the junkertown mech fights are held at the center of a carnival theme park the junkers built near the omnium. they stole a bunch of fair rides and set them up out there. it’s usually not running, because it takes a lot of power. but when there’s excess from wind storms, or when it’s particularly sunny, or if the junkers steal a tanker full of fuel, they’ll rev up the rest of the carnival rides on the next holiday.

there are also some junker-built thrill rides. children are not allowed to ride those. they have show that consists of a junk-ified roller coaster smashing into scrap at full speed to compact it, before it’s melted down.

junkrat… was a carnival clown.

Just to be clear: that’s 40 years later, and Don is still telling this story. Forty. Years.

Needless to say, he had the last laugh.

How to Enjoy the Berena Story Line

A Visual Guide

Just throw your hands up in the air and GO!

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WrestleMania 33 Preview: Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose’s indestructible nature will be put to the test at the hands of “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin at The Ultimate Thrill Ride, WrestleMania 33.

The 6-foot-8 biker thug has already done a number on The Lunatic Fringe, whether it was Deep-Sixing him through an electrical board or injuring Ambrose’s ribs by crushing him underneath a forklift. However, the champion is resilient, as well as reckless and unpredictable, as evidenced by his response to the forklift attack: While being transported to a medical facility on the night of the incident, Ambrose reportedly jumped out of the moving vehicle and began trekking back to the arena on foot, in search of retribution. Two weeks later, he rode a forklift back into SmackDown LIVE to officially accept a WrestleMania showdown with Corbin.

Both Superstars are used to being the toughest guy in whatever town they roll into, the sort of stock Jim Croce wrote songs about, so it’s no surprise that they’ve run afoul of each other. The hostility only intensified as Ambrose and Corbin kept getting in each other’s way as they both pursued the WWE Championship.

The Lunatic Fringe’s attack mode is perpetual motion, but it remains to be seen whether his famously high threshold for pain will be enough to endure battle with Corbin. Perhaps the heavy-hitting Lone Wolf will be the Superstar to finally shut down the unbreakable champion.

It’s equally possible that Ambrose is most dangerous when he’s hurt and angry. Focused on survival and retaliation, his darkest instincts kick in, releasing whatever reins keep this freewheeling force tethered to decency on a day-to-day basis.

WrestleMania’s Intercontinental Championship Match will be a brawl. Watch The Ultimate Thrill Ride, WrestleMania 33, live on the award-winning WWE Network Sunday, April 2, at a special start time of 7 ET/4 PT.

more junk about Gregor

* ironically smol

* mess with his family and he’ll break your face

* would scream like a little girl on thrill rides if he rode them

* the over-protective big bro

* once got in a knife fight with his own conscience

* has justifiably concerned parents

* not sure what normal is but knows he ain’t it

* takes like ten years to notice a crush

* has a negative self-preservation stat

* walking existential crisis

* too reckless for his own good

* does what he wants especially if you tell him not to

Fun Town
Splash Town
The Great American
Comes Here To Play
Thrill Rides
Water Slides
We Got It All
Where Kids Of All Ages
Can Still Have a Ball
Fun Town Is Home For Family Fun
And Splash Town’s The Coolest Place
Under The Sun
A Lifetime of Memories Waiting For You
In Saco, Maine
We’re Gonna Party With You
Off Route 1 in Saco