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Tips for a nice yet cheap prom gown? (Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like it's over hyped)

Check out the clearance section of your local bridal shops. They have all kinds of fancy dresses and their clearance sections are a great way to find them more cheaply than you can find prom dresses in department stores. (This is how I got my dress, I forget the price, but it was no more than $40.)

You can also sometimes find prom dresses at second-hand thrift shops! These are dresses that most people only wear once in their lives and then have to give away at some point, so they end up in thrift shops where you can get a dress that originally retailed for $300 for as little as $15! 

If you’re not someone who needs something brand-new, you can also try putting out a request on Facebook or through the grape vine to see if anyone has a dress you can borrow (for free!). Again, this is something that never gets worn again and if it doesn’t get given to charity, it takes up closet space for years. If you know someone older than you that’s about the same size, you might be able to borrow a dress.

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I'm a contact lens wearer, but my backup glasses are old and breaking. My insurance only covers contacts or glasses every year, so I got my prescription and plan on ordering online to save money. What are the best legit sites to buy glasses?

Personally, I swear by Zenni Optical (link). I’ve used them for years and saved hundreds of dollars each time (I have a really wacky prescription). They’re really easy to use and have amazing customer service. They even gave me a full refund when I found out my eye doctor gave me the wrong prescription—it wasn’t even their fault!