thrive collective

[rose pink and gold] • 19/02/17

A flatlay of some cool stationery from the same brand (kikki.k) that all seem to fit together in terms of colour. These are all from either the pause collection or the thrive collection, which I think complement each other. I definitely don’t study like this, the stationery looks really pretty though and I might use these notebooks for study notes.

My mom found this beautiful Euphorbia horrida hybrid in a nursery a couple of years ago. She has a history of killing even the toughest plants (mostly underwatering), but her small cactus collection thrives. Possibly even more than my own succulents.
I found that overthinking everything about a plant’s needs isn’t necessarily a good thing. You don’t always need expensive pots and soil mixes, gadgets, fertilizers and calendars to keep a cactus alive. Just give it lots of light + very little water and it will be happy!

Just to clarify: history is past. But we are also making history as we live. We are part of a chain, not exempt from it. And “issues” such as immigration are not “issues”… immigrants are a vital part of history. Movement of people around the globe is the core of any history you’ll ever know. And can you remember the parts of history where people had the bright idea to single out groups of people to stop free movement around the globe? They are pretty awful moments that destroyed culture and art from forming, they didn’t protect it - they stunted it. They brought a lot more grey to the landscape than enlightenment. What we know as art history is a collection of ideas and allegories and visual grammar from various societies. Some of it might be seen as re-appropriation, but vitally it is always throughout what we know as European culture - cultures thrive on a collective understanding across societies. Especially visual arts. To say otherwise shows a lack of understanding of history, culture, art, and your place in the ever-changing world. A vital part of which is the movement of people. I have never seen immigration as something to worry about - I just see it as history happening around us. I suppose it’s just the most noticeable aspect of the world moving through time. When people are scared of the future for whatever reason (probably financial because the government and banks push us into states of panic to cause distractions) they look to the past - as all cultures before us have done (this is also what the allegories and visual grammar of the arts show us well) but life has changed anyway, because you can’t stop time. You just have to live with it and embrace it. You need to see yourself in a context that is almost unimaginable for most people to comprehend. We are floating in space, creating our own shared reality, the last thing we should worry about is where on this sphere people are sharing this reality.

Sorry for the ramble!