Saturday Night Live will kick off its live-coast-to-coast shows next month with Harry Styles as musical guest for the Jimmy Fallon-hosted April 15 show. Styles, who rose to fame as one-fifth of One Direction — the British boy band that has assaulted pop charts around the world during the 2010s — is making his feature acting debut with a role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Dunkirk and might show off those chops in some skits.

Fallon’s previously announced hosting gig will mark the Tonight Show star’s third time fronting NBC’s SNL, following his six-season run as a castmember from 1998-2004. His appearance coincides with the launch of  “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon,” a thrill ride set to open April 6 at Universal Orlando Resort.

SNL said this month that it will wrap its 41st season with an unprecedented run of four episodes airing live in all four U.S. time zones.


This week, we try the world’s tallest slingshot (so conveniently located in Orlando). It goes over 300 feet high (with possibility to go about 400 feet as well for the more intense version) and it was something that Ray was absolutely terrified to do. Hilarity ensues. 

the junkertown mech fights are held at the center of a carnival theme park the junkers built near the omnium. they stole a bunch of fair rides and set them up out there. it’s usually not running, because it takes a lot of power. but when there’s excess from wind storms, or when it’s particularly sunny, or if the junkers steal a tanker full of fuel, they’ll rev up the rest of the carnival rides on the next holiday.

there are also some junker-built thrill rides. children are not allowed to ride those. they have show that consists of a junk-ified roller coaster smashing into scrap at full speed to compact it, before it’s melted down.

junkrat… was a carnival clown.

Just to be clear: that’s 40 years later, and Don is still telling this story. Forty. Years.

Needless to say, he had the last laugh.