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Hello, Perry. I don’t really know why I’m here, but Nurse Espinosa said if I didn’t swing by, she would stop coming over to my house and giving instructions to my pool boy. He speaks perfect English, but he doesn’t have any front teeth, so I can never look at him without laughing.

big boy ready to crush caesar


Redraw of this drawing from a few months ago (I swear my style changes every week and I don’t know how I got from there to here but I’m not gonna complain)

*also I draw ashe in the exact same pose a few days ago and by the time I realized this I was already coloring so I finished it anyway*

This might be a bit long and meandering of a post, touching mainly queer representation and fan-creator interactions. I’m not entirely sure if I’m meaning it more for us the TI fandom or for 3W more, but I very much welcome discussion on this!

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Do you know who I think is the ugliest girl in the bar? Aesling. You know what I’d give her on a scale of one to ten, with one as the ugliest and ten as the prettiest? I’d give her an 8… 8.5… or a 9… but not… NOT over a 9.8. Because there is always room for improvement. Not everyone is perfect, like me. I’m holding out for a 10. Because I’m worth it.
—  Inien

Yesterday was the happiest and saddest day of my life. I experienced something so painful and then something so beautiful. I cried all day, but it felt so good. I am so happy & thrilled to say that I will officially be Mrs. Carrots/Mrs.Washington @carrotsbyanwarcarrots . The last four years of our lives have been so full of growth and love. We started our relationship, both pretty immature but we saw potential in each other. We both wanted to work, to grow, to be better people for ourselves, for each other, and for everyone around us. It takes two and he was the first man I’ve come across that really just wanted to try to be the best person he could be. He works so hard in every aspect of his life and I have so much respect for him. Every day he impresses me with his positivity for life, his ability to get things done, and his incredible love for me. I feel so loved by him and it brings me to tears every time. Forever I dreamed about meeting a man that would work so hard, much like my dad, for his family and himself. We’ve been through a lot together, many highs and lows…but even the lows were necessary to get to where we are now. Anwar you are truly, truly my best friend. There’s nothing I can’t tell you and every time I have something to say, you listen to me. Our communication is what has gotten us this close. You are a literal angel to me, I just know we were meant for one another. I couldn’t have created a more perfect man for me. I love you with all my heart and I will always love you. I can’t wait to be your wife! We are going to have so much fun 😻😁😊 Also thank you to @ifandco @benballer & Anwar for my custom ring! Never been much of a diamond girl…This ring is soo me! I love it so much!!!

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I listened to the Bloodsucker Proxy Variant yesterday and what really struck me is how much Frank and Sadie seem to genuinely like Michelle–which, of course they would since her parents are two of the very few people in their very small circle. But I wonder how that would mesh with their virtual ignorance about what to do with children.

Like, Donna mentions to Sadie that Michelle’s birthday is coming up and it’s like:

“Frank, we simply must get a present for Michelle Henderson.”

“Sadie, do we know a Michelle Henderson?”

“Of course we do! Daughter of our dear friends, Dave and Donna Henderson.”

“Hmm. Rings a bell.”

“And, as a result, is half werewolf and half vampire.”

“Nearly there.”

“When she was teething, she helped us pop the cork off of a particularly tricky to open bottle of champagne with her baby fangs.”

“Michelle Henderson!”

So, of course, they have to get her a top shelf present which, to them, means a top shelf bottle of something alcoholic. 

Donna is amused but not very surprised to open the obviously bottle shaped present that arrives from the Doyles, two days before Michelle’s birthday.

The Doyles’ phone rings and it’s Donna.

“Good effort but Michelle is turning three.”

“I don’t understand the correlation.”

“Try something chocolate.”

The next day, another bottle shaped present arrives. Chocolate liqueur.

Phone rings.

“So nearly there.”

“Donna darling, why don’t you just tell me what she drinks?”

“Apple juice. She’s turning three.”

Pause. “Apple juice?”


“As in the food?” Obvious distaste.

“Look, Sadie. I appreciate the thought but–”

“No! Stop it. Sadie saves the day. I’ve fixed everything, don’t you worry about a thing.”

Donna sighs as Sadie abruptly hangs up the phone.

The next day, around sundown, a deliveryman shows up with a package–not bottle shaped which is promising. Even more promising is the strong chocolate smell coming from the box. She opens it up and it’s four huge cupcakes, piled high with frosting. From some upscale bakery from the look of the gilded label which–incidentally–reads: Liquor Infused Chocolate Cupcakes

Sadie’s boarding school perfected handwriting is on the attached card:

Baby steps as it were. Consider this a raincheck until she’s old enough to have a proper drink with us in four or five years.

Love, Uncle Frank and Aunt Sadie

Donna makes a sound that’s halfway between a sigh and a snort of laughter. That’s gonna be one hell of an 8th birthday.

“I love you, Dean.”

The words come easily to Castiel, naturally, and he smiles to himself as he curls up against Dean’s side, resting his head against Dean’s shoulder. For an angel who doesn’t require sleep, Castiel sure spends a lot of time in Dean Winchester’s bed. Dean’s hand, previously fumbling with Castiel’s hair, freezes when Castiel speaks.

He hears Dean’s breathing stutter before it picks up its pace, can feel Dean’s heart beating faster against his palm where his hand is resting on Dean’s chest. Castiel knows; Dean will always be afraid to say it out loud. And Cas doesn’t mind, because he knows that Dean not saying it, doesn’t mean that he isn’t feeling it. Still, he can sense the guilt coming off of Dean in waves whenever those three simple words are being said to him. But Castiel can’t stop himself from saying them at any given chance anyway, because they’re true.

Lifting his chin a little, the angel sees how soft green eyes are blankly staring up at the ceiling, afraid to look at Castiel.

“It’s alright… We’ve talked about this, you know I understand.” Castiel soothes him, brushing his lips against Dean’s jaw.

Dean lets out a breath, and two arms are suddenly pulling Castiel in, warm and safe. Castiel kisses Dean’s bare shoulder, and Dean gradually relaxes, nuzzling Castiel’s hair.

Castiel doesn’t expect Dean to speak, and Dean doesn’t. He suspects that Dean is about to doze off, when out of the blue, he feels it. An intense wave of longing, taking him by surprise, tugging at his grace, as if desperately begging him to understand something.

Dean is praying, much to Castiel’s confusion. The angel is still recovering from the impact of Dean’s soul calling out to him from that close, when words start tumbling around in his head, until he receives a message, loud and clear.

‘Cas I… I’m always gonna need you and I… I love you. So much that it scares me.’

This time, it’s Castiel who can’t speak out loud, a lump in his throat, his eyes prickling. He feels how Dean’s grip on him gets even tighter when he uses their connection to send Dean a silent message in return, carefully whispering the words in Dean’s mind.

‘I know, Dean… I’ve always known.’