“Have no fear, little one. I am here to protect thee.”

Today’s monster(s) once again strain the definition of the word, but Mrs. Baylock, the evil governess from Richard Donner’s THE OMEN (1976) and her canine buddy are pretty nasty. This movie is great–not all that scary, but just good, doom-laden fun. My friends Lauren and Jess and I run a cult-flim screening series called The Thrillema, and we’re showing this one tonight at 8:30. If you’re in Halifax, you should come check it out! More monsters coming Monday…

Had a meeting today....

…For Carbon Arc Cinema (an independant cinema in Hali I’ve become involved with) It was pretty great and for the most part we solidified the lineup from now until the end of Sept for THRILLEMA! I can’t wait to announce some of our upcoming films for the summer! 

We’re doing a radio interview on May 7th with CKDU and are going to start a Thrillema podcast in the next few weeks! Excitement! Its so nice to have something to work on outside of my day job that I really care about. <3<3<3

Hey you guys! I originally made this poster for The Thrillema’s summer horror lineup (Thrillema is a cult classic movie night sponsored by independent cinema Carbon Arc here in Halifax)

We weren’t able to get the rights to screen Nightmare on Elm St, Dream Warriors, so at the moment there is a vote going on to pick our August 22nd screening! We posted three 1980’s Carpenter films to choose from!

The Thing, They Live and Escape From New York!

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