Hello!Only4 days separate us from the long-awaited summer, and therefore,in my opinion, it would be perfectly interesting to take part in the summer tag in which I’ll answer a few questions directly related to my favorite time of year,and I hope you will want to do the same)so there you go!
1.Why do you like summer?
First,in the summer I have a veritable ocean of free time that I can dispose of at its discretion.And secondly, I love Sunny days,because they fill me with strength and energy. In fact,a lot of things you can write on this topic,however, I do not dare you,my dear reader, to detain.
2.Songs that you associate with summer.
DJ Snake feat Justin Bieber – Let Me Love You;Sia – Cheap Thrils;Sigala feat. John Newman and Nile Rodgers – Give Me Your Love.
By the way, I recently found a great summer playlist.Be sure to listen)
3.Where would you like to spend your summer vacation?
I was quite happy with my native land.Although to be honest I would not mind to go to Sochi for a few days.
4.What are your plans for the summer?
I have many projects for this season.But to say I won’t.Why?The answer to this question you will be able to find this article:
5.Sports on your summer vacation?
Yes,I try.Its benefits and the need for our body has long been proven.
6.Favorite summer clothing.
Undoubtedly,it is dresses because they make me feel more feminine.
7.You like ice cream?If so,what one?
Of course,I love this dessert.As for my food preferences,I’m crazy “Bonpari” in the form of a banana.Will not exaggerate if I say that I could eat a ton of this ice cream.
8.Favorite fruits/ berries.
Grapes,bananas,strawberries and,of course,watermelon.
9.Favorite summer weather.
To my great regret,I can not so colorfully describe events and feelings,like Tolstoy,so let’s just say that I prefer warm weather.Not hot-warm.In General,by the way,I’m a big fan of summer evenings because at this time weather is a real buzz)
At this point I probably will finish the summer tag.Was very pleased and interested to take part in it.Summer 2017 is coming soon,something wonderful is coming soon,right?.I’m waiting for it.And what about you?
Thank you all for your attention and see you soon in the next post!


what a music! what a movie! what a documentary!

“Searching for Sugar man”

Always Leap

I never seem to look where I’m bound, always enjoying the thrilling drop of my stomach as I plummet down. And once I hit the ground I dust myself off and spring up again, all for the adrenalin.

I’ve never had the best memory, no matter how many bruises and cuts I receive I just get up and go again, because I can never place the wonderful feeling of falling unless it is happening.  

It’s hard though, so few people I’ve met are willing to live the more up than down world that I love so much, I tend to be enjoying my private thrill ride alone. That’s ok though, I have always had a hard time being restrained. 


I have an itch
To dress all in black like a phantom
And slip onto the streets at night
I think it is the sense of freedom
The thrill and fright that make it so right
To slip into something sleek and dark
And run on rooftops
Slipping away without a trace, not a mark
Oh the feeling of danger never stops
In this grand city
A city of my dream
If you can understand me
Join me in this delicious scheme…