Alex's Soarer build on THRLL

Alex got pretty lucky and managed to bag himself a JDM Toyota Soarer with a 1JZ for an extremely respectable amount of £500. The only real ‘bad point’ as such, is the fact that the engine was out, this was only due to the previous owner having the intention of converting his Toyota Altezza to a 1JZ.

Alex also had the benefit of knowing the previous owner, he saw the Soarer running and knew about the pretty good overall condition of the car.. So a monkey was an absolute steal.

The first thing to do was to put the engine back in the Soarer for transportation purposes, as the car needed to get trailered over to the workshop. The engine had to be quickly thrown in the car and to be finished on arrival Alex waking up ridiculously late didn’t help the situation, but he managed to get it in the car (ish) in just under 30 minutes.

The first real task of the project was putting the engine back in and bolting the block to the bell housing, which (if by any chance you haven’t already guessed) is a tad difficult on your jack jones. After a considerable amount of swearing and multiple injuries, the engine returned to its natural habitat.

All of the engine’s ancillaries (including the ECU and wiring Looms) were removed previously so this task took a bit longer than initially expected. The only saving grace was that Alex was actually present in helping with the removal of the engine initially, so he had the benefit of having a rough idea of how things were supposed to be put back together in that ginormous engine bay. Having parts of the loom labeled by the previous owner was yet another added convenience.

By this point, it was thought to be rude to not deck the Soarer to the ground.. So Alex ordered himself a set of HSD Monopro Coilovers, plus a couple of other goodies which we will get onto next time because that’s all for this time folks!

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