what a music! what a movie! what a documentary!

“Searching for Sugar man”

Always Leap

I never seem to look where I’m bound, always enjoying the thrilling drop of my stomach as I plummet down. And once I hit the ground I dust myself off and spring up again, all for the adrenalin.

I’ve never had the best memory, no matter how many bruises and cuts I receive I just get up and go again, because I can never place the wonderful feeling of falling unless it is happening.  

It’s hard though, so few people I’ve met are willing to live the more up than down world that I love so much, I tend to be enjoying my private thrill ride alone. That’s ok though, I have always had a hard time being restrained. 


I have an itch
To dress all in black like a phantom
And slip onto the streets at night
I think it is the sense of freedom
The thrill and fright that make it so right
To slip into something sleek and dark
And run on rooftops
Slipping away without a trace, not a mark
Oh the feeling of danger never stops
In this grand city
A city of my dream
If you can understand me
Join me in this delicious scheme…

anonymous asked:

What other characters/things do you love on the show beside Mike and Ginny/Dawson? Love your blog!

Oh hey there, nonny.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the other things that thril the fuck out of me about Pitch:

  1.  Evelyn and Blip Sanders–their relationship is one of the best and strongest and they’re so real with one another, and if anything ever happens to them, I will fucking fight someone.
  2. The show is diverse without even trying–because it looks like this planet that we live on called earth and the country where it takes place, America, and it’s inclusive not exclusive and wears it proudly, not like a penance.
  3. Black female lead who’s strong, vulnerable, imperfect, gorgeous, hurts, laughs, cries, closes herself off–so basically a real person.
  4. Lumberzack- #Thickums™
  5. Leaning into the “squicky” things–gender politics, harassment, race…and on Fox too.


Hope that helps, sorry for all the cursing, I have the mouth (typing fingers?) of a goddamn sailor.