“Look, back in the day, I… We… Well, we were all a bit stupid. Throwing a costume on a child and taking them along for a rich man’s thrill ride? I’m shocked none of us were ever arrested! But those were simpler times, when the worst you had to worry about was getting stuck in some pseudo death-trap.”
- Oliver Queen, Green Arrow (2001) #11

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Zodiac Day 5

I should be writing a paper for school right now but here i am ;3

Day 5: Favorite Scene:

…Dear lord….uhm…..

*sweating nervously*

So…The Torture Scene…Wandering Star certainly was a thrill ride of emotions huh? Pretty much everyone can agree that the breaking point of our souls was during that scene, when Nox is infiltrated by the Marad, Everyone is tied up, trying to fight back, the feeling of hopelessness we all felt. Deke and Twain falling to the ground, lifeless. Romina is so descriptive in the way she illustrates this scene in our minds. We saw every nail being pulled from Rho’s hand, and every gash that riser made in her arm. I don’t know how well those healing pods do their job, but i still want to know how shes healing after all that. I thought Zodiac was an amazing series before i read Wandering Star, but that scene and every one after cemented it as one of my favorite book series of all time.

Phew! Well that was deep wasn’t it?

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Building Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. The attraction opened January 15, 1975, and would be added to Disneyland in 1977.

In attendance were astronauts Scott Carpenter (Mercury 7), Gordon Cooper (Mercury 9 and Gemini 5), and Jim Irwin (Apollo 15).

Via the Disney Insider blog.

The Signs at an Amusement Park


Taurus: Seeks out the best food


Cancer: Makes a detailed itinerary for the day 

Leo: Chats with people in line

Virgo: Playing carnival games (because they are so good at them)

Libra: Buying cool souvenirs

Scorpio: Finds a shady spot to read the book they brought (bag holder)

Sagittarius: Joins Aries on all the rides

Capricorn: Tries a thrill ride



This Day in Disney History

July 29, 1999:  The Rock N Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith opens with a special invitation only party, where guests can ride Disney’s first inverted roller coaster with a member of the band.  The ride opens to the general public the following day.

This was my first “real” roller coaster, since it went upside-down, and was absolutely amazing.  Albeit short, with it’s perfectly synced music tracks and high speed launch, it was a great introduction to inverted attractions.  The best part for me is the very beginning.  Count down along with Steven Tyler before your super-stretch limo screeches into the darkness during your 3 second long, 0-60 mph take-off.  You’ll have to see it and feel it to believe it!

Happy 15th birthday, Rock N Roller Coaster!