm around me and I curled up next to him. I rested my head on his shoulder.

My eyes watched the screen obsessed with the story in front of them. Diana had had so much trouble with guys never choosing the right ones while her best friend Adam was always there for her.

Diana actually had feelings for him that was revealed but she didn’t know if he felt the same way, as well as not wanting to ruin the friendship, so she never said anything. Adam was the same way he even had a girlfriend at the beginning of the movie.

It was kind of Luke and I’s situation. I wanted to be more than friends with him. I definitely knew that now. No guy I had ever dated had come and taken care of me, but he had. I just needed him to feel the same way.

At some point I guess I nodded off, because the next thing I knew I was being shaken awake. “Y/n get up you have to take your medicine now” I sat up rubbed my eyes and stretched.

“I didn’t get to see the end of the movie I whined as I noticed the credits on screen. "It’s ok, you know what happened anyway”

“No I don’t enlighten me” I said in a sarcastic tone after I had finished taking the pill. Luke apparently missed the lesson on sarcasm in school and began to fill me in on what I missed.

I stopped paying attention halfway through his summary and just watched him talk. He was handsome. God he was hot. His blue eyes and blond hair which was falling in his face as he hadn’t bothered fixing it today.

I snapped back to reality around the end of his speech where he was saying “but that would never happen in real life because the other person never feels the same way” he said in a bitter tone. “You never know until you try” I said with a shrug.

“I’m pretty sure I know the answer” he said sadly “And what if your wrong?” I asked.

“I’m not believe me” he said. “How do you know?” I asked. “I know because she’s so close to me and so breathtakingly beautiful even when she’s sick. I know because I’ve been her friend for years and I can tell when she likes a guy and trust me she doesn’t look at me that way”

“Well than she’s stupid, Luke you deserve a great girl” I said “Yeah she’s really stupid cause I just flat out told her and she hasn’t figured it out. I’ll forgive her though”

And then it clicked, he felt the same way. “Luke I’d kiss you right now but I’m infested with sick germs” I said. “You feel the same way?” He asked unbelievingly. “Yeah”

“Then I’ll risk it”