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What are some reasons a country would have a civil war? Particularly in a magic/fantasy setting

  • A separation of culture. One group might feel that they are being oppressed or aren’t respected like the others.
  • A corrupt leader takes over and divides the country in followers and opponents.
  • Disproportion of wealth.
  • Disputes over rights or morals (like the American Civil War)
  • Military coups.

The Trap (2016)  

“For 11 years, the bestselling author Linda Conrads has mystified fans by never setting foot outside her home. Haunted by the unsolved murder of her younger sister–who she discovered in a pool of blood–and the face of the man she saw fleeing the scene, Linda’s hermit existence helps her cope with debilitating anxiety. But the sanctity of her oasis is shattered when she sees her sister’s murderer on television. 

Hobbled by years of isolation, Linda resolves to use the plot of her next novel to lay an irresistible trap for the man. As the plan is set in motion and the past comes rushing back, Linda’s memories–and her very sanity–are called into question. Is this man a heartless killer or merely a helpless victim?“

By Melanie Raabe, translated by Imogen Taylor

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Melanie Raabe was born in 1981 and grew up in a small village in former East Germany. After studying media and literature, she went on to become a magazine editor, freelance journalist, writer, and stage actor. While juggling several jobs by day, she wrote at night, crafting two plays and THE TRAP, which is her debut novel. Melanie Raabe currently lives in Cologne and loves the stage, traveling, cooking, bungee jumping, tattoos, indie rock, and cats.

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