thrifting problems

I gave away three garbage bags FULL of clothes to Savers -because we’re moving soon and the amount of clothes I own is excessive- so naturally I went out and bought more! Why am I like this. 

Thrift store witchcraft question

Let’s be honest: how many of you find a cool thing at a thrift store that’s obviously cursed or haunted and your reaction is: “eh, a little Windex and a sprinkle of salt and that’ll buff right out” and you buy it anyway?

I’ve adopted at least three ghosts in this manner and I regret nothing. They’re very nice ghosts and they love their new accommodations.

Energy Vampires: We are not all monsters!

OK, first and foremost I would like to thank shipping-the-gods @taetertott  @darkauroraofhades and Sarah of @positivelyoccult for their supportive comments and understanding on this post: Yes, I was the anon who sent that ask. Seeing that people not only didn’t react negatively but positively, well, it makes me feel a lot better about posting on the topic of energy vampirism as someone who is what most would call an energy vampire, even if I’m not fond of that exact term myself.

Anyways, I do often see posts about how to guard against energy vampires and things that say to avoid us like the damned plague because a good number of people view us as these shady, shifty characters who only want to get close to you in order to feed off your energy and take joy in your suffering. While there may well be some like that out there, not all of us are. However the presumption that we’re all predators looking at those around us as prey seems to be the more dominant opinion. Granted I know full and well that negativity sticks into one’s memory more that anything positive does so I’m going to just lay it out, bluntly, on the table.

I, for one, have no interest in preying on you. I never take from someone without consent, to do so would be a violation of what I stand for. I am not the only one who feels this way either. We aren’t all monsters and, honestly, I’m getting a bit sick and tired of people only focusing on the trouble makers who happen to be energy vampires, it makes many of us who were born this way feel outcast and like we need to be ashamed of what we are. Is it any wonder that the decent ones of us out there hide and grow bitter when all we see is people focusing on the bad eggs among us?

Now, when it comes to how to deal with one’s own energy absorption, I can only speak on how I do it, no doubt others have found their own ways to avoid accidentally taking a metaphysical bite out of someone. I have these rolled titanium bangles that I’ve programmed to act as regulators. Because of these bangles I don’t just passively grab energy from anyone or any thing around me. If I’m going to absorb energy from some one or some thing I have to do it intentionally because of how I charged these bangles. Due to that I can pick and choose what I absorb from my surroundings and what I don’t so I can avoid feeding off of unwilling people. Yes, it’s kind of the equivalent to wearing shackles 24/7 but I got use to it and being able to be selective about what energy I do take in is pretty useful.

That’s another thing, to me energy is energy, positive, negative, neutral, it’s all the same. I don’t know about others but I don’t need a specific energy type. Because of this I have found that I can absorb negative energy from people who are having a rough time while leaving the positive with them so they can begin to heal. That negative emotional energy just wears them down so, with their consent, I’ll take the negative so the scales get tilted towards the positive for them. Since pulling the negative energy into myself doesn’t affect me negatively I can then use that negative energy, which at that point becomes just normal old neutral energy to me, and repurpose it. I can then turn that energy into protection magick, use it to charge a healing amulet or whatever else I happen to need energy for.

The source doesn’t matter either. It can be directly from a willing person, from residual energy after a party that’s just laying around anyways, the energy left behind by a storm, anything. Once I absorb it it’s all the same to me, just energy I can use as I wish. It doesn’t have to come from a person. The only things that end up getting drained of energy by mistake around me are plants, which is why I no longer keep live plants around. Another source I often use for energy is the things that need cleansing. I pull away the unwanted energies from magick supplies, cleansing them of what shouldn’t be there and leave the energies that are desirable in the object intact. Sure beats any other method of cleansing that I’ve tried since I always have the means to do it on hand, even if I do sometimes fall back on more traditional cleansing methods sometimes.

Sure there are some people who are energy vampires who don’t know it and grab from any and every source but that’s just because there’s so little information out there for the energy vampires to recognize what they are and to learn how to deal with it in a way that avoids harming others. Maybe if energy vampires weren’t demonized so damned much more of us who are actually decent, well meaning people would actually speak up without fear of attack or hate! Being what we are does not automatically mean we’re going to abuse it. It isn’t a curse, in many ways it can be a gift, just one that can be bittersweet in some aspects.

Now, there’s plenty of lists about the harm people like me can cause and how, allow me to give you a list of the good we can do since that’s normally overlooked! Keep in mind this is if the energy vampire has a way of telling energies apart.


-We can often cleanse just about anything in a jiffy. Bad energy attached to that shirt you got from the thrift shop? No problem. Needs stones that hold only the energy the stone is supposed to have? We just absorb the other stuff. It can be useful.

-Negativity and anger weighing you down? Well we can clear a bit of that up for you! That energy is useful for us and you having less of it will help take some weight off your chest.

-Troublesome spirit haunting your place? Well some of us can take energy from that problematic spirit, either annihilating it or weakening it enough to make it easier to banish for good.

-Bouncing off the walls with too much energy to be able to properly focus? We can take from that extra energy to help you level out.

-Because we are not limited to only our own energy reserves we can draw extra energy from safe places in order to put even more energy into our charms and spells so they last longer and are more potent. After all you don’t want your protection amulet to run out of charge at a bad time.

Our energy absorption can be used for positive purposes and there are ways for us to avoid accidentally taking from unsuspecting people. Hell my fiance’ tends to pour all her negative energy and emotions into an agate sphere she has and brings it to me when she needs it cleared so it can continue to be used! So there’s practical applications as well.

No, I’m not saying to not defend yourself from energy vampires that aren’t so decent as people. I understand there are some dangerous bad eggs out there who will drain you for every bit they can get. I’m just asking that you keep in mind that some of us are good, decent people who would rather use this bittersweet gift to help rather than harm. Please stop making all energy vampires feel like dangerous monsters, stop the stigma. We didn’t ask to be like this but we have to live with it and it would be a whole lot easier to live with if more people recognized that we’re not all bad so we don’t keep feeling like we have to lurk in the shadows to avoid being treated like cold, heartless predators. We’re just people when you get to the root of it all and, vampirism or not, people can be good, bad or anywhere in between. Being an energy vampire does not change that fact of human nature. It does not make use automatically dangerous to those around us.

*sighs* Well, that turned out longer than I had expected. Since I’m out in the open about being what’s called an energy vampire by most, I’m going to begin posting methods and magick related to helping control and use energy vampirism in a more positive way. I’ve had mine under control for many years now and maybe the methods I have found will be helpful to others like myself who are out there. I’m still going to be posting my normal spells and information/theories as well of course but just going to be adding in some energy vampirism related content.

Haul #3: Ukay x Online Finds

For the past few weeks, I have been into online shops. Why? Basically, the clothes they sell are cheaper. Also, I have a wide variety of stuff to choose from and I can easily compare the price from one shop to another. However, I am currently on hiatus from online shopping because I have to spend my money wisely. Hashtag long vacation probs, huhuhu.

We all know that I always go thrift shopping with my mom when we have free time. The only problem with thrift shopping is.. it will surely test your patience. Thrift shops are really huge, so it can take a lot of time finding good stuff in there. 

These are my finds this month:

1. PULLOVER (Thrifted) - Fell in love with this pullover the first time I saw it!! Too bad, I still have no idea when to wear it because of summer. 31 freakin degrees everyday, what’s happening Earth?

2. CHIFFON BLOUSE (Thrifted) - For the past few weeks, I have been overusing this blouse. You won’t believe me if I told you that I only got this for 60 pesos.

3. VINTAGE CREEPERS (@TeentimesPH) - Found these pair on Instagram and my guts told me that I have to buy it. It can make me look tall without the pain I get from high heels. Hehehe

4. RED SKATER SKIRT (@TripleJshop) - This where it all started. I was on Instagram finding a skater skirt, and I landed on this Instagram account that sells cheap skirts. Luckily, they are Cavite-based, so i don’t have to pay for any shipping fee. After that, I can’t stop online shopping anymore.

5. WHITE CHIFFON DRESS (Thrifted) - I got this for only 160 pesos… I know right. 

6. DENIM VEST (@TripleJshop) - bought this vest with the red skater skirt. i still don’t know what comes good with it, oh noes.

7. FLORAL DRESS (@kaleidoscope_mnl) - super super super worth the buy!! I’ve been finding a pretty floral dress, but I can’t seem to find a good one. When I check malls, the dress can’t justify the price. I was thrilled when I found this online and bought it for only 280 pesos!! It fits me perfectly *super heart*

8. KNITTED BLOUSE (thrifted) - 60 pesos also, hehehe. 

9. CROCHET (@littlecloset25) - A package I thought I wouldn’t receive anymore. It took a while before it was finally delivered home, but the wait was worth it because the package came with a freebie! 

10. DUNGAREE (Thrifted) -  I was about to buy a Dungaree online that costs 400-600 pesos, so you guys have no idea how happy I was when I found this last week. Also bought this item for only 160 pesos. Hipstah feels!!

That ends my third haul. Hope you guys are having a good start of the week even with the scorching summer. Let’s make this one count!!