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I look up at you from my position on the bed, your words have sent a thrll right through me. I pull you down to me and kiss you, gently biting at your lip. I hear you growl into the kiss as I run my hands up your back. I slowly move away and I look into your eyes, they mirror the lust and need in mine. I smile, I've got it, I know what to ask for. "Dominate me, master, tease me, make me beg for you to let me cum." I wait for your response, though I can already see you like the idea.

I groan at hearing you say that and capture your lips in a fiery kiss yet again, tangling my tongue with yours and pushing you to lay on your back. Climbing over you, throwing clothes off of both of us, I only pull away and look down at you once we’re both fully naked. Seeing you laying there, lips swollen from our kiss, I feel myself become painfully hard, ready to take you any way I choose. 

“Spread your legs,” I order in a dark tone.