Gotham S4 Preview is AMAZING!

It won’t be seen by most Gotham fans for another two days until the Gotham panel on Saturday. But I went to The 5th Annual Musical Anatomy of a Superhero panel today and they showed clips from all the shows represented at the panel. David Russo, who is the composer on Gotham, was there. I got into the room just after they finished showing Gotham’s intro, so I don’t know what they showed for that video, but I could hear the familiar music as I was getting my bag checked. But then they also showed the S4 trailer as part of his introduction later.

MAJOR Spoilers Below……………….Stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled! Also adding a “keep reading” just in case.

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tonight we saw

  • the hardy boys return and win the raw tag team titles
  • nikki and john get engaged
  • stephanie mcmahon go through a table
  • naomi become a 2x smackdown women’s champion in her hometown
  • the smackdown women go on second to last
  • jim ross back on the commentary table for taker vs roman
  • and undetaker most likely have his final match

say what you want about wrestlemania 33 but it truly was the ultimate thrill ride


MOTOR CRUSH is motor crush-ing it! Don’t miss the third installment of this neon pink, high octane, babes-on-bikes sci-fi thrill ride from Fletcher, Stewart, and Tarr!

All hope of winning the World Grand Prix is lost unless Domino can convince ace mechanic Lola to rejoin Team Swift, but another Cannonball street battle puts everything in jeopardy. Featuring part three of “ISOLA: PROLOGUE” by BRENDEN FLETCHER & KARL KERSCHL!


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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 7,501 (ok kinda sorry)

Warnings: angst!, a tiny bit of violence, swear words, alcohol

Summary: Being Bucky’s best friend (after Steve of course) gets a lot of perks - but being in love with him WHILE being his best friend means that your adoration must be kept a secret. That also means you have to silently endure every single encounter with women he has whether he tells you or you see it for yourself.

A/N: So this one shot is based on the Amy Shark song “Adore You” (she speaks to me on so many levels!) and I just really wanted a Bucky fic for it because he’d be absolutely clueless to someone adoring him like this…I also kind of skipped over the “oh look at him I’m in love with him” fluffy stuff and I just focused on the couple of days leading up to the point reader can’t take it anymore. I like the angst - it fuels me *evil laugh*

Y/F/I = Your First Initial

I’m just gonna stand with my bag hanging off my left arm

I’m just gonna walk home kicking stones at parked cars

But I had a great night ‘cause you kept rubbing against my arm

I’m just gonna stand with my bag hanging off my left arm

You hugged Wanda and Nat, giving small waves to the boys, before turning to Bucky. 

“Hey B, I’m going to head back to the tower. The mission took a bigger toll on me than I thought.” You made a show of rubbing your neck, hoping the sadness in your eyes would be mistaken for exhaustion.

Bucky turned away from the young, curvy brunette tucked under his arm, his smile fading as his eyes scanned over you with concern. He didn’t move away from her, nor did you move any closer, instead you gripped the strap of your bag hard, until your knuckles were white, in an effort to ignore the pain radiating through your chest.

“Are you sure? Did you want me to come with you?”

You gave serious thought to saying yes, knowing he’d probably give the woman a kiss and get her phone number before following you out of the bar, talking your ear off about how she was this and that. All the while, you would be fighting the anger and nausea bubbling up your throat, fighting back the urge to scream at him to shut up about her and every other woman, just fighting to keep your face neutral as you listened to the love of your life pine after any and every other woman but you.

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thrill ride

[Thursday, June 15th, 2017. 10:52 p.m.]

i rebelled with little lies,
like kissing the water fountain
when i asked to use the restroom,
or when i denied that it was i
who gifted jasmine with the heartshaped
box of chocolates. justin said
it was he who bestowed them on her instead.
i hated him, his epilepsy, his bleeding eyes,
his refusal to give me a present
despite being my secret santa.
ten years old and already hateful. how laughable.
how pitiful. soon i will be hot in santa ana,
but back then i was willing to sit in the shade
of garbage cans with prison bars,
in front of mary statues, sit there quietly
and rot.
it was a fleeting love, but it was love all the same,
and i never learned the lesson not to love the insane.
more glibly, never stick my dick in crazy.
i haven’t done it lately - this lady was okay,
just odd and there, no underwear, no fear.
i didn’t get her name.
i will read the gadfly soon while sandra
burns her robe. i promised myself
that if i were being honest, i would allow myself
one sliver of hope. but i have not been honest.
i am not concerned with a body count,
the notches, tally marks, the gloat;
i look at marc and juliet, romance on the river,
brown happiness on a boat;
i see proposals and engagements,
reluctant grins and candid snaps.
i see opportunities in front of me,
nude and beckoning, perpetually out of my grasp.
so this is a new life. a thrill ride, a rollercoaster,
me barely strapped in while i’m effortlessly
tossed around. so this is what i embraced.
so this is what i chased.
and alone, as usual, i succumb to the result:
yet another bond that i must break
if i am to breathe. if i am to wake.

Saturday Night Live will kick off its live-coast-to-coast shows next month with Harry Styles as musical guest for the Jimmy Fallon-hosted April 15 show. Styles, who rose to fame as one-fifth of One Direction — the British boy band that has assaulted pop charts around the world during the 2010s — is making his feature acting debut with a role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Dunkirk and might show off those chops in some skits.

Fallon’s previously announced hosting gig will mark the Tonight Show star’s third time fronting NBC’s SNL, following his six-season run as a castmember from 1998-2004. His appearance coincides with the launch of  “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon,” a thrill ride set to open April 6 at Universal Orlando Resort.

SNL said this month that it will wrap its 41st season with an unprecedented run of four episodes airing live in all four U.S. time zones.


This week, we try the world’s tallest slingshot (so conveniently located in Orlando). It goes over 300 feet high (with possibility to go about 400 feet as well for the more intense version) and it was something that Ray was absolutely terrified to do. Hilarity ensues. 

i am not a prince, sasuke states matter-of-factly, or a lord. i hold no position or land - i can give you nothing of which you deserve. even my family name -

he stops abruptly and sakura’s heart breaks for him, because who in the kingdom has not heard tell of the house of uchiha and its fall from grace - of the family’s collective treason, its execution, how one young boy survived only because he had lived his six years blissfully unaware - ?

i am but a palace guard, sasuke continues.

you are guard to the prince himself, sakura corrects. and, i don’t care. not a bit. you may not be noble by birth or by name, but your character surpasses that of any title you could hold. 

she smiles brightly at him, fierce and stubborn to a fault. i choose us, okay? so, there.

she turns and pulls him along the path, and sasuke wonders, again, how this girl could give him such hope when there is so very little of it left in his eyes. he thinks:

(if you are the sun in my world, then i am no more than the pale moonlight reflected by you)

i spent so much time on this i’m mostly glad to just be done with it orz
(i’ve also recently watched the entirety of downton abbey it was a thrilling ride)

55 years later and Dennis is still telling the mattress story.

55 years.

(with thanks to brigidichka over on Twitter for this top-notch thrill ride of a letter!)

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Fic Prompt: The rangers are at the Beach Boardwalk for a day off and they all want to go on a roller coaster but Trini's too short to ride so Kim jokingly decides that the two of them will go on the Tunnel of Love instead. Cue Kim and Trini on a swan shaped boat in the cheesiest ride possible and Kim loving every minute of it while Trini is just malfunctioning from so much gayness lmaooo

I got this prompt forever ago and didn’t even realize it! This kinda got a little away from me but I think it’s okay. Hope you enjoy it!

It’s Zack’s idea to get out of Angel Grove for a little R&R and it’s Kim’s idea to drive down to Santa Cruz for a beach day, but it’s Billy’s idea to hit up the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for some much needed fun and games. And can anyone really say no to Billy? Jason drives while Trini mans the aux cord.

When they get there the rangers spend the morning walking through the vendor’s tents and playing games. (Jason is definitely pouting after losing several rounds at the ring toss, but ends up grinning ear to ear when he wins a giant teddy bear at the ‘test your strength’ hammer game. No one comments on his subtle use of ranger strength or his obvious blush as he gives the bear to Billy who wiggles happily before pulling their fearless leader in for a hug).

They stop for lunch around noon and end up filling an entire picnic table with an assortment of boardwalk delicacies (two pizzas, five burgers, nine funnel cakes, three bags of cotton candy, two plates of fries, and a twelve pack of Dr. Pepper). The looks on the surrounding patrons faces as the five of them polish off everything in a matter of minutes is flat out comical.

They dedicate the afternoon to rides. Thankfully they’re moving through the lines fairly quickly so they decide to start on the smaller rides before making their way up to the bigger and faster thrill rides. The only ride they have yet to go on is the Giant Dipper, a wooden roller coaster that twists and races through the turns so quickly you think you’ll go flying out of your seat. The thing looks pretty awesome. There’s just one problem…

“Hijo de puta!” Trini curses at the height indication sign dangling two inches above her head. She kicks the metal pole, not hard enough to dent it, but enough to earn a glare from the watching ride attendant. Trini shoots the guy a glare in return before Jason gently pulls her off to the side with everyone else.

“Aw, it’s okay T. One day when you grow up you’ll be as tall as the rest of us!”

Trini growls and swipes at Jason who neatly hops out of her radius. Zack snickers and holds up his hand for a high five.

Kim rolls her eyes. “Come on you two. Making fun of Trini’s shortness? How belittling.”

Trini snarls at the other girl but Kim merely smiles back and wraps her arms around the shorter girl’s neck, pulling the littlest ranger into her chest and smothering her. Trini thanks her lucky Zords no one can see how red her face suddenly gets.

“It’s okay Trini. We can just skip this one.” Billy says, squishing his teddy bear much like Kim was doing to her.

Trini pulls her head as far back as Kim allows, spitting out a piece of her hair and giving Billy a sympathetic smile. “Thanks B, but you guys should go ahead. I don’t want to spoil this for all of you.”

“I’ll wait with you,” Kim says, finally releasing Trini from her hug-hold and reaching to hold her hand instead, squeezing it lightly.

“Y-you don’t have to do that.” Trini winces at how high her voice sounds and at the way her words trip up. The heat must really be getting to her head now; probably why her cheeks feel like they’re burning up as well. Because it certainly has nothing to do with her insanely gorgeous best-friend currently holding her hand and smiling her mega-watt grin at her.

No. Not in the slightest.

“Come on Trin. The coaster’s a three-seater anyways, so this works out perfectly. The boys will go on the ride and we’ll hang out while we wait. Just the two of us.” Kim winks and Trini feels her knees wobble. Zack has this shit-eating grin plastered on his face and looks like he’s about to make some kind of comment that’ll really make Trini’s cheeks burn, but she beats him to the punch—literally, she punches him in the gut before pulling Kim in the opposite direction as the guys.

“Uh, yeah. Okay, sure. Let’s just- um, yup.” (Trini Gomez: the suave-iest ladies-lady).

The boys jump on the end of the line while the girls wander back through the games and the smaller rides, most of which they’d done already. Kim points out a few things, making a joke every so often, but the little yellow ranger can hardly focus on what’s happening around them because she’s trying her damnedest not to freak out over the fact that Kim’s still holding her hand.

But it’s not like they haven’t held hands before, because they have; such an action was essentially a daily requirement, a stipulation of being friends with Kimberly Hart. As far as Trini has gathered, Kim loves physical contact and isn’t shy about initiating it either.

The first time Kim and her held hand was about a week after Rita’s attack. They were sitting together in biology, working on a project, when the fire alarm went off. Everyone had jumped, not expecting the piercing wail in the otherwise quiet classroom, and Trini felt Kim’s hand clamp down tightly on her own. Her eyes looked wild and she was breathing too hard, too fast. Trini glanced at the iron grip Kim had on her hand and noticed the tell-tale signs of Kim’s pink armor wrapping around her wrist.

Their teacher ushered everyone out of the room and Trini kept to Kim’s side, not that Kim’s hold on her would have allowed her to go anywhere else. Luckily their hands remained hidden between the two of them and it wasn’t until they were outside and as far away from the growing crowd did Kim’s grip ease up and she started to relax. And it wasn’t until they were told they could go back inside did Kim finally let go of Trini’s hand.

Now Trini can understand the need for contact in that kind of situation. Kim was scared and need a little comforting. What Trini can’t wrap her head around is the gradual increase in touching Kim does after that incident. Little brushes as they walk to class. Occasionally leaning on her during breaks in training. Playing with Trini’s hair while they studied together. Cuddling up on the couch for ranger movie marathons. And hugging. Lots of hugging apparently.

You know, things platonic besties do.

And it’s not like Trini has ever experienced this kind of thing with other friends, because she’s never had a friend close enough to do this with. And it’s not like she can just flat out ask Kim if it’s normal for friends to be this affectionate with each other… that’ll just make her sound weird.

But in all honesty, Trini doesn’t really mind it. Kind of likes it, in fact (which just makes her an even bigger creep than she already feels like) but it’s not like her family shows a lot of love physically, and it’s been a while since she’s hugged another human being, so sue her if she likes it when Kim wraps her up in one every now and again.

But of course that’s not the end of it. That’s really only the beginning because Trini’s just one big gay mess of emotions and feelings, and Kimberly Hart is beautiful and loveable and absolutely amazing, so is it really a surprise to anyone when she starts crushing on her?

Apparently not, at least according to Zack who had dragged her off after training one day for a little “bro bonding” and had essentially called her out on staring at Kim’s ass all practice, which like, yeah guilty as charged, but in her defense Kim had been wearing spandex… just spandex. Trini’s surprised she was cognizant enough to even punch that day.

That isn’t to say she’s always functional when Kim is being especially… Kimberly. Trini had almost face planted in the parking lot at school once when Kim had shown up wearing the tiniest skirt known to man. She even had the audacity to wink at her before walking into the building with a little more sway in her hips (not that Trini had noticed) (she totally did). Or the time she’d accidentally put a hole in the wall of the ship when she’d accidentally walked into Kim’s cabin while she had been changing and Kim had asked if she saw anything she liked (which like… duh).

And let’s not forget the movie night Jason had picked out The Conjuring and Kim had curled into her side and hid her face in her neck for just about the entire movie. And had then proceeded to sleepover for three additional weeks because she’s was too scared to sleep alone. Trini hadn’t gotten much sleep those three weeks, not while Kim was pressed against her side and breathing softly into the back of her neck.

But lately, Trini’s noticed something else going on. Something changing. Or maybe she really is just crazy and it’s nothing at all, but she swears that Kim’s been extra clingy and extra affectionate towards her recently. Their casual coffee dates and sleepovers suddenly feel charged, like at any moment something monumental is supposed to happen. Trini can feel it in the way they talk, how naturally their conversations flow and how long they last, but she feels it prominently in the pauses, the comfortable silences where they just stare at each other. And Trini’s desperate to ask Kim if she feels it too, the static in the air around them, between them, but then the moment passes and the feeling slips into the background once more, not noticeable but always present.

And Trini’s kind of terrified, she’ll admit to that at least. Because she’s known she’s been in love with Kim for months now, but she’s also fairly certain Kim would never see her as more than a friend. Trini’s ninety… well, okay, eigh… sev… at least fifty percent sure Kim’s straight (and quite possibly into Jason) but Trini isn’t going to take any chances. Not with those odds. Not when there’s too much at stake, so much to lose if it all goes wrong. Kim could reject her, or laugh at her, or what if her confession makes Kim uncomfortable and she loses her best-friend? And then what would happen to the Power Rangers?

She can’t risk everything they’ve built together. So Trini’s just going to take deep breaths and idly twiddle her thumbs and pretend like she’s perfectly content with being Kim’s platonic best friend. And pretend like she’s not absolutely in love with her. And Trini will just have to pick up the pieces of her heart, the pieces Kim has managed to take from her and write her initials all over, when Kim eventually stops holding them.

“Will you quit brooding and answer me?”

Trini shakes her head, her attention snapping back to the present. “Uh- I’m sorry, what was that?”

Kim playfully rolls her eyes. “I asked you if you wanted to play some more games and get some food. Or we can go on something we haven’t gone on yet.”

“But we’ve been on all the rides.”

“Well… we haven’t gone on that one.” Kim points to a small line leading down to what looks like a water ride with white swan-shaped boats. Trini reads the sign over the entrance and throws her head back laughing.

“Oh fuck no.”

“What? We haven’t been on it and you’re actually tall enough for it. Come on!” Using a bit of ranger strength Kim pulls a now protesting Trini into the line beside her.

“Wait, you’re not serious right?”

Kim smirks, nodding vigorously. “Absolutely.”

“But- Kim wait, this is… I-I don’t… don’t-”

“You don’t want to go in the Tunnel of Love with me?” Kim turns to Trini, pushing her lower lip into a pout and widening her eyes so she looks perfectly pitiful.

Ah shit. Kim knows Trini’s such a sucker for the ‘puppy dog face’ (really she’s just a sucker for Kimberly) because whenever Kim pouts, Trini caves. Every. Fucking. Time. One of these days she’ll build up a tolerance to that look—but really, who is she trying to kid? The only thing that could possibly make this any worse would be-

“Please? For me?”

Fuck. Okay now that’s just cheating.

Trini gulps, feeling an army of putties suddenly come to life in her stomach. Her palms suddenly feel like she stuck them under a faucet and she has to remind herself that there’s no way Kim can hear how fast her heart is beating with this many people around.

This is bad. This is so bad.

“How many?”

Kim spins to face the employee running the ride, pout gone and chipper grin in place. “Two please!”

The woman ushers them into a small white swan just pulling up to the loading dock and Trini has just enough time to realize she didn’t actually agree to this before she’s pulled into the boat and heading down a lazy river.

Mercifully Kim had released her hand when they had sat down so now Trini is as far over on the bench as she can get, putting a sizeable distance between herself and Kim. “I can’t believe you made me do this,” she laments, crossing her arms over her chest and schooling her features to look as annoyed as possible, because she’s definitely freaking out a little under the surface. Trini’s convinced this is what a gay panic feels like.

Best-friend, best-friend, she’s your straight best-friend! Get it together Gomez!

But Kim doesn’t seem to mind or thankfully acknowledge Trini’s odd behavior. Instead she smiles and sticks her tongue out, relaxing into her seat as they wait to enter the tunnel. “Oh please. Knowing you, you’ll pretend to hate it but actually love it because you’re such a softie.”

Trini growls, low and mischievous, and Kim squeals as Trini’s fingers dig into her side. The swan sloshes a little and the couple in front of them turn to glance at the commotion. The girls separate with identical grins.

“I’ll get you for that one Hart.”

“Bring it on babe.”

One word. One word is all it takes and suddenly Trini’s practically melting into a gay puddle in her seat. Quickly she turns into her side of the bench, mostly so Kim won’t see her all flustered and blushing, but also so she won’t see the dare in Kim’s smirk or the glint in her eyes and suddenly forget how to do the simplest things like breathe.

But it would seem Trini’s efforts to distance herself from the other girl were simply all in vain because as soon as their boat passes beneath the archway and into the dark, Trini feels Kim press tightly into her side and one of her hands land on her knee.

(Trini.exe has stopped working).

“This is exciting. I’ve never been on one of these before. Oh look!” But Trini barely registers whatever it is that Kim’s pointing at, too preoccupied with restoring her mental faculties, which is proving to be really difficult with the distracting weight of Kim’s hand on her knee. Trini’s pulse is thundering in her ears, muting the rides soft music playing overhead, and she forces herself to take calm, even breaths.

It’s fine. Everything is fine. Kim is just a touchy-feely person, which is not news to her, and it doesn’t have to mean anything, even if the warmth radiating from Kim’s hand is making her head spin and her heart palpitate… but it’s fine, she’s totally cool with this, with the romantic lighting and the music and Kim leaning into her side and whispering something into her ear, her breath tickling the sensitive skin and making Trini shiver and how long is this fucking ride?!

Trini isn’t sure how long she spends trying to calm herself down—somewhere between a minute and an eternity—but she’s been so focused on remaining outwardly collected that she hardly registers when Kim grows quiet. She’s only partly aware of Kim reclining back in her seat but she’s fully aware of when Kim removes her hand from Trini’s leg, and she tells herself to ignore the slight tingle of disappointment because it’s probably much better for her sanity anyways.

But then Kim yawns.

And it’s like the world suddenly slows and time stops and Trini’s sure she’s hallucinating because there is just no way

Kim yawns, loud and exaggerated, raising both arms over her head as she stretches unnecessarily, and she leans into Trini just the tiniest bit so that when she brings her arms back down, one comes to rest across Trini’s shoulders. Trini’s head snaps towards Kim, befuddled and incredulous, almost positive she’s crossed into the Twilight Zone and half expecting to see Lady Gaga sitting next to her, but there’s just Kim.

Kim who’s extremely close and smiling down at her, all soft edges and warm inviting lips, eyes darting across Trini’s face before resting on her mouth, eyelids dropping, leaning in…

Trini vaults forward, rocking the boat a little, and Kim’s arm falls away from her shoulders. The movement startles the other girl into pulling away, but only slightly. Trini spins to face her fellow ranger, jaw lost somewhere by their feet. “Did you just-”

Kim’s smile falters. “O-oh… well I just- um…” Kim swallows and her cheeks grow as pink as her suit, tussling her hair and gnawing on her lower lip, both ticks Trini knows are a sign that Kim’s nervous. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I just thought… w-well, this is all pretty romantic, you know? And I’ve been trying to- I mean, I’ve kind of had a…” Kim huffs, dragging her hand down her face in frustration. “Okay, yeah so, Trini I-”

“Are you hitting on me?” Trini doesn’t realize her thoughts were voiced until Kim looks back up at her, a surprised arch in her brow, and she feels her body flush from head to toe.

But then Kim levels her with a look that makes Trini’s heart leap into her throat when she quietly mutters, “I’m trying to.”


Well, guess you learn something new every day.

Kim leans forward, slowly and a bit cautiously, like she’s afraid touching Trini again will make her pull back even more, and she carefully lays one hand over Trini’s and the other reaches out to softly cup her jaw. Trini swallows hard, sure that at any second she’s going to wake up in the hospital having passed out from heat exhaustion and all of this will just turn into some fevered dream.

But Kim’s hands are warm and solid and Trini really, really hopes she isn’t dreaming.

“Trin, I like you. I’m- not the best at being direct, but this is me trying to, at least. Because you make me feel, geez I don’t know, everything. Like I’m actually kind of worth it? Worth this, whatever you want this to be. If you want this? Because for the longest time I’ve just wanted to… well, I was wondering… or if I could take you- I mean if you’d honor me with- no, wait let me start over. Trini-”

Trini doesn’t remember telling her body to lean into Kim or telling her chin to tilt up, her nose brushing against Kim’s, the other girl’s eyes widening and both of them gasping, or telling her eyes to slip shut as Kim’s lips skim along hers…

But hey, she’s certainly not complaining.

Trini’s never been a fan of clichés. The whole “fireworks exploding behind the eyelids” thing just always sounded way too corny for her tastes.

What she will admit to, though, is the way Kim’s lips make her feel like her insides are made of cotton, how the kiss is soft and steady and warm. That it feels like she’s morphing for the first time all over again because it just feels so natural. So right.

There’s a bright flash and Trini thinks she should give that whole “fireworks” trope more credit than she originally thought, but then Kim adjusts the angle so their kisses are deeper, and fuller, and Trini moans embarrassingly loud, because holy fuck Kimberly Hart is a good fucking kisser. But the affect the noise has on Kim is instantaneous and thrilling because now both her hands are in Trini’s hair, anchored there and pulling her in tightly, and when Kim gently licks at her bottom lip and into her mouth, Trini feels herself implode.

They pull back a minute later, slightly breathless and smiling like crazy. “Wow,” Kim rasps and Trini wants to groan as the sound sends electricity zipping through her veins.

“Yeah. Wow.” And Trini can’t help the small giggle bubbling in her throat, but it’s contagious because now they’re both laughing, light and heartfelt. It’s kind of perfect.

“Alright! Watch your hands and feet as you exit the swan. Make sure you have all your belongings. And will the girls kissing in swan 4 please exit the bird? Thank-you.”

Kim smiles, wide and just a little bit smug, and Trini has to forcibly yank the other ranger from the boat. And now they’re back to holding hands, only this time Trini isn’t panicking; she’s too frickin ecstatic to be.

They reach the exit where a few other riders are milling about by the photo booth, examining the pictures taken from the ride. They spot the boys then. Or at least what’s left of them. Jason’s shirt is ripped down the middle and Billy’s bear is missing it’s head. Zack looks decent enough except he’s soaked to the bone and still dripping.

“What the hell happened to you guys?” Kim asks while Trini reaches up with her free hand to playfully ruffle Zack’s hair.

Jason sighs, exasperated. “Don’t ask. Just know we didn’t get to ride the coaster and Zack nearly go us all killed.”

“Hey! How was I supposed to know that kid’s dad was a professional MMA fighter? And you know I almost had that kid too!” Zack defends, batting Trini’s hand away.

“Zack he was four.”


Jason grunts, looking ready to throttle Zack so Billy quickly interjects. “So what about you girls? What did you do?”

Kim and Trini share a look and Trini feels her cheeks warm as Kim’s smile triples in size and smugness. “Oh you know,” she says nonchalantly as she pulls Trini into her side and wraps her arm around her waist, “just went on a ride. Had some fun.”

The boys look well beyond confused, but then something catches Zack’s eye and suddenly they’re widening to the size of dinner plates. He slaps Jason’s arm repeatedly to garner the boy’s attention, gesturing at the photo booth and sputtering. The rest of the gang look to what he’s pointing at and suddenly Trini’s whole body flushes. The picture being displayed on one of the screens is of Kim and Trini kissing, quite heavily in fact.

“Huh,” Jason says, a crooked smile on his lips. “Took you guys long enough.”

“YASS!” Zack has now transitioned from hitting Jason to jumping around like a lunatic. “My OTP is CANON!” He pauses to look at the group before racing for the photo booth. The poor kid behind the counter looks pleasantly surprised by Zack practically throwing himself onto the countertop, pointing at the picture on the screen before it has a chance to fade away. He comes back a few minutes later, three pictures in hand. “One for each of you, and one for me.”

“I’m happy for you guys,” Billy says. Trini smiles as she leans back into Kim’s shoulder, feeling dopey and light as Kim nuzzles her neck and tightens her grip on her waist. Zack thumps Jason’s back a little too enthusiastically, making the red ranger wheeze.

A sudden pop in the distance makes the rangers tense up, but their instincts are put at ease when a boom follows and the diming sky lights up with an array of colors. Billy squeals and claps excitedly, asking Jason if they can run down to the beach for a better view and taking off before he even agrees. Jason laughs heartily before meeting Zack’s eye and suddenly they’re both sprinting after Billy, shoving at one another and trying to trip the other up.

Trini shakes her head. “Our boys.”

Kim hums, shifting a little to loop both arms around Trini and hold her from behind, nose buried in the crook of her neck. “Our boys indeed.”

“Should we follow them?”

“In a minute. I’m quite happy with the view from right here.”

“Oh?” Trini asks, turning in Kim’s arms so that they’re facing each other, resting her hands on Kim’s shoulders. “How’s this view?”

Kim chuckles, leaning in to rest her forehead against Trini’s. “Beautiful.”

They’re kissing once more, soft and slow and sure, and this time Trini really does see fireworks.

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Do you know any good BTS stories? Not necessarily with parings, but with a good storyline nonetheless.

I only read pairing fics so I hope you don’t mind that! The ones I list below are mostly long-chaptered fics that I love to death and just, they’re amazing. 

Golden Boy AO3, Completed, Namkook, this was a roller coaster ride by it’s amazing from the plot to the character development (even through smut), volleyball au (slight age gap if I remember correctly).

I know I’ll fall in love with you, baby AO3, Completed, Sugakookie, one of my absolute favorites and everything about this fic is incredible, this is definitely a must-read, soulmate au. 

The night really were made for saying things you can’t say tomorrow day AO3, Oneshot, Sugakookie, this is one of those in-depth fics with beautiful writing that I fell in love with. 

Into Oblivion AO3, Completed, Jungkook/Everyone but it’s actually Taekook (it’s complicated), this was an emotional and thrilling ride the whole time, it’s not just smut it’s a story. 

How to Omega AO3, Complete, Sugakookie, a beloved fic that first got me into the ship, it’s not your usual abo and it’s refreshing. 

Ride out the storm with you AO3, Complete, Sugakookie, spy au, kind of slowburn but it’s so good. 

Forget Yesterday AO3, Complete, Sugakookie, you need an account to read this but if you’re able to, this is a very impactful fic, beware of trigger warnings though.

I Bloomed For You AO3, Incomplete, Taekook, hanahaki au, this is a rollercoaster ride of painful emotions but so worth it. 

On My Life (I Swear) AO3, Complete, Junghope, I loved the development of their relationship plus their character growth, a great read. 

Fall and Recover AO3, Complete, Junghope, this is part of a series and is pretty long so happy reading, dancer au, what I like about this is that they have a really healthy relationship (you’ll see what I mean). 

Dream Maker AO3, Complete, Jikook, following Jikook overcoming obstacles and pursuing their dreams, really heartwarming. 

Forever Young: Boy’s Side [Seokjin Walkthrough + Review] AO3, Complete, Jinkook, I will actually never stop gushing over how amazing this fic is, you’ll see what I mean when you read it but wow, it’s was enjoyable the whole time. 

Listen to my heart (can you hear it sing) AO3, Complete, Namjin/Sugakookie/ot7 dynamics too, abo au, you kind of hate Joonie at some points but please forgive him, he’s just confused, the angst was A+ here, plus you have some really nice sugakookie side action. 

I think this should be sufficient for now. These are all incredible reads and I hope you find something suitable!

Alter Egos (pt. 3)

(Parts 2)

Chase waits in the trunk… room… thing with a little dragon who brings him cookies and curls up in his lap like a kitten. The actual kitten sits on the floor and plays with his shoelaces as Chase giggles and drags his shoe along the floor for the little fur ball to scramble after. The Host appears at the top of the ladder a few minutes later, calling down, “The Host believes that it is now safe for Chase to come out.”

The young Ego crawls up the ladder carefully and climbs out with the help of Host. “Dude, you’re runnin’ a zoo here, not a library,” Chase says with a laugh.

Host smiles. “Yes, the Host enjoys the company of his small friends. They are… manageable, unlike the other Egos.” The Host gestures for Chase to follow him. “It would be advisable to leave before Anti and Dr. Schneeplestein come around looking again.”

Chase stops short, and his head drops. “It doesn’t matter, really. I’ll still have to go back with them when this is all over.” Chase feels the goosebumps rise on his arms, the choking sensation in his throat, and he shudders.

The Host notices his reactions and takes a step closer, stopping himself just before he reaches the now skittish young man. “Would you allow the Host access to your memories so that he could maybe help you with your problem?”

“D-does it hurt?” Chase asks softly. Host shakes his head, stops, and then shrugs. Chase chews on his bottom lip for a moment. “Ok, if you think it’ll help.”

Host gestures for Chase to take a seat at the small table with two chairs that he normally reserves for when Amy visits. Chase sits down nervously, fidgeting in the small and somewhat uncomfortable wooden chair as the Host settles down across from him. Host holds out his hands, and Chase continues to nibble at dried skin on his lip as he reaches forward. The moment their fingers touch, Host delves deep into the other man’s mind.

It’s like a crowded carnival of thrilling rides and shouting memories and a thousand different smells and sounds and colored lights. “The rides stop spinning, and the lights stop blinking as the Host slowly makes his way through the chaos. He eyes the different tents that he passes along the way until he spots one that sticks out from the rest. While the others are brightly colored—reds and blues and yellows—this tent is mostly black with hints of putrid, sickly green. That’s where he assumes he will find the memories of Anti and the Doctor.” Host steps towards that tent and finds the entrance sewn shut. “A pair of scissors appear in the Host’s hands, and he cuts away the threads that bind the tent shut.”

Chase whimpers as the tent’s flap slip open, but the Host shushes him, giving his hands a slight squeeze as he continues further. “The Host steps inside. It’s… very dark, lit with tubes of glowing green liquid where… severed eyes swim about and stare at the Host as he goes by. At the center of the tent…” The Host’s voice trails off. He doesn’t want to see this next part, but it’s too late now. “The Host finds the memory he’s been looking for.”

“Antisepticeye stands casually to the side, leaned against an unseen object and twiddling a dagger in his hands as the Doctor goes about his work. Chase Brody is strapped to an operating table… awake while the Doctor cuts into him.” Host stops altogether and nearly throws them both out of the trance to avoid the horrible sight, but he presses on. “The Host sees that Dr. Schneeplestein is… draining Chase’s blood. And he is replacing it with-with some of the luminescent green fluid. Anti asks how much longer it will take, but the Doctor says that such things take time. He says, ‘It takes time to make a—,” Host screams as he’s pulled from the trance by a pair of cold hands.

A knife if pressed to his throat, and Anti giggles madly. “Ah, ah, ah! Can’t have ya learning all my little secrets!”

Dr. Schneeplestein grabs for Chase, who is still in shock from having the Host in his mind, and Anti presses the blade against Host’s skin until he starts to bleed. “How much do you know, Hosty?”

The Host presses his lips together into a line and refuses to answer, but when Anti presses the knife deeper, he cries out in panic. “The Host doesn’t know anything! He only knows that the Doctor performed an operation on Chase, nothing more!”

Anti giggles and traces the tip of his tongue over his jagged teeth. “Well, then. I think that means ya know too much!” He’s about to finish the job when Dr. Schneeplestein gives a shout. He hadn’t noticed until now that Chase’s eyes had begun to glow a bright green, his blue irises standing out like sapphires. An explosion of green electricity erupts from Chase, expanding from him and attacking the Doctor and Anti. Both of them are thrown back several feet, and the Host, released from Anti’s grasp, starts to collapse.

With lightning speed, Chase catches the blind man who gasps and presses a hand to the cut on his throat. “You-you saved me…” Wilford Warfstache appears moments later, kneeling beside the Host and checking his injuries. When he sees that the Host will survive, that he’s able to speak, Wilford breathes a sigh of relief.

The pink Ego stares at Chase as the young man’s eyes start to fade back to normal, and Wilford smirks. “You’re a real hero, kid.”