thrill electric

It’s one thing when someone can pleasure you. But it’s an entirely new and unknown thing when someone can thrill you, can send electricity down your spine with a single touch. It is an eye opening and refreshing,and exciting feeling that cannot be compared to anything else.
—  s.w.
dnd recap two: electric boogaloo
  • had to roll a strength and dex check to ensure our paladin and cleric could carry the mill wizard away from danger; thankfully we did not fuck this up
  • procured a cow from the farmer, as agreed, to bribe the werewolf into not eating the wizard
  • (rosa had a long, full life. he breaks down sobbing.)
  • druid popped up about halfway in demanding to know who this fuck is
  • rogue (who previously rocked the druid milf’s world) managed to persuade her that he’s here for a good reason
  • (”thank god for my silver tongue” – kal, two seconds before realizing what it is she’s just said)
  • turns out the werewolf was harboring a wealth of political information and used to deliver artisinal cheese to the elf resistance
  • we agreed to utilize her route to locate the resistance with a bribe of said cheese, though we could not agree where to keep it
  • (”i have chill touch”
  • ”so theoretically you could invent the refrigerator right now”)
  • (turns out the werewolf writes treatises in code in the farmer’s bad poetry, making her, officially, the raddest npc in this campaign so far)
  • the elf resistance tracked us to the  farmer’s land, however, because they knew where it was, given that they were the entity that cast the werewolf curse on the farmer’s wife to begin with
  • and set the house and barn on fire
  • all the cheese is gone, as well as the farmer’s living space
  • egg on our faces
  • the elves also tracked the mill wizard to the werewolf’s forest
  • big miss steak dot jpeg
  • the mill wizard, however, was fatally wounded, and because nobody with healing magic was present we were unable to save him before he gave us some cryptic-ass last words
  • no option was therefore left to us but to seek out the elf resistance asap
  • (”just don’t appear threatening”
    “you’re seven feet tall”)
  • we finally arrived at the elven resistance outpost, though anderson cooper was sadly not present
  • new goal: get to the capital and scope everything out
Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel

“Sexy, fresh Oriental fragrance recalls the irrepressible spirit of the young ‘Coco’ Chanel.”

Notes: orange, bergamot and grapefruit, lychee, rose and Italian jasmine, Indonesian patchouli, Hawaiian vetiver and bourbon vanilla

Mood: you’re backstage at a fashion show, moving around in whispers of organza and chiffon. The electric thrill of the show trembles up your spine; your heels click rapidly on the floor. Every so often you look at yourself in the mirror, tired but glowing, proud that you’re helping put this together. The powdery fragrance you wear is discreet and light.


And then I am won like a child
coerced with a promise of candy.
How you know me so well as if
we share the same belly and could
compel these butterflies to dance

like marionettes. I am thrilled.
There is an electricity that send
pleasant jolts up and down my spine.
Your cruel lips, how they tease me.
I come whole and undone, all at once.

Dragon Headcanons

We all know the dragons and Yona are connected to each other, but what exactly does this spidey sense entail?  Read below to find out.

Kija: Kija feels like innocence, a starry eyed child listening to tales of monsters and heroes before bed.  Steadfast and strong, like the branches of an ancient oak tree.  The smell of fresh cut flowers presented to a first love.

Shin-Ah: Shin-Ah is a cool summer night’s air.  Sweet grass and starlight.  Comfortable yet intriguing.  There are mysteries there, things that cannot be seen, yet pull one in all the same. Just a touch of chilliness lingers.

Jae-Ha: Jae-Ha tastes like the midday salty sea breeze, raw, eccentric, and warm.  Adventure beckons and unbridled excitement births thrilling electricity.  He is both sky and ground, freedom that cannot be tainted or destroyed.

Zeno: Zeno is akin to a rustic library.  Dust and yellowed books.  Leather and elegant golden cursive print.  There is safety and knowledge, wisdom and certainty.  A sharpness exists there, though it is mixed with the joy of a thousand sunny days.  

Yona: Yona reflects strawberries and cream.  She is bright and sweet, a vibrant explosion on the tip of one’s tongue.  The need to covet is strong, but between the sugar and milk lies something wild and proud, something new.  

In his bedroom, he stares down at me as we stand by his bed. “Trust me?” he asks suddenly. I nod, wide-eyed with the sudden realization that I do trust him. What’s he going to do to me now? An electric thrill hums through me.

I dare you to write a story including the sentence: "A sharp, electric thrill tingled down my spine and into my fingertips as I realized. It wasn't a costume."

Be creative! Nice and creepy for Halloween (though belated). The sentence can go in the beginning, middle or end, whenever it scares you the most! Think outside the box! If you’re brave enough to post, don’t forget to tag ‘I dare you to write.’

Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on July 25)

It’s amazing when you notice – when you can really see – the effect you have on other people. You can see it on Monday, and this evidence of your inspiration in turn inspires you to go on being inspiring. You are part of a happy loop of good feeling. It makes sense that you may deliriously slip into a sort of mystical realm on Tuesday and Wednesday, what with all the vaunted impressions you have of yourself and the people around you. Thursday through Saturday are likewise marked by advanced ideas, thrilling discoveries and interpersonal electricity. Sunday, check up on a relative.

Career & Finance

The big questions are weighing heavily on you at the beginning of the week. Is your career bringing you satisfaction? Are you advancing as quickly as you deserve to? Could your skills be better used elsewhere in the world? As much as you consider these questions too broad to answer, you’ll be thinking about them all week. This is an expansive time of year for most people, but it’s striking you particularly deeply. A discussion about values is in order on Thursday and sheer discipline is the only thing that will get you through Friday. But Sunday will be the best day in recent memory.

Love & Relationships

Linking up with someone unique is a distinct possibility on Monday and Tuesday, whether this person is a romantic possibility or perhaps just someone who sparks your mind. Either way, be open to new things in odd circumstances. Beware of some stress on Wednesday or Thursday, whether it’s work-related or otherwise. Whatever the cause, make time for some self-nurturing to keep your sanity. By Friday and through the weekend, you may be feeling nutty – but it’s the fun kind, where the possibilities are endless and you’re ready to try them out gleefully. Yay!



Luke Evans - international movie star of box office smash hits such as The Hobbit, Fast and Furious 6 and upcoming films The Girl on the Train and Beauty and the Beast - will experience the thrill of all-electric street racing this weekend.

The Welsh actor will get behind the wheel of the Spark-Renault SRT_01E around the track in Battersea Park on Sunday morning for a demonstration run at 9am. The actor is known for his street racing antics in the sixth instalment of the Fast and Furious hit movie franchise, which included scenes on the streets of London, but this will be his first experience of driving an actual racing car.

“I was excited to be asked by the Formula E organisers to be a part of this unique racing series,” he said. “I’m thrilled to lend my support to the Battersea Park event this weekend and to have the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving in the FIA Formula E Championship car. Good luck to all the drivers!”

To see Luke Evans put his driving skills to the test make your way to Battersea Park on Sunday July 3. Tickets are available on the gate, which open at 8am. Under 16s go free, but need to be accompanied by an adult.