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Grif is struggling but so is Locus.

Just help him out, dude.

@telekinetic-pony had this wonderful idea and I couldn’t help but to draw it.

Things that I daydream about from time to time since finding out/seeing that Beca and Chloe share a studio apartment (with Fat Amy)..

Over the three(?) years:

  • How often do you think Chloe cooked for Beca?
  • How many sticky notes with positive quotes written on them by Chloe were left in Beca’s handbag?
  • How often did Chloe make Beca a pack-up for lunch?
  • How often did Beca forget it?
  • How often did Beca and Chloe accidentally brush their bodies against one another in bed?
  • How long did it take for them not to care about the way they accidentally brushed their bodies against one another in bed?
  • How much money did Chloe contribute to rent/bills or did Beca pay for it all so Chloe could concentrate on her upcoming entry exams for Vet School?
  • How often did Beca help Chloe revise?
  • How often did they get drunk at home together?
  • How many Netflix shows did they watch together curled up in their little fold-out bed?
  • How often did they bicker over things? (ie who should wash the bedsheets, Chloe taking her socks off in bed during the night, Beca not washing anything up)
  • How many nights did Chloe stay up awake until Beca finally got home from work?
  • How crazy did Chloe go to celebrate Beca’s birthdays?
  • How much extra effort did Beca go to to make sure Chloe had at least a cake (from her favourite bakery) on her birthdays?
  • How did they decide what sort of bedding to have?
  • How many times did Beca come home to find yet another Chloe-impulse-buy Yankee candle?
  • How many hours/days did Beca cry over the end of her relationship with Jesse?
  • How did Chloe comfort her?
  • How many times did Beca have to comfort Chloe after a failed date?
  • How many times did Beca roll her eyes because Chloe went OTT mushy whenever she saw a picture of a dog on instagram?
  • How many visits from their respective families did they have?
  • How many times did Chloe plait Beca’s hair?
  • How many times did they cuddle in bed to keep warm?
  • How many times did Chloe nag Beca like a wife?
  • How many times did Beca sigh?
  • How many times did they go out drinking/partying?
  • How did Beca get Chloe home after a night out?
  • How did Chloe get Beca home after a night out??
  • How many things did they sign up for because it was a ‘great deal’/‘great savings’ even though it was a couples discount?
  • How did Beca find out exactly what sort of chocolates Chloe likes/doesn’t like?
  • How many ‘cups’ does Chloe have stashed away in the apartment?
  • How many times did they lay in bed together, stare at the ceiling, and reminisce about their time at Barden and their time with the Bellas?
  • How often did they both read what was happening on The Bellas Whatsapp group whilst sat side-by-side?
  • How often did The Bellas joke that Beca & Chloe were a couple?
  • How often did Beca and/or Chloe just rolls their eyes but not reject the joke?
  • How many items have Beca and Chloe shared?
  • Have they made that pact which states that if they’re still single by the time they’re 40 they’ll just marry each other instead?
  • Have they discussed their favourite baby names?
  • Did Chloe wear Beca down so much that she now also loves dogs and tags Chloe in every dog meme/dog photo she finds on Instagram, grinning whenever she hears Chloe squeal in delight?

Those are just the tip of the iceberg 😅 excuse my imagination and the idea that all of those are liable one-shot prompts 🙈



THIS is one of the core messages of the series that I connect with really strongly, and I adore that it comes up so early.

In so many other stories someone will die to protect someone else and it’s treated like a great and noble thing - and yes, protecting others is always worthwhile, but if you die in the process you defeat the entire purpose. One of you is still dying, and destroying the other person emotionally in the process.

It’s the kind of message you don’t expect in a story about ninjas who are trained to kill without holding back, and yet this is EXACTLY the story it should be in. Throwing your life away serves a short time goal, but it devalues your life so much in the process - and how does that help the other person, who wanted very much for you to keep on living?



Finally completed my redesign of the Markil fusion/lovechild. I tried to land her color scheme in the middle of those two (ergo the purples and such).

I like to imagine that she’s something of a deva with a passive aggressive tendency and a serious flair for the dramatic. The rebellion has not been removed by any means but she is one hell of a boss for the ones that stick around. Also you can bet your butt that blue pouch is full of eldritch glitter ✨

The next mashup in the running is Markus and Thog so this should be interesting! I want to try and put one out every Thursday as a Thrilling Thursday kinda thing (please ignore the late release haha) and once the two I already have lined up have been finished and posted I’ll start putting out polls for the next fusion. These will be less actual children and more a mixture of their appearances and personalities (: