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The importance of stealth and biscuits

Despite his reputation as a ‘blunt instrument’, Bond is well acquainted with stealth. He knows how to blend into the surroundings or lurk, hidden just out of sight, in dark corners, ready to spend hours without moving a muscle.

He’s ready now, concealed well and patiently waiting for his perfect opportunity to come by. His muscles tense in anticipation when his target approaches; Bond watches him slip into the small room, rummage in the cupboards, take what’s needed, put everything together and then leave.

Soundlessly, Bond slips out of his hiding and follows his mark, smooth and quiet like a ghost, keeping carefully out of the line of sight. He maintains just the right distance and moves quickly, aware that every second counts before the security guards absentmindedly staring at CCTV feeds realise he’s not supposed to be heading down this corridor.

Bond knows all about stealth. Knows the difference a split second can make, knows how to walk quickly yet without making a sound, and he knows how to spot the right moment to pounce-

“Chri-ist!” the minion shrieks and jumps, barely avoiding spilling the steaming hot tea from the mug clutched in his hand. “007… what- why-”

Bond smiles, sharp like a shark, and crowds the minion, smoothly backing him up until the keycard in his lab coat pocket beeps against the scanner and the irritatingly secure door to R&D slides open.

“I’ll take it from here,” Bond says and gently lifts the precious mug out of the minion’s hand.

“B-but… the Quartermaster said you can’t-”

“That’s for me to worry about,” Bond says and saunters triumphantly in, leaving the minion squirming undecidedly behind.

R&D is always bustling with life, the electric thrill of genius and innovation always crackling in the air as ideas spark and whirl and develop all across the various sections of the vast yet cluttered space. Minor (and occasionally major) explosions and incidents can and do happen at any minute, and the fire extinguisher is in urgent use at least twice a day. Bond enjoys R&D tremendously, and therefore is quite put out whenever Q throws him out for fiddling with one too many hazardous prototypes. Apparently, warming the Quartermaster’s bed can get one only so much special treatment.

Still, sneaking his way back in is always good fun.

He locates Q almost immediately and assumes his swankiest gait as he strolls over to where he’s busy with the skeleton of a brand new motorcycle he’s working on. He’s also deliciously focused, slightly ruffled, and sporting a grease stain on his cheek. Bond wants to ruffle him even more.

Q purses his lips when he sees him.

“I thought I’d got rid of you,” he says in lieu of a loving greeting.

Bond produces his most charming smile.

“I come bearing gifts,” he offers the tea.

Q huffs but accepts the mug, peering at it snootily.

“Stolen gifts, at that.”

Bond blinks and tries to remember how to look innocent.

“Stolen?” going by the unimpressed look on Q’s face, he’s less than successful.

“I can see Marvin traumatised over there by the door. And you can’t make proper tea for shit, you coffee-drinking heathen.”

“I still brought you a gift,” Bond smiles, taking half a step closer, hands in his trouser pockets, head cocked a little to the side. Q watches him closely over the brim of the mug, and Bond rather likes his chances of being forgiven this time.

“Hmm,” Q says nothing and blows on the tea so as not to appear too yielding.

Bond waits, patient, while Q takes a tentative sip, careful not to burn his lips; Bond knows the soft midnight blue suit he’s wearing is one of Q’s favourites on him, so standing there and looking pretty seems like a good strategy. It pays off - mollified, as always, by having his tea, Q makes a sound in his throat, licks his lips as he puts the mug down on a chair (the only surface near him not cluttered with tools, wires and blueprints), and turns a slightly playful gaze on Bond. Expectant, Bond smiles just a little bit, trying to look especially charming.

“Get me some biscuits and I’ll see about letting you back in,” Q says with the air of an emperor caught on a particularly generous day.

Bond smirks victoriously and says nothing, but sends Q a very meaningful look before he turns around and sashays back out of R&D, lifting the keycard off one of the minions on his way out.

Twenty-nine minutes later he’s on his way back to R&D, carrying an elegantly wrapped box and having made truly spectacular time getting to and back from a nearby bakery Q is quite fond of. So he allows himself to look particularly smug when he re-enters R&D and marches towards Q to make a gourmet biscuit delivery.

Q pretends not to notice him, focused on some intricacies of the wiring, so Bond clears his throat, standing behind him and more than happily eyeing that pert arse presented so well on display as Q leans over the tangle of wires.

“Oh, there you are,” Q also pretends not to be impressed by the box, but Bond doesn’t miss the way his eyes brighten up. “Well,” his eyebrows twitch when he takes the box and peers inside; he’s teasingly prim and composed as always, but there’s a hint of a smile on his normally downward-dipped lips. “These might even get you permission to touch a thing or two around here.”

“Oh?” Bond flawlessly reacts to the nonchalantly dropped innuendo, smirking and smoothly moving into Q’s personal space.

“Mm,” Q puts the box down next to his tea - refilled in Bond’s absence and steaming. Then he reaches out, takes hold of Bond’s tie, and pulls him into a kiss that’s thrillingly demanding.

Bond responds immediately, settling his hands on Q’s hips and squeezing just a little when Q licks deep into his mouth. It’s not often they engage in public displays of affection, especially not around Q’s minions who already gossip enough, but every now and then Q likes to be workplace-inappropriate in front of an audience. Bond always relishes those moments.

(Q enjoys being workplace-inappropriate in private as well, especially in his office with the glass walls blacked out so no one can see them half-undressed and shagging over Q’s desk… but that’s another thing entirely.)

Q ends the kiss as demandingly as he’d initiated it and smirks at Bond, eyes glowing and full of intent behind his glasses as he smooths Bond’s tie back into place.

“Go and don’t make yourself a nuisance,” he says in his best, haughtiest Quartrmaster voice that always sends a tingle of interest right into Bond’s groin. “I’m busy. If you behave, we’ll go home early when I’m done.”

Bond’s eyes gleam.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

Bond is well acquainted with patience - when it suits him.

This started as a drabble for the 15 minute challenge by @mi6-cafe but then I liked how it turned out and decided to write more :) The prompt was ‘honey’ by the lovely @castillon02 - the prompt gave me this idea which somehow does not feature honey in any shape or form :D

Jughead Jones x Reader: Never Enough


Could I get a Jug x reader with the prompt: “I stopped trying when I realized I wasn’t enough for you”?. Pleaassee???


A/N: This is my shortest imagine, I hope you like it. I don’t know if I lived up to the requestor’s vision, but when I read the request this was instantly eating up my mind I had to go with it. I thoroughly enjoyed this one even if its my shortest one, I’m so proud of this one.

Words: 738

Summary: Reader and the gang graduate Riverdale High. Sadly Jughead breaks it off with you. Time goes by and you are reminiscing over the time you and Jughead finally talked about your breakup after plenty of years.

Spoilers: Not a happy ending

Warnings: Some curse words.

This was it you were finally a senior. You just got accepted to 6 colleges and were finally going to leave Riverdale. Graduation and Prom were so close.

Although your happiness came tumbling down when your high school sweetheart Jughead Jones decided to call your relationship quits. You were devastated because you had actually planned to attend the same university as him so you wouldn’t have to deal with a long distance relationship.

Time went by, last you heard of Jughead he was a best-selling author on a book tour and you started your own foster care homes across the United States and were busier than ever.  


Suddenly you had a break from work and you felt sick, homesick you packed some things and went to visit Riverdale. Much to your surprise you ran into the person you never thought you’d ever see again.

He was sitting his same old booth typing away and for a moment you felt you were back in high school and he was boyfriend and all was well in the world.

You stood there like an idiot watching as he typed away so carefully, until you worked up the courage to go inside.

Although one glance your way made you lose it and you ran out of there.

You wish you would have stayed and finally asked him why he ended things.

Seems as if the universe heard you because he stepped out and grabbed you the wrist, this simple action sent a thrill of electricity over your body. This one movement and it made you alive, not just living. It was as if your body knew the hand that touched you and you missed the familiarity missing it as he removed it and you stared at each other. Those blue-green eyes and that dark luscious hair covered by the infamous grey beanie that looked like a crown. And tears escaped your eyes as if he had you under his spell, and you never knew how to break it.

“Why didn’t you stay?” you finally asked

There was a pause, you both remained silent.

“Just tell me this” you broke it with the thought that were eating you up “tell me that I meant something to you, that you were at least happy when you were with me” you sobbed and you hated that you were sobbing because you practiced those words for so long in your head and they came out as weak instead of strong.

Jughead finally spoke up.

“I- I wasn’t good enough for you, you- you deserve the universe and I’m just a star.”

You grew angry at his words.

“You left because you thought you weren’t good enough” you hissed.

“You don’t get to decide that Jug. You asshole. How dare you? I- I loved you” you shot back at his somber face and a tear finally escaped his eye and you wish you saw him cry no matter how selfish that sounded, you wanted him to feel the pain and agony you went through without knowing he did, he was just better at hiding it.  

He moved closer to you and you hugged each other for what felt like an eternity and you were fine with it because you were finally home.

“I will always love you.” He spoke in your ear and pulled apart from you.

“I knew that if we separated you would blossom into this great women and you did. I know if we stuck together you would try to plan our lives together not caring much for your plans. That’s what’s amazing about you, but I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I dragged you down. I was happiest with you. I had to get out of the picture (Y/N). You turned out amazing I’m sorry if what I did seemed wrong, I did it for you.” He concluded as much as you wanted to fire back you knew he was right, you’d do anything for him even give up your dreams.

“You will always be enough” you concluded because it was all that could come out of your mouth.

You bid farewells and went back to your regular life and hoped that one day if the universe cared you two would come back together. And so you kept on waiting and waiting, wishing on every shooting star, but none seemed to grant you the only thing you wanted in life.

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Morgan Rielly - Part Thirteen

I brood in the car as Morgan takes us farther downtown to the shopping district. My arms are tight across my chest and I can feel my lower lip jutting out in a firm pout. I may look like a small child who was recently reprimanded but at the moment, I just don’t care.

               Morgan thinks it’s hilarious. He looks at me more than he looks at the road but I refuse to acknowledge him.

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Water Under the Bridge

Summary: Going through a rough patch, you and Bucky separate. And you determine whether your relationship can go back to what it was.

Word Count:2,560

Warnings: None.

A/N: So, I really love this song and I have had this idea for quite a while. I hope you all like! Thank you to Kumi for looking over this for me! @mellifluous-melodramas 

“Catch for us the foxes,
The little foxes
That ruin the vineyards,
Our vineyards that are in bloom.”
Song of Songs 2:15

It started with the small things. Things you brushed off and left for later, miniscule details that became thorns stuck inside your flesh over time.

Bucky wouldn’t separate the colors from the whites whenever he did laundry. You’d order the wrong pizza topping. He’d leave the coffee grinds inside the machine overnight and you’d be in a hurry the next morning and would have to clean the entire coffee machine before using it. You’d forget to buy milk even after using the last bit of it and not tell Bucky there was none, forcing him to not eat cereal even when he had poured himself a bowl.

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I’ve Made a Mistake (Ch. 4)

Ieyasu/ MC

It’s back! Special thanks to coffee for making this all possible <3 Couldn’t do it without the caffeine. 

I hope you like this chapter, it is definitely silly and light-hearted, which is what I wanted.

His lips seemed unnaturally warm and MC really didn’t understand why she didn’t pull away, honestly she should have right? But she didn’t.

A beat passed and then another.

Ieyasu’s hands rested on her hips, holding her in place against him. MC couldn’t the thrill of electricity that passed through her at his touch.

Finally it hit her. What was she doing? She should not be doing this.

She yanked away, staring at him with wide eyes.

“What the hell, Ieyasu?” Her delivery was not near as indignant as she hoped it would be, coming off much more breathy and interested than she had planned.

His lips had felt…so good. MC cursed her own weakness. She knew better than this. He was her douchebag roommate, dammit! She couldn’t just kiss him, or let him kiss her or-

Oh, he was kissing her again. This time MC could help trailing her hands into his hair, pressing herself against him. She might as well enjoy this opportunity while it lasted, right? It was not every day that an attractive, vaguely evil genius was actively trying to kiss her.

He nipped her bottom lip, and she opened her mouth. His tongue sought hers in a battle that she wasn’t willing to lose in.

Finally when the problem of breathing arose they pulled apart. She stared at him, eyes wide and panting. What the hell. He was watching her, his copper eyes drawing her back to his face, to his lips.

He was a better kisser than she expected.

“Oh jeez.” She breathed. “What are we doing?”

“What does it look like?” His cheeks were tinted pink. Cute “Unless you’re telling me that you are so ignorant of the world, stupid girl.”

“Don’t you think it is rude to call a girl you just kissed stupid, what does it say about you?” Her comment was nonchalant, lazy almost. Like she wasn’t as concerned about his response as she should have been. 

“It says I’m bored, but you’ll do.”  His eyes were cool, and MC pulled away, glaring at him. Her blood ran hot and then cold. 

So he was using her. 

Of course it could never be easy.

Pride would not allow that slight.

“Well then.” She gripped his arms, going to tug them off of her thighs,noting the look of surprise that crossed his face. “If you’re bored, and that’s the only reason. You can find someone else to make out with.”

“MC-” He stared, but she only shook her head, slamming the door to her room behind her.

Who did he think he was, talking to her like that? 

She rested her head on the cool surface of her desk.

He was too good of a kisser for that attitude. 

“Things are…tense.”  MC massaged her temples, glancing over at her companion. “But really, can you blame me?”  She relaxed on the worn couch, looking up at the ceiling. “What do you think about all this? I could use another opinion.”

“I think it is stupid.” The stoic voice cut through her thoughts. She leaned her head over to look at her companion. “And you need to focus on more important things.”

“Aw, Hanbei, you always give me such good advice.”  MC let out a dry laugh, shaking her head. “Such a ball of sunshine.”

“Hanbei is our ball of sunshine.” as if on cue, Hideyoshi appeared, plopping on the couch by MC. “But you sound like you’re in a predicament.”

“Oh hideyoshi, you have no idea.” MC cried, falling back against him. “It’s just…so weird.”

“Is he being weird, or are you being weird?”

“What?” MC was brought to pause. Was Ieyasu being weird? He was the same cold-hearted person as ever, perhaps a little less talkative, but he hadn’t seemed vengeful, or even passive aggressive. If anything he was giving her space.

Now about herself, she had barely been home, and when she was she was in her room, or escaping the living room when he walked in.

Oh goodness.

She was the one being weird.

“Oh no, Hideyooooshi.” She groaned. “Its me, I am being weird.”

“Sorry dear, you are being weird.” He tugged on MC’s cheek, a grin on his face. “Now what are you going to do about it?”

“Umm…” MC frowned. What was she going to do about it? “I guess I should go home and….talk to him?”

“There we go! That is a good idea.” He winked at her ash she pushed his shoulder.

“You’re so lame Hideyoshi.”

“At least I’m not the weird one here.”

“Whatever!” MC hopped up, walking to the door. “If you see the puppy, tell him I stopped by.”

“I’ll see him” Hideyoshi’s voice was sing song. “I’ll tell him to call you later, okay?”


How to make it up to Ieyasu.

MC pouted, looking around the empty apartment. He wouldn’t get out of his clinicals for another hour or two so…what now?

The house was already clean, so she couldn’t do that. Not that she was a particularly tidy person anyways.

She really was only truly good at one domestic task.


But how to get him to eat her food?

After that first night she rarely stepping into the kitchen to cook if he was around.

But she was going to make him something, and he was going to eat it.

Suddenly, an idea. A grin spread across her face. A good idea.

She grabbed a bag, gathering up all of his health food.

How to get a prickly person like him to try her food? Give him no other option!

When Ieyasu returned home, the most obvious difference was the scent, a delicious aroma wafted in from his kitchen, it made his stomach growl, which only made him irritable.

That stupid woman was probably making a mess. HIs eyes sought her out, surprise on his face for only a moment when she turned and grinned at him.

“Ah, you’re back Ieyasu?” She turned, shrugging her shoulders. “I made dinner.”

“I thought I already told you that I wasn’t going to eat any of your unhealthy junk.”

“But this is apology unhealthy junk, it’s yummy.” She wheedled, pushing a plate at him. “And it is done.” MC had worked really hard, she wasn’t going to lie, and he was going to eat it.

Whether he liked it or not.

He stared at her, shaking his head before stepping past her.

“Stupid wretch.” He grumbled. “As if I’d eat your half-poisoned food as a peace offering.” MC shook her head, tutting her tongue as he was opening the cabinet. Wait. He looked into the empty space for a long time. There was nothing there.

“MC.” His voice was low, dangerous. “Where is all of my food.”  Another cabinet, the refrigerator. All empty.

When he turned on his heels she was standing by the door, a large bag in her arms. Filled with his food obviously. When her hand hit the handle he spoke.

“Don’t you dare. If you do it, I’ll kill you with my own hands.” She blinked, flinging the door open.

“I’m sorry, Ieyasu, but I have to do this. I promise I’ll restock as soon as you try it”

“I’m not going to eat it!’

“Well then. I’m sorry, but this is the way it has to be” and she sprinted out of his house, the bag of food still secure in her arms.

MC knew that she didn’t have much time, he was faster than her, and this bag of food was heavy, not to mention that she was running up stairs. Still, she had a mission to accomplish.

When she turned her head, she saw him, and before she even realized she was doing it she reached into the bag, pulled out an apple and threw it at him. He dodged and it splattered against the wall.


She nearly knocked a girl to her feet sprinting up the stairs, uttering a quick apology and tossing a vegetable at Ieyasu.

But she knew that it was…


Her own giggling slowed her down and finally he caught her, all but dragging her against his chest. She was panting and laughing even as he glared at her.

“Ie-ya-su. She took a breath between syllables, holding the food against her.   “Just try my food!”

Ieyasu didn’t even seem winded, he just stared at her.

“Are you even worth my time?” He finally said, shaking his head and letting her go. “I’d just as soon get new food, since you touched all of this.”

“Please.” MC set the food down, grabbing his arm. “Look. here.” She leaned over, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “I’ll agree to the kissing deal…but only if you eat my food.”

“What sort of freudian complex do you have?’ He demanded, a sharp blush on his cheeks. She was sure it was mirrored on her own definitely red face.

Jeez, why was this so hard?

“Is that a yes?” Ieyasu picked up the bag, going back down the stairs as though she wasn’t even talking to him. “Ieyasu, is it a yes?”

“Fine, but only to humor you, you kitchen wench.”

“Yes!” MC all but cheered, following him down the stairs. When they reached the foot, he turned, shooting her an icy glare.

“If you ever do anything so foolish as this again, consider yourself evicted.”



MC watched him expectantly, as he raised the fish up to his lips with his chopsticks. She wasn’t going to lie, she’d made the same thing she’d made him the first time.

Just so show him  what he had thrown away.  It was her own recipe, and it was damn good.

He took the bite.

He took another bite, yes!

And then another, sullenly eating the food.

“Do you like it?” MC tapped the table with her fingers, a nervous habit.

“Its food.” He kept his face devoid of emotion. “I have no opinions.”

“None?” She sighed. What had she expected? “Okay.” She trailed over to the bag of food and began unpacked.

She had tried and she had failed. Her gambit had been for nothing.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m cleaning up my mess.” She reached up to tuck a can on the shelf. “I’m uh…sorry.”

“For what.” He had finished the plate, eyeing the rest of the food on the counter.

“For failing to please your sense of taste.” She grabbed the food, stepping over to the garbage.  His hand shot out, all but grabbing the plate from her. “E-eh?”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going to eat it.” Ieyasu’s blush was back, his tone rushed. MC stared at him, a smile creeping on her face.

“Does that mean I can cook for you more often?”

“What kind of dungbeetle wants to do MORE chores?”

“I’m taking that as a yes.”

This really was a win-win.

Ieyasu ate her food, she got to kiss Ieyasu. Nothing was weird….well that was up to each person, really. 

But MC wasn’t weird.


This was all totally normal. 

Plus he ate all the food she cooked. 

So she had obviously won this round.

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Welcome Home - Pentagon Yuto Smut Scenario



The first thing you did when you got off the plane after your long flight was take a huge breath of the air, unwinding in the familiar smells of the city you’d lived in for the past three years. After spending the past month visiting family in Toronto, you were glad to at last be on home turf, in a city you could easily recognise and navigate. Travelling to foreign places could be stressful, and being home meant you could finally relax.

The next thing you did was wait. And wait. And wait.

The airport was far from a peaceful and empty place that afternoon. Families, couples and solo travellers swarmed the terminal, weaving around each other in an unofficial rhythm that had left you bruised and confused after trying to follow it. There seemed to be more people about than tiles in the floor, and the crush of bodies at the luggage collection bay had you standing and waiting for the most part of an hour for it to clear.

Your phone beeped. An incoming text, most likely, from the boyfriend you were supposed to meet thirty minutes ago. Sure enough, you unlocked your phone and there was a message from Yuto.

Yuto 💕: where are you??

You smiled, knowing you weren’t the only one missing the long cuddles and numerous tiny kisses that had been a regular evening occurrence. Your fingers were a blur as they tapped out your answer.

Y/N: the luggage area is really busy right now :/ you might have to wait a little longer

Barely a minute passed before two more texts came through.

Yuto 💕: I miss you though

Yuto 💕: I don’t want to wait

You found the messages to be rather sweet, nearly giggling aloud in flattered amusement. It was rare that Yuto allowed himself to appear cute in this way; he preferred to maintain a ‘cooler’ persona around you, despite you knowing already that deep down he was really just a huge cuddle bug.

The crowd around the luggage collection area finally began to dissolve, the lull between arrivals when no large flights were landing. You clicked off your phone and slid it into your pocket, darting between people. Yuto may have wanted an immediate response, but he’d have to suck it up and wait if he wanted you home sooner over later.

With your luggage now recovered, you followed the signs to the exit, rushing for the taxi bay. Admittedly, you were rather eager to get home to your apartment. But of course, the taxi bay was busy too. It looked like there’d be another long wait in store.

Sighing in defeat, you fetched your phone back out of your pocket, shooting back a couple of texts to Yuto while you started the second round of standing and doing nothing.

Y/N: you should’ve come to pick me up if you wanted to see me sooner

Y/N: taxis are busy too, don’t expect me home any time in the next hour at this rate

Yuto 💕: but I need you now :( it’s been so long since I got to touch you

Oh. Of course, he wasn’t just flirting. The tone of his comment, though written and not spoken, sent evil tingles wandering through your stomach. No innocence was featured in his words. Or, at least, you hoped it was that way.

Thirty minutes and forty rounds of Angry Birds later, you felt a tap on your shoulder. Turning around, you were hardly surprised to see Yuto standing behind you.

“Hi,” he smiled, taking in your interesting fashion choices. You’d barely had time to get ready before your flight that morning, so your outfit was a mishmash of whatever you’d picked up first. You feigned nonchalance, shrugging to hide your embarrassment.

“Hi,” you said back, twinkling your fingers in a gentle wave. There was a short silence, as neither of you knew what to say, and then he leant down and kissed you.It was only for a moment, but the brief contact had you biting your lip to restrain yourself as he pulled back. He winked at you, but immediately busied himself with scooping up your luggage from where it rested on the filthy concrete at your feet.

“I’ve come to take you home,” he said. An arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you into his side, and he led you away, never once dropped his easy grin. It was more casual than you expected, the action telling you nothing more than a simple ‘I’m glad to see you’.

You started to doubt your original thoughts of his intentions. Perhaps he’d just been missing you, and that was all. You’d probably imagined the sexual tension in your text conversation earlier, and he only wanted to see you.

The uncertainty continued to cycle through your mind the whole journey home, leaving you with nothing to say and a silent car ride. Every few minutes, Yuto would glance over at you with that same smile he’d had since the airport, but he didn’t seem to pick up on your quiet mood. He seemed more focused on the outline of your figure, but you hardly noticed, staring sullenly out of the front window.

The apartment block loomed ahead, and you sighed in relief, glad to finally have an opportunity to escape the uneasy atmosphere of the car. Yuto still remained oblivious to your current feelings, blinded by his happiness at being near you again. Before the car even stopped, you were reaching for the handle, and once you were free you stormed to the trunk to pull out your bags. You strode away, not really sure why you were rushing, or even why you were upset, but figured it was just that you were tired.

It was only now that Yuto realised you weren’t particularly happy with him, and he almost forgot to lock the car in his hurry to catch up to you. The smile had vanished by now, replaced by a concerned frown, as he drew level with you.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, gently taking your wrist to stop you.

“I don’t know,” you sighed. “I think I’m just tired.”

He nodded in understanding. “Let me take you to bed, then.”

You blushed furiously, wondering if he’d caught his own innuendo. He showed no sign of such, instead kissing your forehead softly and leading you away to the apartment with his arm once more around your waist. It felt like his hand was lower this time though, and you wondered if this was intentional.

He brought you inside, taking your bags from your hands and dropping them on the couch. You barely had a moment to breathe before he whisked you into the bedroom, laying you down on the covers. But as he moved to stand and leave, you grabbed a fistful of his shirt and yanked him down so your faces were mere millimetres apart.

“You’re not going anywhere,” you growled, the tone sending an electric thrill through the air between you both. You hadn’t meant to sound so desperate, but seeing the way Yuto’s eyes flashed in response, you felt yourself lifting towards him against your will, like someone else had control of your movements. But whether it was you or a foreign being directing your body, you still ended with your back arching upwards and mouth pressed to him.

For the first few seconds, the kiss was little more than a meeting of lips; that brief moment of indecision before the self-restraint snaps. Then Yuto nearly fell on top of you, trying to taste every square inch of your mouth as you opened up to him. You lay back, smirking. This is what you had wanted. You knew that now.

Two strong hands held your face as he hovered over you, propped up on his elbows. The kiss seemed to get deeper and deeper by the instant, intense to the point where it nearly hurt. You didn’t care for the pain though, in fact, it made the whole experience that much better.

Normally, he’d be taking it slower, but today Yuto was all over you, sitting back on his knees so he could wrench off your jacket, nearly tearing your shirt as it followed suit. There was a hesitation as he gasped for air, staring at your half-exposed chest with swollen lips parted, before he dove onto you again, swiping hair from your face as he joined your mouths again. Teeth clashed; it should’ve felt awkward, but really it just didn’t feel like enough. You needed more.

Yuto seemed to agree, pausing again but only to pull his own coat and shirt over his head. Again and again he attacked your lips with brutal kisses, the feeling made greater by the way his hips kept accidentally brushing against yours. He was too close, yet never close enough, and there was only one way to get him fix that.

You bucked your hips up into his, creating that special friction you craved. The noise he made then was something akin to a shriek, so surprised yet satisfied was he by your sudden courage. He read the movement as what it was – an invitation – and returned the favour, grinding smoothly against you with quiet gasps.

“I thought you were tired,” he smirked, stopping to catch his breath. You looked into his eyes, at the dilated pupils, and shrugged.

“Not if you’re sleeping with me,” you winked in response, using the moment of separation to reach between you and pull at his jeans. He didn’t stop you, groaning as you flipped him over to slide them off. He was in nothing but boxers now, panting as he gazed up at you. This was it, the moment before you lost control of yourselves; whatever happened from now couldn’t be stopped.

Swinging your leg up and over him, you unclasped your bra, throwing it to the floor with zero care for where it landed. Nothing else mattered but you, Yuto and the way he touched your bare breasts. You ground into him heavily in response, marvelling at the way he looked with his eyes scrunched shut and mouth flung open in a strangled moan.

And the only thing going through your mind was that you needed these clothes gone.

A minute of anxious fumbling later, your wish was fulfilled. You were silent for a moment then, forgetting to take the initiative because all you could see was him and he just looked so beautiful. Impatient, Yuto took hold of your hips and flipped you back over again, hovering over you like before, but now it felt even more intimate. He closed his eyes, bracing himself for his next action.

The first thrust was the most gentle, as he allowed you to adjust, and the second was only a little rougher, but after that it was like he gave up holding back, and it was push after push of violent indulgence. It didn’t matter how exhausted your body was from your trip; you’d missed Yuto and his warmth since your departure. You couldn’t believe you’d survived so long without him.

His breaths were laboured as he drove into you over and again. With every thrust, he repeated the words “I missed you”, but you could barely hear him over the cresting waves of pleasure washing through every nerve in your body. For such a long buildup, you could almost taste the end already.

Your vision flashed white as every fibre of your body gave in to the heat, toes curling and hips rising in the explosion. Your climax triggered Yuto’s own, and you both fell apart in the same moment, sighing as the energy left your body in that last burst of pleasure.

Now I’m tired.”


- Ellie ♡

It’s one thing when someone can pleasure you. But it’s an entirely new and unknown thing when someone can thrill you, can send electricity down your spine with a single touch. It is an eye opening and refreshing,and exciting feeling that cannot be compared to anything else.
—  s.w.

please for once just notice me. please let something that makes so much sense happen to me for once. last night was thrilling and i wanted nothing more than to stay with you forever. lets be more than this. lets have endless nights of conversation and laughter. because i dont know how much longer i can bear having you consume my mind without telling you. get to know me. because the more i get to know you the deeper i sink, so maybe that’ll be true for you too. i want to explore the depths of your mind. every secret, every passion, all those things that define you and make you the incredibly fascinating human you are. i adore you. just this time, please. give me a chance xx

anonymous asked:

Here I am to ask again for kisses. Since you said no one sent you one for Free, I'll ask an In the moment kiss for Fred and Lee

I haven’t given this a proper read over so I’m so sorry if it’s terrible orz


There’s nothing in the world like a Quidditch Cup victory high.

Oliver Wood is in tears and Percy Weasley’s arms, kissing him like their lives depended on it; the girls are crushing each other with hugs, screeching with glory and disbelief and unity; Fred and George smash into each other like Bludgers and whoop with glee, doing loop-de-loops around the pitch and proclaiming their joy until Fred hears Lee bellowing from below for them to “come down, you pair of pricks!”.

Fred almost crashes as he flings himself into Lee, who’s yelling something initially incoherent that turns into “you won! you won!”. The energy around him is electric, thrilled, and Fred can’t help but kiss him, pulling him in and grinning entirely uncontrollably, wishing his mouth would do what he wanted, but Merlin, he’s so high on this victory that he’s surprised he hasn’t turned into a firework and gone off. Not that Lee would appreciate that; he’s kissing back so fiercely it’s like they’re in some kind of fight over the most excited Gryffindor.

Lee is beaming when they pull apart, and he squeezes Fred’s arm. “I’ll see you in the common room, yeah?” He winks and hurries off, letting Fred rejoin George on the way into the showers.

“Can’t tell who’s going to be the power couple of this year,” George says thoughtfully. “You and Lee, or Oliver and Perce.”

“Me and Lee, obviously,” Fred says, feigning offence. “We’re miles better looking.”

“Just you wait til I get with Ange, Fred, and we’ll blow you two out of the water!”

When after what feels like an eternity has passed and Fred has finally made it back to the common room to be cheered on like a national hero, Lee is waiting, hovering and looking cheeky with kisses just written on his lips.

Everyone looks at Fred like he’s a national treasure. Lee looks at him like he’s Lee’s own pot of gold.

Coach Negan {Negan Smut}

Word count: 2.8k of lusty goodness.
Notes: This concept has been in my head for ages! Before the outbreak.10000% adultery. Some may not like this but Negan sure does. (He loves his wife, I know this, but he does cheat on her heavily before the walker storm in the comics. FACTS!) Gifs are not mine. 
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!!**
Negan fights with Lucille and decides going home is the last thing he wants to do after classes are over. However, it looks like he’s not the only one working after hours.

@itsneganswife had requested this well after I started writing, was happy to see a request of something I really wanted to finish! Also @negans-network

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Ever write something and straight up cackle like a witch?

“What’s the matter, babe?” Your voice is colored with the shadow of a haughty laugh that stokes something truly wicked in his chest. In that moment, he knows he’s going to take great pleasure in watching you gag on him.

Gladio drops his hand to cradle the back of your head and drag you close as he leans over you. You shrink with a mewl, and he recognizes the electric thrill that lights up your eyes in its wake. “You gonna keep stalling?” He all but growls. “Or are you gonna put that mouth to good use?”

There’s no warning for what follows. You pump him once, twice, you teeth sinking into your bottom lip, draw back and spit on his cock—actually spit on his cock. A strangled moan leaves him before he can think to bite it back.

“That better?” This time, you flat out giggle.

Correction: he’s going to take obscene pleasure in watching you gag on him.

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when he does that rare happy smile and he gets wrinkles around his eyes

Listen.  Anders smiles a lot.  Hawke thinks that it’s like the sun peeking through the stormclouds.  Not that stormclouds are a bad thing, mind.  Hawke loves storms, in fact; they are electric and thrilling and terrifying and beautiful.  But the sun brings golden warmth with it, and that’s exactly what Anders’ smile is.  Warm, and golden like his eyes and his hair.

“You should smile more,” Hawke teases him one day, because every time he does it and his eyes crinkle and his whole face lights up it makes their entire day.

“Just for you, love,” says Anders, and he buries his nose into Hawke’s hair and smiles.


Dearest Diary,

Two events of note occurred today. First, I realized that Peeta Mellark, who just yesterday I considered an ally and possible friend, is an irredeemable prat. Second, I became betrothed to him.

London, 1793. After a life spent on her family’s country estate, the time has finally come for the Everdeen sisters to be introduced to the London elite. Katniss will do anything to ensure her younger sister does not fall into the wrong hands, but surrounded by strangers, she has no way of judging Prim’s many suitors’ intentions. Enter Peeta Mellark, the youngest brother of the Earl of Panem and a longtime fixture of the ton. He seems the perfect ally, but Peeta has intentions of his own, and Katniss’ spinsterhood may not be as safe as she believes.

A/N: Rated M (eventually - there’s no objectionable content in this chapter). Part one of a new WIP.

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1 - murphyxreader

“Come over here and make me.”

This is smut.  Not necessarily explicit but still smut, okay.

If you were to be completely honest with yourself, you’d had your eye on one John Murphy for a long time.  There was something about his quick wit, sharp cheekbones and slim waist that had you hooked.  And if you were to be completely honest with yourself, you’d shared flirtatious looks with the rogue rebel 5 or 6 too many times to consider it a coincidence.  It was all fun and games you told yourself, mostly games, and you didn’t really think about it much until you began to see his blue-grey eyes at night. It’d gotten more intense since you both wound up alive at Camp Jaha, maybe it was the impending doom that had settled over the camp since they learnt about the looming fate of the delinquents in Mount Weather.

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Young & Dumb

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter

AU: Modern, non-magical, high school AU

Word Count: 1155

Written For: myvegansensesaretingling + whoever else asked me about Drarry that one time

Senior Skip Day is a time-honored tradition.

It typically involved lake-house parties and hipster picnics and vodka-spiked lemonade and cotton-candy colored Polaroid cameras—it was all about girls in crocheted bikini tops and boys in plaid swim trunks, slap-happy sunshine summer shenanigans fit for an American Pie montage, really, because graduation was nigh and most people’s standards were officially lower than Death Valley’s average point of elevation.

Like—take Potter, for example.

There he is, overfilled red Solo cup in hand, shuffling his bare feet and scratching awkwardly at the back of his neck, glancing around the beach like he doesn’t know where to go, which—Draco calls bullshit on, honestly, the whole fucking school has a disgustingly huge hero-worship boner for Potter that’s seemingly impervious to the laws of time and space and logic

Draco scowls into his frozen raspberry margarita.

Fuck Potter.


Fuck him, and fuck his stupid rat’s nest hair and his stupid Meg Griffin glasses and his stupid green eyes and his stupid perpetually tan skin and just—just fuck him, seriously.


No, no, not seriously, Jesus, Potter had enough groupies clamoring for his attention and inviting him out for fucking ice cream like their vaginas were the secret Thirty-Second Flavor at Baskin-Robbins; he certainly didn’t need Draco to hurl himself into the fray.

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coming for to carry me home

gajevy week day 4 – daydreams. A shorter one for today, I’m afraid. College is relentless. 

oh hey i managed to write canon this time

Bonus | Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Five | Day Six | Day Seven

She’shad daydreams about situations like this, but Mavis, her imagination hadn’tquite done it justice.

Or included the sprained ankle.And the humiliation.

Mavis, the humiliation.  

Levy gasps as her joint gives another painful twinge, and though she tries to muffle it the best she can, she isn’t quite able to hide it all. Her cheeks go red as Gajeel looks down at her and shifts his grip. “You alright?”

“I’m fine.” Has her voice always been this squeaky?

He’s trying not to smirk. “S’what you get for rushing into things.”

“I was not!” And that is a complete and utter lie, something she’s about 85% sure Gajeel knows already.

So maybe, maybe she’d been trying to impress him a little. Who can blame her? Her strengths lay in academia, so when Gajeel had offered to help with physical training…

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