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Pretty Cool Webcomics: Wolf on Vacation

Wolf on Vacation is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by FD White and Melody Calderon! It updates twice a week on Mondays and Fridays.

The big city, as most cities are, is a noisy and lively place. Neon lights blot out the stars, and crime trudges through the underground. Still, people manage to make a fairly nice life for themselves, and in general folks are pretty okay. And Wolf, a newcomer to the city supposedly here to visit his grandmother, hardly seems any different… right?


But whatever Wolf truly has up his sleeves, it’s had the unintentional(?) side effect of uncovering something big… something that Detective Testudo is determined to get to the bottom of no matter what. With crime upon crime, murder upon murder, conspiracy upon conspiracy, and more sides at play than any one of them may have expected, this little vacation just may end up one that no one survives.

So if the above synopsis didn’t clue you in, this comic wound up being far darker in tone than I had expected from reading the first couple pages. It’s not to say it’s bad, but it’s grim enough that you wouldn’t want to read it to your kids, cartoon animal people or no. As a crime drama, though, it’s gripping, with some fun references thrown in and some pacing so far that really makes me want to know just what is going on.

Really it’s the art style that makes this comic stand out for me; but then the dissonance of mixing cute characters with disturbing content is nothing new, and it’s a formula that can work well when handled properly. This comic certainly handles it properly, and if mafia plots and mysterious killers is something that wags your tail then this is a comic that you should absolutely sniff out!

Wolf on Vacation contains harsh language, gore and violence, torture, and human trafficking (well, not human, but… you get the idea), and is suitable for older teens and up.

Thanks to the anon who suggested this comic!

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