thrifting hauls

♥Amazing Witchy YouTube Channels

★  Pagyptsian

★  TheShoeWhisperer* (mostly inactive but a lot of great older videos)

★  Mandi See *(TheShoeWhisperer’s current channel)

★  TheLadygravedancer

★  NightWillowCrafts

★  DragonFeather369

★  The Thrifty Witch

★  Ember HoneyRaven

★  The Flawed Mirror

★  Sunshine MorningRae

★  Laura Daligan

★  White Witch

They’re generally smaller channels but they’re amazing people and many of them have wonderful advice and guidance if you’re new on your path. Also lotsa fun tutorials and witchy hauls and all kindsa fun stuff<3<3 

Might update this later with more channels as I come across them.


Thrifted Transformations | DIY Cape Blazer by coolirpa


Thrift haul. It consists of 46 items including: 16 shirts, 7 sweaters, 1 jacket, 14 jeans, 5 pants, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of overalls and a skirt.

I paid $34.55.

Retail price would’ve been $1,821.


Ugh, I’ve been so bad about posting on here! So I will say “I’m terribly sorry.”

This was my last outfit post for my “Cream denim 3 ways,” you can find the other two at my instagram (d.m.brooks). Everything I’m wearing has been thrifted also! 

Banana Republic tank top- Goodwill

Pants- Value World

Sandals- Value World 

Vintage floral phone for $12.99 at Value Village. Amazon is selling these for $60! Shoutout to bae for spotting this one.