Free to Be...You and Me
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This was one of my favorite books as a kid. I checked it out of the library about a billion times. 

If you’ve never read it, then you probably don’t know about The Story of Baby X!

1974. Thirty-three years ago. This anthology included a story. About a kid being raised without an assigned gender. As a positive thing. 

I didn’t know I was genderqueer at the time, or that that was a thing, or… anything. But it had a huge influence on me. It made it very easy to imagine raising a kid by using gender-neutral pronouns, and waiting to hear a gender, and/or pronouns, from the kid themself. 

And here it is. 

Once upon a time a baby named X was born. It was named X so that no one could tell whether it was a boy or a girl.

Before it was born, scientists created an Official Instruction Manual that would help the families raise baby X.

Many families were interviewed to find the perfect parents for baby X. Families with grandparents named Milton or Agatha, families with aunts who wanted to knit blue shirts and pink dresses, families with other children who wanted a little brother or sister. All of these families didn’t want a baby X, they wanted a baby girl or boy. 

Finally, scientists found the Jones family The Jones family wanted to raise a healthy, happy baby, no matter what kind. They wanted, most of all, to raise a baby X.

The Jones promised to take turns holding X, feeding X, and singing X to sleep.

They promised to never hire any babysitters, because babysitters might try to peek at baby X’s secret.

The day the Joneses brought home their baby, everyone asked, ”Is it a boy or a girl?” To which Mr. Jones replied proudly, ”It’s an X!”

No one knew what to say. They couldn’t say, “look at her cute dimples” or “look at his husky biceps!” And just saying “kitchy-coo” didn’t seem right either.

The neighbors were unsure, and the relatives were embarrassed. “People will think there is something wrong with it!”

And the Joneses didn’t understand this. “What could be wrong with a perfectly healthy and happy baby?” they sat and wondered.

Suddenly everything changed for the Joneses: The cousins who sent a tiny helmet did not come and visit anymore. The neighbors who sent pink, flowered dresses pulled their shades when the Joneses passed their house.

The Official Instruction Manual had warned the new parents this would happen, so they didn’t worry too much. Besides, they were having too much fun raising baby X.

Mr. & Mrs. Jones had to be very careful. Because if they kept bouncing baby X up in the air and saying how strong and active X is, they’d be treating baby X more like a boy. But, if they cuddle and kiss baby X and tell it how sweet and dainty X is, they’d be treating baby X more like a girl rather than an X.

So they consulted the Official Instruction Manual, and the scientists prescribed, “Plenty of bouncing and plenty of cuddling. X ought to be strong, sweet, and active. Forget about dainty altogether.” [Continued below the cut]

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REQUESTED: Simon Imagine - SMUT. “Very smutty Simon Imagine. He’s super frustrated after his videos haven’t gone the way he wanted them to and he takes his frustration out with sex?”

I sat on the floor in the lounge of the sidemen house, surrounded by all sidemen except the one i’d specifically arrived at this house to see. We were all playing video games, waiting on the arrival of the take out we had ordered. “He’ll be down any minute,” Josh assured me half heartedly. “Probably just finishing a video!” I nodded and smiled politely, appreciative of the reassurance but still not convinced. Simon had been so stressed lately. He put way too much pressure on himself these days, constantly needing validation and approval from his subscribers. Admittedly, his dedication was admirable, but it was upsetting to not see my boyfriend anymore nonetheless. These days Youtube had become his main focus. I was spending more and more time with the other guys every time I came round here, I was lucky to even see Simon alone for a minute. There was no intimacy, no bonding; we hadn’t even had a sex life recently. 

Suddenly, there was a smash followed by shouting coming from upstairs. All eyes in the room turned to me as realisation kicked in that the noise had in fact come from Simon’s room.

“(Y/N)..this might be your queue to go to him mate.”

“I don’t know..he sounds busy-” JJ cut me off.

“It’s probably sexual frustration! He just needs a good, hard, long-” 

“Alright, JJ, we get the picture.” Josh stopped him before he could continue, lessening my embarrassment.

My face heated at Jide’s words, embarrassment instantly washing over me at the thought of Simon discussing our sex life with Jide - or rather, lack of it. I slightly wanted to pry, but I decided against it, not sure I would be comfortable discussing details with Jide and the rest of the boys. It’s not like I hadn’t wanted to be intimate with Simon - he just hadn’t had enough time and these days, neither did I. My thoughts were interrupted by more shouting and swearing coming from up the stairs.

“I need to go and see him don’t I.”

I was met with nods and shouts of approval coming from all the boys, encouraging me to stand up and head towards the stairs. 

Upon arrival at Simon’s door I felt slightly nervous, in case I was interrupting something. However I found the more he yelled the more I started to become slightly aroused. An angry, aggressive and possibly even dark Simon was a Simon I hadn’t seen before. My mind was instantly filled with sinful thoughts - It really had been too long.


I opened his door slowly, cautiously. Simon was sat in his gaming chair in front of his laptop. His jaw was clenched. Frustration and fatigue ran through his face and along his features. His hands were on either side of his face, fists clenched in irritation. I stood by the door, waiting for his signal to come closer. 

Eventually he responded. His voice was rough as he forced out the words “yeah?”, not looking up from his computer screen. I edged closer towards him.

“What’s wrong? I heard you shouting..”

“What’s wrong? You know what’s wrong, I cannot fucking do anything right. Nothing is going the way I want it to and I fucking give up. I don’t even want to be doing this at this point. I just-”

He looked up and over at me, stopping his sentence suddenly. His eyes were inviting as they scanned up and down my body. I was suddenly intensely aware of my lack of clothing, as I had ended up wet and messy in a challenge video earlier and had been left wearing nothing but an extra large sidemen shirt. It was well suited to my body, clinging in the places that knew how to make Simon weak. This became more and more evident by the look on his face. His eyes became darker, his lip red from biting down on it.

“Simon? You just what?” 

I urged him to continue, however he just rubbed his temples, bringing my eyes to his fingers. They were long and thin. 

“Don’t do that.”

I moved even closer towards him until eventually, I was stood directly in front of him, my butt resting on his desk. Just out of reach.

“Do what?”

“Don’t look at me like that,” he sighed, rubbing his temples again. “With those innocent, puppy dog eyes. It makes me crazy.”

His voice was hoarse and deeper than usual, sending vibrations through the room. I focused my eyes on him, choosing not to respond to his comment. Only to keep looking at him.

“Fuck you don’t make this easy, you know that.” Suddenly there was an aura of aggression about him. He was becoming increasingly frustrated, his eyes still running up and down my body. “I’m trying so hard to get things done..fuck it”

He pulled me by my waist, sitting me down on top of him and kissed me with force. Hands roaming my body he sucked my bottom lip, running his tongue across it and eventually letting it roam into the depths of my mouth. I threw my left leg over him so I was straddling his lap, an action he seemed to approve of as a suppressed moan vibrated from his throat into my mouth. So much passion and heat was exchanged between our lips, both of us refusing to pull away. I tugged at his shirt. Without an exchange of words he understood my request, immediately removing the piece of fabric. I instantly moved my lips to his neck, his head falling back at the action, hands grasping tighter on the back of my thighs. I sucked on the skin, blowing cold air over the sensitive surface. This again caused a moan to echo from his lips. My skin heated at the sound of his vulnerability. Underneath me I felt him become even more vulnerable as only the fabric of his sweats separated his hard member from my skin. Taking advantage of this I bucked my hips, rotating them clockwise against his bulge. His hands moved to my hips, pushing me down onto him, desperately trying to eliminate all remnants of space between us. A smirk covered my face as I decided to tease. 

I ran my fingers down Simon’s chest, stopping just above the waist band of his Sidemen sweats. He inhaled deeply, his rosy lips slightly parting at the lack of contact. 

“Oh we’re teasing?”

Gripping onto the backs of my thighs he lifted me, my legs wrapping around his chest, and placed me onto his desk. He stood levelled with me and lifted my shirt, leaving me in just my underwear.

“I’ll show you teasing.”

His lips were warm and swollen as he pressed them against my neck, sucking the skin harshly just the way I had been doing to him. He moved them to my collarbones, and then to my breasts, leaving a cold tingling trail of his saliva along my chest. His hands moved to my thighs. I opened them, placing a leg at each side of his waist. He trailed his fingers up and down my legs, edging towards my panties until I began to squirm.

“It’s not fun, is it?”, he laced a finger underneath my leg onto my butt. “teasing.” 

He leaned in to kiss me and, resisting the urge to tease, I grabbed his face. He planted a single unfulfilling kiss on my lips before moving back to my neck, moving a single finger back and forth just above the waistband of my underwear. Occasionally he let his hand linger slightly underneath the lace, making my entire body jolt, however as soon as I showed a reaction he withdrew. 

I couldn’t handle anymore.

“Simon, please..”

I internally cringed at the desperation in my voice. A smirk covered Simon’s face.

“Are you begging?” His hand slid slightly into the top of my panties, tracing circles just above my clit. I bit down on my lip at the lack of contact. “I don’t hear an answer..”

I remained silent until he withdrew his hand. “Looks like you’re not that desperate..”

Grabbing Simon’s hand I whimpered. “Simon please. I’m begging”

His eyes glassed over, turning almost black in the glow of his room. Even in the poor lighting I could make out the evil grin on his face as he submerged his hands into my panties entirely, rubbing my heat in circles, making me gasp.

“Tell me how desperate you are baby.” He whispered into my ear, sucking my earlobe as he rubbed me underneath my panties. I whimpered again. 

“S-S-So desperate S-simon”

He increased the pace of his hand, moving his lips to my neck and sucking midwhisper. 

“Louder baby, I want to hear you scream.”

“But-But everyone’s home-” he cut me off, placing his lips on mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth and using his spare hand to grab my hand. 

“Who cares?” He whispered into my mouth. “I know you get a thrill from it baby.”

My head fell back as he lowered his kiss, focusing on my cleavage and down my stomach. My legs began to shake. 

“S-Simon, I’m close-”

He withdrew his hand, making me whimper once again. It was short lasted, however, as he lay me horizontally onto his desk.

“Just hold on for me baby”

Simon kissed down my stomach, running his tongue above my panties before using his teeth to drag them down my legs and throw them onto the floor. He harshly and suddenly placed his lips onto the place I was most sensitive, inserting his tongue into me. A scream escaped my lips and I felt him smile against me before returning to work, kissing and sucking at the skin. I bit down on my hand but he quickly stood.

“S-SImon please”

“I know baby. Just bare with”

He ruffled through his draws, leaving me impatient before eventually bringing out a tie and walking towards me.

“SImon? What are you doing?”

“You trust me, right?”

“Yeah, but-”

He pressed his lips to mine as a symbol of reassurance as he took both of my small hands in one of his, using the other to wrap the tie around my wrists. He placed my arms above my head.

“I wanna hear everything baby. Give me what I’ve been dreaming about for so long”

His words alone were enough to induce a moan as he moved his lips back inbetween my legs.

“Simon, oh my- i’m close”

He withdrew his tongue causing me to whimper again, however the loss was short lived as he pulled off his sweatpants and underwear. Throwing my head back the air was sucked out of me as he inserted his dick inside of me, not hesitating to begin thrusting at a fast pace. I screamed in pleasure several times, forgetting for a minute that I was in a house with six other boys. For the third time tonight I felt my stomach twist and my legs shake, a sign I was close, however I stayed silent through fear of being deprived once again. 

The feeling appeared to be mutual as Simon’s thrusts became sloppier and his grip on my body loosened.

“Babe-I’m close” his voice was shaky, showing how much pleasure he was in. I screamed once again as waves of ecstasy ran through my entire body, shortly followed by groans from Simon as he released.

“Oh-my God.”

The sounds of our panting filled the room as Simon pulled up his sweatpants, sitting down on his gaming chair and pulling me to sit on him. He picked his shirt up off  the floor.

“Are you gonna untie me?” I asked, to which he shook his head. He put both hands around my waist, lifting me onto him. I raised my arms above my head as he threw his tshirt over me. “Not yet. I kind of like the feeling of being in control.”

I didn’t complain, resting my sweaty head on his shoulder and smiling to myself.

“I love you Simon.”

“I love you too.”

The door burst open to reveal JJ.

“YES SIMON MY MAN” he exclaimed, holding out his hand for Simon as he approached us. “AND YOU (Y/N)- oh my fucking god you’re tied up.” His jaw dropped as he turned and ran out of the room. “GUYS SHE’S TIED UP! YOU ALL OWE ME £50 I KNEW SHE WAS KINKY.”


This is going to be like a TMZ report! Enjoy!

TMZ: Justin Bieber and Y/N Bieber’s new baby boy puts on a smile for the world.

Incase you havent heard, Hollywood’s cutest couple recently gave birth to their brand new baby boy who may we say, Is absolutely adorable! Jace Dexter Bieber - ‘JDB’ just like his daddy - born on the 23rd of May 2017 is as healthy as can be according to the new parents.

The couple recently came out to twitter admitting they are thrilled to have their baby boy present and healthy, and can’t wait to experience the great journey of parenting. 

Justin seems super ecstatic for his new baby boy and even came out to talk to the media directly outside the hospital, in exchange for no photo’s to be posted of the three until after baby Bieber and Y/N are discharged. 

“Were really happy.” he admitted. “He’s an absolute blessing and is really adorable.”

When asked about Y/N he replied, “Shes healthy, very happy. A little in shock though but it’s expected.”

But only yesterday, Baby Bieber, no less then two days old has already brought a smile to the world with a video the couple shared yesterday. 

Baby Bieber - no less the two days old - caught the world by surprise when deciding to let out his first laugh right in the hospital room which he was born in. And Y/N was lucky enough to have caught the moment on tape.

The video shows a very little Jace closing his eyes near seconds after the video begins in an act of pretending to sleep, Y/N’s voice is then heard talking to the boy in which Jace realises he has been caught in action and smiles wide.

The giggle of the boy has no doubt sent joy to not only his mother who is heard laughing afterwards, but to the world of beliebers everywhere who have all made there own comment on it.

Even if you aren’t a belieber, there is no doubt that this video will make you smile and laugh in adoration. For sure, baby Jace Dexter Bieber is an adorable blessing to the parents, media and world.  

Well done Justin and Y/N, you’ve created an adorable little child. We congratulate you on the new addition to the Bieber family and can’t wait for more to come. 

Keep us updated, yeah?

BTS reaction to their members touching their pregnant gf's belly

You’re pregnant and the members are touching your belly for the first time.

Jin: As soon as your baby bump was actually obvious he’d be thrilled to feel your baby moving. He’d be proud to show off his unborn child and would let every one of his members touch your belly until they all could feel the baby move at one point. When you both were alone he’d love to lay down next to you and have his hand on your belly at all times.

Originally posted by jjilljj

Yoongi: He would be happy and would let the others touch your belly before they even asked, as long as you feel comfortable with it of course. As soon as someone would touch you more than you liked he’d be protective of you, but he knew it wouldn’t happen with one of his members. He can seem cold and disinterested at times but he’d be wearing his gummy smile whenever he felt your baby moving.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Hoseok: He’d practically force everyone to touch your baby bump. He’d be so happy whenever your baby moved and he would show it proudly. His members would eventually get annoyed of having to touch your belly whenever Hoseok thought the baby was about to move, but they’d all be happy for you both. He’d tell you how happy he is every few minutes, even though his constant smile made it obvious anyways.

Originally posted by jjks

Namjoon: He wouldn’t want to force anyone to touch your belly if they didn’t want it. He also asked you if it was okay for him to touch your belly, he wasn’t sure if you even liked it. When you asked the members if they wanted to touch your belly he was smiled happily, he found it cute that you were so comfortable around all the boys, but he’d have his arm around you whenever touched your belly.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jimin: He thought he was the happiest when he found out but when he actually felt your baby inside your belly for the first time he was even happier. He wanted to share this happy moment with all his members. He’d sit you down on the couch and make sure you’re comfortable while each of his members took turns at touching your baby bump.

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Taehyung: All his members would be annoyed with his happy, overjoyed dancing very soon, but they’d all still be very happy for him. He would constantly ask his members if they wanted to touch your belly, he wouldn’t be jealous if someone touched you too long, since it was obvious that you were his and he was yours. He’d cling to you and have a hand on your bump at all times. His cheeks would soon hurt from smiling so much.

Originally posted by exoticmaknae

Jungkook: He’d be unsure and wouldn’t know if you liked it or if it was uncomfortable for you so he’d wait to touch your baby bump until you actually asked him if he wanted to. He’d have his signature bunny smile as soon as he felt the baby move and he’d want every single one of his members to feel it too but he’d make sure you were okay with it. He would feel a little bit jealous when someone had their hand on your belly for too long though.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I love your work. Maybe is asking to much, but can you imagine the reactions of Mephisto, Amaimon and Rin to their pregnat s/o (like 7/8 months) like baby kiks, they huge belly, mood swings and that kind of fluff? Thanks so much <3

(sorry for the long wait, stuff near the bottom tends to be unintentionally neglected) 


Originally posted by mikarus

  • Is not good with it himself
  • But will try his best to do everything he can to support you
  • Hired the best nanny/assistant money can buy to help you when he has to attend work meetings
  • Your both huge foodies so your cravings are no problem to him
  • Feeling like spaghetti? Guess who poofs you to Italy for the authenticity of it?
  • He finds your mood swings amusing and kind of adorable
  • As soon as you feel the baby kicking your certain you see his tail shoot straight up in the air
  • He rushes to your side and pulls of his gloves, before gently placing a hand on your stomach
  • He traces pattens on your stomach whilst talking to his unborn child
  • Blasts anime music through headphones so his child shall come out prepared for otaku life
  • Insomnia can be developed during the 7/8 months, so since Mepphy only sleeps an hour, he’d stay up all night with you if he had too, and just sleep in his office on his huge ass couch
  • If you had heartburn he’d have the safest medicine for you and the baby 


Originally posted by amaimon-the-king-of-earth

  • Doesn’t mind your cravings
  • He actually shares them
  • You may be eating for you and baby(or babies) but he eats as if he’s feeding his entire kingdom
  • Doesn’t mind your mood swings either
  • He’s just confused by them
  • Doesn’t like the baby for causing you pain
  • He wants to kill it
  • You tell him once its here he won't feel that way
  • “Amaimon, do you want to feel your child kick?”
  • “Hmm…can I kill it?”
  • “NO,Amaimon, you cannot kill our child!”
  • “Then it’s okay.”
  • “Come lay your fucking hand on my stomach right now you fat ass, candy eating, dinosaur!” 
  • He doesn’t understand why you want him too
  • But he agrees
  • Of course shows no emotion
  • Mutters a ‘huh’
  • Despite the negative feelings, he’s fiercely protective of you and his child, and won’t let anyone he doesn’t know and trust near you


Originally posted by tsukkiti

  • This boy cannot take the excitement 
  • He is thrilled to feel his baby kick
  • His hands are actually glued to your stomach
  • He won’t stop kissing it
  • He gently lays his head-on it and speaks to his baby
  • Rin sleeps with his tail softly wrapped over your stomach
  • Your cravings are the perfect opportunity to try out different dishes and he really enjoys cooking for you
  • Even if some of your requests may appear to be odd
  • He practically cries when you feel bad in anyway
  • He doesn’t know how to make you feel better
  • So he does the only logical thing and ask Ryuji
  • “Baka, she’s fine, it’s normal for the pregnancy to feel like that in the seven month mark”
  • He feels reassured but doesn’t stop his frantic worrying
  • Overthinks everything and is 50% super excited about everything, an d the rest overly anxious about everything 

yoonhoney  asked:

I adore your Voltron fam au!!! I was wondering how Pidge would react when she hit puberty and how her family react to that? Since she was the only female in the family, I imagine everyone, except Shiro ofc, would be so flustered and worried. But then maybe both Keith and Shiro already thought about it, but how would Lance and Hunk react? Would Pidge be a moody teenager and demand all the chocolate and cry like a rive when the cramps happened?

I’d like to expand more on this! But there’s also a Pidge Period Trilogy:

  • Part 01 - The Daddies telling them about body changes and the talk
  • Part 02 - Pidge finds out about her period
  • Part 03 - Hunk and Lance pampers Pidge and Shiro being supportive

[The Voltron Family] Pidge and Puberty. 

Shiro was the one who was always so attentive with Pidge because she was his baby girl. So when he noticed Pidge was finally entering puberty…

Shiro: *enters Pidge’s room and sits on the bed* Sweetheart.
Pidge: Yes?
Shiro: I think it’s time for you to wear a bra.
Pidge: A what? *eyes widens*
Shiro: Well, more like a baby bra if we’re looking at your size. *rubs chin* 
Pidge: *looks down on her chest* Do I really need it, Daddy Shiro?
Shiro: As sucky as it is, you do. *frowns* However, you can take it off when you’re at home though. Just when you go out, you have to wear them. Supports your chest and all. 
Pidge: *cups her chest* It’s not even that big. *frowns*
Shiro: *chuckles* Well, for now. But it will eventually grow bigger.
Pidge: *glares at Shiro* I don’t want it to grow bigger.
Shiro: *boops Pidge’s nose* Pray to the gods you remain flat chested then. C’mon. Get ready in 15 minutes and we’ll go shopping. 

Shiro and Pidge walked around the mall holding hands until they went to the department stores that sold women’s underwear. Pidge was surprised her Daddy Shiro wasn’t even flustered when they entered. In fact, he was the one asking the sales ladies. 

Shiro: Do you have those baby bras for her size? *looks at Pidge*
Sales Lady: *beams at them* *looks at Pidge* What’s your size, Miss?
Shiro: Can you give us the first three sizes from the smallest? One should at least fit my daughter. *smiles*
Sales Lady: If you’ll follow me. *walks towards a section* *presents Pidge a bra* This one is quite popular for the girls. Pink and—
Pidge: *scrunches her nose* *squeezes Shiro’s hand*
Shiro: *squeezes back* *smiles at her* *turns back to the lady* Maybe something gray? She doesn’t really like pink.
Pidge: If you have green… I love green. 
Sales Lady: Oh, okay! *gets another one and shows Pidge*
Pidge: *takes the bra and shows Shiro* What do you think?
Shiro: *rubs chin* Hmmmmm. *looks around* How about this one? *takes another one* It has cute little aliens on it? *beams while pointing at the small print on a corner*
Pidge: *laughs* That. That is definitely cute. I like it. 
Shiro: Great! Can you give us the sizes for her to try on?

After that they still went around and have gathered pretty much a lot of different designs. When they went to the fitting room, Shiro was helping Pidge put it on since she didn’t know exactly how they worked.

Pidge: *looks at the mirror* This feels so weird.
Shiro: It does at first. But you’ll get used to it eventually. *laughs* So?
Pidge: I like this one. *points at the one she’s wearing* And that one and that one too. They’re all so nice. *pouts*
Shiro: *smiles fondly* You can choose whatever you want, though you have to make sure it all actually fits. Does it make you feel uncomfortable?
Pidge: *shakes head* Just weird. 
Shiro: Good then.
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, if it… um, do I just tell you if I grew out of them?
Shiro: Of course. Then we’ll go shopping again. 
Pidge: Thank you. For doing this. I know usually Moms do this with their daughters but I’m so glad you’re willing to do this with me *smiles as she looks up at Shiro* Thank you. I wouldn’t be able to do this all by myself to be honest.
Shiro: *pulls Pidge into a hug* *kisses her head* Anything for my baby girl. 

When they got home, she showed Daddy Keith, Lance and Hunk their purchase and Lance was surprisingly quite thrilled saying “This baby bra is so you, Pidge!” while Hunk’s all teary-eyed “You’re growing up, dude.”

Keith: *whispers to Shiro* She wasn’t weirded out?
Shiro: *shakes head while looking at their kids* Nah. She was touched actually. She probably thought I wouldn’t go with her. Like c’mon. I’m a doctor. *rolls eyes* Things like these don’t phase me anymore. 
Keith: *laughs* That’s very true. 

Another set of doodles/portraits of four very random characters.

This is the first time I’m drawing Remus, I believe. Because he’s so perfect I’ve always been afraid of portraying him, but no more! I must express this unrequited love one way or another.

Feodor is Theodore’s father. I call him Darth Feodor. I wish JKRo had named each one of her characters, but since she hasn’t I can enjoy the thrill of naming her babies.

Tom is almost smiling for a change.

And this is how I imagine them in my story, The experiment, which, by the way, I’ve updated. As always, you can read it on AO3 and FF (one more chapter and it’s finished.) 

No Regrets - Beautiful

This is not a request, just something I felt like writing. It does join with a drabble I am going to write for @ellen-reincarnated1967 @feelmyroarrrr @secretlyfurrydragon and @tas898 about how Becca handles having a little sister. This is more the adult side though. Becca’s will be written later.  

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Insecurities post birth, implied smut, talk about sex.

Word Count: 1100ish (I knooooow but I can’t drabble!)

A/N: I am just gonna keep drabbling for this guys till I feel my fire return. I still can’t seem to get any words out for anything else but this series. So sorry. But I hope you like it.

This is set a few months after Y/N had AJ so near the end of season 11 (spring 2016)



The first few months of AJ’s life had not gone as smoothly as Jensen had hoped they would. Becca had been thrilled about getting a baby sister at first, right up until she realized how much of her parents time a baby stole from her. She had started acting up and denying spending time with Jensen when he offered.

It was different with Y/N. She sat around watching her with AJ and she still talked to her mom when asked. She was more quiet all in all but at least she didn’t run from the room when her mom picked up the baby like she did with Jensen.

Y/N had suggested they would all fly back to Austin for the weekend and that when Jensen had to return to set Becca would be the only one to go with him. Y/N was sure Becca was just scared of losing the Dad she had only just gained a few years ago. Y/N had always been around, Jensen hadn’t.

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Omg all the pregnant headcanons are so cute! Maybe we can have some headcanons of Toshi, Aizawa, Hizashi bringing their new baby to school? Just imagine Aizawa wearing a baby carrier during class!

Toshinori Yagi

  • “Your baby is very cute, Toshinori, but don’t let the drool soak my paperwork's or my desk, please. ” Toshinori brings his baby for one day and he’s already getting comments for it, he doesn’t get paid enough for this. However the teachers are thrilled to see a baby, it lightens up their days every time!
  • Toshinori panics so many times because he doesn’t keep his eyes on them while doing his own paperwork, and if he does take some glances, they’re not there! He literally trashes the whole office until one of the teachers return with his baby… only to see the room tattered. He’s in trouble with he principal,.
  • Izuku will be Toshinori’s first pick when it comes to babysitting the baby at school secretly, and Izuku feels like he has no idea what-so-ever on taking care of infants. He also panics whenever something happens, even something little. “aHHHHHHH THE BABY IS CRYING. *puts pacifier in mouth.* Phew……… oh…… w-wah…. now I gotta change the diaper!? WHAT.” Toshinori shakes his head, but Izuku is good with children’s too.
  • Even Toshinori’s old teacher, Gran Torino visits him at school sometimes, he is going to be one heck of a good grandfather-like figure and he’s going to spoil the baby when they grow up, “Oh,oh? do you want this? You can’t have it! Oh who am I kidding, you’re adorable. *gives pieces of taiyaki*” “Don’t spoil the baby so much, I want them to grow up thankful for everything- *gets hit in the face by his jet foot*”

Aizawa Shouta

  • He brings his newborn baby into the class and he’s literally surrounded by all/most of the students. Everyone: “Sensei, do you think your baby is going to attend U.A someday?!” Kirishima: “I hope your baby will be as strong as us too uncle and aunties too!” Momo: “I’ll make all the clothing’s and everything, don’t worry about it sensei.” He’s surrounded by EVERYONE.
  • Tries to teach his class seriously, but he gets interrupt every time because few of the students takes turn cradling the baby. Squeals can be heard here and there, baby talks, cries and all that. “Sensei, they’re so cuuttte!” - “Sensei, looks like they’re about to cry…” - “SENSEI YOUR BABY IS HOLDING MY FINGERS.” Aizawa shakes his head, can it be quiet just for a few minutes or hours?
  • Since he brought his baby for a few days, that means he cannot sleep on the job as much and he is going to have to watch his baby at all times. Sometimes he has to excuse himself and let another teacher take over, or when there’s an emergency, the students would have to take care. 
  • Aizawa is going to need a baby carrier whenever the students are training outside or attending anywhere for relater purposes. Sometimes he can’t be taken seriously and he gets irritable with them. Kaminari & Sero: “Pffffftttttttt-” Aizawa: “Do you both want a detention?” Kaminari & Sero: “We’re sorry, sensei……….”

Yamada Hizashi

  • It’s no surprise when Hizashi is going to take his baby to school and going around showing them off to everyone, “This is (baby’s name), isn’t my baby so cute?! And no, you cannot carry them, they’re my baby!!” And he doesn’t let anyone hold his baby either, except play with heir tiny fingers and such.
  • The whole day he is playing with his baby in the teachers office/lounge, he mimics all the baby talks whenever he’s interacting and it does make him look funny. So all the teachers just watch him silently while eating. If they ask him to be quiet, he whines.
  • Takes every pictures of his baby, whenever and wherever, he doesn’t care as long as he makes some memories. He would show up everyday just to shove the pictures in the teachers/students faces. “I miss (baby’s name). Cries*” - “We get it, you miss them and they’re cute.” (He would remind me of Hughes from FMA with a baby… sad.)
  • Mentions his baby every time though the  school intercom, and it leaves all of students and teacher just whining. Hizashi is going to announce that he’s a proud, happy father. Even if it tortures others.
Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 8

[Pt 1] [Pt 2] [Pt 3] [Pt 4] [Pt 5] [Pt 6] [Pt 7] | [Pt 9] [Pt 10]

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 4,470

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: I don’t know what to say in this A/N~ lmao I have to think of more plot. this is as far as my mind got. I have some ideas in my but now I have to mold them so they make sense lol.

“Well, look who finally decides to show up,” Hoseok teases, raising his half-empty glass of liquor to Jin as the doctor approaches. Sighing tiredly, Jin shrugs off his heavy knee-length coat and sets his briefcase down, leaning it against the leg of the table. By the time he slides into his seat Hoseok has a drink ready for him, and Jin doesn’t hesitate in taking a long sip.

“Rough day?”

“Dr. Hwangae had to leave right before a scheduled lobectomy because a patient who recently underwent brain surgery to remove some stage 4 glioblastoma cells began having a seizure—so I had to perform the surgery alone.”

Hoseok blinks at Seokjin over the rim of his glass, eyebrows raised ever so slightly.

“Would you like me to pretend that I know what you’re talking about…?”

Taking a deep breath, Jin leans his elbows onto the table and slumps forward. “I had to take out a part of a man’s lung—because smoking is bad,” Jin adds in scoldingly when Hoseok tugs a box of cigarettes from the inside pocket of his coat. Blinking innocently at Jin, Hoseok holds the white stick to his lips and the two have a brief stare-off before Jin finally gives up, and with an amused snort Hoseok lights the cigarette.

“So what’s been going on with you lately?” Jin questions, attempting to divert the topic away from his overly long day. A 7am to 10pm shift at the hospital is rough—even if he is an excellent doctor. “Anything exciting brewing?”

“Eh, ya know,” Hoseok says, taking a deep drag and flicking away the crumbling end of the cigarette into a nearby ashtray. “Stocks are the same as always—some rise and some fall. I still get paid for giving out info.”

“Of course,” Jin grants. “And?”

“Looks like JB and his crew had a run in with the cops in Busan the other day, but they all made it out. And there was word that Yoongi successfully secured Namjoon’s next shipment in Daegu and is on his way back here right now.”

“Hmm…that’s good,” Jin responds, swirling his drink in his hand, and Hoseok snorts.

“What? Are you rooting for the mafia now? Has your big heart finally overtaken common sense?”

Jin rolls his eyes. “Hardly. I don’t support any of their causes, but you know as a doctor I—”

“—tend to care for all people and their health,” Hoseok interrupts, waving his hand flippantly. “Yes, hyung, I’m aware. You’re a kind hearted and handsome young doctor.”

Jin laughs quietly, taking another sip from his drink. Hoseok mimics his action, and the two fall into a quiet silence. Somewhere in the background is the whirl of an ambulance and the deafened blues melody of a piano.

“So,” Hoseok begins, catching Jin’s attention. The younger’s aura shifts into something a little less easygoing. “Have you met Namjoon’s new play thing?”

Jin winces slightly at the degrading nickname, but nonetheless nods his head. “Y/N? Yes, I’ve encountered her. She had a run in with the police and Namjoon asked me to go and get her.”

“Wait, seriously?!” Hoseok blanches, eyes widening. There are two things from Jin’s previous statement that amaze him. One is that the police had actually managed to connect you to Namjoon so soon. Two is that…well…Namjoon had actually asked for help in retrieving you instead of simply throwing you to the wind.

Maybe you aren’t just his play thing.

“Namjoon…he…,” Jin sighs irritatedly, running a hand through his hair. He gets frustrated whenever he thinks about Namjoon and how he treats you. How you could be doing so much better, and yet…

Buzz~ Buzz~

“Late night call?” Hoseok grins, waggling his eyebrows, and with a quiet sign Jin begins to dig through his briefcase for his phone. If anything the call is probably from the hospital—ready to ask him to come back in because some higher-up refuses to give up their peaceful night. However, Jin’s not sure whether to be relieved or terrified when he sees your name flashing on the screen.

After a brief second of deliberation he sides with ‘terrified’.


Immediately muffled chatter and club music assaults his ears. He can barely hear your shaky voice above all the background noise, and his face creases in concern. At seeing the negative change Hoseok, curious, leans forward—trying to overhear what’s going on.

Shit…Jin, I…

Oh god, he can already tell that you’re incredibly inebriated.

“Y/N? Shit, what’s going on?” he asks, concern slipping into his voice. At hearing your name spoken Hoseok’s eyes widen in surprise. Clearly something is going on.

I…the world is s-spinning, oh my god…,” you cry, voice hitching, and the image of your confused tears streaming down your face pulls at Jin’s heart strings.

From what he knows of you so far—Jin has a sneaking suspicion that you hadn’t done this to yourself. With everything going he doubts that you would have been so foolish as to drag yourself out to a club and get wasted, so right now he’s incredibly concerned for your safety.

“Y/N, don’t move,” Jin commands sternly, shoving to his feet. “I’m gonna come find you.”

Roughly gripping his coat, Jin’s traps his phone between his ear and shoulder and hurries to grab his briefcase. “Where are you? I—” at that moment the background noises change—wind howling through the speaker—and a second later the line goes dead.

The dial-tone resounding in Jin’s ear makes his blood run cold.

Fuck!” he hisses, tossing his phone onto the table as he wrestles with his coat. He wants to run to you—to make sure you’re alright (because he’s getting a sinking feeling that you’re definitely not)—but he doesn’t know where you are. You had never answered him, and there are way too many clubs scattered around town.

“Give me your phone,” Hoseok suddenly demands, pulling his laptop out of his own briefcase. He shoves the glasses on the table aside, open up the screen, and grabs Jin’s phone when the older takes too long.

Fingers flying over the keys, Hoseok pulls a USB cord out of nowhere and plugs Jin’s phone into his laptop. Immediately the software program picks up the phones call data and begins pin-pointing your location—the recently lost signal bouncing between cell towers.

“God, Hobi, you’re a lifesaver,” Jin speaks honestly when he leans over to see what the business man is doing. Hoseok snorts, his eyes narrowed seriously as they peer at his brightly illuminated laptop screen.

“Yeah, working for the government has some benefits…”

Not a minute later Hoseok gets the coordinates to your location and hands them off to Jin. It seems that you’re in a club on the east end of town—not too far from where they are—and surprisingly when Jin moves to run out of the bar Hoseok follows.

“You may need some help with this,” he says in explanation, shrugging, and Jin isn’t going to argue. At the moment, he just needs to get to you.

Hoping into his car, Jin speeds away. The ride to the club takes far too long, but they make it there in record time nonetheless—immediately jumping to their feet and pushing past the bouncer and into the building.

It’s not hard to tell where you are—a small crowd of people gathered around the base of the stairs, a few men drunkenly yelling ‘stay back!’ and ‘lady are you ok?!’.

Aish,” Jin hisses, pushing through them, and Hoseok stays right on his tail. “Give her space all of you! I’m a fucking doctor alright?!”

Reluctantly, at hearing Jin’s authoritative yell, some of the crowd disperses. Those who don’t are promptly ushered away by Hoseok, and Jin takes that time to kneel down beside you. Obviously you’re out cold—eyes shut tight and body awkwardly sprawled across the tile floor. He can see some obvious bruising on your skin and swelling on the wrist you’d injured a week before, but the most concerning thing is the small pool of blood right beside your head.

Head injuries are not something to fuck with—and Jin needs to give you a real examination right away so he can figure out what kind of treatment you need. And that examination isn’t going to occur here—surrounded by strangers with the shittiest lighting he has ever seen to guide him.

“Hoseok, help me here,” Jin commands, beckoning the younger over. Hoseok is at his side without hesitation, and Jin shoves his car keys into Hoseok palm.

“I’m gonna pick her up. Go get the car ready. We’re putting her in the backseat.”

“Right,” Hoseok nods, sprinting away, and as carefully as he can Jin rolls you onto your back. You don’t even stir—remaining utterly pliant as he molds you into his arms and carefully picks you up. Tucked against his chest, Jin carries you out of the building without challenge—Hoseok helping him to get you in the back seat.

Jin sits beside you during the ride, your head resting in his lap, and as Hoseok drives through the city towards Jin’s residence—each passing streetlight illuminating the car—Jin can see the wide array of bites and bruises marking up every inch of your showing skin.

Namjoon is not going to be happy.

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Enough Time - Rafael Barba

Fic #23 of the Hamilton Prompts
Song: Non-Stop

“Rafael, it’s the middle of the night,” you said as you stumbled sleepily into his office at one in the morning. He looked up to find you rubbing your eyes and yawning, standing in your pajamas.

“What are you doing up?” he asked, standing up from his desk. He walked over to you and put his hands on your waist, looking into your face to make sure everything was alright.

“I could ask you the same thing.” He sighed and went back over to his desk. He fished around for some paper, and after finding it, glanced back up at you.

“I have a lot of work to do still.”

“Like what?” you asked, struggling to sit down on the love seat against the wall.

“Mi amor, go to sleep, you need to rest,” he said, brushing off the question. 

“Yeah, so do you,” you said, still situating yourself on the chair. 

“I’m not the one who’s seven months pregnant.” You rolled your eyes and looked up at him.

“Well, you did get me here. Rafael, what are you really doing?”

“Just finishing up some paper work.”

“Please don’t make me come over there,” you said, rubbing your stomach. “What paper work could be so important that you have to be working on it at one in the morning?”

“I promise I’ll be in bed soon.”

“That’s what you said last night, and I’m not sure you ever came into bed.” He sighed and looked up at you. He was hoping to find sympathy in your eyes, but you were only glaring. “Rafi,” you said, struggling to stand up. Once you did, you made your way over to him and put your hand on his shoulder.

He looked up at you with a slight smile and leaned forward to kiss your stomach. You sighed and ran a hand through his hair. 

Why do you work like you’re running out of time?” you asked. “Work day and night like you’re running out of time?”

“It’s not just working, baby,” he said. You rolled your eyes and leaned against his desk taking a few breaths. Rafael stood up immediately and gestured to his seat. “Please sit.” 

You wanted to argue, but really needed to sit. So you did, and kept the same glare on your face. 

“Please talk to me. Is something wrong?”

“No,” he said, shaking his head and dropping to his knees. “No, everything is perfect. It’s just- I-,” he groaned and rubbed his hands over his face. “I don’t know how to explain it.”

“Try,” you said gently. He nodded and took a deep breath.

“I am so happy for us, but I’m worried that when the baby comes, there won’t be any time for anything else. Not that I’m not okay with that. I am really thrilled about our baby, but I want to make a mark. I want to-”

“Be better than you already are?” you asked, tucking some of his hair behind his ear.

“I guess,” he said with a sigh.

You’re already a better lawyer than me,” you said with a laugh. Rafael finally laughed, too, and you smiled down at him. “You’re incredible in court, you’re succinct, persuasive. What else could you want?”

“Time to find out what, I guess. I want to be able to be home and happy, without staying at work when the baby comes.”

“So you’ve been staying up late to finish up every piece of work you have ever started?” you asked. He laughed and looked down.

“I guess it does sound a little foolish. I just mean, ugh,” he said, shaking his head. “Aren’t there things that you wanted to do before you had children?”

“Well, yeah, but I’ve already found a wealthy husband who will keep me in comfort for all my days,” you said. Rafael smirked up at you and shook his head. 


“It’s okay if you’re scared, Rafael,” you said. “I am, too. I love the life we have, and as the delivery gets closer, the more I start to realize that our lives are going to change. And you know what? You probably won’t accomplish everything you want to. Especially not before the baby comes, but that’s alright.”

“I just-”

What would be enough to be satisfied?” you asked. Rafael looked up at you and frowned. 

“To not feel like I was disappointing you.”

“What are you talking about?” you asked in shock. “You’ve never disappointed me once.”

“You’re saying you weren’t disappointed when you walked into the office, finding me still awake?”

“Will you stop it?” you asked. “You’re everything to me and then some. Look at where you are, Rafael. Think of where you started, the fact that you’ve made it here is amazing. And if you’re wife could share a fraction of your time, if I could grant you piece of mind, that would be enough.”

“Are you sure you’re wealthy husband is enough for you?” he asked with a small smile. You rubbed your thumbs across his cheeks as you held onto his face.

He’s not a lot of fun,” you teased. “But there’s no one who can match him.” 

“I love you, so much,” he said, looking up at you. He leaned up to kiss you, being careful to avoid bumping into your stomach. 

“And, just so you know, having a child doesn’t mean the rest of our lives get put on hold. Just slowed down a little.”

“Meaning, what?”

“Meaning, if you want to keep working, you don’t have to kill yourself in a quick spurt. You can work at a normal pace. That way I can actually see you and spend plenty of time in bed with you,” you said with a smile.

“Have I mentioned how much I love you?” he asked.

“You might have a few times. But I’d know for sure if you came into bed with me.” Rafael grinned and stood up, holding out his hands. He helped you stand, too, and the two of you walked hand in hand back to your room. You crawled into bed, and Rafael did, too, before wrapping his arm around you. 

Look around,” you said. “Isn’t this enough?” He smiled and nodded, kissing your forehead.

“Yes, absolutely.”

“And, you’re still the best lawyer I know. And almost always the smartest person in the room.” He kissed you again and shook his head.

“No, you’re always smarter than me.” You giggled and nodded.

“That’s probably true. I’m glad you recognize that. It’s one of the reasons why I love you so much.”

“I love you so much more, mi amor.”


@lovedannixoxo: Hey! If you have time could you do a criminal minds request? Could you do where the reader announces she’s pregnant with Hotch’s baby to the team? Lots of fluff and perhaps it could be like when Kate Callahan announced her pregnancy? Thank you!!! ❤

A/N: I hope this request is okay and that you enjoy it!! Requests are still open!!

Tags: @hanny-bananny  @crimindsaspe

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“So when do we to tell the team that I’m pregnant?” Y/N asked as she saw Aaron getting into bed putting the casefile that he was working on, on their bedside table.

“Whenever your ready Y/N, I don’t care whether it’s tomorrow, next week or even in a couple of months, what matters is when you feel like that your ready to tell them.” Aaron tells her as he put his arms around her body, pulling her close to him so they could snuggle up together and so that he could reassure her.

“Yeah I guess I could tell them when I’m ready but do you think that they’ll understand?” Y/N asked scared of what the teams reaction would be.

“Y/N sweetie, don’t be silly, if the team can understand that we’re together than they’ll understand that we’re expecting and I’m pretty sure the team will be thrilled that another baby will be coming into lives and will do everything to help you.” Aaron says still trying to assure his wife that everything will be okay with them and the team.

“Okay I guess your right, I am being silly, I guess I’m just nervous.” Y/N said with a smile appearing on her face as she snuggled into Aarons chest.

“It’s okay honey everyone feels like this, its perfectly normal.” Aaron said as he looked down at Y/N.

“Who do you think will be the first one to discover or assume that I’m pregnant if we don’t tell the team and one of them figures it out for themselves or when we tell them they had their suspicions?”  Y/N asked Aaron hoping he would give her an answer.

“I think that Dave will be the first one to find out!” Aaron said with a confident smile on his face.

“Really you think that Rossi will be the one to find out?! I think Garcia will after all she is surround by the top profilers, I wouldn’t be surprised if she picked up a few profiling tricks of her own!” Y/N said, also with confidence in her voice.

“Fine I bet you $20 that Dave will be the one to find out first!” Aaron said with a smile on his knowing that Rossi will be the one to find out as he is the eldest profiler with the most profiling experience.

“Okay then Hotchner, I bet you $20 that Garcia will be the one to find out!” Y/N said with confidence hoping that she would be right.

It had been almost a month since Y/N and Hotch’s discussion about when to tell the team about the baby, both were read to tell the team about their news but were unsure on how to tell them and when to tell them.

Y/N and Hotch walked through the BAU doors walking side by side, the two would usually would hold hands when together but once they enter their work environment, they forget that they are husband and wife and work together as colleagues and see remain professional whilst in the office and out in the field,  the only PDA that they would show would be smiling to each other.

The two walked together smiling and laughing and talking about what they were going to do when they got home, when they say Garcia walking up to them with a cup of coffee in her hand.

“Here you go my lovely, you look like you need it!” Garcia said cheerfully as she handing it over to her.

“Er… no thanks Garcia I’m trying to cut down on my coffee intake, I’m trying to find better ways to keep myself awake.” Y/N said trying her best to make her story believable, whilst Hotch gave her the ‘ she isn’t going to believe that, trust me’ look.

“You sure about that Y/N? you look like you fall your falling asleep most of the time are you able to get through weeks or months without any coffee?” Garcia asks with a concern on her face, worried about her friends health.

“Yes I’m sure Garcia you don’t need to worry, I’m sure ill find some way to keep me awake.” Y/N said trying to reassure her friend that everything is okay with her.

“Look I’m only looking out for okay?” Garcia said putting her hands on her shoulders whilst Y/N nodded knowing that her friend was only looking out for her.

Once the conversation finished the tree of them headed to their respected work areas, but before they could go any further, Garcia walked back to Y/N wanting to tell her something, whilst Hotch got up to the catwalk to see the two women about to discuss something.

“Y/N I just wanted to say that your skin has been amazing for the past few weeks, it’s been glowing and everything, you need to tell me what your using?!” Garcia said excitedly hoping to get answer from Y/N but instead received a laugh from her and Hotch who was listening into the conversation

“What? What is it Y/N why are you laughing? What’s so funny? Why is Hotch laughing he never laughs?! Are you two okay?” Garcia asked with confusion as two why her friend and boss were laughing away at what she said.

“Garcia just think about it, why would my face be glowing? remember a couple of weeks back when I had to go the doctors and Hotch felt guilty about not be able to go because he got caught up in a meeting with Strauss?” Y/N said giving Garcia clues about what was going on.

“OH MY GOD! YOUR PREGNANT!!! HOW DID I NOT KNOW?!!” Garcia shouts in excitement with a smile on her face happy for her two friends that they were expecting.

“Yes I’m pregnant!” Y/N said with a chuckle letting the excited women know that what she was saying was true.

“That explains so much, I had feeling something was going between you two! I mean Hotch was showing more PDA that he usually does even if it was holding hands and hugging, but it was because you guys were happy about your good news! And usually when you go to the doctors Hotch doesn’t feel guilty about not going he’s usually concerned but you always tell him what happened, but that doctors appointment wasn’t any ordinary appointment, it was your baby scan! He felt guilty because he should’ve been there with you!!” Garcia says trying to add up all the things that have happened between the two of them for the last month.

“Yes, yes and yes!” I guess we did make it obvious something was going on.“ Y/N said letting out a chuckle.

"Huh! We need to tell the team!” Garcia exclaimed as she grabbed Y/N by the arm and dragged her up the catwalk and also grabbed Hotch’s arm and dragged the two of them to the conference room.

“Woah, what is going on baby girl, that is making you this excited that yo had to drag the husband and wife in here?!” Morgan says referring to Y/N and Horch who were standing there awkwardly, looking like they were a children on the first day of school.

“Come on tell them!” Garcia says in anticipation waiting for them to tell the news to their friends.

“What is it Aaron is everything okay between the two of you?” Rossi asks concerned about the twos behaviour.

“Okay, I wasn’t to sure when to tell you guys, but I’m pregnant!” Y/N said excitedly as Hotch put his arm around her waist whilst the team erupted into joy at their friends exciting good news.

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“OH MY GOD!! CONGRATUALTIONS!!” JJ said as she went up to hug Y/N, wanting to be the first one to congratulate and hug her on her good news, and the rest of the team took turns to congratulate the couple and give hugs to the each of them.

“Congrats, your father again! How does it feel?” Rossi asked Hotch as he pulled him in for a hug.

“Nerveracking, but its going to be worth it!” Hotch says with a smile on his face as the rest of the team sat down to be introduce the case that they would be working on by Garcia.

“Oh and by the way you owe me $20, told you Garcia would be the first to figure it out!” Y/N said with confidence as Hotch handed her $20 whilst the team look at the two of them confused looks.

“We made a bet to see who would be the first one to figure out that Y/N is pregnant, I said Rossi and Y/N said Garcia and looks like Y/N was right, but enough of this I believe we have a case!” Hotch says as everyone nodded and looked towards Garcia who explained what the case is as everyone gave in all of their knowledge and expertise to the information Garcia was giving them, while Hotch and Y/N smiled at each other looking forward to the exciting road to parenthood.

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“ can you make me feel like home if i tell you you’re mine. “
” don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry. “
” sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough. “
” let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain, you like your girls insane. “
” so choose your last words, this is the last time. “
” i’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side. “
” every time i close my eyes, it’s like a dark paradise. “
” your soul is hunting me and telling me, that everything is fine. “
” tell them when you find true love it lives on. “
” but there’s no you, except in my dreams tonight. “
” there’s no relief, i see you in my sleep. “
” everybody’s rushing me, but i can feel you touching me. “
” walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn. “
”  you fit me better than my favorite sweater. “
” you were sorta punk rock, i grew up on hip hop. “
” baby can you see through the tears? “
” promise you’ll remember that you’re mine. “
” said you had to leave to start your life over. “
” wish i may, wish i might, find my one true love tonight. “
” do you think he/she could be you? “
” if i pray really tight, get into a fake bar fight. “
” i murder love in the night, watching them fall one by one. “
” i know that what i do isn’t right, i can’t stop what i love to do. “
” baby, i’m a sociopath, sweet serial killer. “
” i love you just a little too much. “
” you know i love, the thrill of the rush. “
” baby, let your fantasies unwind. “
” i fell asleep with visions of myself, dancing and laughing. “
” i once had dreams of becoming a beautiful poet. “
” there’s no use in talking to people who have home. “
” upon an unfortunate series of events saw those dreams dashed and divided. “
“ if i said i didn’t plan for it to turn out this way i’d be lying… ”

anonymous asked:

Dear Fahye, your writing is breathtaking and creative and sharp and delightful & the fact that you manage to pursue medicine and also write ALL THE THINGS is insanely inspiring. I just graduated from med school and am one week away from my first day of intern year in internal medicine (OH GOD). Do you have any advice for a thrilled / terrified baby doctor (& aspiring writer)? Is there anything you wish you had known / done before you started practicing medicine? Thank you for being amazing.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU, ANON, I hope your career is everything you hope it to be and more :)))

things I wish I had known before I started my intern year:

  • remember to pee
  • remember to eat and drink
  • no matter how smart and confident and level-headed and awesome you are, there are going to be days when you feel like an incompetent fool who should have quit med school after a week and become a florist instead. THIS IS NORMAL. 
  • it’s helpful to talk to dead people when you’re declaring them dead. use their names. be calm and chatty.
    • there are some weirdass sounds going on in someone’s chest when they’ve recently died. it’s not breathing. it’s ok.
    • that said, if a nurse pages you to declare a death on the ward, it’s not urgent. do the other five things on your list first. that way they’ll be cold when you get to them, too, and that tends to remove all smidgen of doubt re: whether this person is Actually Dead.
  • you will ruin at least one pair of shoes with blood. don’t worry about it.
  • similarly: for the love of god keep track of when you’re meant to be in theatres so that you can bring your comfy shoes and not end up having to do a surprise half-day caesarian section list IN HEELS.
    • this may not apply to you, given what you said about internal medicine, and how early the USian system divides you onto specialist tracks, but the ankle swelling and foot pain I had at the end of that day were so memorable that I am passing this lesson on to you regardless.
  • no matter how bad a day you’re having, be nice to nurses. be nice to admin staff. be nice to the pharmacists and the physios and the switchboard staff. this will make your life ten thousand times easier, and also it’s the decent thing to do.
  • ALWAYS be nice to the radiology staff. the day your specialist wants you to get an urgent CT scan at 5pm, you’ll be glad you did.
  • some nurses are dicks. some doctors are dicks. NEVER, EVER BADMOUTH THE OTHER CLINICAL STAFF IN FRONT OF PATIENTS. try not to do it at work in general. do it when you get home. 
    • also, sometimes you will find yourself being a dick
    • this is a stressful job
    • apologise, and move on
  • one of the best skills you can have is the ability to communicate quickly, firmly and concisely over the phone. if you’re waking someone up, they want to know why. do you guys do ISBAR? learn ISBAR. love ISBAR.
  • the camaraderie between junior doctors is intense and life-saving. you’re all in the trenches together. you will lean on one another, and help one another, and debrief about the absurd and gory and downright traumatising things that your job presents to you on a daily basis.
  • however, hold on to your non-medical friends. keep in touch with them. socialise with them. you need them for perspective. otherwise every single social occasion outside work becomes talk ABOUT work, and next thing you know it the waiter is asking you to maybe keep your voices down because the next table doesn’t want to hear that level of detail about bowel resection and urinary catheters when they’re eating.
  • a final word on female urinary catheters:
    • the number of people who have attempted to catheterise a clitoris, myself included, is mind-boggling. the urethral opening is lower.
    • no, lower than that.
    • that’s it.