The question of whether a vegan diet is our natural diet or the healthiest is irrelevant. The facts are we can survive and thrive on a vegan diet. The issue at hand is a vegan diet is ethical, it allows us to nourish ourselves without exploiting and murdering other animals and allows us to live in alignment with the values of justice, fairness and compassion.
—  The Thinking Vegan

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Dogs are omnivores and can go vegan. Cats can't but dogs can and many thrive. Please stop spreading misinformation. Stay in ur weird fish lane thanks.

Dogs are not omnivores, they are opportunistic carnivores. They cannot thrive on a vegan diet. The only time a dog should be vegan is on a monitored veterinarian diet due to severe food allergies and their quality of life is already affected.

Here, have fun reading these as you putter down your lane of ignorance

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What The Health (documentary) states that one egg is the equivalent of smoking 16 cigarettes. I want to know your opinion as an RD!

Hi! Sorry this was delayed - I needed time to sit down and formulate my thoughts into words on this one.

So I will be completely transparent here and say that I have not watched What The Health in its entirety, and I’m not sure if I plan to in the near future. I have seen a plethora of clips from it. So from my outside view here’s what I think of What The Health. 

I completely get the filmmakers intention with this documentary. I agree that the world and environment we live in would be better off if we ate less factory farmed meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. However, that does not make it okay to demonize a certain macronutrient (in this case fat) by scaring people with over-stated “research.” I don’t really understand why the filmmakers thought it would be a good idea to turn the film into a fat vs. sugar argument - they argue that sugar does not cause diabetes. Anyone who has taken a basic nutrition, CHO or lipid metabolism class would question the “experts” on these claims. My jaw literally dropped when one of the doctors explained that you get diabetes from eating dietary fat. This is not true. At all. 

And then the eggs… another “expert” talking about how terrible eggs are for you because of their cholesterol content?? We’ve known for literally decades that dietary cholesterol has no effect on cholesterol markers in the blood. This is outdated!! science!! that these people are regurgitating and utilizing to readily back their claims. If you ever hear someone say “I found one study that says that…” that is a huge red flag. 

Nutrition will always be such a debated subject. There is no one-size-fits all answer and there is no perfect diet. Your friend who competes cross country collegiately may thrive off a diet filled with lean meats, healthy fats, whole grains, etc. while your other friend who power lifts thrives off a ketogenic or vegan or whatever diet. Genetics are real and play a big role in what your specific needs are. 

I am definitely in favor of the main points they try to make - eat more plants, our gov’t has too many ties with pharmaceutical and ag industry, the recommendations from the FDA/USDA are biased and are based on funding they receive. But… honestly, when is the last time you looked at a gov’t website to determine what your meals should look like? 

I think it’s important to remember not to get caught up in the things that instill fear in you when it comes to food. Do your best to fuel your body. if you watch the documentary and walk away with some knowledge you needed to eat less meat and dairy… great. If it helps you start cooking more at home, and thinking more about how your food got on your plate, then they did their job. But don’t think that cutting out fat or any other macronutrient is the answer. Healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, eggs, salmon.. they are all nutritious foods that fuel your body and send that satisfaction signal to your cute little brain. 

ok, this is getting long. I could probably talk more on the subject but I think I’m done for now. and if you’re thinking of sending some hate in response to this.. just know it will end up in my inbox and instantly deleted. thanks!

xx, D

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What’s your opinon on Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar lady)? She seems to know something, she’s very popular and claims to have helped a lot of people. But she’s totally not vegan. How come her diet works?

What do you mean by “it works”?

Keeps her slim? yes (for now)
Keeps her healthy? No
Keeps her alive and running? Yes with the help of stimulants…

Ive answer this many of times, but simply put, the low carb, low sugar, paleo people all follow a similar diet that requires the body to go into ketosis.

Ever since Sarah said that eating a mars bar is the same as eating a punnet of blue berries I couldnt take anything she said seriously…. 😑

For those that don’t know or haven’t seen me rant about this many times, here it is again. Carbohydrates are the bodies primary fuel source, it’s super easy for our body to turn carbs into glucose and every cell in our body runs off glucose.

If you remove the carbs and only eat high fat/protein foods then your body has no choice but to use fat instead, it breaks down the fat and converts it into ketone bodies which can then be used to fuel the body. Obviously a much harder and less efficient way of getting glucose.

This state of the body is called ketosis. In other words “starvation mode” putting stress onto the body, making it use fat as fuel rather then feeding it what it needs. Long term, the build up of ketone bodies can be dangerous and lead to organ failure and other problems in the body. Not the mention the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, animal protein and other nasties which are directly linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancers, auto immune diseases and more.

Now if you are on a paleo/low carb diet like Sarah recommends, you are going to lose weight but only if you are eating under a certain amount of calories. Because when you aren’t getting enough calories from food your body will turn to the body fat you have and eat away at that to use for fuel. NOT a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight.

This way of eating isn’t sustainable because you are depriving your body of something it NEEDS, carbs, and eventually you will hit a wall and fall off and binge like crazy. (People call this “ lack of self control” and then begin the diet over again)…. Any diet that evolves calorie restriction will fail long term. Low carb diets often rely on coffees every day because they need stimulants to get through the day 👎🏼

Why do all that to your body when you can thrive on a vegan diet, with the carbs, without calorie restricting, without stimulants, with NO side effects. A diet you can do forever and only get healthier!

Paleo is a trend that will die, veganism is the future for the people, the plant and the animals ✌🏼

Amy: Almond Burgers!

I’ve been re-reading The Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier, vegan Ironman triathlete extraordinaire. I’ve forgotten how brilliant he is, such a wonderful book. I had his raw almond based “burgers” tonight - perfect when it’s too sweltering for a hot meal, plus they take 10 minutes tops.

Brendan Brazier’s Almond Flaxseed Burgers

  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 C almonds
  • ½ C ground flaxseed
  • 2 T balsamic vinegar
  • 2 T oil (I used flax oil but hemp or coconut are good too)
  • sea salt

Whiz in the food processor, shape it into a patty, ball, whatever, and BAM! deliciousness.

You can also cover them lightly in oil and bake at 300 degrees F for 35ish minutes, or fry them up in a pan. Enjoy!!



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For heaven's sake, can we stop pretending that humans can thrive on a vegan diet? Adult humans, who have completed their skeletal and cardiac development, with the money and knowledge to supplement appropriately can stay healthy on a vegan diet. Best case scenario: human children on a vegan diet struggle with pernicious anemia and bone density issues. Our guts can't extract all necessary nutrients from plants and supplements are an imperfect stop-gap. A baby fares as well as a puppy when vegan.

Don’t know a whole lot about human physiology as I do animals, as a zoology student obviously, but yes in total agreement. Vegan diets are hard, even for humans as omnivores. It requires a lot of money, supplements and for the person to be generally healthy already (if you have any sort of illness or deficiencies being vegan is just not an option). 

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This isn't to be mean, I just want to hear your thoughts. If we got the world to go vegan, what would we do with our house cats? How would we feed them? Thanks if you take the time to answer this.

Hi anon, your question isn’t mean at all! It is a perfectly reasonable question. 


I do not believe in making domesticated animals such as cats or dogs eat Vegan diets. This is 100% cruel, dangerous and abusive. Cats and Dogs need meat. They thrive off carnivorous diets. Meat has a protein that they need to reach their full potential and maintain good health. There is not ifs or buts here. If a Vegan does not wish to purchase cat or dog food then they should not own a cat or dog, as simple as that. There are plenty of herbivorous pets that they can adopt instead. 

I also believe there are some pet food brands that are more environmentally sustainable than others. 

On the unlikely event that the whole world goes Vegan, that wouldn’t automatically mean that animals are suppose to adopt Vegan diets. That is absolutely absurd. What Vegans wish to do is to end animal agriculture because of how environmentally and economically unstable it is. This will require long-term phasing out of old agricultural practices in favour of new ones. It is very necessary that we have to do this for our planet but the struggle is to be able to protect those who have relied on agriculture for their income as a lot of them are those who live in economically disadvantaged countries.  

Capitalism and the animal agriculture industry feed off each other so I really believe we need to be aware of that intersectionality. It is definitely not a simple issue is what I am trying to say. 

Now to address your concerns about house cats. Domesticated cats do not  hunt animals like cows and sheep (the idea of it is kind of really ridiculous LOL) so I don’t think putting an end to animal farming is going to really hurt their prospects of food. Cats usually eat small animals like mice and birds. Cats don’t need people to survive. There is no need to slaughter cows and sheep for our cats and dogs to eat.  I believe there are ways of securing food for cats and dogs that don’t require farming animals. 

Shroomish and Breloom Headcanons

(For @ m3xkeleton. I’ll also do some gardevoir ones in a separate post.)

  • Breloom will claim feeding spots by wiping their saliva, which is toxic and foul-smelling, on bushes and branches of trees. The saliva protects their food supply from other species, causing stomach pain and mild fever in most pokémon that ingest it. Coatings must be replenished every two to four days.
  • Spinning top toys are sometimes modelled to look like shroomish.
  • As they can thrive on a diet of compost, which can be made from vegetable peelings and other similar leftovers, shroomish are inexpensive pokémon to care for.  
  • Trainers often play with their brelooms by mock-boxing them. Brelooms typically adore this, but will sometimes forget to restrain themselves and punch back at full force. It’s always an accident.
  • Shroomish spores are an ingredient in several brands of weed killer.
  • Breloom are strongly attracted to the smell of suncream. They will often try to eat it, and then be confused when they don’t like the taste.
  • Before going to sleep, shroomish will dig shallow holes in the soil and slot themselves inside of them. This habit allows them to absorb water during slumber, and makes them a nightmare for any gardener that takes pride in their lawn and flowerbeds. They are worse than diglett for uprooting plants.    

Kétoupa roux / Tawny Fish Owl

Ketupa flavipes

(Hodgson, 1836)

/ Bubo flavipes :
- Kétoupa roux ;
- Tawny fish owl ;
- Búho pescador leonado - Búho pescador amarillento ;
- Coruja-pescadora ;
- Gufo pescatore fulvo ;
- Himalaya-Fischuhu ;
- Himalayavisuil ;
- Vuorikalahuuhkaja ;
- Himalayafiskuv ;
- Гималайский рыбный филин ;
- ketupa rdzawa ;
- ウオミミズク ;
- 黄腿渔鸮

Ordre : Strigiformes / Famille : Strigidés - Strigidae / Genre : Ketupa /
Espèce : flavipes - Espèce monotypique.

Tawny Fish Owl (Ketupa flavipes)  is one of the largest owls in India. This bird, as the name suggests, thrives on a diet of fish and hence it can be seen in wooded areas near streams, rivers and ponds. This specimen was photographed at the Dhikala Zone of the Corebett National Park, Uttarakhand.

Koshy Koshy / (CC BY 2.0) 


Book recommendation: Real Life with Celiac Disease: Troubleshooting and Thriving Gluten Free

This book is such a great resource for any celiac! Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been gluten free for several years, there is much to learn from this amazing book. It has a scientific but still comprehensive approach. It deals with celiac from A-Z, from correct diagnosis to how to thrive and optimize your diet and life as a celiac. Other related conditions are discussed, for instance other autoimmune diseases and allergies. It takes celiac and the gluten free diet seriously which I absolutely love! I keep picking it up and I’m learning new things every time. It is pretty much a perfect resource on the topic!

So your otherwise reasonable alchemist went down to the Trading Post and returned with a damp plant covered horse that side-eyes all the fae in your lair. And then you were somehow talked into keeping it. Not the end of the world! That’s the Shade you’re thinking of.

Kelpies can be excellent familiars, particularly if you are a swamp witch or can breathe underwater. A tolerance for the persistent smell of mildew is a plus. 

Your hatchlings and the hatchlings of your clanmates will want to ride the kelpie. Such urges are normal and should be strongly discouraged. Kelpies are not to be ridden under any circumstances (even kelpies owned by dragons on a budget, who employ standard hatchling swimming pools over large tracts of unexplored, wild marsh to house their kelpies).

Related: kelpies may be covered in plantlife but they are omnivorous and need a protein-rich diet to thrive. It is not recommended to attempt breaking your kelpie of its drown-the-food-before-consuming-it habits. It will not go over well and may end with you looking for a new familiar, lair, or indeed a new lease on life.

And, finally, should you at last come to your senses and tire of your kelpie companion, try giving it away to an unsuspecting neighbor with whom you generally do not get along. If you have no such neighbors, try moving very, very far away from the kelpie. (Do not attempt to convince the kelpie to move. This will end badly.) We recommend an arid desert environment for the purposes of this particular task, but essentially any locale utterly bereft of large bodies of water will do. 

Good luck, and happy kelpie keeping! 

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as a vegetarian and try hard vegan, it's not as easy to be vegan as you're trying to make it sound. our bodies need variety & lots of protein fats etc. athletic people on budgets can't afford to splurge on daily protein shakes or protein powders and the like, they'll need at least 80g of protein that day & i have yet to hit that mark without eating a product containing scant traces of dairy. we are biologically omnivores, despite what many vegans think. and if i need yogurt to stay fit, i do

you’re killing me… ok here’s a few of the things i ate the other day:

  • Cup of oatmeal (6g)
  • 250ml soy milk (7.8g)
  • Cup of cooked lentils (18g)
  • Cup of cooked black beans (15g)
  • Cup of cooked chickpeas (15g)
  • Cup of cooked quinoa (8g)
  • 4tbs peanut butter (16g)
  • ¼ cup of cup of almonds (8g)
  • 2 slices of wholemeal bread (7g)
  • Cup of cooked spinach (5g)
  • ¼ cashews (5g)
  • Cup of cooked broccoli (4g)

That’s 114.8g of protein all up (not including all the fruit and a couple of avocados I’ve eaten today); enough for a 90-100kg bodybuilder (which I’m not; shocking, I know).

Vegans can certainly get enough protein without the aid of soy (although I do occasionally drink soy milk). Check out vegan ironman athlete Brendan Brazier and vegan bodybuilder Mike Mahler who both affirm that it’s possible to be healthy and thrive on a vegan diet (they both use some supplements, however it’s easy to obtain adequate nutrition without them- I do!).

here’s my veganism on a budget link:

veganism, like anything else, is only as hard as you make it


btw all these items (with the exception of cashews) are cheap as shit and definitely cost less than dairy…

It’s been said many times and many ways by many people, but I’m gonna say it again for the people who don’t seem to get it or care:

If you want a vegan pet, GET AN HERBIVORE.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, iguanas, some turtle species, horses if you have the space, all can thrive on a diet consisting only of plants and plant products (do your research for the turtles, though, several species like bugs and worms).

DO NOT force your cat or dog to be vegan.

Cats are obligate carnivores, and NEED to eat meat to stay healthy. Dogs are technically omnivores, but meat is the best source of protein and various essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for them.

This has been a PSA from your friendly neighborhood animal lover.

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My pro-cyclist bf stopped his whole foods vegan diet after 6 months(he started when we met). He says it damaged his performance and life. I'm very dissapointed and wanted to ask how Anthony thrives on this diet? Can you do a video including his opinon on this topic because i think anorexia is sooo common among male cyclists...

What was he eating?
Anthony is not strictly whole-foods (nor am I for that matter). We focus on MOSTLY whole-foods, but won’t restrict ourselves from having occasional pasta, bread, noodles etc (especially when doing a lot of training). We’ve found a balance of these foods that works best for us for both health, weight loss/maintenance, and optimal performance on the bike. We might do a video talking about what we typically eat in a week so that people can get a better idea of what I mean by this :)

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What do you say to people when they say some can't thrive off a vegan diet? That for cernturies, people have eaten meat. I don't know what to say to that

Well that’s bullshit cause 99% of the people who say that have never even tried a vegan diet so how would they even know?

And humans have NEVER eaten meat in the quantity we eat it today. Killing animals is not a natural instinct of ours. We do not have the physical adaptations to capture and kill prey, either. Meat consumption began purely out of a need for survival (using weapons because, again, we do not have physical adaptations to kill animals with ease) e.g. If you lived in a colder climate where edible plants are rare in winter (keep in mind as well that humans are not technically adapted to living in cold climates either. Our species evolved in warmer regions of Africa. We lost our thick coating of hair that our ape relatives still have, and this was because we didn’t need the warmth… Until we decided to migrate to different parts of the world). The typical diet of most ancient civilisations was very plant heavy. Meat was reserved for the wealthy and the royals. It was only roughly 100 years ago that it became more accessible in western civilisations, and consumption grew (along with our waistlines and health complications).

I am so sick of getting abused about my dogs, which usually happens when I post pictures of Malakai. I went vegan because I love animals, and I want to do everything I can to stop the unnecessary suffering and death that is inflicted upon them every second of every day. So of course I am going to have Kai’s best interest at heart and do what is right for him. Clearly he is not just surviving but thriving on his current diet. He has been on this diet for over 2 years and we have the approval of every single vet that has seen both dogs. There is no way I would feed my dogs the disgusting, unhealthy commercial dog food at the supermarket. If for some reason I had to change their diet and had to add animal products then I would, but that is not the case. I have 2 dogs I am responsible for and if I can feed them a proper diet that meets all of their nutritional needs without harming and killing other animals in the process then that is what I am going to do.

So basically, get over it and maybe you should all focus your time and energy on actual cases of animal abuse. (I know you won’t because the only reason you act like you care is to attempt to discredit vegans)