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Well, these two panels make me believe that JinMom assasinating her son wouldn’t be as simple as we may assume. Take a notice that she seems to pity him - she probably understands that this is not his fault that he participates in his father’s murders. He is too little to comprehend it.

She may think that if she were more careful about choosing her husband and cared better after her child, Jin wouldn’t be involved in this bloody shit. The milk is spilled and she knows she can’t just go back in time.

She perhaps tried to kill Jin in order to protect his mentality beacuse growing up he would understand all those bad things he was doing. She wanted to save him from becoming ruthless murderer. It was all she was able to do for him - beacuse it was too late. Too late to fix anything.

So like @ everyone who is disgusted with killing stalking fans, do you also hate everyone who enjoyed Hannibal or even American Horror Story? What about bates motel bc that shit is also fucked up… lol everyone is so fragile and victimized

“You hear a creature creepin’ up behind
You’re outta time

‘Cause this is thriller
Thriller at night
There ain’t no second chance
Against the thing with the inky eyes, girl…”


I was watching squigglydigg´s “Bendy and the Ink Machine” stream yesterday and even if I missed seeing her play chapter 1, chapter 2 was still amazing. Well… today I listened to MJ´s “Thriller” and I immediately thought of the stream. So I just had to do this. xD

I named the file “Bendy & Co. waiting for the player respawn” btw

charlie’s list of 2016 book recs

here are some of the fave books i’ve read in 2016 

  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin alire sáenz - this book destroyed every inch of me and then rebuilt me into something better. it’s beautiful, a story of sexuality and culture and self wrapped into the narrative of aristotle mendoza, a mexican teenager who just wants answers for a lot of things in his life. (also the audiobook is narrated by lin-manuel miranda)
  • six of crows and crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo - this is a completed duology that will have you mad there isn’t gonna be a 10 book series about these characters. prepare yourself for the 6 new children you’re gonna adopt by reading these. it’s a mid-fantasy series set in a fantastical world and all our protagonists are criminals but like, with hearts mostly of gold. 
  • the serpent king by jeff zentner - this book will stick with you after reading it. it’s a boy stuck in a town and a situation that he’s accepted he’ll never get out of as he sees his only friends preparing for a life outside of it and the realities of life that come with it. it has an ultimately postitive ending, but don’t go in expecting a hallmark rise to happiness
  • simon vs the homosapiens agenda by becky albertalli - imagine the fluffiest but cutest but not like cavity-enducing sweet ya book you ever read - this is that book but with a gay lead character. it literally made me smile throughout reading the entire thing and it’s just so cute 
  • if i was your girl by meredith russo - this book got a lot of attention because it was a popular ya novel that was about a trans woman written by a trans woman and honestly, it was just so good i read it in one sitting
  • the lunar chronicles (cinder, scarlett, cress and winter) by marissa meyer  - these books are…so damn good. they’re long and the series is complete but they’re so good. expect to adopt 8 new children. it’s a mix of a high tech/high fantasy ya epic adventure that’s kind of loosely based on fairytales for each lead female character.
  • dumplin’ by julie murphy - i have some…issues with this book as a whole, the climax was kind of lost on me and some of the comments the character make are a little iffy - but it’s one of the first ya novels i’ve read memorably with such a nice narrative that includes body positivity 
  • everything everything by nicola yoon - this book is a nice quick read with a wonderful lead and a good story, it gets a little predictable but if you’re looking for a fun way to kill a couple hours, this is it 
  • eligible by curtis sittenfeld - pride and prejudice but set in cincinnati ohio, liz(zie) bennet is a 40 something who goes home to visit and meets (dr.) darcy - it’s a nice twist on the original story, darcy eats religiously at skyline chili and they have hate sex, i lived for this 
  • before i fall by luaren oliver - this is an oldie but a goodie. the movie is coming out in march, go emotionally hurt yourself with this one 
  • the woman in cabin 10 by ruth ware - if you like gone girl and the girl on the train, this book is it’s half-cousin separated by marriage. it’s a decent thriller though so i thought i’d give it a shout out 
  • rebel belle by rachel hawkins - this book by itself is super cute, very typcial supernatural romance-y ya novel, a nice hate-to-love romance, but the rest of the series kind of falls off, but the first book was fun af

and in total i read like 71 books this year and these are just some of them. a few that i really enjoyed i don’t feel comfortable publicly recommending due to their content and possible warnings and such, but here are some carryalls that i really enjoyed and i hope ya’ll enjoy and let’s talk about them if you ever feel like 

You were waiting on the Platform

Summary: Yoongi is a famous author and Taehyung is his biggest fan

A/N:  thanks to @askwolftan and the anon who came up with this! I got inspired! I’ve now proof read this and edited out all the errors I missed in my excitement!

Yoongi pulls his jacket a little tighter against the sudden cold wind that is blowing down the platform and checks his watch again. His train isn’t due to arrive for another ten minutes and he’s already regretting not bringing a warmer coat.

The boy sitting next to him has a thick scarf wound round his neck and a beanie pulled down low to cover his ears, only small tufts of orange hair poking out the sides. He’s feeling envious. He’s totally absorbed in his book, his face the perfect picture of concentration, tongue sticking out the side of his mouth, brows furrowed, focusing intently on the page.

The cover has been removed, leaving no clue as to its identity but as he turns the page he catches sight of the title printed at the top. Oh, it’s one of his.

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Allied: Brief Thoughts


Allied is not a good movie. It can be entertaining. But it’s not good. That’s why it’s such a shame that a character as interesting as Cotillard’s Marianne has to inhabit such a mediocre movie. Marianne is neither a demon nor an angel. She defies the pervasive dichotomy into which female characters usually fall. She’s a truly complex character that does good deeds and bad deeds for many different reasons. She’s a morally dubious person but she is human. To put it simply, she is a great character.

It’s only a shame then, that the whole movie refuses to give us any insight into her for most of the runtime and also refuses her the privilege to show us, the audience, her point of view. Instead, we are placed in the much more common, and boring, point of view of the self-less and transparent male hero, which only allows us to see her as a mysterious seductress, a loving wife or a treacherous informant until the very end. And then again, the only reason we get that “redeeming” scene is to justify Pitt’s character’s grief over her sacrifice…

I am not saying that all stories with a male protagonist point of view are bad. Or that they shouldn’t exists. All that I’m saying is that maybe, for a change, we could place the point of view on a character because he or she is the most interesting character in the story and not because of its gender or genre tropes.

PS: I am working right now on the “Allied” Costume Design review that was promised… worry not. I just got derailed for a moment. The review will come out early next week.

I was writing broadchurch fanfic when my youtube playlist dipped into the James Bond theme songs. And I can’t write anymore. I just imagined Hardy as James Bond - which is hilarious tbh. 

but can you imagine Olivia Colman as a Bond girl? I thought of her possible reaction to someone asking her if she would like to play one and I haven’t been able to stop laughing for the last five minutes. I need to finish this fic but I can’t breathe. 

Miller and Hardy thrown into the role of spys. The exasperation Hardy would feel all the time…. xD

anonymous asked:

Could you please write about scorpio(m) and pisces(f)?


Pisces whined at her boyfriend scorpio for lying to her about the movie they are gonna watch.

‘’You promised we would see a romantic comedy not a thriller!’’ she stomped her foot into the ground pouting. 

‘’Well i thought thriller was a better idea,when we always come to the cinema we get to see what you want now it’s my turn’’.

Well scorpio had a point every time they would go to the cinema they would see romantic movies or comedies or romantic comedies.

‘’Fine…’’ she sighed and gave to her taller boyfriend a hug.

‘’For the (insert horror movie) go to room 6!’’ it was heard by the megaphones.

Scorpio picked up their pop corns and pisces their drinks and walked into the room 6 with pisces mumbling how she is gonna murder her boyfriend.

At the start of the movie everything was fine just some creepy music and creepy stuff but they didnt scared her but then the satanic stuff,murders and spirits came up.

She didn’t wanted to cling to her boyfriend, she didn’t wanted to show him that she couldnt handle a single thriller movie.

But there it was the scariest scene with blood running,organs out of the character’s body and the antagonist perfoming a satanic ritual. 

At the end she clinged to her boyfriend closing her eyes.

Scorpio smiled at her scared reaction and kissed the top of her head.

When the movie ended and walked outside pisces was hitting scorpio well not hitting him exactly but trying to hit him.

‘’ I hate you, how am i gonna sleep at night?’’ she glared at him 

‘’Well you can come to my house and not sleep at all’’ he winked at her

She blushed and huffed ‘’ you are terrible and i hate you’’ 

He just chuckled and took her close to him ‘’ you are perfect and i love you too’’. 



here are some of my highly recommended must watch japanese series and movies! I have included my personal thoughts about it and some pictures would contain spoilers! 

BE READY TO CRY, LAUGH, GET MAD, AND GO CRAZY if you start to watch japanese dramas and movies. I swear to god they’re the best thing ever. everything is unique on it’s own. my favourites would be the tear jerker films though. 

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  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I'm thinking: Why does Michael Jackson take that girl out into the middle of the woods to ask her to be his girl in the that movie at the beginning of the Thriller music video if he knows he's gonna transform and want to kill her? That's so wildly irresponsible. I mean, I know they ran out of gas, but c'mon, dude, you had to have known that was coming. At the very least, drive on the main roads so she can run to somewhere safe and not fall down helpless on a pile of evergreen bushes, I mean, why did you have to go so far out of town? Get it together man, you obviously knew what was going to happen so why didn't you plan ahead and get gas ahead of time. Or maybe just not going out with her on that particular night? Unless this happens every Wednesday. In which case, don't take your girl out on a Wednesday. Are you stupid? Speaking of Wednesday, how did those cops know where to find the guy? Literally 8 seconds after he attacks the girl, the cop finds him. Is he a serial killer? Is that how he gets his victims? Takes 'em out on dates, ask 'em to be his girl and then kills them? Does he re-use the same ring on each of them? I'm glad the real Michael Jackson put that disclaimer at the beginning or else I woulda thought he was one messed up guy.
Catch me if you can


Baekhyun I Angst, Suspense I 948 words

He stared at you like a wolf at his prey.

Do you fear me, Detective Y/L/N?” His light voice echoed through the destroyed room, sending chills up and down your spine. 

4 years you had worked day and night for this exact moment, the moment you would finally point your gun towards Byun Baekhyun, leader of the most complex criminal network of all Asia and one of the top ten of Interpol’s most wanted.

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