DIY Memo Board, and a New Chair


The day is a-movin’, for sure!  I am happy to say that the sun is shining and Arizona springtime is quickly moving into Arizona summertime.  Usually – this depresses me.  I am such a winter kinda gal, and I love the bundling, the cozying, the baking…  All the fun things that “cold weather” induces on the Arizona population.  Don’t you just feel like everything is brighter and happier in the wintertime?  Sure, people are crazed in the parking lots, getting all of their shopping done; but something about the vibe just inspires me to be outside more, get more things done, and be more spirited.  Needless to say, when that time of year is over, I usually feel really down and sad because I have to wait a whole year to experience it again.

But this year, I have promised myself that I will find beautiful things about every season.  I will try not to dress in black all summer long (anyone who knows me sees my wardrobe – you could confidently say that I am, ahem, afraid of color), and I will do my best to have lunch outside with a girlfriend or go for a nighttime walk with my fiance – maybe even pack a picnic lunch and go to a park.  I will carry on like a civilized human being who does not wake up cursing the sun!  I will come from a place of yes, and be happy and cheery, and embrace the fact that I can dress up my living room with springy flowers and serve summery meals.  We have a card table with a beautiful tablecloth that I bought so that we could eat outside, and what I’m saying is – Why haven’t we used that yet?  

Whew.  As you can see, I am convincing myself as I am writing this that each season is enjoyable in different ways.  So there.  That’s my completely random and unplanned rant about my feelings for summer – who knows?  Maybe the heat and I will actually get along in the coming months!

Do any of you have a memo board in your home?  My future mother- and father-in-law have a really pretty one made out of wine corks in their home office – I love it.  G and I don’t go through very many bottles of wine (I’m the only one who drinks it!), and that particular type of memo board wouldn’t really go well with our style of apartment; but every time I go to their house, I step into that office and admire it for about ten seconds.  

I didn’t even really think about having a memo board for our own home until I read this post by Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick.  She created a beautiful memo board for her office…

External image

Gorgeous, right?

So this got me thinking…

-If I made something like this (or found something like this), where would I put it?

-What would I want my memo board to look like?

As far as the where would I put it? question, I have to be honest – I’m still not entirely sure.  But I’m thinking that if I found something that was pretty enough, I could put it in my kitchen, above the sink.  I have a big space there (currently taken by a framed photograph that I love, but doesn’t really belong), and since I have been kind of hoping to evolve my kitchen into a more modern theme, this might be the perfect way to figure out what kind of “look” I want!

And for the what should it look like? question – well, I love looking for inspiration photos.  So here are a couple that I found:

External image

Mirrors as Memo Boards

I really like this idea.  This would look beautiful in my kitchen, and if I kept the writing only with a simple black dry erase marker, I think it would look even better than the blue.  I could keep my to-do lists, grocery lists (wouldn’t that be cute?), or ideas on here – it’s not exactly what I was thinking in terms of having somewhere to put things (like, I don’t know, memo board stuff?), but this could actually be a cleaner look.

External image

Kitchen-Related Memo Board

This one looks like it is probably metal, which I am definitely not opposed to.  How cute would it be to have a giant tea pot memo board?  It’s modern-looking but it’s also really cute and fun.  The only problem with this particular one is that as I am looking into my kitchen right now, it would be way too high up – I have a taller faucet, and I would want the board to be above it so that it didn’t look weird, so I think I am probably looking for something more rectangular horizontally in shape, as opposed to the other way around.

I’ll keep looking, and when we actually do figure out what we are going to put there, I will definitely post pictures for you.  :)

Another thing that I am keeping my eyes peeled for is a funky chair to go in our bedroom – we have no decorating scheme in that room so far, and eventually I would like to get there.  But what better way to figure out what kind of room we want than to let the funkiest of all funky chairs be the deciding factor?  I was inspired to go look on the web for possible funky chairs by Melissa over at The Inspired Room.  She just bought some fabulous new chairs for her dining room at that were under $50 a piece!

External image

How awesome is that?

We have a really cool chair in our living room that is a deep, mustard yellow, and that color kind of pops up around the room in a few other places.  When we first moved into this apartment, we had the idea that it would all be clean lines and cold modern living – but to my surprise (and my fiance’s), a lot of color started appearing, and now look where we are.  I have to say, I love it.  It’s a lot more fun, and we still have the modern pieces that we love – like our entertainment center, and the legs of our coffee table (which we will be replacing someday soon with another modern table).

So, for our bedroom, I would really like to continue this theme.  We have a modern bed from Ikea, and kind of a hodge-podge of hand-me-down stuff (thank you Mom and Dad, and Mom and Dad Morley, and Jill and Chris!), so it’s definitely a work in progress.  But I found some awesome inspiration pieces…

External image

This, clearly, wouldn’t be a pop of color.  But how beautiful is it?  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I am dyin’ over here.  This could look amazing, and then the decorating opportunities are endless.

External image

I really think this is just awesome.  This could even go in our living room (pop of yellow!) and then we could reupholster the chair in our living room to be fit with some awesome fabric that we pick out for the bedroom.

External image

I gotta say – I am a huge fan of this chair.  Clearly, not with the PUNK pillow, but I love the deep yellow (okay, I am just now realizing that I really love the color yellow.  I honestly didn’t register that before…) And, major plus – this doubles as a rocking chair, which means that come baby time, we could decorate a nursery around this chair – which is awesome, because yellow = neutral, boy or girl!

This is where my mind is at today.  These are so many fun things G and I can do with this apartment, and I want them all!  Of course, it’s going to have to be a little at a time, but I think I love that even more than being able to just get everything done all at once.

I am a happy girl.  :)
What is making you happy today?