thrifty thursday

For this today’s thrifty get-up, I tucked this retro crop-top (notice the cute little pocket in the front) into this bright floral skirt. To tie it all together, I wore this reddish belt. What’s the best part? All three items were thrifted! The top and skirt were thrifted from a local Salvation Army for about $2-3 each. The belt was $1 at an elderly lady’s garage sale.

FYI: I chose this outfit based upon today’s print on print Coast to Coast Challenge.

Thrifty Thursday - Library DVDs: For this installment of Thrifty Thursday I bring to your attention your local library. I am lucky to live in the St. Louis County Library district and have a library branch not far away. I haven’t taken advantage of the library for some time, except to go to the headquarters location to look at newspapers on microfilm for genealogy. Recently I checked


Frugal Beauty
Here is some very simple advice on how to be the glamorous girl that you are, but for less:
  1.  makes reusable (aka ecofriendly!) compacts that have refills that cost less than buying a whole new powder.
  2.  Purchase your shampoos and conditioners in bulk sizes because they are more cost efficient- not to mention it comes with a pump!
  3. Need dry cleaning fast, but can’t afford it?  Do it yourself!  Put your jeans in the freezer overnight and they will look and smell like they have been to the cleaners!
  4. If you can’t afford new clothes, buy accessories.  They are much cheaper and can make an outfit.
  5. Invest in the four black basics: pants, cute shoes, a blazer and high-waisted skirt. Each can be a foundation for your outfit and they will compliment pretty much anything you own.
  6. Get a cute mug.  Not only is it great for the environment (saves about 9 million trees per year), but Starbucks offers a 10 cent discount when you bring in your own mug.
  7. Brown paper grocery bags and napkins can be recycled as blotting papers.  Instead of wasting money, cut up some homemade oil absorbing sheets and carry them around with you!

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday! This week’s featured outfit contains three thrifty finds. First, let me tell you about these tribal high-waisted shorts! They were originally a pair of matronly capris that I thrifted for about $2 at a local Salvation Army. I made the purchase because I fell in love with the pattern & figured I could transform them into a cool pair of shorts. After being cut & cuffed, voilà! Here they are. The denim top was thrifted for $1.50 at a Salvation Army & the belt for $1 at a garage sale. If you didn’t do the math already, the outfit cost only $4.50 (shoes excluded). I consider that a win!


Thrifty Thursday: Tips for Getting Through the Holiday Season.

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday, where Fresh Print gives you tips to get a little more bang for your buck. This week we’re getting into the holiday spirit and taking a look at some simple ways to stretch your dollar this season. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Everyone wants to give the best gifts, throw the best parties, and have the most fun. With a few easy tricks you’ll be able to celebrate now without dreading your bills later…Including handmade Doctor Who Ornaments!

Thrifty Thursday: Chalkboard Paint Craft

This week for Thrifty Thursday I am going to share a thrifty little craft. Darren and I purchased these canisters from a thrift store awhile ago with the intention of customizing them. I love vintage canisters, but hate the final commitment to what has to go inside. Like coffee, we don’t drink it so why should I have a canister with the word on it? Well now I don’t have to commit. I hope you enjoy!

Supplies Needed: Canisters, painters tape, frosted glass spray, chalkboard paint, tape measure, and a brush/way to paint the chalkboard paint on.

Step 1: Measure the canister to determine where and how much chalkboard paint you would like. I divided the total height in half and added an inch, that’s just my wacky brain. 

Step 2: Tape off the area so you can have clean lines and defined sections.

Step 3: Spray the area that is getting the chalkboard paint with the frosted glass spray. This will allow a proper surface for the chalkboard paint to adhere to. Allow the frosted glass to dry (mine said 20 minutes). I added a second coat just to be sure.

Step 4: Once the frosted glass is dry start painting on the chalkboard paint. I did 3 layers because I wanted it to be solid. Now let it dry.

Un-tape the sections and voile! I used a chalkboard marker to write on them so we wouldn’t have chalk dust in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed this thrifty craft, let me know if you give it a try!

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Happy Thrifty Thursday, Folks!  Today we’ll be featuring lots of deals and steals.  Your wallet doesn’t have to suffer for your style, and these discounted darlings prove it.  

Take these, awesome Matiko wedges, for instance.  Regular price - $194.  Discounted price - $59.  That’s 70% off, people!

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