thrill generation 3


Finch Thrill - The Thrill Legacy

You shouldn’t eff with a little girl… especially when you are her father.Poor Tea got rejected for some conversation with Marcel…I tend to allow the girls to keep in contact just in case they want some sort of relationship later on in life…

She took her frustrations out on the snowman she made the other night, whilst the improperly clothed paperboy watched. LOL She built a new one soon after and then decided to take care of her kingdom via the tree house! 


Finch Thrill - The Thrill Legacy

So… three Thrill girls for generation four! :) Pretty pick your favorite BUHWHA! Kiddo… they are all toooo adorable!

Galatea Pyxis - Tea, is kind of a ruthless, princessy little girl who likes attention and the heat but definitely loves her sisters!

Caelum Crux - Cael is the tomboy… definitely enjoys playing pranks, and will probably enjoy up being more a rebel than her sisters but overall is more laid back than her older sister.

Luna Amalthea - Not sure how Luna is quite yet, but she seems like she’s down to earth and really quiet and caring!

:) Soooo CUUUTE!


Finch Thrill - The Thrill Legacy

Meanwhile Cora kept to herself as Finch brewed herself a baby. She took care of Champ whilst it kept snowing too heavily to do anything fun with him.

The convenience of living right by the river was ice skating was so accessible but at the same time everyone in the neighborhood would show up each time. WTPB… really! I guess it definitely put the good ol’ “Christmas Time is Here” song into my mind… bring on the warm & fuzzies!


Finch Thrill - The Thrill Legacy

I haven’t even attempted to enjoy one of these festival thingies in a LONG time…so here we go! Thrill outing! 

Of course we go because I spotted Atticus tending one of the concessions and WOW… I didn’t even notice her but my Raven was there as well… hitting the half-pipe like a badass. <3 Tea even started a conversation with her whilst her baby sister hung out in the deep arse snow with the other neglected baby. ;E


Finch Thrill - The Thrill Legacy

Another daughter…Caelum Crux Thrill and one more child to go, probably all daughters :O definitely from different fathers… scandalous!

Btw: I just started this… umm randomacy so not sure what kind of direction I wanna go in… in a writing sense. It’s a lot easier on my mind to just post a bunch of photos without mentioning anything but perhaps I should add some sort of story? x___x Soooo…here are her prerequisites for her generation:

External image

Basically Cora, her cousin, is her “with help” annnnd yup, three kiddos annnd Cora will be riding ponies. LOL And of course we got the “half-siblings” going on… okay enough outta me. ;o;