phoenixofthelight asked:

I discovered TAH within the last year and have fallen in love, but as such I was unable to participate in the kickstarter, and living in Alabama there is a very slim chance of me ever seeing TAH live. So, I was wondering if you knew of any plans to allow for pre-order of the concert film for people who couldn't do the kickstarter? You do wonderful work here! *CLINK!*

Hey thanks! :D

I honestly don’t know their plans, hopefully after they get back from Down Under they’ll put ‘em on the website, but I don’t know for sure!  Maybe tweet @thrillingadv and ask ‘em? :)

I can tell you that sales of the film at C2E2 were verrry brisk and we sold most of the stock that they brought, so, keep an eye out, once it goes on sale I bet they’ll get swept up quick! :)