thrifting hauls

♥Amazing Witchy YouTube Channels

★  Pagyptsian

★  TheShoeWhisperer* (mostly inactive but a lot of great older videos)

★  Mandi See *(TheShoeWhisperer’s current channel)

★  TheLadygravedancer

★  NightWillowCrafts

★  DragonFeather369

★  The Thrifty Witch

★  Ember HoneyRaven

★  The Flawed Mirror

★  Sunshine MorningRae

★  Laura Daligan

★  White Witch

They’re generally smaller channels but they’re amazing people and many of them have wonderful advice and guidance if you’re new on your path. Also lotsa fun tutorials and witchy hauls and all kindsa fun stuff<3<3 

Might update this later with more channels as I come across them.

Thrift haul. It consists of 46 items including: 16 shirts, 7 sweaters, 1 jacket, 14 jeans, 5 pants, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of overalls and a skirt.

I paid $34.55.

Retail price would’ve been $1,821.


Thrifted Transformations | DIY Cape Blazer by coolirpa


Best Thrift/Ukay Ukay Finds from 2016

Okay I know I know, it’s almost the end of the first quarter of the year and I still have rewinds from 2016. It’s hard finding time to prepare this, take photos and edit them not only because of work but because I always aim for quality photos and not just rush them. So here are my treasures from last year, all of them are less than 50 pesos!

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Thrift Haul + Quick Fixes by coolirpa



PROBABLY MY BEST UKAY FIND SO FAR!! ACNE STUDIO PLATFORMS FOR 200 PESOS AHHHHHH!! AND IT’S ORIGINALLY $600 (prob around 30k php) and I think it’s legit, the tag’s intact and the quality is just sooo nice. I’ve worn it at school already and I just love how it gave me a huge height increase HAHAHA.

Also posted this pic on my instagram account. It’s — elaychi — if you haven’t followed me yet.

can’t wait to create outfit ensembles with these cuties 😭💖