what thrill are you chasing? what are you after? 

you don’t need to go out every weekend and we don’t need to drink like alcoholics. i don’t need to stay up all night because it’s some thrill. 

slow down baby. im in no rush. 

yea, life is short. but if you actually stop to breath and enjoy it, you’ll actually get to enjoy all the important moments. i’d rather run through an open field than party till i pass out because the night air is more forgiving than that bottle of whiskey.

im in no rush baby.

slow down and breath.


—  take it slow darling // s.m. (via viciousvirgin)

I’m so proud of myself. I’ve finished two blankets that I hand made for baby. My first blanket, I’m so proud of becsuse i had never made a blanket before & it was my first. It’s smaller that’ll be perfect when baby is first born. My second though, is amazing. It’s bigger & fluffier & I’m so thrilled to have baby use it!! 6.15.15

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3 things we have in common: i’m…. from earth, i’m a sarcastic jerk, I LOVE GIRLS

3 things we do not: i am not a cowboy, nor do i live on mars, and honestly i would be thrilled to raise a baby together with an adorable alien

i know everyone’s thrilled that oona is baby!pennsatucky, and i could not be happier about that either, but i still think the best matilda/oitnb casting leap would have been grace capeless as little suzanne/crazy eyes. 

(not that i didn’t like the girl who played her last season, but grace’s facial expressions as lavender make me think she’d come across so well as that character - her face is SO expressive and i think she’d mirror uzo aduba’s mannerisms really well.)

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Do you think Robert would be thrilled to have a baby with Kym?

I think anything that happens between him and Kym makes him happy. And I know that it’s no secret that Kym wants children, so I’m sure Robert would be happy to give her her dream. Also, I can’t even get over thinking of him as a father to a little baby. TOO CUTE.

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"If you look like this, I'd hate to see the other guy." { y O }

INJURY || A C C E P T I N G  !

                         ❛  what OTHER GUY?  ❜ 

      he questions,         brows taking just the slightest of a furrow.
      you see,        when peter kills a pirate,       the pirate is taken 
        from his memory almost instantly.             for when an object
        is taken from a child,            it’s quite easy to believe it never 
        existed in the first place !      why do you think peek-a-boo is
        such a
THRILLING game for babies? object permanence
        was   certainly   
not  a  skill   peter  pan  had  grasped   yet.

Alice was just a wee little thing. She was out with her big sister Alex, who was not so thrilled to watch her baby sister. Alice waddled over to her sister, her arms full of flowers. “Awex will you make a fwower crown with me?” Alex looked at her sister and rolled her eyes. “I was told to watch ya not play with ya.” Alice stuck her bottom lip out and started to tear up. “I’ll tell mama you’re a meanie.” Alex sighed in irritation. “Fine give me some flowers.” Alice giggled and handed her some flowers.

(( ask-2p-femscotland is Alice’s sister))




fuckyou, indominus rex ( ಠ~ಠ)

I want more Jurassic Park movies. I wanna get chills again like I did with some scenes. 

I NEED MORE. except without the killing and horrible deaths unless that person absolutely got it coming for them


Montu baby! 👌 #buschgardens #thrills

Look at this beautiful baby! She hears the thunder so she’s not thrilled poor baby.
I swear Rin’s coat is softer after adding in a few nuggets of Stella and Chewy’s meal mixers with her regular kibble.


My ooth (egg sac) finally hatched! I’m guessing it hatched on Monday night because on Tuesday morning, when I went to check on it, I saw a bunch of praying mantis babies hanging out all over the enclosure! Once they’re adults they’ll be about 3-5 inches long. I’m thrilled that my babies hatched, since I accidentally dropped the ooth when I was adjusting it and was worried that I’d killed them all. Today I released all but six of my praying mantises. I can’t wait to watch them grow!

Anyone who’s interested in keeping these as pets:  the kind shown in the pictures is the Chinese Mantis. I got the ooth from the Insect Lore website as part of a kit. This is seasonal since they hatch during the summer, but it’s worth it if you have roses or fruit plants since they’re beneficial insects to have around–they’re like a natural pest control! It will take about 4-10 weeks for the ooth to hatch, and anywhere between a hundred and two hundred babies will hatch from it, so be prepared! At this stage I’m feeding them flightless fruit flies (seven bucks at Pet Smart for a vial of them) since that’s the only thing that is small enough for the babies to eat. When they’re larger they will eat crickets.

My setup is an enclosure, feeders (silk worms and fruit flies), olive oil (to put around the top of the cup that I put the fruit flies in at feeding time so that the flies don’t crawl out), popsicle sticks (for the mantises to crawl on), tongs for feeding time, and a spray bottle to mist the enclosure (so the mantises can drink from the water droplets and have a good amount of humidity in the enclosure–humidity needs vary from species to species).

I’ll be posting more pics as they grow!

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Orta stood silently, looking at the tiny baby Zora. "She- she's so CUTE!" The little girl bounced excitedly on her heels, marveling at the little one. "She's so blue! And look at her tiny blue eyes!" Clearly, she was quite thrilled with her new baby sister.

Keirin picked up the excitable child, and the child returned the affection by nuzzling into her mother’s dress with all the contented sounds the Zora was capable of. With that out of the way, Hibiki looked at the new visitor curiously.
She was little-er! Hibiki never got to see people little-er!

The Zora squirmed, indicated that she wanted a closer look at the Gerudo.
Keirin laughed an obliged. Lowering Hibiki closer to Orta, Keirin gave introductions, “Orta this is Hibiki. Hibiki this is Orta.”

Hibiki stared at Orta before giving out a peal of joy. She liked this little-er person! She reached out, wanting to touch new sister’s face.